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Abbey’s Boy’s Toy

Abbey's exposed titties jiggled as she pistoned the dildo in and out of her dripping pussy.

"The Pixie-Bob Prime?" "Guaranteed to blow your wig off. If you wore one." Abbey pulled the toy's cardboard box further out of the black gift bag that Will held out for her. "Solid." "It's a present," he said. "From the manufacturer?" Will hedged. "It came direct from their factory." "Why would they send me free stuff?" Abbey set the bag and its contents on her spartan, mahogany desk....Read On


Selena's Pee in the Office

Fresh from her encounter in the archives it's time for a solo pee

Selena approached the box she was about to use for her toilet. She was naked from the waist downwards, her round curved buttocks facing towards the office door, her black triangle of wiry pubic hairs hiding her slit that was moments away from releasing a torrent of hot piss. Once in position, she wasted no time, the burning need inside now desperate. The urge in her bladder rushed towards...Read On


Love Down Under

A high school flame is back to finish old business in sunny Sydney.

The mid-morning sunlight cut through the kitchen blinds, casting bright stripes on the bench-top where Olivia had stationed her laptop and mug of coffee. It was Valentine's Day and Matt hadn't reserved anywhere for dinner yet.  She typed 'best restaurants in Sydney' into Google and waited for the results to pop up. If he couldn't be bothered booking a table on the most important night of...Read On


Survival Instincts – Chapter 4

Survival can release a number of emotions, sexual instinct being one of them.

Our time with Jeff and Emily Warren was wonderful. They made us feel as if we were part of their family. We had to work, to earn our keep, and it was hard work on the farm. We often ended up completely knackered in the evenings and we would all be glad to get to bed and sleep. Each of us occupied a separate room with a single bed and a shared bathroom. We couldn’t believe it at first; the...Read On


House For Sale, With Extras

Selling and buying houses can bring temptation...

Julie Simmons nodded appreciatively as the house came into view. She turned to Victor Manners, who had slowed the car. "This looks rather special," she observed, and the older man's wrinkled face regarded her with a kindly smile. "I thought you'd appreciate marketing a more up-grade property," he told her. Julie had been overjoyed to be appointed junior partner of this well-established...Read On

Recommended Read

The Jared Chronicles: Jared's Roller Coaster - Part 2

Libby's game backfires - as Jared rocks her world.

Story so far: Sweet-natured Libby has had her carnival crush Jared stolen from her by fair-weather friend Sasha. When the shameless carny starts to hit on her while still dating Sasha, Libby decides to teach them both a lesson - by dressing to kill at a Halloween costume party. But does she know exactly who she's dealing with in Jared? “Go on, you look fabulous in that. You know it,”...Read On


The Four-Hour Erection

Jim, let’s just say I was hung like a horse and made my girlfriend walk funny for a week

This is mostly a true story. I worked as a Project Engineer in La Jolla California. My job was to ensure the operational functions of brand new buildings added to the Pfizer Drug Company’s Research and Development campus in La Jolla. I was a 45-year-old professional man, living in Oklahoma and traveling back and forth monthly to California. Most of my time was spent in the Research...Read On


The Drifter Ch. 4

A drifter meets the sexy but shy granddaughter on a farm and unleashes her hidden self.

Before leaving the ranch I cleaned up my messy truck. This meant clearing the littered passenger seat and floor of several paper coffee cups, candy wrappers, a crumpled potato chip bag, doughnut crumbs and the classified section of the newspaper with the circled ad I answered—also, a few old cassette tapes which I put back in the glove compartment. l parked next to the barn and hosed the...Read On


The Karen Experience- part 2 of 2

Karen"s “free pass” goes further than she expected

I had Karen drive to my place. Along the way, I rubbed her thigh, kissed her neck, sucked and nibbled her ear lobe. I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples, occasionally running my finger over her full, pouty lips. My hand slid between her legs and I ran my finger up her wet slit, soaking my finger with her juice. I then put it in her mouth and watched as she greedily sucked it clean. ...Read On


Mother’s Desire

My thirty-eight-year-old girlfriend can’t wait to play with her teenage son’s todger

“Oh, don’t be like that. I’m desperate to fiddle his todger. I can’t see what your problem is. It’s nothing weird. I just want to play with it and make him come. A young lad’s balls need emptying every now and then.” “Jesus, Jessie! You’re fucking weird! Why the hell would you want to wank your sixteen-year-old son’s cock?” “Everybody else is doing it. All my friends are fiddling with...Read On


Stories of my Youth Chapter 8 – Me, Linda and Jatz

Linda, Jatz and I make love.

