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Up the Waterfall

I cut school to go diving and rose to the surface thirsty for cock

My friend Hank and I cut school one spring afternoon and drove to the waterfall for diving and a few beers. We’d been diving awhile when a small motorboat eased close and two older guys—not old, just older, college age, one with a full beard—asked us if we’d care for a ride. We said sure and rode around the lake sipping beer in the sunshine. The driver drove, keeping his back to us. The...Read On

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If this float is a rockin' don't come a knockin'

“Time to wake up, baby.” Her voice is soft, gentle.  My eyes lazily roll open, glazed over with fragments of last night's dream. Groaning, I pull the sheet over my face and rub my eyes with the heel of my palm, trying to shed sleep from my mind.  “Ayla.” The way she drags out my name, letting it linger on her lips, causes a tingle. “Ayla,” she says it again and I feel the warmth of her...Read On


Early Morning Seduction

An early morning shower leads to a morning of erotic foreplay.

The shower is warm and inviting as it softly pings against my sensitized skin. I allow the spray to wash over me, invigorating my tiniest nerve endings and making me feel so alive. I can feel the excitement in my body rising as I use my sponge to lather the deliciously scented soap over and around all my curves. Then using my hands to massage my breasts I can feel my nipples tingle from...Read On


My Morning Shower

Shower time

As my alarm goes off I roll over and blindly reach for the button to turn it off. In my half-asleep state I succeed, as I normally do, in knocking it to the floor, where it continues to beep. Getting up, I scoop it up off the floor, turn it off, and put it back on the nightstand. I stretch, scratch myself, and run my hand gently over my half erection. Shower time,  I think to myself as I...Read On



Young man opens door to unexpected lesson

So long ago, but the memory remains strong. As it should, no one ever forgets their first sexual experience, whether it be with shame, disappointment or pure joy, it fixes itself into the memory bank. After many decades, I still classify that time as a mix of all three, with perhaps the addition of shock and surprise. Summer, and I had a long break before starting university, where, I...Read On


Adam's Awakening - Chapter One

A young man's sexual awakening

June 3   The moment I turned onto the sandy trail that led to the beach, I felt a heady mixture of trepidation and exhilaration. A frisson of excitement ran through my whole body. I had never been to a nudist beach before and had no idea what to expect when I got there. The notion of wandering across golden sands as nature intended, was a long-held dream of mine. Furthermore, I was...Read On


Deb's Unforgettable Birthday

Deb's best birthday ever.

Deb was a week from turning thirty-five but she wasn’t in the mood for celebrations. In fact, she’d been depressed for nearly six months because her husband, after fifteen years of marriage, had left for a younger woman. He was the only man she’d ever been with, having been high school sweethearts and getting married two years after graduation.  Deb worked from home on her laptop and, after...Read On


Chapter One, The Dresser Drawer

Pulling open my dresser drawer, I was confronted with girls' underwear.

Out of the shower, dried off and naked, I went to my dresser for underwear to get dressed. On the chair next to the dresser was an empty Macy’s Department Store bag. I assumed mom had bought me new clothes, probably some new, needed underwear. When I pulled open the drawer, instead of my briefs, there were four panties. My first thought was she’d misplaced hers but looking in the...Read On


The Drive

It was a beautiful day and I had asked you if you wanted to go out for a drive through the countryside for a bit. You readily agreed and started to get ready. As you reached for your purse I told you that you should change into something more comfortable for the drive. A short skirt and loose blouse would do just fine. Oh, and panties wouldn’t be needed. You disappeared into the bedroom and...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 12

Tina's dad has a word with Luke

Luke I pulled up at Tina’s and was not greeted at the door by mother or daughter; I actually had to knock.        “Alright mush, come in. Tina will be down in a sec.” Mrs C leant up for a kiss, which I obliged and I swear she wiggled her bum as she walked into the kitchen. I thought I would have to watch her; I didn’t want Tina tearing my eyes out. “Hi, sweetie,” a quick kiss on...Read On


