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Cheating Secretary

Horny secretary finally gets to fuck her boss's big dick.

Under my orders, Tiffany, my sluttiest ex-girlfriend, had been fucking my boss for the past two months. Every morning, after she’d gotten her brains fucked out, she’d call and gave me all the sweaty details. Sometimes, she’d even let me listen while DeAngelo fucked her brains out. With every imaginary orgasm DeAngelo gave me, I unleashed more of my sluttiness. My husband, Oliver, loved...Read On


The Perks of Moving

Never thought moving would have such a fun perk.

Jerry and I finally sold our house and bought another all in the same week. We chose an older property with the purpose of reducing it to a shell of bare walls and floors and rebuilding it to our design. I had it all worked out in my head. I know, dangerous — but still fun. I knew exactly what I wanted and that included a designer kitchen and bathroom. What I needed was a contractor to...Read On


A Surprise Cuckolding

See what happens when the pizza is late...

My experiences with cuckolding, believe it or not, were not planned. At least my part wasn’t, initially. My wife Lenora and I had a good marriage, had good kids and what most people would call a normal life.  Then unexpectedly, as guests at my wife’s friend’s daughter’s wedding (“The Wedding Surprise”), both I and my wife, Lenora, were introduced to the world of cuckolding (or drunk wife...Read On



Claudia tries to resist George’s desire to smell and taste all of her, but the microbes win.

Claudia thought George was weird. Smelling and tasting each other is a normal part of making love, but George carried it too far. “Just what do you think you’re going to find in there?” she said when he pressed his nose between her upper arm and rib cage. “Another part of you,” he answered sincerely. She resisted, worried that the smell or the stubble or whatever would be disappointing...Read On


Nude Lingerie 3

The continued exploits of Jo-Ann in her Pussy Power stockings

“Fucking hell, woman,” gasped Catherine Hart, the new attorney of Pussy Power. “Where’s your clothes?” She got up from behind her desk and scrutinized my naked body. Catherine was a forty-something and very shapely brunette, dressed conservatively in a two-piece business suit. As she walked up to me, I saw her gaze moved up and down by body and when it reached my naked pussy, her eyes...Read On


Don’t Judge a Book Ch 11

Dave picks up to describe the rest of the evening in the hotel

Tuesday 7th November 2017 I’d just watched Jill’s shapely ass sashaying away from me as she headed towards the elevators hand-in-hand with Rocco. The last few minutes hadn’t gone anything like I’d expected. When I’d switched her normal work clothes for sexy, revealing clothes and then sent her a smiling emoji when she said she had to work late, I’d thought I might be pushing her into...Read On


Candlelight Massage

A massage therapist taking his skill to a new, more satisfying level.

I rang the doorbell at the appointed time and the face of a woman in her mid-fifties peeked around the side of the slightly opened door. I stood at the door wearing navy blue medical scrubs and carrying my mobile office; a massage table folded in its padded case and slung over my shoulder and a rolling bag filled with the other necessary tools of my trade. "Hi, I'm John from ...Read On


Some Hot Morning

A steamy start to a work day

I’m in front of the large mirror when you enter the bathroom dressed in just your boxers, your hair ruffled from sleep. The air is heavy from my shower a few minutes ago, with a hint of fragrant steam still lingering. I’m stood in my bra and panties, letting a richly scented body oil sink into my skin before I dress for work. My matching underwear is pale pink, the soft, lace-trimmed...Read On


A Special Relationship

Submission made her complete.

They had a special relationship. They had met online with common interests. As they came to know each other, their uncommon interests were revealed. She had infinite curiosity and little experience. She soon understood that he could give her everything she wanted and things she had not imagined if she would only submit. Women don't often know what they want. They may make up a list of...Read On


The Train Ride

Two strangers have a quick fuck on the train.

({*}) ({*}) ({*})  As I got on the train, my eyes met hers. There was an instant connection, and I knew that soon we would soon be naked and sweaty together. I could tell by the way her breathing changed, she knew it too. A couple of hours later, I entered the dining car and saw her sitting alone. I boldly walked up to her table and sat down without asking. She looked at me with a wry smile...Read On


The Blank Page

An aspiring writer finds a lover and meets a star of the future.

