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Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land (Chapter 30)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

The Society of Sisters and their compound at Liberty Mountain were the pride and joy of Sheila's existence. She devoted almost every waking hour toward her mission of building an organization that could withstand anything the apocalyptic whims of fate might send our way. The Colony's boss was an innovator who served both as a leader and also as a follower. Like the Caesars of old, she had...Read On


How Far Do We Go? - Ch 1

Serendipity inspires a married couple to consider the benefits of a cuckolding-influenced lifestyle…

Prologue Like most sexual fetishes, cuckolding is an intellectual or cerebral obsession. It’s a form of consensual mental masochism. In successful cuckolding relationships, the cuckold implicitly trusts the one that is cuckolding them. In that entrusted environment, the cuckold thrives when their loved one places them in a swirling vortex of uncertainty. From that turmoil and ambiguity,...Read On


Crosswinds Chapter 3

A dark tale of futanari (dickgirl) sisters and their plan to inseminate the world.

Maddi eased her bedroom door open and slipped inside. The muscles in her back crunched and popped as she tried to stretch her worn shoulders. She made a yawning sigh— the kind meant to push the stress from her tired lungs. Her hand fumbled against the smooth painted wall before she found the light switch.   Then her hand was quick to cover her face to shield the flash of light. When her...Read On



I’m startled out of a dead sleep by the fire alarm going off across campus. Since I pay extra to have a dorm room to myself, I sleep naked and am extra panic driven. I spring from my bed and scramble to wrap my old robe around my lanky frame. In full panic mode, I run out the door forgetting even my keys. Once outside, I realize it’s only a drill. Figures, it’s been about a month since the...Read On


Confession Chapters 9 and 10

Stay at home mum makes plans with her brother.

Chapter Nine.   Several weeks after all this started, Ben and I were in a routine of catching up two or three times a week. Sometimes we just talked photography, sometimes we just flirted and teased and other times we all but fucked each other down the camera. There were a few close calls when one or the other of the kids came home earlier than expected or I hadn't heard the clock...Read On


Sissy Seduction

My sexy lingerie makes him cum.

There I was, home alone again on a Friday night. I looked out the window of my apartment at the night sky, filled with lights that sparkled in the dark. I could see the streets bustling with people. Girls all dressed up in skirts and high heels. My mind raced at the thought. I walked over to the bedroom, stripping off my clothes and admiring my naked body in the lean-to mirror. I opened...Read On


The Taking Of My Neighbor's Wife Part 1

I take Wendy in her own home.

It was just past 4 on Friday afternoon and I was walking up to Scott and Wendy’s front door. I was wondering why Wendy would call me for help with their pool as they used a service to maintain it, as I did mine. I had been there the previous weekend and it looked fine to me. I rang the doorbell and waited. No one answered so I rang it again. I could hear Wendy calling me through the door,...Read On

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From Teen Bride To Hot Wife, 7: Her First Taste Of Pussy

Caroline takes Dorothy to a gig — and then back to her bed.

The first Monday of the last week in October, Caroline is on her fifteen-minute walk to work. There is an autumn chill in the air, a hint of a change in the season. She thinks of shopping for new boots, and maybe a pair of smart pants like the gorgeous blonde girl wears — the tall one who often passes through the square where in fine weather Caroline and Dorothy sit to eat their lunch. In...Read On


Lost Trust

My ex comes back to me, wanting me back. Will she be able to regain my trust?

I was curious as to whether Teresa had followed my instructions. If she wanted me back and for any of my trust in her to return then she would be waiting knelt down naked with her eyes to the ground. I didn’t know whether I wanted her waiting or not, she had hurt me. I took my time to adjust my clothes, making sure my smart black jeans were crease free, my white shirt fully buttoned up...Read On


How Did I Get Involved With A Woman In Michigan?

After three years of phone sex, camming, and letters, it finally happens, face to face

Michigan!!  How in the hell did I get involved with a woman in Michigan of all places? The landing was uneventful, as was the de-planing, rental car stop, pickup of the keys and entry into the maze of Michigan freeways. Unknown to Dyann, I had planned my arrival to put me at her workplace during the workday. The surprise would be fun, and hopefully the night would be more fun. Traveling...Read On

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Finding Out About Mr. M (Part 3)

A frustrated wife can't stop thinking about her new neighbor.

