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Mr Archer Ch 2

Michael has an overnight visit from the sexy Juliette
The next day Michael woke in his flat as he normally did, alone. He stretched and wondered sleepily why he had slept so well and why he felt so damn good. And then it all flooded back. The images and emotions of those minutes in his office yesterday afternoon. In his office! And with the naughty, sexy Juliette. Christ though he was terrified someone had heard them, or had guessed what was going on.

Luckily his office was on the third floor and looked over the top of some trees, part of the University campus, so there was not much chance of being seen from outside. It was just if the staff in neighboring offices had heard. Or, even worse, one of the students had knocked while they were in the middle of it all. He was not sure he would have heard if they had. He had been so intent on Juliette and what she was doing to him that anything might have happened and he simply wouldn’t have noticed.

The sex had been wonderful. That it had really happened felt both amazing and so dangerous that it almost certainly should never happen again. It was not forbidden for a member of staff and a student to ‘fraternize’ but it was absolutely and completely frowned upon. And there was something about the whole thing that reminded him of Thailand. And that was not a good thing. What was it about his libido that seemed determined to mess up his life every time, just when he was starting to settle into a place?

Michael went about his normal morning routines, still considering several points of view. It was amazing. It was bloody stupid. He would just tell her next time he saw her that it was something that could never happen again. Should never have happened - despite how great their sex had been. Of course that was the best thing to do. But it was also a massive let down. The kind of thing his parents would suggest or someone half dead to the possibilities this situation presented. It wasn’t as if he was seeing anyone. Quite the opposite, it had begun to feel like a long gap since he had been properly laid on a regular basis. Perhaps he would take her out this time, be relaxed about it. They could date properly, slowly and just keep the whole thing very discreet. He could tutor her as if nothing was going on and she could secretly wink at him and open her legs while sitting in the front row as he tried to lecture the group on acting styles. Ah shit, there it was. This was never going to work. What was he thinking? How was he going to get his temporary tenure at the University turned permanent if he was a dribbling fool every time he taught year 1? What an asshole he was for getting himself into a situation like this all over again.

Still with no decision made, he went into college for his morning’s first student class. He had decided that logic wasn’t helping and he would just see how he felt when he saw her again and take it from there. This was a great decision as it calmed him down and took away the need to decide what to do right now. The only problem was it made him terrified of actually seeing her. What if he just bumped into her in some random corridor someplace?

In the end it wasn’t until his next year 1 lecture that he finally did catch up properly with Juliette. And that was two days later. Before then he had seen her only once in the distance while doing some research in the library. But she had seemed not to notice him and anyway she was with friends. Today Juliette seemed entirely relaxed coming into their lecture and only greeted him in a vague offhand sort of way. She sat down with her usual gang and seemed to Michael to be entirely normal. That is, normal before she had sucked his cock in his office and let him fuck her on his desk. Michael felt a bit disconcerted. He felt like suddenly he was handling this less well than she was. But then he had to acknowledge she was doing entirely the most sensible thing. Keeping their sex away from the class, away from her studies and his teaching. Michael felt a bit embarrassed. He had worried that she might blow this situation for him and instead he was the one in danger of making an idiot of himself.

Realizing that Juliette was not going to moon over him, Michael found he could get on with teaching much more easily. The class became as smooth as any other and he was able to enjoy himself again. At the end of class he asked Juliette to stay back as he wanted to thank her and say hello properly.

“Thank you for making today so easy for me.”

“Sure no problem. What do you mean?”

“Well it could have been really awkward having to teach you with the rest of the class aware of there being something between us.”

“Sorry, something between us?” Juliette looked surprised.

“Well, after the other day in my office? Which by the way was amazing.” stammered Michael.

“Oh yeah, well you’re welcome,” Juliette looked amused. “I have to go now, talk to someone. Is that ok?”

