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Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

Just a quick taste of revenge
Ragged skin hung at the edge of her right thumbnail where she chewed it off with imperfect teeth, only to pick at it again. The clock hands revealed that ten minutes remained ‘til the hour, past the point where she could logistically back out. Even if she opened the hotel door and eased out into the hall, the odds were she would only just run into him. She couldn't hide and just not answer the door. He had a key waiting in the lobby. She picked at the cuticle on her right hand, with not quite steady fingers.

She had planned this, initiated it even. There was no need to deny it. In the abstract, it had seemed very attractive, just the thing to distract and get even. Now with reality settling in, she wondered if she was just going to be hurting herself.

Her teeth dug into the soft, yielding flesh of her cheek, giving just enough pain to focus. To ignore the tight squeeze in her core, the iron grip on her lungs and heart.

She deliberately relived the painful images of that day that should have been her best, when she was betrayed by the man who had promised to forsake all others just hours before. She might never have known of his dalliance if she hadn't noticed the text on his phone screen later. Today she would return the favor, in her white clothes, just as he had worn his tux.

The scrap of the card in the key slot at the door was harsh and loud in the still room. She cast her gaze about with wide eyes and muscles tensed to run, looking for a place to hide, while remaining rooted on slender heels to the carpet. She raised her chin and drew in a deep breath. The time for faltering had passed.

The handle twisted down and the door swung in. She looked down through the haze, focusing on the tired shag of the carpet. The door clicked shut.

His rich tenor was self assured. “Hello?”
Carpet muffled the sound of his footfalls


She raised blurry eyes to see him walking across the room, his eyes raking over her body, excitement evident in the quick steps. She nodded. It wasn't her real name, but was close enough without giving her identity away.

His picture hadn't really done him justice. The eyes and hair were dark, but they hadn't caught the spark that glimmered in their golden depths, hinting at quick wit. The image certainly hadn't captured the lithe, cat-like way he moved on the balls of his feet. The nerves that rolled and cramped her gut slowly untwisted and relaxed their hold; her hands stopped trembling as she dropped them to her sides.

“Okay,” it was more question then statement.

Rae-Ann nodded her head, the braided knot of her dark hair dancing. “Good.” Calloused hands caught the edge of his shirt and hauled the dark cotton over his head, revealing work-hardened muscles, not flashy, rather the sort earned through honest sweat. He dropped the polo beside dark leather loafers, pulled the matching belt, springing the buckle, loosening the jeans to hang on bare hips.

Rae-Ann slipped her tongue across dry lips, as she met his eyes. Her heels sunk into to the carpet as she crossed the room to him. Despite the blur from the tulle and lace that draped her face, she didn't miss the sharp breath he caught as she approached, or the way his jeans had twitched. She smiled for the first time, a hesitant thing that lifted the corners of her pink stained lips. He pushed his hand under the folded waist of his jeans and flexed, arm making slow jerks.

She was close enough to touch him, softly grazing across his chest, over the flat bone at the center, then on to trace the prominence of the collarbones. His free hand was on her shoulder now, urging her down, but Rae-Ann ignored it, continuing her fingertip outline.

His fingers dug into her shoulders and her vision rippled. This was a demand, not a request; she pushed back against it, resisting, unafraid. She was here at her own arrangement, and had his assurance that things would halt if she merely spoke the word.

The insistent hand exerted more pressure, compelling her to drop in front of the growing bulge in his jeans. Her hands latched onto the folds of cloth at his hips, pulling on them as she sank down, teetering on those white heels.

The denim hooked on his flank and tugged him forward so the fabric brushed her lips. Her fingers, still clenched to the cloth, pushed them down his legs, dusky red head bouncing out at her, to be caught by his grasp again. The downward pressure released from her shoulder, as her knees touched the floor, folds of her dress billowed around her.

Those fingers now grazed the edges of her vision, lifting the veil up and away from her face, casting it back over her head and clearing her sight while his fisted hand rubbed her lips with his cock. She pursed her lips in stubborn refusal of the request, torn mind rebelling against her actions. The taut skin tapped at her clamped lips, knocking against them,demanding admittance. Her continued grasp on his jeans gave the leverage to rock back away from him, knees clearing the carpet.

He released the lace and snatched her carefully arranged knot, to drag her head back. His heavy hand tugged her hair, sharp bites of pain, pushing her resisting lips onto the knob of his cock, forcing it between the tightened grimace, past bared teeth, to fill her mouth with the smooth iron, plundering her wet maw.

She tightened her grip on the denim and sucked in, mouth pulling to create friction. Anger filled her as she worked her tongue across him, drawing his intruding member deeper into her, her jaw working.

