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Stockholm Story, part 3

Azem tried to be a gentleman, but he failed in the middle.
I woke up on my stomach, hugging a pillow instead of my lover. The air-conditioning system's effort smooched my naked ass. Sheesh, too cold. I was just about to open my eyes and automatically cover my flesh with a quilt, when a fundamental issue emerged in my mind.

"Why was I ever mooning?"

The next question was only the consequence of the first one, as the slowly appearing sparkles of consciousness informed me about my nightshirt scrolled up to armpits.

"What happened?"

Quiet moans, the smell of making out and the sound of jerking off answered me all I needed to know, and even before I raised my eyelids.

"What time is it?" I growled. Amy Winehouse would pay to have a voice I have in the mornings.

Azem bounced scared on the chair he was sitting, like a school boy caught by a teacher during the break. He wanted to hide the "act of the crime" he held in his hand, but he met a serious obstacle, which was his complete nudity.

"I... I know I promised to wake you up for work... but the sweet way you were sleeping... I would feel guilty, sorry."

"His conscience is fine when he does his famous "business" though," I thought, but I saved the comment to myself. There was no need to argue. This type of things appear after many years of marriage, not between the second day lovers. I trembled and I needed a hot man to cover me. I looked at my watch.

"First match was going to be boring anyway. Maybe you can entertain me better than two clowns pushing a yellow ball from one side of the net to another with a help of a racket?"

"Here are my balls baby, you can push them a little, but please, do not use a racket," Azem said as he approached me.

I went down on his balls to lick and suck them, and he stroked his penis at the same time. I loved the sound he exhaled when I flicked my tongue between his smooth twins, delicately cupping them in the same time. Then I pushed each with my delicate lips. Then I sucked again. Azem really took his time cumming this morning. I felt how all these male attributes were heavy and ready to unload, but he didn't make a mistake from last night. Maybe he imagined some nasty grannies. He put me slowly on my back and laid on me. A cock slipped into my eager womanhood. I moaned with lust. He put my both hands above my head and kept them with his own hand. His other one adjusted my hips and legs for a deep penetration. I heated up immediately. His thrusts were deep, but slow. We looked in each other's eyes. Gosh, how happy I felt... The happiness that fulfilled me was a mixture of physical bliss and mental comfort. As I said before, orgasms wear me out, therefore, I try to avoid them. I enjoyed the loving, slow atmosphere we introduced.

"You make me feel so meaningful in this meaningless world," I smiled.

Azem smiled back. He clinched me in a hug and sucked on my lips. I threw my shoulders around his neck. My pelvis went up without asking me for permission. That instinct move encouraged Azem for bolder pokes. I moaned with each. My breath became shorter. His kisses lost the patience. Finally, he moved down to suck my neck's skin and I caught his sexy, thick hair in my little fists. There was no excuse; my pussy got badly slammed. Wet balls reminded of themselves as they hit my bums. I gasped louder for the first time...

"Scream baby, I want to hear you," he begged.

I let out a shout the whole block must have heard. My own sounds turn me on; the crucial moment was just a few thrusts away... Azem raised his head to kiss me so much. Our fingers crossed. I felt his dick sliding out and shooting all cum the shop offered on my stomach. He didn't neglect to move, so his balls rubbing my clit almost gave me a convulsion.  It was the first time in my life I have come in the very same moment as my partner. He was such a caring one; seeing I was all in shivers and about to sob, he reached for a quilt and kept me close under it, kissing my wrists.

"What do you think about the size of my cock?"

Romantic moment was broken. Screw men and their cock issues, dammit.

"It's okay," I answered, breathless, but annoyed.

"Okay? Is that it?"

"It hurts me at the beginning, but later it's fine. On average, it gives an *okay*."

We weren't face to face, so he couldn't see my badly hidden giggle. Off you go man, here is your lesson there are priorities before the penis' size.

"Hmm," he muttered. "Have you seen bigger ones? Have you seen the black guys?"

"Yes, I have. African students in my dorm, when they go to the shared shower in the corridor, they go naked and boned." I spoke the truth. I had second thoughts nevertheless. I didn't want Azem to feel bad. He was so nice for me, we were crazy about each other, why all this cock size conversation at all? I turned back to him. He seemed worried and lacking words.

"I adore your dick, because it is a part of *you*, and you are an exceptional person for me, I feel easy with you. I admire you for having a Masters as it's something for me yet to accomplish, for being funny and well-spoken, uhmm, for being sexy... I don't know what type of girls you have dated before me. I wouldn't go to bed with a 15 inch prick guy when he's a moron."

"True about the girls I was seeing before," he sighed and hugged me. "I think money was their priority, but I like to tell myself it was the size and maybe my looks that mattered the most."