I stood beside her as she read. I had my hands on her desk and was watching the way her glasses had slipped to the end of her nose. I didn’t move when her hand slid up my thigh under my skirt.   “Oh,” she said absently, “this is good, very good.”   I had no idea if she was referring to the text or to the state of my cunt as her finger stroked lightly between my lips.   ~~~  ...Read On


A Fun Foursome With Aunt And Niece

A gay couple meets up with an aunt and her niece for a fun dinner party.

I had been with my partner Nigel for more than ten years and even though we were a loving gay couple we both had voracious sexual appetites, not just for other men but women too. I’m now forty-eight and Nigel is fifty-one but we show no signs of losing our sexual desires, and if anything, we’re getting pervier as we get older. We had originally met at a work conference overseas and there...Read On



I become the hot ebony slut I was always meant to be.

Ever since my first sexual experience, I’ve known that I wanted to be a white cock only slut, and that’s what I am. That might seem like a strange thing for someone to say without explanation, so let me explain. First of all, I’m black. But maybe that isn’t surprising. What may surprise you is that I was born male. The truth is, I wasn’t even aware of my true sexual desires until I was...Read On


Hart's Desire, Part 4

Erica recalls her first lesbian experience

They sat on the balcony as they ate their dinner, enjoying the view of the resort and the ocean beyond. The sun had nearly disappeared over the horizon, and the glow of twilight shone over the resort. They sat on the balcony totally nude, enjoying the light breeze on their bare skin. Erica picked at her food. She couldn't help but admire Dana's luscious body. Dana noticed Erica's glances....Read On


Phoenix Love, Chapter 2

At the Parent-Teacher Conference, Tina comes up with a plan to help her father!

My date with Daddy was amazing! First off, the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect. It was a bright sunny day, not too hot out and with the slightest hint of a breeze. A few light fluffy clouds broke up the beautiful blue sky adding a lovely contrast.  Daddy took me to this new clothing shop where they had the most wonderful clothes! Clothes that made me feel so grown up and even...Read On


Watching Abby

An older man is tasked with watching his 18yo neighbor while her parents are away.

It had been a couple of years since the Meyers had moved in next door to me – Jim, Karen, and their teenaged daughter, Abigail. They were decent, friendly folks, for the most part. After the blizzard last winter, Jim and Abby had taken pity on their older neighbor and helped me shovel out my driveway. In return, when they bought their daughter her first car, an old Honda Civic, I helped Jim...Read On


The Tale Of Astra Pt 1: A Bit Of Fun

The nymph warrior Astra runs into an old friend and the two have a bit of fun together.

The room is a small, run-down bedchamber, the kind rented for a few coins to merchants or tired travelers looking to sleep off the rigors of the road. It contains little more than a bed with a threadbare mattress and blanket and a small shelf with a water pitcher and an unlit oil lamp. Its floor is bare wood, stained by water and worn by the feet of its many tenants. The room echoes with...Read On


My First Time Was With an Escort

This story is true. I promise. How can you tell? Because it contains humiliating details. I was 22 and a chronic virgin. A mixture of being somewhat timid and overtly religious until that point had prevented me from advancing far with the opposite sex. Of course, being religious didn’t mean I had been a good boy the whole time. I had had my fair share of sexting with strangers I had met...Read On


Nudist Campground

Widower visits nudist campground and learns to suck cock

I have always been interested in nudity. I tried for years to interest my late wife in visiting nudists sites like beaches, campgrounds, etc. But alas, she would have no part of it. Over the years I talked to various people about it and expressed my wonderment how a guy could go around without a perpetual hard-on. I was told it was a lifestyle, not a sexual thing. My thinking was, yeah right....Read On


Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter six.

Brittany takes Dave out for dinner and teases the whole restaurant with her flashing.

