xojanedoexo's Blog Entries

23 Nov 2012 08:31

Done a lot of soul searching, and now I'm home. Hello my gorgeous people of lush!

13 Jun 2012 15:23

I want someone to love me, who would of thought I could feel so lonely.

13 Jun 2012 14:31

I want someone who loves me, who would of thought I could be so lonely...

28 May 2012 09:40

hello lovely people of lush!

23 May 2012 17:10

Is being punished by my master for being a dirty slut. As instructed I am not allowed to come online for a week. My master is most kind for letting me let you amazing lush people know. I accept any punishment that is given to me.

20 May 2012 11:56

I need somebody to fuuuuuuuuck I need somebody to fuccccccccccck Can anybody find meeeeeeeee somebody to fuck!