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Swinging as therapy, And later in the year, a terrible thing.

I'm finding it hard to begin this last chapter, the road to my story's conclusion such a crooked path to retread.  I'll start with the day after Karen and Milly finally got it together.  As soon as we had waved Milly off at the station, I decided enough was enough. I wanted no more to do with her. But to erase her from my mind, my life, there could be no more of those hedonistic weekends...Read On


Rob Vs. The Succubus: Round 7

Series: Rob vs. The Succubus

As Rob pulls comfortably ahead, the succubus gives him an offer that he cannot refuse.

I grabbed the back of my neck. It was bleeding. I was pretty sure it was from this incident. I kissed her on the side of her head and said, “Dirty fucking slut.” I began to stand up and noticed that she was dripping wet from her orgasm. I grabbed one of the towels from before and wiped her and myself down. I placed the other towel underneath her. I wasn’t sure how long it would take her...Read On


Pool Fuck Fun

Series: South African Sexual Odyssey

My African trip ends on a sexual high

“So, did you have a good time in Cape Town?” asked Maria, as she manoeuvred the Mercedes out of the airport car-park, narrowly avoiding being mown down by an enormous truck carrying a teetering load of timber that seemed to be secured with little more than string and a prayer. “It was awesome,” I said, truthfully. What had seemed like an opportunity to spend a relaxing week in the company of...Read On

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Hand-job Alice

Happy ending for two old men

When I first opened the front door I hardly even noticed her she was so tiny. Barely 5 feet tall, she was wearing bright orange sneakers with yellow ankle socks, a white T-shirt and the shortest blue denim shorts I’d ever seen. “Hi, I’m Alice, but most folk call me Ali,” she said by way of introduction, with a refreshingly open smile. “I’ve come about the home help job you’ve advertised in...Read On

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His Hands weren't Enough

He moved his hands faster and faster, up and down his cock as it got harder.

He moved his hands faster and faster, up and down his cock as it got harder while making the friction stronger and stronger. His cock got harder, thicker and closer and closer to that much desired orgasmic release. He could feel it boiling deeply in his balls. The slippery lube he’d bought at the local porn shop was creating a wonderful medium to excite his stroking greatly. He could feel...Read On

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Cumming for Daddy

A naughty babygirl caught with wet fingers

I looked up at the clock on the kitchen wall, biting my lip. An hour left before he got home. I don’t know that I’ll be able to wait that long, his incessant teasing had me on edge. More than on edge if I’m being honest, I could feel the wetness soaking through my panties as I rubbed my thighs together, trying desperately to relieve that ache. I was being put through my paces, a consequence...Read On

Comp Entry

My Brothers Wife, Ingrid

My Brother's wife was stunning. Masturbating to her image was the best I could do, or was it?

Quinton was my older brother, a go-getter kind of big brother, and I was happy to basically follow in his footsteps, almost. He would often lead a group of us kids and I was happy to tag along. We hit high school and life began to change. At high school, we both discovered masturbation and girls. Soon after leaving high school my brother and I, along with a couple of our friends, went...Read On


Living Above The Garage

Amy gets her freedom

It was two months since Cindy had moved out of the family home to go to university. She’s my big sister, the one person that I could chat with, explore my thoughts with. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I could be myself with her, no judgement or disappointment on her face, just a generous, loving friend.  I’m Amy, and I live with my mum and dad and our dog Woody. We’re a...Read On


Curtis The Photographer - Ch. 2

After Michelle and Curtis are finished in walks Tiffany and they become very good friends

Chapter Two I don’t know how long she had been there, but she was naked, and she was rubbing her pussy and looking at me. Tiffany moved toward me as Curtis moved to a chair on the other side of the room. Tiffany got down between my legs and started licking my knees and thighs. She held my legs open and looked at Curtis’s cum which was now leaking out of me. Tiffany looked at me and said,...Read On


Sex After Life Part 1

A bartender helps me get over the death of my wife...

