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The Extra, Part Two

The evening continues as Mel introduces me to her friend.

"Where have you guys been?" questioned the makeup lady, Sandra. "Well, Romeo here..." "Forget I asked and spare me the sordid details, or I may want to join in. Now one of you, get in the chair!" Sandra commanded. Mel hopped in first as I stared at her wi...

A First Threesome For P

The first threesome for a recent and very beautiful ex girlfriend of mine

This is another true story about a beautiful woman I was dating around ten years ago. For the benefit of this story, I shall refer to her as P. She's not to be confused with the other girl called P featured in my other stories, with whom I was in a relati...

Pam’s Executive Mentorship Program – Part 2

Pam continues to use and groom her star employee for her pleasure.

The energy in the room was high, as the celebration wrapped up. Pam had hand-picked ten of us to work on a new lucrative initiative for the bank. It took a year to put together and implement. This was our final meeting with the team, ending with a small b...

The Breeder - Part XII

Jenny takes her first turn at pregnancy risk sex with Jake

Jenny was exhausted by the time she finally dropped off to sleep. Jake’s assault on her fertile body had been almost non-stop for a good three hours, and she had enjoyed every second of it. Her final words to him before turning over to sleep were, “You’re...

Pushing Boundaries

The final item on their list

Maria tries to be obedient. It's just so difficult when Kenton keeps pushing her boundaries. To him, it's 'daring', to Maria dangerous and transgressive. His imagination is dark and she a compliant apprentice, indulging an inventive array of spanking posi...

Chameleon’s Price - Part 2

The deal has been struck and my soul has been sold. How will my succubus wife fulfil my dark fantasy?

Tuesday Night When Chameleon came home from work on Tuesday, my birthday, we both tried to act as if nothing strange was happening. She shouted hello when she came in the door. We cooked together, being careful to tidy our own mess as we went along. Neith...

Eye Of The Storm

Lovers get caught up in some bad weather.

All night long, your hand has been pushed against my thigh. The fact that you want to touch me in public, at all, is fascinating. Displays of public affection are prevalent. However, the proximity of your touch to my inner thigh may be off-putting to cert...

The Late Night Ride

Ellen isn't ready to go home, the tequila has her wanting...

Ellen was leaning against Pete as he was driving his pickup down Main Street. They had been out all night living it up with Jake, who was sitting in the passenger seat next to Ellen. Ellen was feeling no pain, having taken those two shots of tequila befor...

Double Triple

They're not twins... honest

Amy and Margaret weren't twins. They had to tell people that all of the time. They met in college, when both were studying English literature. They actually met in the ladies' room. Both of them were washing their hands and they first saw each other in th...

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A sheltered forest nymph is determined to discover the world, starting with a man's body.

“I’ll show him,” Calla muttered under her breath in anger. It had only been a few hours since she ran from her family, and knowing her father, she knew not to expect anyone to look for her for a while. In fact, they all probably thought she was still pout...

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My First Orgy

An evening I’ll never forget

A little while ago, my husband, Harry, had two of his work colleagues around for drinks. That wasn’t unusual, he is their boss. They are nice young men, and over the last year or so I have got to know them quite well. We usually have a laugh and they are...

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Step in the Wrong Direction

Step-siblings share a room on vacation, what will boredom lead to when a storm knocks out power?

I threw my bag down on the floor and flopped onto the bed. After being in the car with my mom, her new husband Tom, and my step-sister Becca for four hours, it felt good to be in the hotel room in Ocean City. We were there for Becca’s eighteenth birthday....

Schoolgirl Dares with Sarah

Two schoolgirls playing dare in a public park

It was Friday afternoon, and neither Sarah nor I had any scheduled lessons. We were supposed to spend the time doing “private study” in the library, which could range from catching up on homework, revising for exams, or pretending to read the newspapers w...

Exposing Myself

What happened when I went bra-less and panty-less on the London underground

This is a true account of a recent experience of mine that I wanted to share with you all, especially as it was inspired by my experiences here on Lush. Recently I’ve become quite excited at the thought of exposing myself in public. Chats with some of you...

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