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Fucked and Chucked. First.

A true story retelling that point after which lust has overtaken all sense.

With an urgency that could only be brought on by the rush of potentially getting caught, he lowered down onto her. The floor was carpeted and rubbed against his knees. The sofa next to them sat empty aside from his shirt and hoodie, her top and bag, and a...

Deliciously Scrumptious

It's naughty but so very, very nice, especially for Spice.

Your fingers are deep inside me, your mouth on my clit, nipping, grazing it with your teeth, then sucking on it hard. Slowly you kiss my soaked pussy before easing your way up my body, kissing my hot flesh. Straddling me, your cock nestles between my brea...

Show Me

Two friends engage in sexual exploration before heading off to college.

Simone, my neighbor and friend, turned eighteen in the summer of 1986, right after we graduated from high school. Though she had a party planned for the following Saturday, she and her parents invited me to join them for a celebratory dinner at a nice res...

My Daughter's Best Friend

My daughter's best friend is staying over on a sleepover, what could possibly go wrong?

My wife, Clodagh is away for the weekend so it’s just supposed to be me and Aoife, my sixteen-year-old daughter sharing pizza and popcorn and watching something silly on Netflix. “Hi Mammy, is it ok if Katie comes over tonight?” I look up from my phone, d...

Sofa Seduction: An Erotic Short Story

You'll never guess what happens when his wife returns...

Chapter 1: Introductions The apartment was quiet in the evening hours, a hushed calm settling in after another long workday. Daniel stretched out on the couch, loosening his tie as the TV's flickering glow cast shadows across his chiselled features. He wa...

Girl's Night

Kelly's Sleepover Becomes A Mommy Lesson For Aliza

I knocked on Jessy’s doorframe and peered inside as he lay in bed, staring up at his phone in the dark. “You’ll hurt your eyes; you know?” “If you say so,” Jessy said. “What are you doing up here, anyway? Isn’t the party downstairs?” “It is”—I stood up st...

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Babysitter's Seduction

My babysitter, Mrs. Jones, seduces both me and the coach.

As I'm lying on my back on my parents' bed, Mrs. Jones' wet and velvety tongue glides along my delicate folds. Her exploration sets off a fire within my core, causing my hips to buck in response. It feels so good! With each flick of her tongue, she delves...

Traveling Husband - Part 1

I earn my neighbor’s wife

I work from home as a consultant on personnel issues for companies that need outside assistance. Luckily I’ve crafted my business model on providing thirty-nine-year-old advice and I work on keeping my travel to a minimum. My next-door neighbor, Will, is...

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The Pool

My experience with a younger man

Okay, let me start by saying I'm not the perfect wife. I have stepped out of my marriage on more than one occasion. And this is one that someone had asked me to tell them, so I figured I'd just tell it to everyone. It was the middle of summer and my local...

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Charlie's Law

A musician is seduced by an aristocratic woman bent on revenge

It was one of those gigs where the music went straight from my eyes to my fingers with almost no intervention from my brain. Simple classical pieces and the occasional bit of mild, inoffensive jazz - nothing to capture the imagination, at least for the pe...

The Xmas Buzz

What to do in a strange city on Xmas Eve.

"Glo-o-oh!-o-o-o Oooh!-o-o-o-o- O-o-o-oooh!-o- Oooooh! -o-o- Oooooooooh!!!!! O-ria Hosannas in excelsis"It was Christmas Eve, and I had a date for the evening. What better place for a staunch atheist to go on a date than St Patricks Cathedral on 5th Avenu...

The boy next door

Mara's locked out of her apartment in nothing but a towel.

"Son of a bitch." The words slip from my lips as the door shuts behind me, and bumps against my ass. I clutch the white towel tightly around my body and turn around to bang against the door with my fist. "Open the door, Leah!" I yell, praying that she'll...

FROM: Becky -- FOR: Matt -- With Love

*Becky's given Matt her body and love. What else can she give before he goes to war?

FROM: Becky -- FOR: Matt -- With Loveby Rumple ForeskinDEDICATION: To those who serve, and those who love them.I was halfway between Macy's and totally broke, sitting in the mall's tacky excuse for a food court, and trying to gag down a tasteless salad wi...

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