Chapter 7 – A Second Hail Mary. 10:13PM. This isn't how Hail Mary's work. You don't get two shots at them (well, unless you're Aaron Rodgers). A Hail Mary is supposed to be a last ditch effort. A heave which you prayed would be caught, and Jen was taking that heave...for the second time. She arrived home at 8PM and spent the last two hours and change working. If she couldn't have a...Read On


Night School New Semester

Two Women Take Teacher Home for Instruction

Of the dozen middle aged students who showed up for my new painting class, a thirtyish Swedish woman named Alin stood out. Although I was careful not to stare at any of the women to remain innocent of any inappropriate behavior, she caught my eye immediately because of her honey blond hair, slim body, and full breasts. I was able to gauge Alin’s figure as the evening’s instruction went...Read On


Extra Tuition - Punished By German Frau [2]

The girls were spanked last time and I got away with it but now...

Having failed my German language mock GCSE I ended up going to a private tutor twice a week. Frau Gunther is about twenty-eight and attractive. I’m nearly seventeen, I’m fit and like to go to the gym so I was unhappy about two more evenings spent on school work but my dad insisted. If you want to find out how two girls my age were punished during the first lesson you’ll have to read part 1....Read On


The Recrutier III - More fun at the pool

Jay has more fun while Tiff gets cleaned up

While Tiff got ready for our evening, I decided to stay by the pool and relax.  I  sipped on my whiskey and leaned back in the lounge chair watching the party unfold from the cabana.  The joy and freedom of Vegas.  Where the thoughts of What happens in Vegas - Stays in Vegas always rang true here at the pool.  Once the alcoholic beverages begin flowing and the music thumps harder and...Read On


Midnight Moanings

The best way to be woken up

My eyes slowly opened... was it morning? Had I actually slept through the whole night? Whilst my head was trying to sort itself out, I realised my dick was rock hard. My girlfriend was lying behind me, her hands wandering over my legs and boxers. That's what had woken me up.  I stayed as still as possible, not wanting Holly to know I was awake just yet. Her hand slipped under the waistband...Read On



She should have listened...

I heard the front door open followed by the sound of her keys fall into the bowl by the door. A slight tremble ran through my body. I had been worked up all day and all I could think about was having her hands on me, but I was nervous. This morning before she left, she made sure I was a needy mess, waking me with her tongue. She was licking me slowly, almost lazily, like she had all the time...Read On


Gay Son

Son hears father being fucked by another man and masturbates.

When I was fourteen years old, my mother passed away due to complications of cervical cancer. Her doctors would never give my father an estimate of how much time she had to live. When asked, her Oncologist would only say to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. After her passing, the Oncologist admitted he and the other doctors expected mom to live three to five months after she...Read On


Amazing Gracie

An encounter with an amazing mature lady.

I was in my mid-forties when this took place. At that time, I was living in a nice apartment on the 11th floor of a building in a downtown area. My job had me traveling frequently, and sometimes for extended periods of time. But currently, I was enjoying some time at home base following a six-week assignment to the great northwest (Washington State). There was a very nice lady that lived...Read On


Jaq Gets Some Big Cocks

Wife feeds husband her messy pussy.

As a couple in our late fifties, we still enjoy a superb sex life. I have written many stories based on our experiences, here is a true account of one of them. It was a Friday evening, I was home from work when my mobile rang. "I'm going for a drink with some work colleagues," Jaq announced. This was not unusual so I settled down with a beer in front of the television. The television was...Read On


Gothic Love

This is a chronicle of a true occurrence from the 90's on the Oregon Coast, the names are from AFF.

Nights like this have always meant suspense to writers, as she looked out the windows at the lowering sky her mind drifted back to the time of their first meeting.  She had opened her email one morning and there he had been, waiting to sweep her away into a dream world where reality was often the exception. Barely one week earlier she had placed a personal ad on an adult personal service. ...Read On


Finding Out About Mr. M (Part 2)

A frustrated wife can't stop thinking about her new neighbor.

