Love Poems(4)


A Love So True

You were mine And I loved it, For it meant that I Was also yours. We had fun and joy And shared a few laughs, But, alas, You had to go. To bring you back, I'd do all I could, Even trade places with thee. I'd happily trade places again, If it meant ending the suffering you'd feel, Because to me you're my everything, And I'd probably join you soon anyway. They say that a love so true,...Read On


I Came Home Late

I came home late, and what do I see? My dear sweet lovely, Still waiting for me. And you set me a plate Asleep you may be, For your care my love I do thank thee. I pull the chair out And I whisper thank you, I hold your head up And to bed I carry you, So you may rest well But your sleep is a farce. You're as light as a feather, with a really great arse. I lay you down softly You beg me not...Read On


One More Hug

Just a quick and short little rhyme I wrote

My love for you is pure and true any other answer will not do. For I would do anything for you and I hope you say the same thing too. You might not know it but I hope you do I would do anything for you. I hold you close, I hold you dear and I am always wishing you were near. With my love for you, you have no fear for you I would take on a spear For it is you that I hold so dear. You make...Read On


Without You

The first poem I ever wrote for this site

My love My truth My shining light You're my heart My soul And my everything Without your touch I am unliving For my heart will not beat without you Without your soft whispers I am all but alive For my lungs will not fill without you Without you love I am but an empty shell For my soul will not stay without you For you are my blood My air And my everything else And I'd give you my all For...Read On