I felt really sorry. I didn't know what to answer.

"Who said money didn't count? I'll charge you for destroying my two shirts and a thong," I tried to turn everything into a joke.

"Anyway, I was only to ask you how you would feel about anal sex, and then all this conversation happened; maybe it's good that I didn't ask..." Azem finished the topic, but in fact, he hoped I would continue.

"Yes, good that you didn't ask." I cut it short.

"What? Have you ever had it?"

I didn't know what to answer again, regarding the circumstances it happened in.

"Is it difficult to choose from "yes" and "no"?" Azem hushed me.

"I was raped. Please, don't ask me for details..."

"Awwwhhh...," he chortled.

The atmosphere got as thick as in the school toilet where it's filled with a cigarette smoke.

"Anyway, I must go to work. It's later than it was half an hour ago." I stood up and started to get dressed.

At work I couldn't sit in one place. I had problems to focus on writing a report. Anal sex wasn't something I considered bad itself; I knew about the women who could even achieve an orgasm this way, it was only all about my bad experiences from when I was younger. Then again, I considered myself open-minded enough and willing to try many things during my life. "I may like or dislike, but I should at least give it a go, and I don't know when is the next time I meet such a caring, experienced lover. I'm sure he stops when I chicken out. If we both like it, it will bring us closer together; who knows, maybe as close as a relationship?" I battled with my thoughts. Finally I headed to the nearest pharmacy for something appropriate and went earlier home by metro.

Home's decoration was a surprise for me - candles and roses everywhere. I was supposed to stay in the tennis hall for a few hours more, because the matches usually finish near midnight. This is why not all the details were prepared yet. With a heart prompted with love I rushed to the living room to sing out the clumsy morning should be forgotten and the night was going to be amazing. I saw Azem talking in Albanian on the phone.

"It's Muli," he whispered to me and gestured I should go to another room.

Not quite a greeting I expected, but at least nothing could prevent me from taking a long bubble bath and preparing myself for all I had planned. Wrapped in a white frotte towel I silently appeared at the door. They were still chatting. I decided to listen for a moment as I was curious if that language was similar to anything else. To my astonishment I didn't have problems understanding one of the words frequently used in the conversation, maybe because it was my own name. Azem disconnected as soon as he had noticed me.

"How was the work day, my little comedian?" He cooed. "I'll light the candles and bring the champagne, yes?"

"My today's report sucked," I grumbled. "But let's not move the work issues to the bedroom."

"You seem a little nervous. Did something happen? Is there anything you would like to tell me?" He tried to be sweet like a fudge.

I still stood at the door. What if things turn ugly?

"Ehh... I... found something..."

"What did you find? Where! In this house? Did you go to the police with it?" Azem jumped on straight legs as if someone poured a boiling water on his balls. And I have just said to not bring work related stuff to the bedroom...

"Uhmm, I bought something, I mean..."

"Oh..." *sigh of relief* "What did you buy, baby? Come over, show me."

We both sat at the table. I handed him a KY Jelly tube.

"What is it?" he asked with anxiety.

"You are a porn movies director; you tell me."

"Well baby, it is... oh, come on, you know what it is!"

I blushed and sparkled my eyes at him with a nervous giggle.

"Are you sure you want it?"

It felt like he asked for my last wish before execution. I nodded. He picked me up, threw my towel away and bent me over his arm to carry me to bed. Wow, that was quick! Wasn't it too quick though for a special event in my life?

"How about these candles you promised to light?"

"Are you fifteen to bug me about such bullshits?" Azem rolled his eyes.

No, I wasn't fifteen. I only wished he was a little nicer. Nice things, however, came on me after a few seconds. Sweet kisses covered all my body, with special attention given to my greedy lips and hard breasts. (Yes, I was able to experience my own hard-on.) He was licking them, sucking, and finally biting. But he didn't bite to hurt me, it was more like he was so hungry for them. I shuddered.

"I should have done that way before," he admitted as he sank between my legs and spread them wide open.

I suspected what was going to happen, because oral sex is the sure way to provide me joy. Let's give credits to my lover; he knew what he was doing and in which order. He didn't get to my clit for starters, but touched my vulva with his fingers, and later sucked my labia. Then he put his tongue deep into my pussy, taking me by surprise to a loud "oh yes!" This is when he spotted my swollen little point. He used different pressure on it. A bit he pressed, a bit he tickled, but every second it felt great.

"Tell me when you love it," Azem muttered.

"I love it!" I screamed immediately.

"Not now, dummy!"

He made circles with his tongue on my clit as he wetted his fingers in me perfectly hitting at the G-spot.

"I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it.............." Azem slowly slid another hand's finger into my asshole. "I love it, I lo.... Oh God!"

