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I Shouldn't Feel This Way- Chapter 2

I Shouldn't Feel This Way- Chapter 2

What happens when a young father and daughter are reunited again after 16 years?

So there I was, walking out of the courtroom, when I felt a firm warm hand grab my arm. 

“Aria—,” his voice was deep and husky and his touch made me shiver. I slowly turned around and looked into my father’s ocean eyes. The intensity of his stare was intimidating me, but he softened his expression and I noticed a hint of a sad smile, before he pulled me into his arms and hugged me. My god, his cologne was intoxicating, and his body was so warm and muscular. I could tell he had an incredibly fit physique hidden underneath his expensive clothing.

My heart rate slowed down as I held my breath and felt my eyes well up with tears. Why was this happening to me? Why was I getting so emotional? Maybe because all my life I felt so unloved and unwanted. Thrown away like a piece of trash. And now here I was, finally reunited with the man who made me; my father. All I could feel in that moment was heart break, because I knew I could never ever love this man as a father.

He was a walking Adonis in life form; a God that created me. And when he enveloped his arms around me so tenderly, I knew that I would worship my creator forever. No matter how angry and hurt I was underneath. The faded traces of Noah Hunter’s name had been scarred on my heart ever since I was old enough to learn who he was. He held me so closely in his warm and loving embrace. It was right there in that still frame second that I felt my heart set ablaze, resurrecting my love for him like a phoenix from the flames. 

“Aria, I’m so sorry I’ve missed out on so many years,” he looked like he was trying to bottle up his most vulnerable emotions from betraying him. Noah sounded genuinely hurt, and I couldn’t say anything because I was frozen like a statue.

“We have to get going,” my mother said bitterly. 

I felt him slowly release me and hold my arms, while his eyes scanned me from head to toe. My face flushed in heat as I averted my eyes. 

“God, you’re so beautiful. You’re beautiful Aria,” he reached for the side of my face and stroked my cheek in the most affectionate way that it almost made me want to cry again. “Let me take her out to dinner Emily.” 

“You can take her out to dinner on the weekend,” my mother replied, as she took hold of my hand and pulled me towards her. She looked incredibly uncomfortable being around my father. Probably because he was a waking sex symbol. I haven’t the slightest clue how she could’ve refused his offer of marriage. My step dad Rob was a balding fat slob, while my father…my father, (just saying those words out loud in my head made me feel such a strong sense of pride) he was perfection. And if not a god, then a demigod for sure. I just couldn’t believe that I was in the same gene pool as this man. 

“Why don’t you ask Aria before you decide for her,” his tone sounded angry, but I could tell he was trying to control it. Perhaps my father was a temperamental kind of guy. He did give off this intimidating vibe. Maybe because I thought he was beautiful beyond human comprehension. Like a fallen angel, you naturally shy away when his eyes cascade over you. He seemed like a very masculine man, with testosterone levels that were much too high.

“I’d like to go,” it’s like the words came out of my mouth before I even thought of a response, almost as if my body and my soul already knew where they belonged; in Noah Hunter’s presence, by his side. I was shocked by my newfound loyalty to him to say the least. This man could’ve spared me from having to go through so much pain, loneliness, and heartache, had he only made the effort to have fought for me sooner. I made a promise to myself to address these things to him at some point.

“Aria, your dad’s expecting us back for dinner,” mom glared at me. 

“He’s not her dad, I am,” Noah replied in a stern voice.

Was this for real?? Did my dad just stick up for me? I felt my heart flutter and my stomach tighten in knots when he stood behind me and rested his hands on my shoulders. Heat was radiating from his body and sending shivers all down my spine. 

“Robert’s more of a father to her than you could ever hope to be. Where were you these past sixteen years?” 

“You moved away Emily!” 

“You could’ve easily found us Noah!”

I listened to them argue back and forth. “Mom, please. We’ve had a long and stressful afternoon. Please don’t fight. I just want to catch up and ask him those questions that you couldn’t answer.” 

She gave me a worried look and then scowled at my dad. 

“Don’t dictate to her Em.” 

“Like the way your bitch of a mother dictated to you? Don’t worry, I won’t.” 

I felt the loss of contact as he dropped his hands from my shoulders. 

“No need for low blows,” there was an icy undertone in his voice.

There was a long pause and then my mom finally broke the silence. “Have her home by nine o clock the latest and I mean it.” 

I suddenly felt so happy and nervous at the same time. You know that incredible rush you get when you get to spend time with your biggest crush? It feels amazing and agonizing all at once…that’s how I was feeling. 

“Back by nine, got it.”


Noah whistled and waved at a taxi cab as a black and yellow Toyota pulled up to the curb near the front street of the court house. He opened the back passenger door for me and let me in first. 