Ken flew out two days later. He left a day sooner than planned. I assumed that Jatz had told him that nothing would happen until he returned to work. From this, I also assumed that Jatz was at or near her most fertile part of her cycle. It seemed that Ken was getting away so that Jatz could capture my sperm at the crucial time. As with all things at that stage of my life, Linda was in...Read On


Ford F150

I jerk off a guy in his truck and masturbate a lady with a Mustang

Tuesday afternoon, I went grocery shopping. As I parked, a brand spanking new F150 parked beside me. I got out of my car and approached the F150’s driver as he was exiting the truck. “That looks like one damn nice truck!” “Thanks. I just got it a week ago.” “My son had one a few years ago. He was happy with it but when he got married, they switched to an SUV.” “Would you like to get in?”...Read On


Love Sucks

Sucking cock helps me go straight

I was pretty drunk.  I should have gotten a DUI.  It would have been my second, which I most certainly couldn’t afford.  But I drove there anyway. I’d been at work, then drinking after.  It was a Sunday night become Monday morning.  I was horny as fuck.  My girlfriend was out of town, so I was free to roam and play, but this was still cheating.  I couldn’t help myself.  I wanted it.  I...Read On


Eat Me Like You Used To

Work conference ends in a sizzling reunion for Frankie and Rach.

The lush English countryside passed in a blur of yellow and green as the express train whizzed towards London. Sitting in a business class carriage near the front, Rachael shuffled her conference speech notes and rehearsed the talk again in her head. It was the millionth time she had read through her speech since she departing a rainy Edinburgh that morning. MediaTrax 2018 would attract...Read On


Agent Baker. A Homecoming Of Sorts Chapters 1-4

An agent who screws anything with a pulse and a missing operative. Let the debauchery ensue.

Chapter One The ruggedly handsome and physically fit six-foot-four man was celebrating a little too much at the bar. Really, he had been drinking since three that afternoon. Between the misery and the birthday, he had enough reasons that night. He met a little red-haired gal with a nice pair of tits and a curvy ass. They had been dancing and rubbing on each other for about an hour,...Read On


Class Reunion

Old high school friend becomes an amazing lover.

This past weekend was our class reunion in my hometown. I was so excited to see my old friends that I haven't seen in years. I asked my husband if he'd like to come with me but he said that it was my reunion and that I should have a great time. My sister still lives in our hometown, so I decided to stay with her. On Friday morning I finished packing and headed off for my six-hour drive. One...Read On


Allyson leaves home in an attempt to escape her comfort zone, playing with fire can start wildfires!

I did it. I flew the coop. I quit my job, sold my car, and bought a one way ticket to the wild, unadulterated land of opportunity that is America. I was free! I had my own place! No more sharing bathrooms! No more parents nagging after a night out spent in the clubs! No more crazy ex-boyfriends and friend zoned men!  I. Was. FREE. And yet, I had never been so miserable in my entire life....Read On


Blackmailing Breanna, Chapter 1

She was caught on hidden camera by a past girlfriend. What will the consequences be?

"Hello, Breanna? This is Mrs. Duncan. Would you be able to babysit for us on Friday night? It's Tom and I's anniversary and he's taking me out for dinner and dancing. It's been a long time since we went dancing and I'm really looking forward to it!" she said. "Sure, Mrs. Duncan, I'd be happy to! Sally and Bobby are great kids and we always have a lot of fun. It sounds like an exciting night...Read On


A Tip for the Concierge

A trip to a favorite hotel in London turns into something more....

