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Daughters Friend, Part 3

Alex and I enjoy a nice day out

“Time?” “Not sure, but… going by how it’s looking outside…. I’d say it’s around 4 am.” “Wow. Oddly specific. Oh, fuck!” “What’s up?” “I think we’ve found my sweet spot.” “Nice. Should we stop?” “Have you cum?” “No…” “Then keep fucking me, Mr. Kane.”   Alex was right, we did not get much sleep that night. After having sex in Claire’s bed, we moved to my room and went at it all...Read On


The Perfect Date

A man reveals his deepest secrets to his date (Commission story)

A Saturday night was reserved for fun and excitement. Some people get invited to parties or a night at a bar. Some plan out overnight trips to an amusement park or go out of town. Hell, some even get wasted at clubs or big sports events, only to pay for decision the following day. And like all of the above, Wes planned for such a night. Only this was a different kind of fun. The bedroom...Read On


Confessions of a Vietnamese girl part 1: Nha Trang

Introduction to me and my confessions about what happened in Nha Trang

My name is Thanh, I'm a 24-year-young girl from Long Khanh, Viet Nam. I have long dark hair, quite a pale complexion (for a Southeast Asian woman), 1.56m small and around forty-five kilos. I live with my parents, a dog called Lucky and a couple of cats on the outskirts of a small town near Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I'm earning my money as a merchandiser for a big company which is making...Read On


Cam Girl Ch.2

Alan helps save Sierra and Ashleys relationship.

That first night with his daughter, they woke up and made love off camera about an hour after dozing off together.  Although it wasn’t nearly as provocative as their first session in terms of positions, and there was no verbal play, it was equally as intense for both of them, with lots of kissing.  Her young body was on top of his considerably older frame for the most part.  She came so hard...Read On


Finding Out A Dirty Secret

My friend admits a dirty truth to me, which shocks me

I met my husband, Peter, when I was eighteen and a secretary in accountants where he was the rising young star of the company. Aged twenty, he already had a reputation for taking risks — but he made lots of money. I fell for Peter right away and he returned my feelings. We were together a year before I became pregnant with our daughter Kara, and Peter wanted me to give up work and stay at...Read On

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From the moment she walked in, I knew this was an appointment I wouldn’t soon forget. Her presence commanded my attention immediately, and I stood dazed for a minute with my mouth slightly agape. It wasn’t just her looks, although she was undoubtedly beautiful; she exuded confidence and power, and damn, was it sexy. She stood in the doorway eyeing me for a moment and smirked as our eyes...Read On


A Lie That Caused Change

Katie wants Lucy to discipline her and tries a lie

Ella checked her watch. It was nine-thirty which meant that Lucy was home thirty minutes after her curfew. “Come in here straight-away, young lady,” Ella demanded as she had to impose the punishment that their chummy mummy had specifically told both girls would happen even when she was away, as she was now. Ella and Lucy were both eighteen-years-old and were school friend’s and were in...Read On


Craig's first sex show

Shy Craig is horrified to find his girlfriend has offered their services as a live sex act..

Sometimes I wish Tracey wasn't quite so extravert. We've known each other for twelve months now, since final year at school. We're head over heels. I've never complained about the cheeky little stripteases she gives me, and now we're at uni I'm constantly on edge of 'coming' in the lecture theatre, simply thinking of her size C breasts with their pretty pink tips.  But there are limits....Read On


Charlie and the Factory, Ch. 3

Shawn discovers something in his relationship and in the Factory...

It had been a while since I had been back to the Factory. Even though I had not been in some time, I didn’t want to seem like some perverted strip club addict or something. I think that ship has sailed already. My thoughts were filled with undressing women. Lillian. Keisha. And… “Hey, Shawn!” I jerked out of my trance for one second. It was Daisy in her car. “Need a ride?” Daisy said. I...Read On


Forbidden Fruit

Dan's covert activities are not quite as stealthy as he had wished.