Driving home in the car they were both laughing at the waiter’s reaction. He seemed completely at a loss and had no idea how to handle the situation. Dave looked across at his beautiful wife.   “What do you think he’ll do with them?”   “Well if he’s smart he won’t waste my cum and let them dry out. My bet is that he is in the bathroom as we speak making his cock slick with my sticky...Read On


The Vampire's Lover

A vampire starts to explore submission

Vampires. They're the lords of the night, the stalkers of the living. Each one was an irresistible pale beauty with powers far greater than any creature who lurked in the darkness. With one simple gaze they can trap you in their lustful spell and turn you into a mindless puppet. They held the strength of ten men and the speed of a cheetah. For countless Centuries, Vampires reigned dominion...Read On


Handling It Pt.2: Opening Up

Role play and sharing fantasies rekindles old flames.

Just before she put his cock in her mouth, Aileen handed John the video camera.  It was powered on and cued up to play.  She didn't want him to record this time, she wanted him to watch.  And one way or another, she knew he was going to enjoy it.  She watched him raise his finger to touch the screen, knowing he'd found the playback icon.  When she heard the sound of her recording coming from...Read On


Chapter Seven, Dressed Up For Halloween Party

Michael's mom puts on the finishing touches.

Until Halloween, I didn’t dress as a girl again. At home in the afternoon, I removed my outer male clothes, slipped into a nightie and walked about in my three-inch heels until feet and ankles said, 'no more practice.' Each day the negative response took a little longer. By Halloween, I could prance about at my elevated height for four hours before they said no. Sitting down...Read On


Spanish Eyes - Part 2

The deed done, her fidleity shattered, how should a cheating wife behave now?

Nothing had prepared me for this, not even our wedding night when Oscar had taken my virginity had felt so new and so exciting. Surely this was the ultimate in sexual unity; his huge, thick cock buried fully in my tight, inexperienced vagina. Skin on skin, flesh on flesh, nothing to separate us. Surely nothing could feel this good. But I was wrong; this was just the beginning. Just as...Read On


Truth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Sixteenth And Final Chapter

The Reunion comes to an end but there is a long drive home

The girls were finished packing. They were all giggling and playful. It was all because Janie had just told them of her morning's adventures. Having fucked her dad as well as her uncle, not to mention twelve other guys just this morning.  ”That has to be a record, ” exclaimed Lacey. ”I don't know about that,” answered Janie, ”But I'm not finished yet.” Stacey looked at her with a grin...Read On


Nude Lingerie 2

Following the exploits of Pussy Power Lingerie...

As I finished reapplying my make-up, I looked at my co-workers next to me in the Ladies Room. We were lined up before the mirror with a dressing table at pussy level, all naked save for our stockings, shoes and make-up. The new dress code for the office had been accepted without complaints. Isobel, the petite brunette with large soft breasts, in charge of Pussy Notice, ran her fingers...Read On


The Neighbor Above Me Chapter 3

Punished for a mistake, I try to redeem myself. Will initiative and luck earn me a reward?

After the craziness of the first few days, things settled into a routine. Foolishly, I got careless. The pain of the punishment Ms. J prescribed was mild compared to how bad I felt for failing her. I was determined to put in extra effort to try to solve the problems I had created for her and to regain her trust. The unusual events of the first few days were explainable. The first night was...Read On


My First Katheoy

A tinder hookup in Thailand, but is she female?

I’ve never been attracted to ladyboys, but since going on sex vacations, I’ve told myself that I shouldn’t indiscriminately avoid all contact with them. If I met one somewhere and felt an attraction to or a connection with her, I should take the physical contact as far as I could stand. Besides, it’s likely the revulsion is a product of society instead of any sort of ingrained taste, and as...Read On


Secret Desires in France - Awakening - Part 7

Coming of age at the feet of a mature woman

ALEX   A knock on the door told him she was here. This time he had been expecting her. She was dressed in lycra shorts, running shoes and a tight, blue top. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, her face looked natural and fresh. Even this early in the morning she looked terribly attractive. He followed her on the path that led into the forest where he’d been the day before. Now he had...Read On


Hart's Desire, Part 3

Now it's Dana's turn...

Dana rolled over and grabbed the menu off the nightstand. She and Erica lay next to each other, glancing over the delicious offerings. They made their selections, and Erica called in the order. The staff member told her it would be about half an hour until the food arrived. Erica placed the phone back on the receiver. As she rolled back over Dana pulled her in and kissed her again. Erica...Read On