As I got out of the car that the hotel had sent to meet me at the airport, I was glad that I had come back to this hotel. It was in a terrific location, close to the things I needed to do and close to the things that I wanted to do while I was here in London. I walked in the front door and the first person that I saw was Terri, one of the concierges at the hotel. Terri had helped me with so...Read On


Jean Exposed in Paris - Chapter 3

Jean finally meets up with Jacque for dinner

I woke from a blissful nap, naked and splayed out on top of the bed.  My inner labia still swollen and lubricated from my afternoon activities.  I slowly sat up and was startled to find a brass Bellman’s cart placed near the foot of the bed holding a single garment bag.  A now familiar calligraphy-labeled note card sat on top of the comforter and a new bottle of opened champagne on the...Read On


Mrs. Ferry's Day Off

Wife has sex with next door neighbor

It was a sunny and warm summer Friday afternoon. Work and home life had been hectic recently, so Mrs. Ferry, the thirty-five-year-old, married mother of three decided to take a day off work. The two boys were off to summer camp for a week, while her eighteen-year-old daughter was off to college. Nancy and John Perry had been married for fifteen years and had two sons, ages fifteen and...Read On


The Drifter Ch. 3

A drifter meets the sexy but shy granddaughter on a farm and unleases her hidde self.n self.,

At dinner, Carla looked scrubbed after a shower. Her hair was slightly wet and tied in a ponytail. She wore a simple white, flowery sundress that came just above her knees and was cut low, revealing her tan shoulders, bare arms and a little cleavage. She looked angelic with tiny silver earrings and a bracelet on her wrist. I noticed she was barefooted when she walked in from the kitchen...Read On


Non-Stop Service Part 4

My trip with Sydnee continues

In our orgasmic bliss,  we noticed we weren't alone.  Sara, the flight attendant,  had been watching us. I’m not sure how long she was there, but it was surely long enough.  She had a disheveled look to her. Her hair was mussed, her shirt was untucked,  skirt pulled to her thighs, and her panties were lying on the floor bunched up by her feet. “Did you enjoy the show?" I asked. “As a matter...Read On


Nanny Diaries

Interracial power couple brings their nanny into their lifestyle

“See you Sunday night!” Joan waved at the kids and her parents as she pulled away from her childhood home. She had just dropped off Tasha and Jerome Jr. (JJ) for a weekend with “Gramma and Grampa.” She looked at her watch … 3:30... with luck and minimal traffic she could be home by 5:30. She was pretty sure Amber would still be around. It was a perfect early summer day, mid-70’s and not...Read On


Stories of my Youth Chapter 7 – Meeting Jatz

Ken brings Jatz back to Australia with him.

We were sitting drinking our coffee in Linda and Ken’s bedroom. Ken had tried to pressurize me into agreeing to deceive his girlfriend, Jatz, who he was bringing back with him to Australia when he returned from his offshore work in six weeks’ time.  I had resisted that pressure but unknown to Ken, his behaviour was slowly destroying my trust in him. Rather than liking him I was now starting...Read On


Our First Really Successful Threesome

Night out with unexpected happy ending

It was mid-July and the start of our summer holidays. I had been living with my girlfriend for just over two years and each year at the start of these holidays, it had become a custom to go out separately with our own close friends. After our evening meal, Julie started getting ready. I’d already showered and I lay naked on the bed, watching as different layers of clothing were put on,...Read On

Recommended Read

The Church Conference

After all... sex is a religious experience, right?

July 20 th – 23 rd , 1998 As Heather gazed out across the lush green grass, she thought to herself that she had been on this college campus more times in her life than she really cared to. She had never attended a class here, yet, she knew her way around the campus as if she was a fourth-year senior.  At the age of twenty-one, three years removed from high school, she honestly...Read On


Room Service

I walk in on a cute guest and try to make sure their stay is as pleasurable as I can make it.

I was working as a hotel maid during the summer to get some money together for uni. It was menial stuff, but it did pay quite well. On Tuesdays, I was a waitress in the café in the mornings, before going around cleaning rooms after breakfast when people started going out for the day. The hotel was posh, and I had to dress up in a proper French maid’s uniform. One Tuesday, I went up to a...Read On


Vince and Abby's First Threesome; That Morning

Abby woke with her head next to his, an arm over his chest, and a leg between his legs. Vince was still sleeping and a slight smell of sex lingered in the bed. What a birthday you gave me last night, she thought. One month short of a year as a couple, Abby had learned that Vince was a wonderful, caring, and surprising man. What you’ve learned and we’ve experienced in that time, she...Read On


Bonnie's Impossible Dream

We try to make my wife’s gangbang fantasy a reality.

My wife and I have an amazing sex life—in our minds! In the bedroom and occasionally elsewhere, we are good, but you can’t beat our imaginations. Our fantasies get us so turned on. They provide a safe, cheap, and reliable alternative to trying to do it all in real life. “So-ohhhhh,” one of us would start, turning a short word into two seductive syllables. “What would you think about ..?”...Read On