I grimaced as the tightness in my jeans increased. Not that I was unhappy — on the contrary — but my discomfort was growing and I could do little to relieve it. My prick, which until a few minutes ago was in its normal, dormant state, was now outgrowing the confined space and the strain was telling. The reason for this sudden growth spurt was Suzanne, our next-door neighbour. She’d just...Read On


Betty's Garden - Beginning To Bloom

A friend's husband helps a mature woman renew her life - part 3 of 3.

The ringing of the phone woke me out of my deep slumber. I heard my wife answer it so I closed my eyes and tried to return to sleep. Through the fog in my head, I could her muffled voice. It had an air of excitement to it and I was sure I could hear her giggling. I tried to focus on the words I could hear. "Oh, yes... sleeping all afternoon... worn out..." followed by more giggles. It must...Read On


A Bride, chapter three

I realised she was completely naked

The afternoon was spent watching her parading in all her new outfits, it really was nice just to see the sheer pleasure on her face. None of the clothes had been expensive, but that didn't bother her in the slightest, they were new, and they weren't the drab prison garbs that she'd endured for the last four years. The only clothes I didn't get to see were her new bras and panties although I...Read On


Al's Add-In 2: One Thousand and One Orgasms

Because the site clearly needs more buxom purple genie stories

I noticed her as soon as we entered the party. A stunning, curve-hugging purple dress, straight jet-black hair, pierced nose and eyebrow, and a smile of recognition when she saw my boyfriend, Al. So I was a little surprised when he steered me away from her. Actually, really surprised, since he’s seldom assertive, and because that took him straight into the very large embrace of the...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part III

Alan experiences what it's like to be cuckolded as his wife and his boss negotiate his job contract

Alan had never expected it would be like this; the angst and the pain. He had only focused on the sexual excitement. The excitement he received from imaging her with another man; being fucked hard and long by one much bigger than him and more virile. But there was another side to being cuckolded, like the flip-side of a coin. There was pain as well as excitement. He glanced at his mobile...Read On


Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 9

Events at the Cabin take a mix of predictable and very unpredictable paths

As I sat there drinking my warm milk to help me sleep, there was no way I could ignore the sounds of love-making coming from Jason’s bedroom. I could clearly hear Claire’s voice as she moaned and sighed as Jason made love to her. It was Tuesday night and I realized Claire hadn’t seen Jason since Friday, a week and a half ago. As Claire normally saw Jason two or three times a week, to have...Read On


Rahab's return: chapter eight

The great project

Feodor Romanov was about as far removed from his namesake and cousin, the Tsar Feodor Ivanovich whom I had met in Moscow, as it was possible to be. Where the latter was gentle, diffident and uncertain, Romanov radiated energy. He was tall, handsome in a severe sort of way, and altogether an impressive figure. But the two men had something in common beyond their first names: they were...Read On


Our cuckold wedding part three

Trevor gets to eat a lot of cum

I was very excited about having to be naked all of the time; the thrill that I get from Jen seeing me naked was out of this world and even though I am not allowed to see or touch her naked body, I get a lot of pleasure seeing her in her sexy lingerie. And I was secretly hoping that I will get to clean her out again after her black lover has fucked her. I woke at eight fifteen and went to...Read On


Alexis The Dark Fairy

Vanessa rescues a fairy who plays naughty

Vanessa had just turned eighteen and still lived at her parents' house. She was very beautiful and could have any man she wanted, but it seemed that her standards were high for someone of her age. Her fetishes were all of that of the supernatural. She could be interested in guys or girls but she wanted something magical and could not settle for less. One day she was walking in the park alone...Read On


Johnny Had Me Before...

One-on-one cheating turns into group hardcore sex

He stopped over to see Tommy, or that is what he said. But Tommy was out of town and he had to know it. Tommy and Johnny had been best friends since childhood. How he didn’t know Tommy was not home was a mystery. It did not take him long for him to have me in bed fucking my brains out. He was a fast worker and I was an easy lay. As he pounded my cunt, he was telling me all thing we were...Read On


Bedtime Stories

A couple erotically reconnects after reading sex stories

After showering, Lisa put on her new lingerie. She had just bought this little set and liked what she saw in the mirror. Her body was still in good shape at thirty-nine. Yes, she was a little softer in some spots than she had once been, but she knew other women would kill for her for her taut ass and perky boobs. The dark grey girls' shorts were comfortable and sexy at the same time, and...Read On