“Of course, see you later,” Michael seemed deflated. This wasn’t quite how he had imagined this discussion going. How had this girl been so amazingly sexy with him just two days ago and yet now be so cool? She seemed so sure of herself and willing to truly pass the whole thing off. He realized he really was out of his depth with this one.

“Great. Definitely. Er see you later,” She said and with that she was gone.

Nursing his ego for the rest of the day, Michael got his second surprise that afternoon when he got a hand written note. It was from Juliette, and placed in his staff pigeon-hole. It read;“I have to pretend in college that nothing happened between us. Lets meet outside college. How about the pizza restaurant in the High Street? I’ll meet you there at 7:45pm tonight, J”
Michael re-read it a dozen times. No number? What if he couldn’t make it? It was all a bit weird. But there was no way he was going to stand her up. His cock got hard just thinking about seeing her again. Seeing her alone that is. When he had finished his work that afternoon he went back to his flat and cleared up the bedroom, changed the sheets and got himself ready. He didn’t know if they would come back tonight but it seemed the obvious place, outside of college and a lot more private than a hall of residence,or his office. All thoughts of telling her it should never happen again were completely gone.

Arriving at the restaurant, he had tried to be just on time. As it was he was early and had to wait. He felt weirdly nervous after that morning. It felt like she was dictating the moves here and he wasn’t used to being one step behind all the time. When she did arrive, a few minutes late, Juliette looked stunning. She was wearing a short, black dress with a big scarf and her hair up. She smiled as she neared the table and straight away Michael relaxed. The intimacy was instant. They sat together in a banquette table and kissed each other, laughing in recognition of what had happened the day before.

They agreed not to speak about college and instead got to know about each other, their lives and where they had both travelled. Michael explained about Thailand, his teaching there and the affair that lead to him fleeing for his life. Juliette wanted all the details.

As the bill came, Juliette leaned across, slid her hand onto Michael’s thigh and whispered ‘Take me to your place.” It was that simple between them. They left quickly, Michael’s head fizzing and Juliette looking at him with large eyes, arm in arm and sharing the unspoken excitement. Michael felt every second’s delay, despite it only being a short walk back to his flat, before he could take her clothes off.

As soon as he let them in through the front door, Juliette reached her arms around his neck and they began to kiss passionately. Her mouth was open, her soft, urgent lips kissing him first on the mouth, then on his jaw and neck. Michael let her take control as she urgently undid his shirt to kiss his shoulders and collar bone. Then he unzipped her dress and she yanked at the button on his jeans and undid his fly.

Stepping away to unhook her bra, Juliette stopped when she was down to just her knickers, knowing the effect seeing her in these might have on him. She had a great willowy body and she turned, looking at him for approval with a slight pout and her hands on her hips. Michael grinned and Juliette, laughing, pressed herself flat against his growing erection as they stood in the little flat’s hallway.

Michael slid his hands slowly down her naked back and onto her arse. He loved the warmth of her skin and the feel of her buttocks through the fabric of her knickers. Juliette kissed him deeply as if to encourage him and then, after a moment, she turned her back on him, grinning back at him cheekily. He pulled her close by her hips so that he stood behind her, kissing the back of her neck. He breathed in her warm smell, sinking his face into her hair. He pressed himself into her from behind, pulling her back onto him. They stood together, his cock pressed against her buttocks. Lifting his hands from her hips he slid them up her tummy to cup her breasts in both his hands. The perfect shape and weight of her tits made him murmur his admiration.

Rocking her hips slightly from side to side, Juliette pushed her bum more firmly against his cock, positioning his vertical length in the cleft between her buttocks. It stood snugly between them, the fat head of his cock throbbing through the two layers of their underwear. Michael slowly slid one of his hands back down her stomach, onto the front of her knickers and between her legs, cupping her pubic mound. His other hand drifted over her tit and he rubbed his palm roughly against her hard nipple.