Yes, I'm an atheist, but not very lucid in that direct moment. After he grinded it back and forth for a while I attempted to bounce around the bed and hit the sheets. He saw I came and jumped on the bed next to me. His smile was wide from ear to ear and he awaited compliments. I bit his lower lip, pushed by that insane buzzz hammering my brain.

"Is this how you pay me back for a good job? Speak to me"

"I... need you," I syllabified.

"Mmm, I bet you do... Tell me more," he teased.

"Please... Take me... now," I barely put one word to another.

"How much do you want me to do this?"

"Much... please."

"You aren't talkative," Azem noticed as he placed one of his fingers in my pussy and another in my asshole.

"Awww... No, I'm not."

"Just answer my question."

"I want you as much as you want me."

"Oh, this is impossible, you little liar."

Azem placed me half on my stomach and half on my side. He licked my ear with a hot, lusty tongue.
"It's not achievable for anyone to have such desire as I have for you at this moment," he whispered.

Low vibrations spread from my ears all over my body. I let out a yelp.

"I'll put two fingers into you and stretch you a little. It may hurt you at first, but I'll be tender. I want you to like it and not to get scared."

Two fingers inside my almost virgin hole felt good in fact. It was some new kind of feeling, not so easy to describe. It wasn't a normal womb rolling and stomach bumping. I think, my legs took the major impact. As strange as it sounds, I could feel the pleasure in my thighs! The next wave of heat hit straight inside my chest.

"So far, so good," I let him know.

"May I try with a dick?"


He reached our for a lubricant and smeared it inside of me as deep as he could get with a finger. The rest went on his cock. It was the second part of feeling good, but Azem realized the danger.

"Relax, baby. You cannot be so tense."

He moved the hair from my shoulders and massaged them slowly. He stroke my back. His hand wandered from my neck to my butt cheeks. Indeed, I relaxed. My pulse calmed down even though my arousal remained high. I felt he laid on me so our legs crossed. A cock's head slipped inside my back hole. Azem kissed my cheek.

"You are my wet dream, Natalia."

"Mhmm, you are mine, too..." I began to shake.

Words! This is what he wanted! His throbbing body hugged mine. Half of his penis bumped into me with one powerful thrust. No, it was too early for such abuse.

"Geez, it hurts!"

I hit the bed with an open hand. I stressed back in one second. Bad move; more words mean more power.

"This is how it feels at first; relax, please girl, relax," he explained not even trying to take it easier on me.

I couldn't relax when someone continued to pump my petite hole with a huge wooden table leg or something! I didn't break it only to make him happy. No, he didn't put the whole length inside, yet it was too much to handle. Azem spread my legs a bit more and kissed my ears again and again. I heated like a factory's machine. Drops of sweat ran down my forehead mingling with tears every push forced out of my eyes. He craved for my body. He squeezed, caressed or spanked any part of it within his reach. I straightened my hands and leaned on them. In a second I kneeled. He stooped behind me.

"You are a definition of motherfucking divine," Azem gasped as he pulled my hips against his boner. "Why didn't I meet you fifteen years ago?"

"Because I was only five back then, you perverted lunatic!" I choked on my own teardrops.

After a few minutes I learnt how to adjust to his rhythm, and, let's be honest, I enjoyed. The next thing to confuse me was the audible pop during cock removal. Azem laughed at my puzzled face.

"It means the fuck was fair," he explained. "But it doesn't mean it was finished. You ride me now and I watch your moons bounce."

He could follow the action live on the bed and in the mirror. Some men are "boob men", some are "ass men", but approximately 90% have a fetish for both and my Azem was not a rule confirming exception. I placed his dick in my ass as if I had practised forever.

"When I've heard Polish women were ambitious and learned quickly, I thought it was about science, but now it seems to apply for the anal as well," he praised me.

I watched myself in the mirror jumping up and down. It was fun, because his bent knees were my support. All I had to do was to hold on strong and make the circles or go as down on him as I wanted. The pace was my own. I knew the best things in bed are unexpected. Therefore, after a few shallow bounces I took one deep. Azem shouted and reached for my hips immediately to encourage me for these deeper moves. I slapped my boobies time and again.

"They can be your pillows," I noticed.

Suddenly he grabbed my hair so I lost the balance, and he turned me around.

"What the...?"

Before I finished my question with a common swearing, a jerking dick targeted his jism all over my face! I was lucky to close my eyes led by an instinct, because my eyelids received a fair share.

"Bummer," Azem whined when I removed my "beauty mask" with a paper towel. "I hoped to fit right on time to open your mouth and shoot down your throat. Then, I thought, you'd gag, collapse, and fall on your face."

"Some other time," I promised.

And I fell into his arms.

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