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A chance meeting brings back memories of an old flame

For my first full day of freedom after the divorce, I decided on a walk through our park. It was a perfect morning for late spring. I had just started my walk when I saw a lady sitting on a bench. I realized it was the brunette from the bar yesterday. I r...

The Park - Part 4

After meeting a friend for coffee, Carla gets caught short in the park and ends up with way more than she bargained for....

Carla slipped her phone back into her bra and then moved her attention to the cock on her right-hand side. She could see how its big purplish head was really starting to strain and the veins were clearly bulging along its considerable length. There was a...

Husband Of My Homophobic Sister CH 1

Welcome Back "Home" - Beginning of the story as I come to live with my sister and her hot husband

For those who care, my name is Rick. I hated that name for most of my life, but as with many things, one deals with it. When I was a kid, I thought it sounded like a name for old men, and when I got to high school, I hated it primarily because my parents...


A pleasurable profession

The bass from the stereo shakes the bones of the house. Here I am again playing a game of cat and mouse. My heart pounds as he pushes me face down on the bed, Legs forced apart and wrists held tightly above my head. The headboard slaps against the wall as...

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Almost Caught

You might think I have gotten wiser, but as you will see I haven’t been that fortunate.

Someone asked if I have ever been caught or came close to being caught cheating by my husband. Over the years, I have developed several, lets call them, rules for myself when I am having adventures. You might think I have gotten wiser, but as you will see...

Sex With My Daughter's Roommate

A man recounts his sexual encounter with his daughter's roommate

My sex life had been experiencing a bit of a cold streak over the past few weeks. Despite my best efforts, trying to get laid became a lesson in futility and depending on your perspective, a series of misadventures. Just before Labor Day, I had been flirt...

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Old Friend

To my life-long friend, I'll never forget you

Old friend,has it been that long ago since we made all those plans?***How we would grow old together, laughing our way through life, doing all the things we loved so much.***You did all the foolish things, yet no one dared call you a fool, for you saw thr...

Completion: A Love Story

Love is found among Mother Nature's wrath.

The tornado came in the night, tossed trucks and cars from I-10, and scoured away several neighborhoods on the southwest side of Houston. I was lucky; I lived on the northwest side.As a survivor and morbid fan of tornadoes, I became a longtime volunteer o...

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