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One and a half billion drowned. Ten billion still stood, still breathed, still bred...

The man sat quietly, on the edge of the Shield, his feet but a few meters above the water. On the horizon, he looked at the Concorde, darting away on the mirror sea. He had asked for the crane to help empty her, but the foreman said the cargo wasn’t worth the kilowatts. These days, Bordeaux had little food to spare, too little. They had grabbed her bulk in a single afternoon, bent under...Read On


We Need to Talk Part 3

Emma returns to her husband Gary to find out what he has decided.

Emma was just coming out of the shower, naked and dripping wet when her phone buzzed with a text message. It was from Charlotte. It said, “Hi Emma. Good news, I’ve spoken to Gary and I think he has agreed. But, can you please come and see me before you go home to him?” She sat on the bed, after wrapping herself in a towel, and typed her reply. Her busty breasts made a bulge in her towel....Read On


Mom's Christmas Cookie Pt. 2 of 3

"Aunt Cookie" gives him a chance to watch her and Mom live, and reveals a plan for more.

My cock was bouncing up to tap against her as she moved into position. Then she grabbed my erection, stood it up, and wiggled it through her damp pussy hair. I drew in a deep breath of anticipation just before she slid me into her. She whimpered and I groaned in almost perfect counterpoint as she slowly sank down on top of me. She felt like pure heaven. “Your cock feels so good inside...Read On


Boy Scouts' Jamboree

A group of boy scouts make an unexpected find...

It was a nice country walk, just my girlfriend Elaine, and myself. A warm sunny day and we were in the hills with not a soul in sight. I was wearing was a short summer dress, with ribbon straps. That, plus a pair of sandals was my total wardrobe, if you don't count a shoulder bag with bottled water, and the usual feminine paraphernalia. Knowing exactly what I was wearing, Elaine decided...Read On


Driving Her Crazy

He played with her so much that she was dizzy with want for him. His strong fingers brought her right to the edge — and then he teasingly stopped before kissing her. She was light-headed and faint, the hunger between her legs ravenous, her ripe pussy swollen from the spanking delivered with his hands and hard cock.  "Not yet, sweet baby," he moaned against her nipple. Inside her, his...Read On


Bloomsbury Circle

A September party.

Gwendoline Callaghan, known to all our circle as Harry, was tall, slim and as butch as you like. She did class butch. Not for her the tight vest, torn jeans and Doc Martens. No, for Harry, it was a decent suit or classy chinos and a leather jacket. She was deep in conversation with a woman called Jess, who never seemed to do anything but was as rich as Croesus.   I was watching her at...Read On


Daughter's Friend, Part 8

The newly formed love triangle gets even more complicated.

As the kids say, Miranda ghosted me. After she ambushed me in her home and tried seducing me, I haven’t heard from her. Not one peep. I thought for sure after that text she sent me I’d hear something, but not a word from that crazy woman. I was relieved, but at the same time dumbfounded. She swore she wouldn’t give up on her attempts to take me from Alex, so why did she just stop trying...Read On


What An Ass

Insatiable three hundred pound sisters...

I took one look at her, and offered her the housekeeper job.  I should have been more circumspect, as she raised an eyebrow, and said, "You like big women?  Be straight with me... it's okay... I am very uh, understanding!   You see yourself under my big black ass, don 't you?  It's cool, man....everything has its price, so let's deal!"  She must have weighed close to four hundred pounds,...Read On


Mr Edmunds

A teen girl is offered money for sex by a devious old man in a retirement home.

Jennifer strolled down the grey corridors of Churchill Retirement Home with her head in the clouds. Jennifer was an eighteen-year-old nursing student, a beautiful and desirable young girl. However, maintaining her beautiful hair and amazing figure wasn't all she had to worry about. Currently in her second year of college, Jennifer found herself in serious debt, with no time to get a job...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part X

Alan endures his first night in Bradley's bed while Bradley enjoys his first night in Dawn's bed

Alan   Alan was in bed watching television and finishing off the last of the champagne when his mobile rang. It was Dawn. He felt a wave of guilt about Trish come over him as he turned down the television. “Hi darling, how are you?” She asked. “I’m in bed watching TV,” he responded. “And you?” There was a moment’s silence. “We’re in bed too.” Alan paused as he imagined the two of...Read On


OMG! Dad thinks I'm Mom !