She nursed him hard, sucking with force and determination. Her mouth worked up and down, pursed lips hard around his cock, satin skins rubbing together. Stray droplets of spittle ran down her chin, as she raised mascaraed eyes to his. Tight fingers in the knot of her braids, plunged her head down, forcing the cock farther back, till her chest heaved and eyes swam. Gulping air in with short gasps that released the grip of her lips on the intruding member, she worked up her strokes, panting at the bottom then dragging lips and mouth back to the top.

The rhythm built as the background faded: the carpet pressing her stockings into her knees, the tickle of crinoline bustle against her hip, the slick feel of her dampening satin thong, and the itch of the lace sleeves. None of these things mattered anymore. There was just this cock, in her mouth, pushing its way in, not asking, trying to force her will.

“Submit,” it demanded of her. But she pressed back her resistance, fighting back with mouth, with tongue, even with lip covered teeth, accepting the cock in her mouth, but only on her terms. Her fingers twisted in his jeans for leverage.

His face was tight now, just like the muscles in his legs. He was so close, and she would win. She would take what she wanted, triumphant. But he tightened his hold on her hair, denying her further access. Pulling her away, he raised her up and kissed her roughly, coarse hair on his chin scraping her skin. She sucked his lip into her mouth and pressed her teeth into the soft flesh.


Rae-Ann laughed, a tight, bitter sound, as he pushed her back on the bed, white satin billowing around her in a froth. He kicked off the loafers and jeans before pushing her legs up ,pulling her thong aside, and plunging deep into her. Blue ribbon from her garter peeked out from the layers, encircling her white-stocking-ed leg above her knee as the dress spilled off the edge of the bed, to puddle on the floor around his feet.

Rough fingers pushed along the line of her slit, the satin against her skin, building friction across her bud. She twisted in the dress, rocking her hips, body rolling, seeking greater leverage, pushing against his ravaging cock. Her pink lips parted, baring the white, chipped teeth, with a hiss that turned to cry as she reached her summit. Half rising, her muscles clenched then went slack, with her release.

His hand grasped her neck pulling her deep onto his cock as his frenzied rhythm changed. Filling her with his strange spunk, before he would disappear from her life.

She still loved the man whose ring she bore, but she would be even. Soiled panties and lace packed up to sit in a box on a shelf, a balance for a score now settled.

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Posted 13 Mar 2014 01:07
Good Story Any More in ''Pipeline'' & Soon.? Did You Win the Competition with this Story.?
Posted 03 Mar 2014 12:38
I am a lover of reluctance and you did a great job at presenting her reluctance with what she was about to do then showing her urgency. Great story!

Posted 23 Feb 2014 19:54
The writing flowed well it hoist losing its went from nervous uncertainty to breathless eroticism. The way you described her taking him into her mouth was superb. The excitement filled with the struggle to maintain control of his need to take her was perfect. I really liked her wearing her bridle gown too. Her secret revenge sitting on the shelf still bearing his seed would keep a satisfied smile on her face for years.

Posted 20 Jan 2014 16:49
That is one way yo get revenge. Good for her.
Posted 14 Jan 2014 07:03
great story of revenge. make sure i never make you mad
Posted 09 Jan 2014 20:04
A most excellent sexual tale!!! 5+
Posted 09 Jan 2014 18:40
not only sexy and a good story, but GREAT writing -- you have quite a flair -- good luck with it!
Posted 04 Jan 2014 04:49
Very hot story. Can't add much to what has already been said. Good luck in the comp. Excellent job on this one.
Posted 03 Jan 2014 06:31
Super good, loved the writing style.
Posted 26 Dec 2013 20:22
Wow! What a great story - love it! I don't think there is anything more that I could add that has not already been said.
Posted 26 Dec 2013 13:34
Nice story. Good luck in the competition!

Posted 25 Dec 2013 12:40
good luck

Posted 25 Dec 2013 12:16
The read was easy. The expressions well described. Not my thing. But lush is a little bit for all.
Posted 23 Dec 2013 18:06
Great story, great writing, very interesting & entertaining!!
Posted 22 Dec 2013 19:24
Really intense...not an easy story to read, but real as she dealt with reality, with revenge, and life ongoing. Well written.
Posted 21 Dec 2013 14:15
Like Shakespeare, this piece, about vengeance, is like "Hamlet," but contrarily passes through eros, not death, to achieve its purpose. Or does it? The wedding dress is put back into its the tux worn the day he married and betrayed his marriage to her did. So is the marriage dead? Or is it just "even" now? That story is enough to provoke thought of a most intriguing sort.
Yet that story becomes a back drop to the story told in the tightest fine details. Responding to her call, a call she is as nervous about as a woman about to take her walk down the aisle, the stranger enters and tries to claim this as HIS turf...which she disallows and forces him to do things on HER terms, anger solidifying her need for vengeance, with one hard bite! Eros, death, violence, and anger, drive the vengeful dagger in to the cad that wronged her.
It is gorgeously gut wrenching drama of a very high caliber, in the most minimal phrasing I can imagine. Every single word leads us forward in this story revealing a master of plotting, and articulation seldom equaled in the erotica genre. It was not just interesting, this story was gripping! In my humble opinion, erotica doesn't get better.