I walked out of the interview pumping my fist.  My dream job and the biggest paycheck of my life were secured, and I needed to call my wife.  It represented a major shift in our lives; uprooting our family to move from Reno, Nevada to my college-years home of San Diego, California; but it was well worth it.  Somewhat reluctantly, my wife Victoria agreed that if I got the job, she would...Read On


Daddy's Quarantine

  I'm not watching you, but it's like my eyes have never left your body. Kitten doesn't like to get ignored, but Daddy is working out, doing his tractions at the bar. It's a different story, when I'm in the gym and I order you to tease yourself as you wait for me coming back: we can't do this, now. You're so nitid on my mind, doing exactly what I'm expecting you're doing: your...Read On


The City Of Love...And Other Things

Noelle and her host 'brother', Luke, have some fun after he reveals his true feelings.

I was fluent in French by the time I became a senior in high school. Which is one of the main reasons I lived in Paris all of my twelfth-grade year. It was one of those foreign exchange programs where your education is free in another country as long as you speak the native language. I stayed with a wonderful host family, the Duponts. My host parents were Jacques and Laure (or Jack and...Read On


The Legal Conference

Chloe desperately wanted to please her new boss. That meant doing as she was told.

After several years of university, I decided it was time to leave study behind for a while and get a full-time job. Truth was, I hadn’t been too successful at uni and had switched courses on several occasions hoping to find the one that I’d really enjoy and apply myself to. But each time, it was the same. I’d be all enthusiastic for a few weeks and then I’d decide that partying was more fun...Read On


Vodka and a Double Dong

Marie and Jenny have their eyes set on the new sexy exchange student.

“What do you think?” asked Marie. Jenny sighed and pulled down her pink heart-shaped sunglasses and peered over the rim. “I honestly don’t know, but she sure looks tasty.” Marie laughed and slapped her friend playfully on the shoulder. “You dirty-mouthed slut. The only thing you get to taste is my shaved pussy.” Jenny looked up at her and lifted her hands just under her chin and stuck out...Read On

Comp Entry

The Flight Attendant

My wife sometimes gets excited and when she does – there’s no stopping her – or me.

Tom was driving along some of the minor roads on his way to Heathrow airport. The long haul flight from Boston was making its approach and it had been a good few days since he had seen his wife, Melissa. Their BA212 flight was about to land and he still had about fifteen minutes before picking her up at the airport. Even at around six in the morning, the roads were busy. He was feeling...Read On

Recommended Read

The Joy Of Drunk Sex

“That one.” She pointed a slender finger at a man wearing a shirt that caught the lights, turning it vermillion and mauve in turn. The rich, mesmerising colours had captured her attention, not the shirt’s occupant. But, deciding she liked his short brown hair and the way he moved his shoulders and head to the music, she slid from her barstool. Sure-footed in silver stilettos despite a...Read On

Comp Entry

Daylight Saving Time Lesson

Teen gets unexpected lesson on Daylight Saving Time

“You are early,” her parents commented on my way in. “No, I am not,” I responded glancing at my smartwatch prior to continuing: “I think you forgot that we have entered Daylight Saving Time.” The couple looked at each other, with the husband clearly thinking about what I just said. After a short while, he gave up on the mental process. The conversation then turned to their...Read On


Book Club Part Three - The Bet

Book club members make a bet.

My name is Rita. Holly and I have been friends for ten years. Like the others in the book club, we are both recent empty nesters in our mid-forties. Holly and I are good friends but have very different personalities. Holly is very outgoing and very adventurous. I would be what most would call a follower. I am quiet and shy. Just like several others in the club Holly and I would get together...Read On



Bree has a special friend only she knows about.

The day had wound down and come to an end. For Bree, the day had been filled with serving customers, listening to complaints from people far angrier about the quality of the food they received than they probably should have been, and busy alleys at the grocery store. Being able to come home and relax had given her some much-needed respite, and a good meal did much to lift her spirits....Read On


Stacey And Her Friend's Hot Dad - The First Time

Stacey spends a memorable night with her friend's dad

After the party, Allie and I were both pretty wasted. I wanted to get a ride home with the boy I just hooked up with, but Allie insisted on calling her dad, James, to pick us up. She said something about Jake being too drunk to drive and all that. By the time I had finished discussing it with Allie, I couldn’t find Jake anyways so I figured why not get a ride back to Allie’s house from her...Read On


The Sessions

Both are keeping secrets. Will their mutual deception get in the way?

