Straight Sex(2)


Interesting Car Journey

Friend cheats on his girlfriend in his car.

This story is based on true experiences. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks and enjoy :) My phone beeped.  “I’m outside” the message read.  We had been planning this for weeks, he had to wait until his girlfriend was away for the night to work. My heart was pounding and even in my tiny lace dress, I became extremely flushed. We had agreed I would wear nothing but...Read On


Sex on a Bed of Leaves

Our second sexual encounter continues outside...

A few nights after that unforgettable experience I lay and thought about Craig. In a way I felt awful for his girlfriend but he was unhappy with her and just didn’t have the balls to leave her. He enjoyed the excitement just as much - if not more - as I did. He’d been with her a couple of years now, and I had been single in that time, bar a couple of dead end boyfriends.  I craved sex, and...Read On