Dolly wanted to surprise her parents on her birthday but it was she who was at the receiving end!

Dolly is the first of three children. Her entire family are lovely people who live in a regular suburban locality. Dolly has always been a good kid and a perfect role model to her siblings, extended family, friends and probably even the neighbourhood. Dolly’s father, Dick, was delighted when his first-born was a daughter and he was even happier when she inherited her mother’s looks and not...Read On


Denise, My Hot Secretary

A big-titted secretary turns into a SEX-retary for her boss's office pleasure!

I've always had these wild sexual fantasies about my secretary, Denise. She is quite lovely, a sweet young girl about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, with a cute little girl look that I find so sexy! She is about five foot four inches I guess when in her stocking feet, but since she usually wears heels, she comes up to just below my own six-foot stature. She has a very nice figure...Read On


Let Me Show You I'm Sorry

He was angry, I was sorry. I needed his touch, his forgiveness, his body.

"Can I suck your cock?" I text you. I have been warned not to speak, you are lounging on the sofa, naked, teasing me. Angry with me for disagreeing with you over plans this weekend. I am craving your control, your acknowledgement. I need to apologize in the only way I know how, with my body. I hold my breath waiting for your spoken response.  "Yes." You shift slightly and look at me for...Read On


Our Cuckold Wedding Part Six.

Martin meets Jen's parents and she gives me a treat

I ended up being over an hour late for work that day, my mouth still lined with Damien’s cum. Jen called me around noon and she sounded nervous, “What’s up Jen?” I asked. “Trevor, did you write on the Lushstories website?” “Yes Jen I did, I wrote about our life, why?” “My dad has read it and he called me!” Jen replied, “He asked me if it was us?” “Oh,” I stuttered. I couldn’t wait to...Read On


A Lie That Caused Change – Sandra’s Turn

Lucy canes her chummy mummy for lying

With Ella upstairs after her spanking, Lucy and Sandra were alone and Lucy now focused on Sandra’s red thighs. “Been somewhere nice?” Lucy asked innocently. She had remained seated, on purpose, because if Sandra had been spanked, then she had plans of her own. Sandra blushed as she replied, “Oh, just around.” Lucy knew her chummy mummy, Sandra, was lying and demanded, “Tell me why your...Read On


Substitution Wife

Shared wife pleasures co-worker on business trip.

An eight-week deployment to Tokyo, great…           I loathe that office but thankfully I have a good partner on this one; Paul and our company puts is up at The Toranonom Hills Andaz. And the nice treat is my wife Beth will be out for a couple weeks later in the month.  Thank goodness, there is no way in hell I can go without her little body for two months.  Facetime sex is fun enough...Read On


Mom's Christmas Cookie Pt. 1 of 3

Spy cam reveals that Mom's busty friend Cookie is much more than a friend, and he can't look away.

It’s the law of unintended consequences.  Well, maybe consequences isn’t the right word... It all started when I found out my mother’s hot, dark-haired friend Candice – whom everyone called Cookie – was moving into the guest room at Mom’s.  Cookie’s landlord had jacked up the rent on her apartment, and it was just too much for her to afford.  He did it right before the holidays.  What...Read On


A Little Fijian Gang Bang - Chap 6

James gets roped into going with Tim for a threesome.

Dave woke late, it was just after 7:00 am.  He was lying between Sue and Cath and remembered they had left the foldout bed for their own bed sometime during the night.  He quietly climbed over Sue and got dressed, as he felt uncomfortable about getting roped into another session.  He felt it was time to make sure none of what had happened was going to mess up their marriage, and was pleased...Read On


Cum, Hard, and Often, Attorneys at Law

When the boss is away the girls will play.

You are a junior associate in the contract law division of a legal firm. Your secretary is a gorgeous slut named Lily. I am your boss and Mistress, and I leave some papers with you. I tell you I'm going out and probably won't be back today. You are feeling very horny and Lily has one of the finest tongues you've ever met. You have your finger on the intercom. "Lily, can you come to my...Read On


Beyond Reason

How a loving forty year old wife loses all reason and follows her need.

I stacked my plate on Tom’s and began clearing the table. “Tomorrow is a training day. I need to be at the office by 7 am and I can’t be late,” I lied, setting the foundation of an excuse for refusing sex later, again. ”Uggh, This new job is consuming you, Blu...and it’s killing long since we last fucked,” he said with a weak smile that somehow rendered the complaint pathetic. ...Read On


Times are Changing [Part Six]

Nathan and Nicole finally have sex, but boy was it worth the wait.

