Straight Sex(2)


Isabell's Fantasy

Two best friends meet on a whole new level

(Comment me, i'll continue. This is my first story, socomments would be great!)     Isabell glanced over at Dante's room. She had the perfect veiw of him, if he only walked into the fucking room. Dante walked into veiw, as if answering Isabells demand. Isabell glanced away, but to look back to see him staring at her. She smiled and he climbed over to her. Isabell watched as he chuckled...Read On


Isabells Fantasy II

Isabell and Dante start to heat things up

(Okay heres number 2 let me know what u think) Dante grabbed his belt and strapped her arms above her head to her bed post. "Dante?" She asked as he did the same with her legs. "What?" He whispered against her wet pussy lips. All her words left her as Dante began to slowly lick herp ussy lips. She wanted to grab his hair and push him down, but he had tied her up good. Dante smirked...Read On