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A Nanny Femtastic - 10


Chapter 10

I rose early the next day and put on my white lace bikini, and took a dip in the pool. I was sitting on a lounger drying myself when Felicity came out.

“Good morning gorgeous!” she said kissing me on the cheek. Our breasts rubbed together. “You know we have that party with those guys today sweetie?”

“Are you sure we should go Felicity?” I said frowning. “What about Bradley?”

“ Oh he will be ok, to be honest me and him are not getting on so well at the moment, a bit of space would be good. He said he may go and play golf at the club.” She turned away to walk inside. “Oh and by the way what are you going to do about your parents? They are convinced you, or who you used to be, is here?”

“I should tell them to be honest, as I’m never going back to being a boy again!” I was so worried though, as I knew my Dad would find this difficult to accept.

“I think that’s the best honey. Ill meet them with you if you like and hopefully they will come to embrace their new daughter!” She winked at me smiling kindly.

“It’s the effect on them of the loss of their Son and replacement with a sissy!  I’m worried about, allied to my Fathers Victorian values!” I said.

“I tell you what, lets get it out of the way. Ill ring them and we can meet them in town before the party later?” she said.

“Are you sure…?” I hesitated. “Oh, ok then whatever, “ I agreed. I wanted to get this out of the way. It was probably only fair on my Mum really. My Dad I didn’t care what he thought, probably because I could foresee his opinion already!

Felicity went inside. I stretched out on the lounger feeling the early morning sun on my long smooth body. I arched my back and pushed my breasts up. I liked being a woman! I must of fell into a deep sleep, and was woken by Felicity .

We went to her room and we looked through her bulging wardrobe for ideas for what to wear. She suggested we should go ultra glam, full glitter make up , false eyelashes, platform heels etc. I thought this was a bit over the top but we both agreed it would be a laugh for the party.

She seemed to have several very glamorous clubbing type outfits which we tried on. She went for a white, tight, micro mini skirt and a strapless white lace Basque top that had a corset laced back. Her breasts bulged over the top provocatively. She teemed this up with some white, five inch stiletto’s! She back combed her long blonde hair into a bushy, spiky do and applied dark eye make up. She looked fabulous, if a little trashy. We both giggled and laughed hysterically.

I went for a neon pink tight micro mini dress that was backless and almost frontless! It showed my full breasts off to the max, as well as a matching pink bra that was visible over the top of the dress. I wore my fake vagina gaff and a matching pink g string. This too was visible through the dress!  I put on some five inch heeled, strappy pink sandals. I did my make up and hair in a similar way, but put two schoolgirl type bunches in also with neon pink ribbons.

We both looked in the mirror and laughed uncontrollably. We looked like two high class hookers!

The odd job man drove us down to town and as we were approaching it suddenly hit me like a sledge hammer!

“Felicity, you didn’t set up that meeting with my parents did you?” I blurted out.

“Shit! Sorry,” she said, “Yes I did.”

“We cant meet them like3 this,” I cried.

“Its too late honey now, lets just do it!”  she said.

So it was that I was going to have to meet them not only dressed as a girl, but looking like a prostitute!

We sat at our usual table in the usual bar in our large shades and floppy hats, and Felicity ordered a bottle of pink champagne.

“Don’t you think this will all look a bit decadent,” I complained. But Felicity ignored me.

We had already created a buzz in the street as we got out of the car, and groups of locals were collecting and looking across at us and chattering cheerfully.

Then they arrived! They stood at the entrance area waiting, and Felicity got up and walked towards them. My heart was thumping and I felt sick. I saw her say something to them and then turn and lead them to the table. My fathers eyes were out on stalks ogling Felicity as they followed her.

They sat down opposite us.

“Can I get you a drink?” Felicity enquired.

“Aye, Ill have a pint of best bitter, and she,” my Dad said referring to my Mum, “will have a small glass of white wine.

My Mum looked small and old and was wearing a dull knee length sun dress and her hair scraped back into a pony tail. She 2wore no make up or jewellery. She actually was quite pretty and had a good figure but never really did anything with it. Probably because my Dad wouldn’t have liked it!

“Aye up, you don’t see many chicks like you two up North,” he chuckled. “ I understand my son Tony is working for you two fine ladies?” my dad said in his broad Yorkshire accent, looking at us, one to the other.

“Well actually Tony was working for me,” Felix chipped in.

“Oh ok then, sorry. I take it you two are sisters then?” he said scratching his head.

The beer and wine were delivered and my Dad grabbed his swilling almost half of it down and leaving a frothy deposit across his top lip.

“Well no, this is my Nanny Louise.” Trinity corrected him.

“Oh I see, I’m sorry. So you Louise work with my Son then, because I was told he was doing this kiddy care job thing. Such a disappointment for me and his Mum!” he said tutting and shaking his head.

“Louise, why don’t you take your hat and shades off honey, as I will.” Felicity instructed. We both removed them and set there silently.

“So when is Tony my lad turning up?” he continued.

I looked at my mum and her jaw had dropped open and she looked white. She turned to my Dad and whispered in his ear. My Dad broke into a loud laugh that went on for what seemed like a minute.

“Aye up, mi missus has let the sun get to er. Just shut up woman your balmy or summit?” He went on.

Felicity then spoke in a calm voice. “I imagine that your good Wife has just told you that this beautiful young lady sitting next to me is in fact your son?”

My Dad now stopped smiling and squinted at me. I felt his eyes scrutinising  my face, hair and then move down to my plump breasts and long brown legs. He started licking his lips nervously.

“Nay, nay , nay that’s not right.” He said shaking his head, he looked stunned. My Mum by now was crying. I  reached over to comfort her and it must have dawned on him at that point like an avalanche!

He picked up his head all of a sudden, grabbing my Mum as he stood up. “Nay that’s not my fucking Son!” he bellowed. The drinks spilled and glasses shattered as he stood up. “That’s a perverted abomination from Hell!” He turned dragging my Mum behind him and stormed out of the bar and away down the street.

I burst into tears, and Trinity put her arm around me. “Its done now,” she whispered, “It will be ok now.”
We went to the Ladies once I had calmed down and re applied or make up. I adjusted my bra and clingy dress.

“Come on girl I think we both need to party!” Felicity said kissing me on the cheek.

We left the bar arm in arm and headed for the harbour attracting admiring chuckling glances as we went.









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