Nathan thought he’d find conflict in his heart as he watched his nearly naked daughter beckoning him to follow her. Her allure had continued to grow ever since their night in the motel and quite frankly she was right. They both wanted and needed it. Nobody would ever find out and it would probably only be a one time thing, so really, who were they hurting? His heart hammered in his chest as...Read On


Carla Episode #1 “Carla’s Helping Hand”

An eighteen-year-old virgin spends time with her forty-nine-year-old divorced neighbor.

Carla and George, both live in an upper class, suburban neighborhood.  George is forty-nine-years-old, a very intelligent, and well-respected cardiovascular doctor who is committed to his practice, and his success is proof of it.  He has been divorced from his wife for the past five years, and his sex life has been non-existent.  His only excitement recently has been looking at Carla from...Read On


The Guy at the Garage

A young woman is unexpectedly drawn to an older man...

The first time I met him I was impressed by his friendly demeanor and polite manner. I had a low tire and I stopped to get some air before it went flat. When I pulled up, I was greeted by a tall, grey-haired man with a nice smile. He came over to put air in my tire and checked them all as we chatted about the nice weather. I couldn't help but notice his muscular arms and strong hands. His...Read On


Lewis Confesses Something

A friend confesses he has bi thoughts.

Me and Lewis had been friends for over ten years before this kicked off. He was never single for very long and was what you might call 'adorkable.' Not traditionally handsome but cute in a geeky way. Even though we were in our mid-twenties, he still always used to wear hoodies with game logos on them. He was engaged for years but he and his fiancee, Jane, broke up not long before they were...Read On

Recommended Read

The French Guest

A beautiful French student brings joy to a lonely widower

I knelt at my wife’s grave and laid a bouquet of her favorite flowers on it. It had been three years to the day since I laid her in it. Memories raced through my mind; our first date, our first kiss, our wedding, the birth of our daughter. On and on the memories went, until I once again faced the stark moment when it all ended. Injured in a car crash, Karen had died in the back of an...Read On


When Angels Cum Chapter 4

A bit of world building.

"Don't try anything stupid" Jie Er warned Blaze, as she stepped out of the house on the morn of Tirdas. "I'll try..." Blaze replied, trying to sound sarcastic. He had plans for being reckless. It was a warm sunny morning and the breeze from the southeast was starting to pick up momentum. He waited until the breeze reached a good steady speed before jumping up on the wall. He manifested...Read On


Interrupted by My Husband

My hubby comes home early and my vanilla masturbation session turns into much more...

I pour myself a heavy glass of cabernet. Finally home after a long day, and I intended to enjoy my evening.   I was alone, for the first time in weeks. I love sex with my husband – hell, I ADORE it.  We enjoy a frequent and kinky sex life, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.  Sometimes, however, it’s nice to have some… alone time.  There’s no pleasing anyone else, no time constraints,...Read On


Times are Changing [Part Five]

Nathan and Nicole arrive at their new home, and things quickly heat up between them.

The van had arrived at their new house a few days ago, and the friends and family Nathan had asked for help had set everything up for their arrival. He was a good dad, but also an appreciated friend. He was well liked and kept in touch with many of the people he’d met while at college, and during his time in various workplaces. He was a giver, so everyone who had helped with the move wanted...Read On


Why Have I Waited So Long?

I'm persuaded to go with another girl...

Have you ever watched the movie, Oklahoma?  My favourite song is “I’m just a girl who can’t say no”!  I love sex and more than that, I need it.  Without, I crawl up the walls and am not a happy person to be with.  I like men.  I like their bodies, their cocks and above all, I love it when they cum – it’s what sex is all about for me. So why a story in the bisexual section, you are...Read On


Mall Security

Lacy is caught shoplifting and tries to avoid having the police called.

Lacy walked around the mall carrying her shopping bags looking around trying to decide which store to go into next.  She brushed back her blonde hair out of her eyes as she spotted the candle and fragrance store and turned to walk towards it.  Suddenly, she felt someone approaching her from behind and turned around. “Excuse me, Miss,” said the man.  “I’m with mall security.  Do you have...Read On