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Nina’s HR Review

Nina has to see the HR Director for her six-monthly review, which goes badly for her

Nina had been happy when she was told that Julie, Mrs Lawson to her, the forty-three-year-old HR Director, didn’t get back to the office on the day that she said she would, and in fact, it would be several days before she got back. Nina was dreading the meeting with Mrs Lawson because as well as discussing the clothes that she wore for work, Mrs Lawson was also going to undertake her...Read On


Zak Escapes COVID-19 Restrictions

Zak warms up on the plane. At the hotel, he gets what he gives.

I was feeling the stress of the COVID-19 restrictions and needed some downtime to relax. A resort was located in Vermont which had limited accommodation and had posted its guidelines to provide for a safe stay. I was in luck and booked the last open reservation. I was set to fly out Friday night. The evening flight was not full, and I was able to upgrade to first-class. I was fastening...Read On


Victoria’s Punishment Part II: Forced Confessions

Series: Victoria's Punishment

Victoria escapes from her high school detention but then realizes it isn't that simple.

Victoria walked down the hallway of Assumption Catholic High School away from her history classroom, where her teacher, Mr. O, had just minutes ago given her a spanking. And for some crazy reason, she had agreed to allow it. At first, it seemed like a viable way out of her problem. If Mr. O reported to the main office that she was about to be given a third detention, Victoria would have...Read On


I Challenge You To A Pissing Competition

An interest in watersports only ever talked about becomes a reality.

We had been meeting up for regular over the knee spanking sessions at each other's homes for some months. In the conversations during and after these sessions, it came to light that each of us had, in addition to other fetishes, an interest in watersports but had never had the opportunity to try it out... Until the day I challenged you to a little competition. The two of us are sitting...Read On


The Country Cottage - Part 2

Mature couple book holiday cottage on friends' recommendation and get their sex lives restarted.

Lorraine and Alan Robertson's marriage had become very rocky and Lorraine had originally booked a few days in a country cottage in the hope that the marriage could be revived. By the time of the holiday, the marriage had declined further and the holiday looked like being a waste of time and money. They had been arguing on the journey to the cottage and were hardly speaking when...Read On


The Officer's Probing Was Thorough

Her roomate needed the officer's assistance.

There was a loud banging on the front door and a shout, “Miss, are you there? Miss, answer me. I got a call you needed help!” The banging was coming from a police officer on the front door of his neighbor's condo. He finally tried the handle, and it twisted easily. Pushing the door open, he looked around the living room slowly before stepping in. Once inside, he stood still and listened....Read On


Don's First Time

Don's huge cock finally gets into a woman.

“God damn!  You ain’t sticking that boloney roll in me!”  That ended Don’s and my chances of pussy that night. There were three of us; me, Don, and Bob.  I lived about twenty-five miles out in the country and had a car.  Bob lived in the city’s West End, the “baddest part of town”, as a Jim Croce song phrased it.  Don lived in a small town about fifteen miles north of the city.  We’d all...Read On


My Little Piece Of Paradise Part 2

I had the opportunity but was I brave enough to enjoy my most exciting fantasy.

I had been at the garage for almost ten years and was in my early sixties. The garage had become my second home, and also the place that unblocked certain problems that I had in my head. I could never understand why the young mechanics could possibly have had an interest in an old girl like me. I was always going to be the only female in the garage, which suited me just fine. Each...Read On


Taking Back Control

Things went back to basics, as she took control of her body.

The events of the previous evening had been quite intense and had left an impact of sorts on my ex. We had woken up the next morning, and at first, nothing was said. But as the morning wore on, there was a deafening silence. I had to finally break it and asked her to open up.  It transpired that the feeling of being so out of control and dominated had confused her. She said she liked the...Read On


Office Sex 6: Two Sissies Playing

Series: jennypout stories

Two sissies talk and play.

Now that 'Becky' had fully revealed herself and played with me and others so openly, 'she' was very responsive to suggestions. So when I told her to come to my office the next morning early, there she was. In contrast to me, though, she was still wearing her usual boy's clothing, a suit and tie. I was in my usual girl's clothes, in this case, panties and a short-skirted cotton sundress with...Read On


The Proposal - Chapter 2

Some decisions have permanent consequences...

