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Topic SLEEP NAKED - better sex, better health
Posted 04 Mar 2007 15:40 explains the positive impact sleeping in the nude can actually have on your lifestyle. "Not only is sleeping naked more comfortable, but it's good for your health too."

Get's my vote sex

I always sleep nudie, but then again I am HOT kekekegay

Do you sleep naked? Results

16786 people have responded to the survey question.

Yes, almost all of the time | Votes: 5699
Yes, most of the time | Votes: 1955
Yes, but only if I'm sleeping with someone | Votes: 1868
Yes, but only if I'm by myself | Votes: 859
Yes, but only if it's particularly warm | Votes: 1491
No, I don't sleep naked | Votes: 4914

Topic Wicked site design
Posted 04 Mar 2007 15:33

This is awesome - bit tricky to figure out at first though computer