Swim Lessons Get Sexy

Jasons boring summer job is about to get very interesting

Jason groaned as his turned off the alarm clock. Summer was winding down and instead of spending it at the beach or out with friends this was yet another day he would be spending at work. He couldn’t really complain though. After all teaching swim lessons was a great job to have during his summer breaks from university. After a quick shower and bowl of cereal he hopped in his truck and drove...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Best Friends Reconnect in a Big Way

Phil and Marissa reconnect to each other over winter break

Phil adjusted his shirt as he stared into the mirror, double checking to make sure it was appropriate for tonight. This party would be the first time in four months that he would see his high school friends. Phil had thoroughly enjoyed his first semester at university but was looking forward to catching up with his high school friends. He was especially anxious to see Sarah. Even after...Read On


Swim Lessons Get Sexy Pt. 2

Jason takes a friendship to a whole new level

This is a sequel to Swim Lessons Get Sexy (linked below). I suggest you read the first one before reading this one. Enjoy. “I said. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Jason was stuck frozen to his spot. There he stood naked on the edge of the pool deck. To his left knelt an equally naked and very hot Aubrey Jones, the mother of a student in his swim class. The spotlight twinkled on...Read On