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Best Shift Ever

Bored wife has fun with work colleague.

I had just started my new job in the police service and was trying to settle in and get to know all my new colleagues. After a few days, I was paired with a guy called Fitz, who I took an instant like to. He was tall with an athletic build, short dark hair, and a beard. There was just something about him: He was funny, cheeky, confident, and really good looking. I couldn't help but let my...Read On


A Bride, chapter 20

Let's fuck on the floor

She was wearing a sheer white baby doll, with matching panties and she looked absolutely delicious in the gloomy light of her lounge. She smelled nice too and tasted even better, her breath smelled slightly of alcohol as she snaked her tongue between my teeth and sucked on my own tongue. "Take me to bed Tommy." I ran my hands down onto the swellings of her pert little bottom and pulled her...Read On

Recommended Read

Feeding an addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 6

The highs and lows of a wife-sharing weekend

Scarsdale, NY: Saturday 24th January 2015 Buyer ’s remorse The morning's first cup of coffee always tastes wonderful and today was no exception to this rule of life. But everything else that had happened in the last few hours was very much an exception. Wholly different to everything that had happened in my life before, and wholly different to everything that had happened in Sue’s...Read On


Sweet Peach

A graduation gift leads to a new experience

The graduation party was in full swing as I watched her dancing with her friends. Already eighteen and now finished high school she had a whole life of adventure waiting. Watching her and her friends was becoming titillating, almost erotic, their young bodies flashing legs and cleavage. Tight little asses in mini skirts, curve-hugging low-cut dresses, high heels, and stockings...Read On


We Met At The Nudist Beach

Two women meet at a nudist beach and become very good friends.

  I am a woman in her mid-twenties and live with my partner, as lesbians, although we are both bisexual. One of our favourite pastimes is going to nudist beaches or other nudist venues. I had a day off work as a day in lieu of travelling time. It is a system that rewards early or late starts when I am required to leave or return home very early/ late to fly to my destination rather than...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part VIII

With Alan ensconced at Bradley's hotel Dawn enjoys an evening at home with her lover

Dawn   Dawn took Bradley by the hand and led him into the lounge. They had a three-seater leather settee on one side of the room, a single matching armchair on the opposite side and another matching two-seater close to it. She stood by the armchair and kissed him before standing back and reaching around her back for the zipper to her dress. “Let me have a photo for Robyn first,”...Read On


Il Paradiso Terrestre, l'Eden

Two married people with an online affair, take the plunge, and go deep

If someone had told Lia the state that she would have found herself in a week down the line she would never have believed it. Even if photographic evidence had been presented, she would have dismissed it as some clever and slanderous photoshopping. And yet sometimes our physical desire is stronger than any logical reasoning. She was just a regular housewife. I say "just" because it fitted...Read On


The Back Story on Our Relationship

The beginning of over ten years of debauchery and love…

I’ve been a political activist since the age of eighteen and over the years, I’ve worked on several political causes which is how we first met. The Chicago Police Department had a long history of brutality and violence particularly against minorities. Several high profile cases took place with unarmed suspects being shot to death that sparked public outrage in the late 1990’s and one...Read On


Sara's Resolve - The Continuation (Part Three)

A short walk bursting with anticipation leads to mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

We speak no words as we walk toward my bedroom. We hold hands as we frequently glance at one another. Kim's dark red nipples protrude nicely from her breasts. I struggle with my desire to pin her against the wall and suck them right here in the hallway. Her legs are soft as they occasionally brush against mine. Running my tongue across my lips, I can taste her, and the wetness brings her...Read On

Comp Entry

Snow Angel

Bo hoped Lisa’s free spirit would soar on their getaway, but Lisa had a few ideas of her of her own.