Chapter 4 – Temptation. One week later. 8:45PM. Tom's occasional shift changes had turned into a regular thing over the past week. And as bad as it may sound, Jen kind of liked it. Her husband's 8-4 shift had been replaced with a 2-10, and that resulted in her rarely seeing him these days. And not feeling the slightest bit of sadness over seeing her husband less had to be a sign, right?...Read On


A Mothers Dream chapter two

We made love to each other

She looked like the cat who'd got the cream when I awoke the next morning and found her in the tiny, cramped kitchen wearing the shirt I'd taken off the night before over a knee length denim skirt. "It looks a lot better on you mum," I said as I kissed her neck and slipped my arms around her waist. "Are you, you know, are you okay with what we did last night?" She tilted her head up and...Read On


Golden Anklet…Part Two

My ‘golden anklet’ adventure continues as I meet privately with Jess.

I knocked on the hotel door, taking a step back as my heart raced with anxious excitement. A few seconds later, the door opened and I saw Jess smiling, gesturing for me to join him in his suite. The room we were in had no bed, only a rectangular conference table with six leather chairs around it, a pair of matching sofas closer to the windows. Another door, partially closed, led into...Read On


Taken By Surprise

Thank you JWren for your awesome editing, and art work.

Finishing my shower, I had little more than an hour before the realtor was due to arrive. I was thinking of buying a little cottage somewhere where I could write my erotica without distractions.  But right now I needed to make coffee before he arrived. I pulled on a tee shirt and popped downstairs. Once I’d got the coffee going, I could finish getting dressed.  Before I’d finished making...Read On


Don't Shoot the Messenger Chapter 5

The truth begins to come out.

There is something inevitable about the way the male bladder works when stimulated by enough alcohol. Anthony stirred at about five am, needing to pee but still mostly asleep. Julie, in the spare room, was woken by his footsteps as he crept to the main bathroom.   He's trying not to wake Laura, she thought, not using the en-suite. She lay still wondering if he'd look her way. She heard the...Read On


Soulmates and Sexmates - Part 2 of 2

Mathias woke about mid-morning the next day, Sunday. Checking on Erin, he found her still sleeping deeply. So he slid out of bed, showered, grabbed some clothes and went to make coffee. He was halfway through the paper, on his third cup, when he heard the shower come on. When it went off, he poured another cup for her. She soon appeared, wearing only a pair of pink bikini panties, her...Read On

Recommended Read

The Swans Neck: chapter seven

After the Coronation

The Coronation changed our lives, utterly. My Lord Harold, now King Harold II, was a man hemmed in on two sides of the same problem. To become King, he had made sure that he had the support of the Mercians, Edwin and Morcar, by marrying their sister Edith, putting aside my Lady Ealdgyth, who had been his handfast wife for twenty years. We had hoped, in despite of that, to have a presence...Read On


A Holiday Weekend In The Dorm

Three new roommates - a virgin, an older and wiser vet, and a randy bisexual - what could happen?

Trevor was farther away from home and his loving family than he’d ever expected to be. He’d only left the small town of Winston, Oregon, where he was born, twice in the past: once for a high school field trip to Portland and the other to visit relatives in Eugene. Before his high school graduation he’d applied to a dozen colleges, but his GPA and SAT scores were very low. Time after time...Read On


My Affair with a Security Guard

Liz was a very hot security guard that everyone wanted.

For many years my boss at Space Systems was a man who, for some reason, thought he was a Romeo. Fritz was not an attractive man, but his wife was gorgeous, so I didn’t understand why he was always trying to get a little on the side! On every business trip he made he would try to pick up girls in the bar, but never was successful. Our company supported all of the Space Shuttle landings...Read On


Yorkshire Incest Chapter Three

Rosie seduces her uncle

After their early morning sexual adventures, aunt and niece lay side by side with Rosie’s head on Mary's chest as the older woman stroked her hair. “That was wonderful, auntie, best I have ever known,” Rosie whispered “It will get even better, sweetheart, you have your uncle’s cock to come yet.” “We have him together tonight, auntie?” “Yes, but I have an idea I think you are going to...Read On