First Time(2)


My truth

This is mine.

Every nerve in my body was tingling. James raised his hand up to my bronzed shoulder and slip down the strap. My head looked away and i closed my eye' s. It seemed so unreal. His touch was so soft and i could here his breathing. It was so deep. I felt his moist lips on my shoulder and moaned. This was how i wanted it. This is how i imagined it. James' arms were snug around my waist and his...Read On


Simple pleasures...

The first passion i ever had.

I can remember it so vividly. I was 17 and he was James. He was tall, blonde, tanned and absolutely gorgeous. Every girls fantasy. From our first words together anyone could tell we were a perfect match, Oh god a remember how I would tremble at his touch. Every time he put his arms around me I could feel the blood flowing through my body faster than usual. My eye' s would close and I would...Read On