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Upwards into her panties

They're writhing sensuously in time to the pounding beat of the music.  Offering themselves blatantly to the groups of youths and boys hanging around the bar, drinking, pretending not to notice the long naked legs, the tiny little mini skirts, the still-developing breasts beneath their skimpy coverings. The smell of hot, fresh little cunts assails my nostrils as I weave unseen between...Read On


A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream

My lover powered through my tightness, rhythmically ramming into my ever-gushing creampie

Every summer, thousands of salacious tourists flock to Lanvi, a small island covered in a lush rainforest, rolling hills, verdant valleys, and some miniature, inactive volcanoes. The tropical vegetation surrounds a welcoming metropolis, home to the world’s most sexually vivacious culture in existence. There are thousands of adult-only resorts, erotic attractions, and lascivious...Read On

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In desperate times, your body sometimes calls for desperate measures... It's time to listen.

"Hey, Case,“ was all my sister said as she hugged me, graciously ignoring the sweat and the travel-stains I was sporting. I was very aware that I was painting a generally unappealing image standing on her front step in crocs (crocs! With socks!) and with my hair wild and all my worldly possessions littered around my feet. Apart from a slightly sad smile and a sympathetic note in her voice...Read On


Getting Over My Husband’s Passing

My husband passes away and I find comfort from someone I shouldn’t have.

I am not going to lie, it was really hard losing my husband. William, or Will as he liked to be called, and I were together for thirty-six years and married for thirty-four of them, having met just before we finished school. Oddly, even though we were in the same year, we rarely mixed in the same circles. He was captain of the football team and I was more of a bookworm. I liked keeping...Read On


The Hotel Window

Curiosity got the better of me, and I couldn't believe what I saw

I had just gotten off the last train into Penn Station and was sitting a little blurred in the back of a cab weaving wildly in and out of traffic up Madison Avenue. I had three meetings scheduled for the following day, and could not wait to get to my hotel another ten blocks away. I was exhausted and when I saw the awning over the entrance I could already feel the pillow under my head. ...Read On


It's Time To Move Forward

I want a baby.

For the next few weeks, I avoided my son. When he was home, I tried to be busy doing things away. I wasn't mad at him, I was just trying to come to terms with what I've done, and if I should continue down this path. I did not know if it would be the path to my destruction, or the fulfillment of all my dreams and fantasies all I really knew was my divorce papers had arrived. Despite the...Read On


New Passions, New Lovers

A mother and son discover their passion for each other to the delight of their music teacher

Ashley is eighteen-years-old and has just left school. He has blonde, has curly hair, a surfer's body and is six-feet-two-inches tall. He lives with his mum, Jane, and has just finished school for good. His mum and dad separated when he was eight years old and he has lived with his mum since and his nineteen-year-old sister lives with their dad in France. Jane, their mother, had a series...Read On


The Cleaner: The Massage

After Greta in the swimming pool, I meet her husband Max.

Following our dip in the pool, the cleaning at Greta and Max’s continued pretty much as normal. With the kids home for summer vacation, Greta was back to business. Max was away most of the time but he’d take the occasional day off to bond with the kids or do some chores around the house. We’d talk now and then and he opened up more about being unhappy at work. August rolled into view. The...Read On


Ron and Ronnie Chapter 4 - Ronnie Visits Me

Ronnie visits me, then splits with Ron.

I had not seen Ron for quite a while. Occasionally, I saw Ronnie because she and my wife, Sue had become good friends. Then one day while my wife, Sue was out of town, Ronnie turned up on my doorstep. The previous day, Sue had told me that Ronnie had taken a short holiday with another man. I had asked Sue was Ron aware and she told me that she doubted it. As you might guess, it took me...Read On


I love Fridays

Jenny and her son's friend spend an eventful night together.

I love Fridays. Fridays I start drinking in the late afternoon. I’m not an alcoholic, it’s just that I need to unwind once a week after chasing my two kids and husband, and doing all the housework. We make a point to get the kids out of the house on Fridays. My husband usually drops my daughter at my parents’ and we give enough money to Jason, my son who is a high-schooler, for going to...Read On


Rose's Video chapter 13: Chase Is One Lucky Bastard

Chase finds himself in one sexy situation.