Lisa Stilton stood next to a parapet of the old castle overlooking a snow covered foreign city. She reminded Bo of the skier, Lindsey Vonn, who hailed from their own country. Or perhaps Lisa was a little Dutch girl with yellow braided hair planning to put her finger in a dike. The final day of their European Honeymoon was to end with a bit of sightseeing before returning to Colorado. Hard...Read On


The Strip Club

A mother and step-daughter venture into a strip club

This is a somewhat strange and erotic story I'm about to tell you. First, let me give you some background before I begin my tale.  My name is Elizabeth or Liz, whichever you prefer. I'm forty-five years old and have a twenty-two year old non-biological daughter who is currently working on her Master's degree in Sociology. I was with her mother for almost twenty years. She passed away about...Read On



A fantasy I've played out about a special someone

You turn and shut the door, turning the lock to prevent any non-existent intruders from spoiling our evening; in that brief moment, I wonder again at your appearance, the sequined red dress cascading around your lithe figure, a matching purse with tassels draped across your shoulders like a cordon from a Miss-Universe pageant.  Dressing your hair must have taken the longest, it is perfect. ...Read On


A Bride chapter 19

Mum was still drunk and wearing just a very short wrap around robe

I wondered about mum and what she'd got up to with the black girl. I hoped my little display of concern for her hadn't put the two of them off enjoying each other. From my experience with Belinda, I'd discovered that people act differently in different situations and even in different clothes. I'd gone back to Belinda's flat with her wanting and getting dirty sex, but after we'd got the...Read On


Daughter's Friend, Part 5

Family Vacation!

I haven’t been on a real vacation in a long time. I went into full super-Dad mode once Claire was born and my wife passed. No time for yourself when you’re a single father with a newborn. I planned on going on a worldwide adventure once Claire started college, but life got in the way. More like, her best friend and I started a relationship and I became too consumed with her phenomenal body...Read On


The Widower and the Neighbor – Part Three

The widower and the neighbor continue on their fuck-fest way.

I walked into Karina’s house on Sunday morning to surprise her with breakfast in bed when to my surprise I saw Karina and Natasha sitting at the kitchen table in their robes deeply engrossed in conversation.  I tried to quietly let myself out but didn’t quite make it. “George, can you please stay and come join us?” asked Karina as I was about to slip out the door. I went back into the...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 15, Miss Fancy: Attorney at Law

Chad Dupree needs a lawyer for his cousin...

As I walked into my high school and college friend’s law office, I sighed deeply. I never did anything close to illegal in my life. My cousin and I had one mishap. I had a hookup. That hook-up happened to be… “Chad Dupree. Tell me you didn’t…” “No, Miss Fancy, you know me better.” “Well, if you think about it…” Fancy said, pondering. “I’m here for my cousin, okay? I'm going to keep it...Read On


A Trip to the Country

A lovely day in the country.

Bradley was, in the opinion of Lady Carrington, the perfect butler. Proper, polite, and he ruled the staff with the iron fist that kept Lady Stirling's household in perfect order ever since the tragic death of her husband. Invisible until needed, the man could predict your every whim and satisfy it instantly. He appeared at her shoulder with the glass of ice water before even she had...Read On


Angela’s First Threesome

The actual threesome with all its twists and turns. Our first of many and so very special for us.

She was back moments later, still naked and in her stilettos, carrying Barry’s clothes. As she got nearer to our bed, she knelt to pick up our clothes laying in a pile on the floor. Getting up and turning towards me she said, ‘Honey, I just realized that Barry wouldn’t have a fresh uniform to go to work tomorrow. I will put the clothes in the washer and will be right back.’ Saying that,...Read On


Rahab and the Great Exodus: Chapter Three

The bridgehead

Mel was perturbed. 'Are you sure that your Great Council will, literally, buy into your plans, darling?' She looked concerned. 'Why? What have you heard?' I asked. 'Simply that some of the other Counsellors are saying that you have given that scoundrel Dogu too much.' 'I gather so. I have spread the word that he will be bearing the lion's share of the costs, and that should, I hope, at...Read On


The Nightmare Inside Chapter 7

Lori had been sitting at her desk for over an hour. She was supposed to be doing research, but instead, she sat there staring at her screen and thinking of her options. On the one hand, she could just allow herself to become the succubus and continue doing this for the rest of her life, or on the other hand, she could go take one last soul and be done with it. Did she really want to do...Read On


Sara's Resolve - The Commencement (Part Two)

A glass of wine, Sara’s disappearance and the dropping of a dress spurs anticipation and pleasure.