After I finished cleaning up from dinner, I went to our home office where Allie was doing paperwork. She looked up and I gave her a kiss. “Busy?” I asked. “Just paying some bills. What’s up?” “Since we have this pool, what do you think about partnering with a therapy organization to give them access for water aerobics and therapy?” “It just so happens that we’ve been contacted by a...Read On


My Brother, My Pimp

My brother pimps me to his buddy for cigarettes…

I grew up in a trailer park and so any class discussion would be irrelevant. We had a roof over our heads and fortunately never starved, but my parents worked their arses off in menial jobs to give my brother and me a reasonable education and stability in our daily existence. At the time of my story, my brother was in his final school year, one he enjoyed so much that he was compelled to do...Read On


My Roommate and Her Jerk Boyfriend

I got even with my annoying roommate, and got a thrill to remember in the process

When I was in college, sometimes I had to share apartments with roommates I hardly knew. There was one I couldn't stand – I'll call her F.B. for fucking bitch. First of all, F.B. lived like a complete pig, which really pissed me off, and she was always bitching about someone or something. Also, her boyfriend was kind of a jerk, and he was over a lot . He would show up all the time...Read On


Cum On, Sis

Ch 2

Sis had just slammed her door, mad that I came all over her. I stood there with my dick in my hand just staring at that door.   “Fucking tease,” I mumbled. Her panties still crumpled in her shorts on the floor. I dropped my cock and bent to retrieve them. It’s not like I had never done it before. Many a night I masturbated as I pressed my sister's panties to my nose. Tonight would be...Read On


The Instrument: Learning to Play

Series: The Instrument

A band geek finds a fellow student who wants to train a virgin.

From the first time he heard the lusty trombone glissando that started the song, before he knew it was called “The Stripper”, before he understood what burlesque was, before he could imagine how entwined music was with emotion and eroticism, it roused something in his gut—and maybe a little lower. When he got the chance to select an instrument to learn and play in the school band, he chose...Read On


Gimme An 'A'

Brigitte is a klutz and needs help to pass gym class.

I’m Brigitte and I am a dork. I’m not saying that in a mean way, I just am well aware of my limitations when it comes to any sort of physical activity. I’m clumsy, which doesn’t help and extremely uncoordinated. I mean how many people do you know can trip over their own feet while crossing an empty gym floor? But after years of being selected last for team sports and always seemed to hurt...Read On


Not How He Imagined His Wedding Day – Part 2 of 4, The Day After.

After publicly humiliating his bride, there are decisions to be made.

Jamie and Liam walked back into the room to find only staff cleaning up and the band loading their equipment onto trolleys. All the guests had left. They put their empty beer bottles on a table and slumped into a couple of the few chairs not yet stacked. The head waiter approached, "I'm sorry sir, we thought everyone had left. Do you need anything before we pack everything up.?" "Just...Read On


The Snowglobe Conspiracy #009: Just Like You Imagined

Series: The Snowglobe Conspiracy

Fuck, I really hope this is somehow the last orgasm I need and I’ll suddenly be able to focus.  She is very hot though, and I can’t imagine that will turn out to be true if I’m spending time with her.  I used to dream about dating her in high school kind of hot.  At least I fantasized about her.  Not sure if I ever actually dreamt of her, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  That’s why I’m...Read On


The Power of a Teenie Weenie Polka Dot Bikini

"Can I see it one more time, Alexis?" "Yeh," I reply pulling back my sheet. "Are you going to miss it?" I ask, hoping she isn't. My girlfriend, Carrie, reaches her hand to stroke my small cock answering, "A little. I loved sucking you. You know that. But, I am excited to touch your new parts." I watch as she handles my cock and leans down to plant a gentle kiss on its tip. Seeing this,...Read On

Recommended Read

Still Waters

Series: Tales From The Hollow

They know it's there...

Resolute.  A word she had always associated with the admiration of one’s spirit, except when it was spoken by her estranged father. She was not at all surprised by his ability to spin it sideways. He’d called her ‘ dangerously resolute’ during one of their many arguments. It effectively planted a seed in the recesses of her then adolescent mind. Buried deep and rooted, it eventually grew...Read On


Is Greg Cheating: Yes, And It's Time For Revenge

Greg has a choice to make, and Grace's hubby reaps a reward.