K's Story

A couple take turns topping each other

They raced to see who would finish getting undressed first. Kaitlyn got a one piece of clothing head start because she has extra underwear, of course. Then, as usual, Dan, “accidentally” bumped into her a couple of times when she was ahead, so he won and got to be Dominant first. She pouted, not because she was really upset, but because she knew he thought it was cute. “That won’t save you...Read On


A mother's sleepover

My new friend comes round for dinner - and eats me

I met Orla at school sports day. My daughter Keeley and her son Grant were the same age and we had seen each other at drop-off and pick-up times but had never chatted. I'm not a great one for chit chat anyway and didn't have any friends among the mums, so I felt like a fish out of water at such events. But Orla gave me a big smile and didn't just say hello and move away like everyone else....Read On


Daddy's Best Friend Pt. 2

Vinny gets a second chance with Em

“Jesus Christ Em, his cum is literally dripping out of your ass,” Vinny could barely breathe.   “I know, I’ve been such a bad girl,” Em smirked and bit her lip. “Please fuck me- show me how a real man would use me.”   It didn’t take Vinny long to think. He had been hoping for this night since the last time they were together. He was happy to follow her lead when she said it was a one...Read On


Thick: All That Ash

Ashley, a pretty girl, suddenly realizes her worth in sex appeal.

She looked at them. She felt it. She felt all their gazes. As Ashley sashayed down the hallway, it's like she could read the boys’ thoughts as she looked at them.  “Goddamn, she’s fine.” She got that a lot. For some reason, she drove the opposite sex crazy. She was tomboyish with girly-girl tendencies. As for her self-esteem... She had no issues with that.  “I’d fuck her in all her...Read On


The Forbidden Fruit: A Tale of Discovery (Part 1)

Wayne rekindles with a distant cousin, who holds a deeper secret.

Chapter 1: A Text “Well, that’s unfortunate. I will send you my travel itinerary once I book my flight.” My father had just called to inform me of a death in the family. Not that it was a surprise, as my grandfather had been in and out of the hospital for months. At eighty seven years old, it’s expected for the body to start shutting down.  What a shitty start to my favorite month.   ...Read On


Turning into a Middle Age Slut - Part 1

Once I go fem, there is no turning back.

I have had the crossdressing bug for many years and have collected some items to fully dress with, such as a wig, makeup, fake boobs and all that makes me look as fem looking as possible. Being in my mid fifties however, there was really no way that I was going to be truly passable or that hot, so I thought  Over the years, I collected my lingerie, heels, wigs and experimented with makeup. ...Read On

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Josie loves Todd

Young trans woman finds herself with a silver fox

    What does Pride mean to me? I’m sure each one of us will have a universally similar yet decidedly different answer, dependent of course on our own experience. To me, pride entails my personal discovery, acceptance, and the continued exploration of my own sexuality. It is the joy I feel each day as I wake next to my husband, the man who helped me to become the person that I am today. We...Read On

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Love is Love

"Never EVER apologize for who you love"

Here I sat as I wondered how I could tell my parents what I’d hidden for so long. I’ve always known something was different about me, but I tried to continue on what society considered the “right” path. I went to prom with Jack, from down the street, as was expected of me. We followed the rituals of pictures and dancing as we were supposed to. We even had been voted as prom king and queen....Read On


A Sweet, Sticky Birthday!

She learns that the best birthdays presents don't require cash

It’s your birthday today and I promised to take you downtown where we would search the stores for the perfect gift for you. The weather was warm as we pop into shop after shop. You try on jewelry, scarves – even hats, but nothing really jumps out at you. We continue walking down a side street when we came across a “sex toy store.” And not one of those gross, seedy places you see in the...Read On

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Kissing Cousins

Pride and sex in San Francisco...