As happy as I already was, I cheesed and turned to the doorway. "Holy shit, Maria and Lil, why are you both naked?" I questioned, putting my hand up and looking away. "Chase, you just had sex with your daughter, you may look at me and my hot daughter too," I heard Lil point out before I felt her hands on mine. "We don't mind if you look at us, Chase. I'm pretty sure your daughter and wife...Read On


Meeting Frank - Part Two

A night of hot and passionate sex ensues when Frank visits me at my hotel room.

As in the first part of my story I was sent to Phoenix to instruct a training session with the district employees and I ended up fucking Frank, the new district manager, in his office that morning. It happened so quickly; the attraction, the sexual tension that came between us, the want and desire that took us through the motions was all so incredible it left me in a hazy daze throughout...Read On


Al Fresco Sex: Meeting For The First Time And Making Love In The Woods

A story written for a female friend originally which persuaded her to want to try me for real

I exchanged emails for many months with a female friend I will refer to as Pammie (this was not her real name but she liked me to call her that).  We were both married, not to each other, but this didn't stop us from making mad passionate love together, at least in our imaginations through cybersex. We regularly exchanged long emails where we tried to describe what would happen if we were...Read On


More Than A Secret Admirer

The plan comes to fruition.

After nearly a year of many carefully composed emails, my plan to fuck my dream woman was finally about to come to fruition at the end of the week. It had started out with me posing as a secret admirer, one who knew what she liked outside of the bedroom but one who also shared her kinks. Due to the knowledge I had of her, I slowly drew her in without overwhelming her and subsequently became...Read On


L022: Lizzy’s Story: Lizzy Arrives At Her New Home

Lizzy and her Daddy are finally home. Their lives together begin for real now.

The butterflies in my stomach are fluttering madly as we get closer and closer to our newly remodeled house.  Yes, you had shown me some of the floor plans and pictures, but you have made some changes since then, and to see the real thing will be enthralling.  It is now almost ten weeks since that fateful night I sat down next to you at the bar.  Three days, a spanking, and a wonderful...Read On


Confession Chapter Six

Stay at home mum meets the delivery man.

When I did eventually wake up, I had a panic attack that the kids would still be in bed and had missed school. But after frantically running around the house yelling for them to get up, it finally dawned on me that the house was empty. It was a strange feeling and to be honest I was so out of sorts for a while that I didn't really know what to do with myself.   I did the basic household...Read On


You Know Better

We should all learn how to close our mouths sometimes.

He had edged her relentlessly for weeks. She hadn’t had a full orgasm in over a month, not even a ruin for almost that long. She sat in front of him with her legs spread as wide as he could strap them, her fingers playing delicately with her swollen and dripping clit. His fingers swiped softly against her, causing her muscles to tense. He could see the way she pulsed with need.  Her entire...Read On


Bonding With My Stepson

John, a straight forty-year-old, takes his eighteen-year-old gay stepson's virginity.

  ...   New message from Sandra — Don’t forget what we talked about! Go talk to Aaron. Luv you. ... I read the text message from my wife and put back the phone in my pocket. Aaron was her son. After living with his father for a few years when he was a teenager, he came back to his mom’s at the beginning of the summer, as we were living closer to his college. I never had children with...Read On


Summer at Pond Cove - Chapter 07

Mistress Gloria decides to visit The Club.

One day in early August, right after breakfast, Mistress Gloria said to Mistress Sam and Mistress Cheryl, “What do you think about going to the club tomorrow night?” She didn’t ask me or holly or puddy tat or tracy. Our opinion didn’t matter anyway. “Do we have the masks with us?” Mistress Cheryl asked. “New masks for you, weird worm, and tracy arrived yesterday,” Mistress Gloria replied....Read On


Joy And Despair At The Wedding

The ceremony had been amazing, the bride was stunning and the groom had looked genuinely besotted. We’d all sat through the meal and endured the speeches, but finally, the evening reception was upon us. Eventually, the elderly relatives had retired to their rooms, the “youngsters” were now free to enjoy themselves, and the DJ was in charge. Drinks flowed as an eclectic mix of old and...Read On


Ron and Ronnie Chapter 3 - The wedding

Ron and Ronnie invite me to join them on their wedding night.