Posted 21 Dec 2013 13:04
Brilliant! You made every word count! Atmosphere, tension, emotion and lust all packed into a tight, well-constructed package. Really well done. Good luck!
Posted 21 Dec 2013 06:50
WOW! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Excellent story. 5 all the way.
Posted 20 Dec 2013 19:20
This is such a great story girl!!! 5+
Posted 20 Dec 2013 18:43
wow... this was defintely revenge... almost savage. well written but so sad.

Posted 20 Dec 2013 13:42
Wow! this was sexy, and hot, and the little twist of revenge made it all the better good luck with the competition xx
Posted 20 Dec 2013 08:13
Good naughty fun!!

Posted 20 Dec 2013 07:28
Good luck in the competition.
Posted 20 Dec 2013 06:26
I loved the revenge theme. The story was urgent and the tangling emotions made it all the better. Good luck!

Posted 20 Dec 2013 02:39
A pleasure to read. Well done.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 20:31
Great story, but others before me have said that better - hey Dancing Doll you should leave us something to say! Good luck in the competition.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 19:59
I think Dancing Doll said it better than I could, so I'll shut up and just give this a five.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 19:11
A good story, and I loved the passive aggressive sting in the tail of keeping the revenge to herself. Although for me, I found the writing a little overdone and I was left with a few too many unanswered questions. Hot idea though, and still a 4 from me. Good luck in the competition.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 17:47
Ooooh! Nasty naughty revenge. Your words dealt it out perfectly. Outstanding writing which truly captured the intrigue and mystery... just enough mystery to make one's imagination run wild. This is a superb story, a really serious contender I in my opinion.
Posted 19 Dec 2013 17:36
A lot of action in the 1,500 words or less competition. Thanks
Posted 19 Dec 2013 17:02
very good......loved it very much.....well written

Posted 19 Dec 2013 16:49
With every competition entry I've read I thought I'd read the winner, and you have just added to that with this fantastic story. Beautifully written and super hot. It's going to be a tough one to call. Really best of luck in the competition.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 15:15
Sweet revenge! Great story. Good luck in the competition, Dianna.
Posted 19 Dec 2013 15:13
Never cheat on a woman, she'll get her revenge somehow. That she was reluctant from the start, but determined to go through with it raised the bar. Excellent work, m'dear. Good luck with this in the competition

Posted 19 Dec 2013 15:07
Well written, I think she should have gone back to her husband and had given him her cum soaked thong. That would have shown him.
Posted 19 Dec 2013 15:05
Very hot story. Loved every word of it.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 15:02
Very sexy revenge story I liked it! Best of luck in the comp.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 14:17
What Dancing Doll, Maz, and Cal too...or in this case, four. Best of luck in the contest.
Posted 19 Dec 2013 13:09
Nice little vignette and a great description, even though I don't quite buy the scenario.
Can it truly be a revenge if the person being revenged upon is completely unaware?
I'd love to know more about the newlyweds ... somehow I don't think it is a marriage that is gonna last!

Posted 19 Dec 2013 11:55
Well written. Good job. Glad she isn't going to be my wife.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 11:43
Damn. . .just damn! This was too good. Good luck in comp. Things are heating up.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 10:53
Superb job. You set the scene so well and the tension was palpable...

Very fucking sexy, NN!! Rrrrrrr
Posted 19 Dec 2013 10:50
I wish there had been more verbal exchange between them.

Posted 19 Dec 2013 10:30
Loved every tiny detail and her resistance through it all. Well Done!

Posted 19 Dec 2013 09:57
Not gonna lie - you know I love a good revenge-fuck story. I thought this was fantastic. I loved the way you set up both her uncertainty and determination in the beginning - the initial nerves were a perfect touch. I also liked the way you described the guy walking down the hall toward her and differences a photo doesn't pic up on - the 'catlike way he moved on the balls of his feet' was a fantastic description. During the encounter you made him very masculine and sexy and sex itself was hot and urgent. The ending was perfect - evening the score - no regrets. I thought this was a really great, hot little story with plenty of intrigue to the backstory. Great writing throughout. Good luck in the comp!

Posted 19 Dec 2013 09:15
It was ok. Its just me I was not into it sorry

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