“After you,” Noah beamed at me all gentlemanlike, and then moved in next to me before slamming the door shut. “Take us to Per Se restaurant,” he gave directions to the cab driver, while I strapped on my seat belt. God was I nervous. Silently, I prayed that he wouldn’t hear my heart hammering in my chest. Noah leaned back into his seat, took a deep breath and turned his head to look at me. It was a little unnerving because I suddenly felt insecure about my physical appearance. 

“You’re more beautiful than I imagined,” he brushed back a dark strand of my silky hair behind my ear, and I shivered in reaction. “Look at me,” his tone was gentle and pleading at the same time. I turned my head and met his gaze with caution. Those penetrating blue eyes were killing me. He looked surprisingly tan considering the fact that it was almost winter. “Wow…you really have my eyes,” Noah smiled warmly. 

“Yours are lighter,” I mumbled. 

“But yours are alluring.” 

No one had ever complimented me like that before. I’m sure he must’ve noticed the rosy pink blush that had spread across my cheeks. Growing up, I always felt like a tom boy. But all that changed once I hit puberty. I wanted to paint my nails, style my hair, wear makeup, dress up in girly things and once my breasts got big enough, I was definitely attracting attention to myself at school. If there’s one thing I prided myself on, it was my body. I really took care of it because I was extremely athletic. 

Sitting in that cab next to…my dad, made me feel inferior to his beauty; he was too handsome for words. Like an immortal being that never aged and remained eternally youthful. His face was clean shaven and he had a very attractive square jaw. His eye brows were dark and symmetrically arched. I tried not to stare too long as my eyes wandered down to his hands. They looked big and strong and very clean, unlike Rob’s nasty finger nails and laboured, calloused hands. 

I noticed a platinum wedding band on Noah’s left ring finger. “You’re married?”

“Yes, I got married two years ago. My wife’s name is Vanessa. I’d love for you to meet her when you visit us in California.” 

I was silent and suddenly uncomfortable. 

“Forgive me, if you decide to visit. I would never force you to do anything you’re not ready to do Aria. You have my word on that.” 

Why did I feel like crying? Of course he’d be married. Who wouldn’t want to marry this man? He was successful, probably rich since he was a lawyer, and unbelievably attractive. “Do I have any other brothers and sisters?” 

“Unfortunately no, but we’re trying. Hopefully soon,” he replied with a smile.

The idea of having more siblings made me sick to my stomach. Secretly, I didn’t want any more brothers or sisters. But in truth, my subconscious was hiding a much darker secret…I didn’t want my dad making babies with any one. Period. 

“I know everything must feel overwhelming for you at the moment, but I promise not to rush things. I just want to spend the evening catching up at your pace.” 

I said nothing as I fixed my eyes on my hands and fidgeted with the zipper on my faux leather handbag. 

“Do you like Gucci? Prada?” 

“Yeah…what girl doesn’t?” I laughed nervously. Although I had never owned anything from those famous designer brands, I was sure as hell familiar with the names.

“Great, I’ll take you out shopping on Saturday and we can buy you a new handbag,” his lips curved up into a half smile and I just melted. 

I was trying to force my brain into accepting the fact that my father was offering to take me out and spoil me, but I just couldn’t tell if I was in a nightmare or a dream. A nightmare because I understood the fact that I wasn’t supposed to feel this way about my dad, and yet I still did. And a dream because he appeared to possess one of the greatest qualities I always wanted in a father; spoiling and pampering his daughter.

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Posted 11 Mar 2014 12:35
Very nice. Story and characters are progressing well. I am falling in love with Aria.
Posted 24 Jan 2014 20:28
Keep up the good work - will be reading the rest today

Posted 04 Dec 2013 07:58
This is a touching story...
Posted 12 Jul 2013 08:57
This story keeps getting better, its like making tender love, starts off slow and feel good, but it just keeps getting better all the time
Posted 18 Jun 2013 08:06
oh yep ... chapter three here i come
Posted 09 Jun 2013 16:00
a fantastic build up. now what?
Posted 07 Jun 2013 20:48
Loving the story so far.
Posted 15 Mar 2013 09:19
Very good
Posted 08 Mar 2013 06:42
I know the feeling of haveing lost a daughter due to devorce and what it does to both of you. "V=5+."

Posted 07 Mar 2013 16:04
again a very nice lead up to what I am guessing is going to be a very erotic continuation...
Posted 06 Mar 2013 02:15
O my god you are torching us
Posted 06 Mar 2013 02:15
wonderful buildup!
Posted 05 Mar 2013 23:18
Beautiful continuation. Contradictory feelings arisen are nicely presented. 5
Posted 05 Mar 2013 22:54
good part liking the build up cant wait for part 3
Posted 05 Mar 2013 22:36
Keep writing, can't wait for the next installment
Posted 05 Mar 2013 13:17
leading us on,so far the story is very interesting

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