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The Spanksgiving Feast

This year, I got to swap gravy with two gorgeous ladies during my annual Spanksgiving celebration. It truly is a magical time of year.

My name is Nick and I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a remarkable Spanksgiving story during this horny holiday season. You probably remember me as the guy lucky enough to explore the murky depths of my teenage niece's mystery cave. Or perhaps you know me a...

Did You?

Maybe she'd ruined herself with the toys.

Jennifer thought her toy collection was a little excessive, but she couldn't help herself. She’d amassed a bounty of equipment: dildos, vibrators, cuffs, whips, plugs, beads, and various other oddities — like the specialty pair of vibrating electric nippl...

After The Big Deal

LUST is a powerful drug, addictive and can overpower LOVE.

My late afternoon meeting had just broken, and I was walking out of the lobby with Bob and Ted, my partners. We had just brokered the biggest deal our firm had ever completed and were euphoric. We had worked on this deal for over six months, logging ridic...

The Hitchhiker

An eccentric, young woman draws the attention of a long-haul truck driver

John had been rolling down I-10 for over an hour. He was a long-haul truck driver and was executing a return trip from Oxnard, California to Jacksonville, Florida. The first leg of the trip was not a good one. John got caught up in two separate accidents...

Pleasing The Boss

Gay employee being used by employer as cum dump

What can I say, I have a hard-ass for a boss. I had to travel to a conference, and he told me the day before he would be coming with me, and that I would be sharing my room with him. Well! I was glad it had two queen beds. So, we arrived in town and got t...


A different office meeting

Reports are written and sent to the person who requested them, often they do not have the technical knowledge and will call to clarify items. Sometimes the company that commissioned the report employs people to check what is written and they raise questio...

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Almost Caught

You might think I have gotten wiser, but as you will see I haven’t been that fortunate.

Someone asked if I have ever been caught or came close to being caught cheating by my husband. Over the years, I have developed several, lets call them, rules for myself when I am having adventures. You might think I have gotten wiser, but as you will see...

Sex With My Daughter's Roommate

A man recounts his sexual encounter with his daughter's roommate

My sex life had been experiencing a bit of a cold streak over the past few weeks. Despite my best efforts, trying to get laid became a lesson in futility and depending on your perspective, a series of misadventures. Just before Labor Day, I had been flirt...

Side Hustle

Mom's MILF friend needs to keep her OF on the DL

When I turned onto my street on the way home from work, I saw a familiar car parked in front of the house. My cheeks started burning, and I turned before reaching the house. I had always been nervous and embarrassed around my mom’s friend Marissa, because...

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Old Friend

To my life-long friend, I'll never forget you

Old friend,has it been that long ago since we made all those plans?***How we would grow old together, laughing our way through life, doing all the things we loved so much.***You did all the foolish things, yet no one dared call you a fool, for you saw thr...

Completion: A Love Story

Love is found among Mother Nature's wrath.

The tornado came in the night, tossed trucks and cars from I-10, and scoured away several neighborhoods on the southwest side of Houston. I was lucky; I lived on the northwest side.As a survivor and morbid fan of tornadoes, I became a longtime volunteer o...

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