From: Charlotte To: Maddie Date: July 3, 2019 Since you asked, it's a funny story how Lisa and I wound up at SF Pride wearing "Proud of our Daughters" tee shirts. I'll tell you what happened last weekend. But DON'T TELL your mother!! Lisa will divorce you as her sister if you do. Give us a chance to tell her and my mom ourselves. [LOL feel free to skip the sex scene in the story. I...Read On


Don’t Judge a Book Ch 09

Jill picks up the story to describe her and Dave heading back into a more

Sunday 5th November 2017 My wonderful husband Dave left off the last chapter describing our decision to call a pause in the newly liberated lifestyle we’d just started tasting. I say our decision, but that’s a little unfair. It was basically my decision, which Dave was happy to support as he made clear to me that he didn’t want to carry on with our new lifestyle if I had any doubts. (He...Read On


After Dinner Treat

She stood between his widened legs,  his face now expectant, curious, lustful. She loved the power she held over him in this moment, the control she had over his pleasure to come.  Her lips curled into a half smile and she leaned forward slowly to kiss him, gently at first and then harder, deeper. She sucked on his tongue as she pulled him off the couch and pressed against him.  She could...Read On

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Lesbian Pussy From Dimension X

Any love worth having is worth fighting for even if you have to turn into an eggplant....

Groan! "Oh, yeah, baby. Suck my snorg. Take it deep into your mouth hole!" Those were the sounds I heard coming from the other side of the wall. 'Gross,' I thought quietly to myself. You'd think by now they would have figured out how to make soundproof walls. What good is all this Alien technology if they couldn't even do that? I'm Jane, and I would give anything for just one night where...Read On

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The Pianist

All it took was one night.

The final crescendo of Lizt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 came crashing down and  I the celebrated 'Angelique' stood from the piano stool. The roar and the clapping of the audience deluged over me as I took an exhausted bow. Sweat streamed from every pore of my body as I strode off the stage despite the clamour for an encore. As I went through the corridor to my dressing room, the...Read On


A Weekend Ride - Part 2

Mel and Lisa meet for what will become a mutual masturbation marathon

When we stepped out of the car, Lisa was already awaiting us at her place. As soon as she saw Melanie she knew that something had occurred to her. Mel was still somewhat feeble and had a glassy look in her eyes from all her orgasms in the car.  "Are you okay, sweetheart?" Lisa said in a caring tone. "Did you get sick in the car?" "I'm more than okay, love," Mel replied. "You don't need...Read On


The Drifter Ch. 9

A drifter meets the sexy but shy granddaughter on a ranch and unleashes her hidden self.

We didn't speak in the police car. When we arrived back at the trailer, the awkward, tense silence between us continued. I grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and wished it was a beer, but gulped it down, relieved that the charges had been dropped, but also uncertain about Carla. Somehow being on the run with her, trying to hide from the police had a certain excitement and took...Read On


One Took Over The Cuckold's Bed - Part X

Paulo's emotional flaws are exposed as his cuckolding of Rick continues.

Sue went off to shower and get changed when we arrived back. “I need a shower and a change of clothing,” she said before giggling. “Never had cum leaking from my bum before.” We both laughed. While Sue showered, Paulo and I prepared dinner. He set up his gas barbeque and I gutted the fish and cooked them. Paulo prepared a salad and set up the dining table. He was quite domesticated in a...Read On


How Far Would I Go For Love 6

Does the reason you do something matter for the progress you make?

For the fourth time, Jake Kruthers watched the DVD of Lt. Jerry Ranthom winning his second straight Foreign Legion Savate championship. It had been two weeks since the incident at the club. There were several reports on his desk-notes in the margins, highlights, dog-eared corners and an empty pizza box. One on one I don’t stand a chance. He’s a trained killer, I’m not. How to even the...Read On


Getting Divorced

Negotiating a divorce settlement isn't so difficult when you hold all the aces.

"Hello, Mrs. Norman, what can I do for you?"  I studied the man greeting me and immediately thought, 'Sleazeball.' From slicked-back hair to charcoal grey pinstripe suit, Mr Fuchs exuded the lazy confidence of a Great White Shark coming across a group of floundering baby seals. The obligatory handshake was professional, but what I saw reflected in his eyes — the way he mentally undressed me...Read On


The referral, Chapter 1

I am referred to a new client by one of my ladyfriends!

I was sitting in my living room having just got back from a business trip earlier that week relaxing before fixing something for dinner when the phone rang. It was my answering service. "Mr. Harris, you have a message from a Mrs. Deborah Covington. She would like you to return her call. Her number is (619) 844-2126," the operator said. "Thank you." I hung up and looked at the clock. It...Read On