He was standing at the end of the room with his hands in his pockets; presumably taking in the gorgeous view of the city. Or he might have been staring off thoughtlessly. I couldn’t tell. I knew he’d heard the door open and shut when the assistant let me in but he didn’t turn around just yet. I wondered if I ought to announce my arrival but I just stood there like the nervous dope I was. ...Read On


MILF Impregnated By Neighbor During Stay-at-Home Order

New York's PAUSE plan results in neighborly closeness of the arousing kind.

The coronavirus outbreak in 2019 was ultimately contained but had a devastating effect on the United States and world. Municipal, state, and federal governments approached the crisis in various ways, and my state instituted the ‘New York on PAUSE Plan’, which required residents to stay home to the extent possible, and to avoid all nonessential gatherings of individuals of any size for...Read On


The House Mother

I must pay the price so that my girlfriend and I can have a great college sex life.

I had to look down to confirm that it was, in fact, my girlfriend who had my cock in her mouth. As the embrace of her lips slowly moved up and down my shaft, her tongue waggled across the underside driving me toward the peak. “I’m gonna cum!” I cautioned. I always let Emma decide where she wants me to shoot. “Not yet,” she lifted her head to say. Her fingers squeezed my testicles as if...Read On


How Polygamy Begins 4-2

Series: How Polygamy Begins

The girls meet Jay's family, and Jay finds his pain threshold.

[Jay's Narration] I came out of my room the next morning around 8:00 a.m. to be greeted by Melly. We exchanged pleasantries and headed for the kitchen. “So Mom and Rachel are on the veranda having breakfast. Mom told me to tell you to stay away,” said Melly. “Oh crap,” I exclaimed. “Yeah, mom caught her heading for your room this morning and pulled her downstairs.” *** ...Read On

Comp Entry

N is for Newbie

My lips parted, my breasts bobbled, and my legs shook as I came on camera for the first time.

"We don't have to post it if I'm terrible." "You are going to do amazing, Honey." I shook my arms to calm my nerves. "I need a distraction before I lie on the bed." A few feet away from me in my hotel room, Barb continued developing the mise-en-scène for my debut performance. "Set up your account on the website while I prepare the lights and camera for your action." Similarly to yesterday...Read On


Whitney Makes Me Her Little

Whitney shows me we are definitely NOT in the friend zone

I will always remember my first-time experience. How excited I was the first time she unbuttoned my blouse, unhooked my bra, and pulled it off my breasts. How embarrassed I felt when she leaned down and sucked my puffy little nipple between her lips. My heart was racing. Was it out of fear? Out of excitement? Both? I had just been activated into the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and Whitney...Read On


Rob Vs. The Succubus: Round 6

Series: Rob vs. The Succubus

After two consecutive ties, has Rob lost his momentum?

She raised up slowly and blurted, “Fucking fuck!” I believe that meant that she enjoyed it. She grabbed my head with both hands, lowered herself down and gave me a long deep kiss. It was the kind that you put your whole body into. Her sweaty breasts danced across my chest as she swayed with every press of her lips. That was all the motivation that I needed. My soft cock which was at...Read On


Stir Crazy From Self Quarantine

Breaking a rule or two

Life is so routine and boring during this stay at home business. I tell you, I’m going stir crazy. I’ve cleaned the house top to bottom and back again and rearranged everything around my husband’s asshole sixteen-year-old son who wants to play video games day and night.  It’s well over two weeks since my last non-husband coitus. I miss Dan — but even he now tells me “Stay home.” So, we...Read On


The Movie Date

We had a movie date... but we didn't watch the movie!

Master and I had a “movie date” one Saturday night–he had called me up and told me just what to wear and when to be ready. I love these spontaneous times with him, he always makes them so exciting and sexy! I rushed to make sure I was ready. He specifically told me to wear my little black dress, stockings, and heels. I wasn’t to wear a bra or panties, and right then I knew it wouldn’t be...Read On


Licked, Fucked, and Dripped

Two girls fuck and play with wax.

Viola picked up Sera and sat her on the table and leaned forward to kiss her. Sera’s fingers tangled themselves in Viola’s black hair, pulling her closer. Viola pulled at the strings of Sera’s shirt, undoing it a single movement. The kiss became more intense as clothes continued to come off. Finally, Viola pulled off her bra, and the two were completely nude. Viola pushed Sera down on...Read On