The wedding was six weeks after Ron proposed to Ronnie. The reason that it happened quickly was she was starting to show. Ronnie looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown. Mind, she always looked gorgeous to me. I guess I was a big bit biased on the subject matter. Ron’s brother, Colin was the best man. I had met him a couple of times and didn’t particularly like him. He always seemed...Read On


Not Her Husband Part 5

About an hour after Mr. Harper left and her husband was asleep, Beth went to the guest room. She wanted to read some diary entries from her high school days but didn’t want Jack asking what she was reading. Beth flipped through the pages until she found the note of when she first met Mr. Harper. It was her sophomore year and it was also her sixteenth birthday when the first day of...Read On


Ms. Hudson and the punishment room

Two young women's intense punishment day

The same night their little sisters Andrea and Kelly were babysitting for Elena and Charlie for the first time, Valerie and Jennifer ended up at a party and got drunk on keg beer a few months into their Sophomore year of college. This was the first time they had ever gotten drunk because they were unusually well behaved when they were Freshmen. When they came through the door at 2:00 am...Read On


Our 100% True Adventure

My partner is in her mid-fifties, 5’11” inches tall, with ice blue eyes and short blonde hair. At 135 lb. she’s slender with 34B breasts, which are crowned by coral pink ultra-sensitive nipples, and astonishing 36-inch legs. Her pussy is shaven except for a very small patch of trimmed hair at the top of her vulva. I’m in my low-sixties, 6’ even, with blue eyes, gray hair, and a six-inch...Read On

Audio version available
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The Arsenal

How an historic building tour turned me into a hungry voyeur.

The following story is a work of fiction. Everyone is over 18, completely consenting... and probably having a hell of a time.  ...Read On


Break Up Sex

What happens when a couple in a power struggle breaks up...

This is it. He watched Mel enter their apartment – now his apartment – for the final time, her long wavy blonde hair hanging in her face. She tucked the rogue strand behind her ear and leaned against the doorframe of the kitchen and watched him drum his fingertips against the Formica countertop. “All packed up,” she murmured. “Just came back to give you this,” she placed a single key on...Read On


Summer Night Beach Walk

Part 2: A summer night beach walk turns erotic

We waited for this moment ever since we laid eyes on each other in the dorm hallway so many years ago.  The part of us we had been denying for so long was finally being satisfied.  After it was finished, you simply held me as the water fell.  You are too afraid of letting go or closing your eyes.  Afraid the moment will pass, and you’ll have to give me back to him all too soon. We...Read On


The Cleaner: In The Beginning

A beautiful milf takes advantage of having a mature cleaner

It started about a year ago. The soul-sapping stress of the corporate life had done its worst. I was overweight, overwrought, and over a barrel, fifty-five years old, belly getting thick, hair going thin and heading straight towards a heart attack. With just enough in the savings account to convince me it wasn’t complete idiocy I jacked in my job and took on a creative writing course. One of...Read On


An Old Friend: The Beginning

A heartbroken newlywed runs into an old friend.

Five weeks ago, I married the man of my dreams. It was a fairytale wedding followed by a four-week honeymoon in paradise. Everything was going great until we got back home and my husband’s phone beeped while he was in the bathroom. It was a text from a trashy whore, thanking my husband for a lovely night and encouraging him to hit her up if he was ever back in town on another business trip....Read On


Meeting Frank - Part One

I went to Phoenix on business, but pleasure got in the way.

Last week I was sent to the district office in Phoenix to instruct a two-day training session, which meant I would be living out of my suitcase for two nights in a stuffy hotel room. Oh well, it comes with the job. I had also learned that the district hired a new manager. I was not especially thrilled about working with a stranger, but that comes with the job as well.  I flew in the day...Read On