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10 Aug 2011 03:56

She is so fit!

28 Jul 2011 00:54

I want sex now. I need it now. I need to feel my pussy being pleasured, and my body going crazy. I need to feel cock pumping my wet cunt making me squirt like mad. I want to feel your cock head rubbing against my hard clit as you pleasure my pinky.

12 Jul 2011 12:43

I'm horny as hell. Someone help...

10 Jul 2011 13:59

I need someone to lick my pussy and feel my tits in their hands. Someone to make me so wet that their fingers glide in so easily. Girls?

10 Jul 2011 01:45

You know what I need? Amazing sex.

03 Jul 2011 09:56

I don't actually know why I am blinded to the things you've done to me. I need to wake up.

02 Jul 2011 14:49

If you want me, you want ME and ME only.

28 Jun 2011 12:30

Im wondering... Oh to be wanted.

22 Jun 2011 13:10

I'm thinking all theeeessseee things....

04 Jun 2011 03:29

I fancy doing all these thingd (or you doing them to me) ...

...I know only one person who can make me squirt like that.

02 Jun 2011 07:26

I fancy doing all these things (or you doing them to me) ...

02 Jun 2011 07:19

Message me your stories Lushies. What have you been getting up to? Tongue fuck me, yes!

29 May 2011 18:56


29 May 2011 13:13

You know what? He's with someone else... And I believed he loved me, all this tone I have still believed him. Why?

29 May 2011 08:27

Well lushies, he doesn't want me anymore. I suppose I'll have to stop thinking of him naked, stop closing my eyes and wishing his tongue between my thighs, stop imagining the feel and taste of his hard cock in my mouth, stop remembering how he fucked me; when my head was over the side of the bed; the intensity of my orgasms. He wants someone else... It'll never match how well we fitted.

28 May 2011 15:39

I like to be pleased. I like him to know what he's doing and how to get me off... And I love him sucking my nipples, Mmm.

28 May 2011 01:31


26 May 2011 10:12

Best way to ride.

25 May 2011 14:02

Love the passion. Love dressing up for him. Love how he knows just what I need.

23 May 2011 23:04

Hello new friends ;]

22 May 2011 13:54

I want some picture comments pleeeeeasseeeee! They turn me on!

"No matter the position he feasted from there was something about the way he touched her almost empathically sensing what next rhythm what next swirl, finesse, invasion she needed even before she knew it and just what nook or crevice he should then assault with his brilliantly snaking tongue his softly suckling lips his deftly invasive fingertips and his bristled humming face he had her shaking unable to form any words the only ones she attempted to utter were “please…don’t…ever…stop…”

22 May 2011 10:28

New picture... Let me know how naughty you are...

21 May 2011 15:18

Ohhh my god, I cannot believe I just found this... This is my ultimate favourite!

21 May 2011 09:45

I'd love some picture comments... I'll put another one up to say thank you ;] I so want this right now! Mm this too...

21 May 2011 05:50

I might post a new picture soon. Someone turn me on?

19 May 2011 10:15

I have a new picture for all of you that wanted to see my wetness. What do you think? Mm rub my clit And fuck I want to feel your hardness

18 May 2011 12:26

I'm thinking of your lips around my pinky Licking my favourite thing And dressing up.

What are you thinking?

17 May 2011 14:37

I love this when he's on top

And for those of you that asked, yes i am a squirter. Just like this;

If you're man enough, that is

16 May 2011 12:10

I love this when he's on top

And for those of you that asked, yes i am a squirter. Just like this;

If you're man enough, that is

16 May 2011 12:10