Straight Sex(2)


Neighbor comes over for Dinner

Retired and just coming home. I discover a sweet young thing and have her over for dinner and desert

It had been a tough and long day. So many things that had to get done, and as usual, a few people were playing sick. I'm a retired Naval Officer. For just over twenty years, I was a specialist in warfare. I spent those twenty years in Japan. Upon retiring, I decided to return to the city where I was born, Jacksonville. Rather than buy a house, I decided that I would lease an apartment until...Read On


Valentine / Birthday Wife

Husband and wife have a passionate night

I wake to an empty home, I made my way to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I'm half asleep as I opened the cabinet to get a cup. I turn around and ask, "What's this?" I see a stuffed animal and a heart shape box of chocolates along with a card. I move it to the side so I can pour my coffee. I grab the items and then head to my chair. Naturally, my wife sealed the envelope as I open it up....Read On