"Hey, Grace?!" I yelled, running to her. "What, did you miss me already, Dahlia?" she asked, turning to me. "Maybe, but I have an idea to make things up to your hubby, let's have a threesome with him." "Really, even after all that shit that just went on in there?" "Yes, it’s a Saturday night, and even though I never met your husband, I'm sure he'd go apeshit if he got to have sex with...Read On


The Girl in the Cheap Beret

My One-Night Stand at a New Years Eve Party

“I really like your beret,” I said, “It makes you look stylish and independent.” She smiled. "Yeah, this is the first time I've worn it," she said, "does it make me look lovely?" "It accentuates what's already there," I replied, "You're quite a lovely woman." She smiled and looked around. I could tell she was still sizing me up. "Is this your place?" she asked. "I share it with two...Read On


The BYOB Night at Gandy Beach

Dana learns a new meaning for "B.Y.O.B."

“Dana! My girl, where have you been? It’s about time you work up here with me!” Amanda called out to Dana as she saw her coworker walk through the swinging door behind the customer service counter. She walked over to Dana and swung her hip, knocking the petite blonde sideways a few inches. Amanda chuckled and held out her hand to Dana’s face, wiggling her fingers around. “Check out my nails!...Read On


Surrender---Part Seven. Michael And Suzanne Settle A Grudge

After Suzanne pays for her outburst, Michael is called to account for his impulsiveness

  Michael sat in his car, parked in front of Dominique’s building, mindful of the time. She had demanded his presence at 11:30pm and It was 11:27pm. Last night, he learned the consequence for being early was almost as severe as the one for being late. The three minutes he had left were spent wondering why he was being summoned two nights in a row. Dominique sent him home last night with a...Read On


Livia The Bad Employee

A girl is punished at work and considers some payback.

Livia Behrends got greedy, and then she got sloppy and as well as greedy. She was the assistant bookkeeper in the offices of a small restaurant chain. With the cash coming in, she figured she could pilfer a bit of it without it being noticed. Then she moved into straight embezzlement. She was good with computer programs, and the total wasn’t that much, about twenty-five hundred dollars....Read On


The 25 Year Itch Chapter 16: Touch Me In The Morning Part 3

Series: The 25 Year Itch

Paul and Maggie meet up after their nights with different lovers

I was feeling a sense of panic and dread, as well as a pounding headache, when the taxi picked me up from Elaine’s small hotel.  The driver wasn’t talkative, for which I was grateful.  He just started driving towards Michael’s apartment through the dark night.  I kept looking at my phone but there was no reply from Maggie to my confused message of earlier.   I was cross with myself for...Read On

Audio version available

Undecided- Decision made

Series: Undecided

Once a girl has made her mind up, he has no option.

The decision, once made, was so enjoyable, and so easily executed.  ...Read On


A Carnal Neighborly Arrangement

My mature, retired neighbor has ED and lets me fuck his wife if I suck his and other's cocks.

Fate was in my corner when my wife, Linda, and I relocated to a community on the east coast of Florida, in anticipation of and several years before my retirement. We found a neighborhood between US Route 1 and the intercoastal waterway, only about fifteen minutes or so south of New Smyrna Beach. There’s a long, u-shaped street between the highway and the river, with a community dock jutting...Read On


Made to watch

Dinner party gets out of hand.

So after the masturbating in the toilet at work fiasco, which resulted in you missing your deadline, tearing your skirt, having to go about with no knickers on, and then having to cook dinner for your Bestie girlfriend and me, it was really all starting to get a bit much. You just wanted to go to your room and have a quiet cry and a bit of a wank to finish yourself off. Instead, you had...Read On


Attack Of The Loving Dead

She died under mysterious circumstances—or did she?

“Dude, you gotta see this,” Pat said. “Fresh meat.” I rolled my eyes. There were several ways of coping with being constantly surrounded by death and putrefaction, the perks of working in the morgue-slash-autopsy of the forensics department. Pat just had this way of calling me over for every new delivery, as I called them, with the excitement of a kid on its eighth birthday party piñata. ...Read On