Flash Erotica(1)


I Will, For A Blowjob

I needed him to buy me alcohol so I gave him what he wanted..

It was St. Patrick's Day again and it had felt like only yesterday I was spending the day with my parents as a child going to watch the parade in the city. This year was different though as I had finally turned sixteen and my parents were letting me go off with my friends for the day. They thought I was going off to the parade and then a party afterwards, but that was only a cover story for...Read On



Getting caught, twice! [EDITED]

Chapter One of my week without the family at my 17th birthday five years ago.

It was a warm summer day in mid-July just after my seventeenth birthday. My parents had gone away to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida for the twins' birthday, which was in four days time. They were to spend a week there, during which I had decided to stay at home because they were only going to Disneyland and not big theme parks which I enjoy, so I wouldn't have much fun going with them. ...Read On


Getting caught, Twice! (Chapter 2)

The sequel to Getting Caught, Twice!

Mrs. O' Connor was a beautiful woman. Standing 5'6, with a slim figure, what looked like 34C tits, amazing golden hair and an ass to die for. She had been a friend of my mother's since their childhood, seeing as the town was very small and both families had lived there since the town was established over one hundred and fifty years ago. "Mrs. O' Connor I... I'm so sorry! I didn't think...Read On