My First Time

Meeting an old guy for the first time

This is my first story, and the first time telling people about my first but not last sexual experience. I had been having bisexual urges for quite some time; because of this, I was going onto text and chat sites. This was about ten years ago now, so there were not as many websites back then. I'd been chatting to quite a few older men. On most occasions, the chats just helped me get off, as...Read On


Car Park

Out in public dressed

I finally got the nerve to go out in public dressed. I've been dressing in private for years. It started with panties, Some of my wife's, some of in-laws that have stayed with us from time to time. I finally got the nerve to buy some at a store. So exciting, looking at panties wondering how they will look on you. Took a while to find my correct size; I like them tight not no so tight I fall...Read On


Independence Day With Kelly Part 2 of 2

We get together with Barry and Scott from our trip to Spain and spend the Fourth fucking

We untied and made the no-wake trip down river onto the big lake. Kelly was sitting out on the bow while Scott and I were cracking open cold ones on the aft deck. Once we were on the lake proper, Barry suggested to Kelly that she come back to the deck. Once she had a seat, he opened it up. Wow! Loud as all hell and fast! Hard to imagine something that big accelerating so quickly. We were quite...Read On



The spontaneous shit that happens when you least expect it

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I heard someone knock on the door. I had a mouthful of toothpaste so I tried my best to answer. I can't imagine what the hell I sounded like, but it must have been enough to let someone know I wasn't going to have a problem being disturbed. The door opened and my stepdaughter's friend Sarah opened the door. "I have no idea what you said with...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 1: Where There's a Will, chapter 4

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

He had hips that pounded like the waves, relentless and driving. A slow, rhythmic battering that was trying to knock her over. All she could do was hold on. He stared down at her, his eyes full of concern but his expression a mask of calm. His large hands gripped her hips and pulled her back as he drove forward over and over again. Something inside her spasmed. “Holy…  fuck,” she muttered,...Read On


Something unexpected

One night on the pull ends up as a weekend of fun

So there we were, me and my mate Nigel, out on the town for a pull and a piss up. Well what else is there to do on a wet weekend in London? We started off at our local, the Crab and Cockspur, which claimed to sell the best beers in the South East, but to be honest the only thing worth going there for were the birds. There were lots of 'em, but that was because there was a nurse's...Read On


Thank You, Cousin

One party on one special night makes me life perfect forever

Tina has written several stories posted here. Recently, she asked each of us who love her, to tell our stories. Rod and Brianna have done so, and I guess that leaves me as the last of our love-quartet to tell my story. My name is Ted. I know that Tina has talked about me here, as have my girlfriend Brianna, and Tina’s boyfriend Rod. Being of African-American heritage in historically racist...Read On


An Old Friend Comes to Visit

An old friend comes for a visit and surprise.

Five o’clock finally arrived and it was all I could do to stop myself from doing  handsprings out to my car. I’d really done nothing but fidget in my chair all day anyway. The only thing on my mind from the moment I woke that morning was my plans for the following week. An old friend would be arriving to stay with me and I’d taken the following week off so we’d have nine lust filled...Read On


Holidays with "Auntie" Joan - Part 2

An exciting way to pay my way through Uni, doing what I love.

A year had passed. My first year at University had been very successful. My scholastic achievements were excellent, and my social progress was just as good. Girls at Uni seemed to have different criteria for assessing boys, to girls at school. "Footie" prowess, gift of the gab, and rugged goodlooks, were replaced by scholastic success, cute good looks, and an "appreciation for the arts". I...Read On


The Little Witch Comes To Town - Part Seven

Four ladies get airtight, three get gang banged at a wild orgy.

  Sunday Afternoon Lunch was hamburgers and hotdogs from the barbecue on the back deck, with wine for the ladies and beer for the guys. Yes, I had to get dressed to go out there. It was a cold day, with only three weeks to go until Christmas. While we were eating Melanie informed us, “So, you guys are going to be gangbanging each of us girls in succession this afternoon. That means...Read On