As I step from the shower, I hear Sara calling me. The bathroom door squeaks as Sara pushes it open. “I’m just getting out of the shower Sara.” The door opens another two inches before Sara says, “Okay Dad. Listen, Kim will be here around eight o’clock.” “That’s fine. I’ll get steaks out and grill them.” Sara laughs. “What are you laughing at?” “To be truthful, I think she will be...Read On


The Runaway

A young woman escapes a kidnapping and finds love

I believe it was late April that year I saw the dust from the riders as I looked up from stacking firewood. An oak had split the week before from a lightning strike in the west pasture. Cleo and Sage heard the horses long before I did, their ears perked up as they stared off into the distance anticipating the arrival. My Winchester was leaning against the fence, so I grabbed it, cocked it...Read On


Hispanic Delight

Marty’s dream finally comes true…

Marty had always found Hispanic men irresistible. He was a small guy, five-foot-six-inches tall and very fair. To be exact, Marty was hairless and blond, the exact antithesis of the men that he had always desired. There was nothing he desired more than being the bitch of a rough Hispanic daddy. Ever since he had entered the gay scene, this was the dream he had always yearned for. It took him...Read On


Afternoon Delight

First came the phone call. It was followed by the gentle tapping on the door of my mobile home, a second later, Wendy is in my arms with her mouth glued to mine. Her strong and slender legs wrap themselves around my waist and I slowly move us toward the bedroom. Once inside, she releases me and commences to slowly shed her outer garments. The rust-coloured blouse falls away to reveal a...Read On


Pushing My Luck

Quick one before dad gets home...

I heard the shower stop running and looked at the clock. He wouldn't be home for a little while, maybe a half-hour, so I had time. I stripped down and made my way to their bedroom, my seventeen-year-old cock growing hard in anticipation, and quietly entered the room. She was still in the bathroom.  Walking in I stopped and gazed at her. She was standing at the vanity, brushing her wet...Read On


Million Dollar Ass

Kayla is a religious one. Until hormones come.

Kayla didn’t wear heels much. That wasn’t her approach. She was always considered one of the guys. She loved football, but she was tomboyish with a very feminine touch. Kayla wore those tight Texan jerseys every Sunday religiously. She was Catholic. She remembered if she got out of Mass in time for the game, it would be fantastic. However, in Mass, other things would be taking up her...Read On


Date Night; Secret Agent

On date night they role play. Tonight it's Secret Agent...

The bar was busier than June expected, but then, the hotel was busier than usual this weekend too. It looked like there was some sort of artists' convention and a wedding reception both being held in the hotel itself. From the entrance coming from the hotel lobby, she scanned the crowded bar. There were several large groups of obvious from the artist conventions, decked out in their ‘I’m...Read On


The Band Room

Bobby and I get more than music lessons from our high school band director.

Bobby’s fingers fumbled awkwardly with the buttons on my shirt. I knew he was as nervous as I was. We had been skipping study period for the past few weeks to sneak away to the band equipment room to make out. Usually, we just kissed but today we were both feeling a bit friskier. Maybe it had to do with me not wearing a bra. My nipples had been poking at the material on my shirt since we...Read On


A Bride chapter 18

uck off, this cunt's mine

I danced or at least did what passed in my mind as danced, but she writhed, squirmed and gyrated. She held her arms up in that air at one time and just wiggled, then she moaned softly as I kissed beneath her arm, "I'm very sweaty," "I know." I closed my lips over the hairs in her armpit and sucked them into my mouth, while she ground herself wantonly into my cock. "You're beautiful,"...Read On


A Little Fijian Gang Bang. Chap 3.

Sue gets to see a lot more than she bargained for.

Dave - Woke up at 6 am again, which was a bit of a surprise, as Sue had damn near raped me again last night. This was certainly the best holiday we had had in years, well it was for me anyway. Just before the game finished, Sue had slipped my hand under her dress to show me she had no knickers on. Wow! That’s always been a huge turn on for me, I couldn’t wait to get back to our room. But...Read On