He began to press into her pussy through her panties, feeling the material moistening as his fingers pushed against her clit through the thin cloth. She rubbed his cock, tilting her hips back against him and moving her arse up and down on his shaft as they mutually masturbated each other. The frenzied sexuality of their fucking in Michael’s office returned. He felt giddy with the animal need to take her, to own her physically and completely.She felt powerful and feminine to him, the raw encouragement of her thrusting against his cock driving him to a more aggressive sexual level.

“I want to fuck you,” he growled into her ear, pushing his face against the back of her neck.

“I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me now,” she breathed.

“I want to bend you over and fuck you from behind,” he continued.

“Oh god yes, do it.”

Juliette pulled away but Michael still held her and then half pushed, half guided her through the doorway of his bedroom, straight onto the bed, pulling her knickers down so her buttocks and sex were fully exposed. Juliette positioned herself on her stomach, with her arse bent over the end of the bed, exactly as he had asked for. It was an incredibly sexy sight as she twisted her face round, her eyes shining with anticipation for him. He pulled down his shorts as she watched, his hard erection now standing thick and upright. He stepped forward to slide his cock against her inner thighs and then slowly fed his shaft inside her, roughly moving her hips until he was properly in position. Then he waited until he knew she could feel all of him inside her pussy before beginning to fuck her from behind with long, deep thrusts. As he held her waist, he watched where their bodies joined. Each time he slowed as his cock almost slipped out of her sweet pussy lips before driving it firmly back in.

Juliette was making small pleasured noises as they fucked hard on the bed with Michael standing behind her. But something in Michael still felt unsatisfied. He wanted to take this further and after a few minutes of fucking her delicious pussy he paused, despite Juliette’s groaned protests for him not to stop. He slid his cock completely out of her and let it rest between her spread buttocks, swollen and heavy and covered in her juices. Frustrated, Juliette responded by moving her arse against him so that his cock nudged up and down her butt-crack. As she moved it slid against the back of her pussy and began nudging closer each time to her tiny puckered arsehole as he watched

Looking at this incredibly sexy sight, Michael took full advantage. Taking hold of his shaft, still slippery with her juices, he pressed his fat cock head firmly against her tightest little ring. Juliette gasped but after a fractional pause, she lifted her arse higher to make it easier. It felt incredibly tight but with the lubrication from her pussy, his cock head suddenly popped through her ring. It gripped his shaft so wonderfully tightly. They both stopped moving for a moment, Juliette panting with the sudden invasion of her most intimate rear entrance. Michael breathing fast with the overwhelming desire for this sweet little ass. As Juliette began to relax her muscles just slightly, Michael very slowly fed his length one inch at a time inside her arse until he was hard against her buttocks. His balls against her pussy, he was now deep inside her arse for the very first time.

Juliette’s head was turned sideways, her mouth open, gasping for air. Michael slid his hand up her back and then reached it around her hip to rub her clit from the front. The combination of sensations made Juliette start to pant harder, noises building somewhere in her throat as she circled her hips back against him. He could feel the muscles in her bum clenching his length and he stopped moving, happy to feel her arse buck against his cock and her pussy wet against his busy fingers.

With his fingers pressed against her clit and his cock in her bum, the combined sensations seemed to short-fuse Juliette for a little while. She appeared lost to the physical sensations of the moment. She was glowing with heat and tiny prickles of sweat began to appear on her skin as she bit her lip and quickened her movements against his cock and fingers. She was soaking wet and getting very close and he could feel his own orgasm rising to meet hers. As her movements became sharper, his own tension grew until he exploded, his come pulsing deep inside her arse. At the same time she came hard, clenching and then relaxing around his shaft for the last time. Juliette's body was shaking in the moments of tensing, rushing climax.

It had been a huge, blinding moment and they both came down very slowly from the dizziness of it. Then he withdrew slowly, popping out of her anus with a small stream of his own cum.After a moment to catch their breath, they shared a shower and then simply curled up together in a deep sleep in Michael’s bed.


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