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Licked, Fucked, and Dripped

Two girls fuck and play with wax.

Viola picked up Sera and sat her on the table and leaned forward to kiss her. Sera’s fingers tangled themselves in Viola’s black hair, pulling her closer. Viola pulled at the strings of Sera’s shirt, undoing it a single movement. The kiss became more intense as clothes continued to come off. Finally, Viola pulled off her bra, and the two were completely nude. Viola pushed Sera down on...Read On


The Fucking Plague

The Fucking Plague comes and goes.

As he walked across mostly barren streets, Jim ruminated on his current situation. The corpses left behind by the plague had mostly been either cleaned up or rotted into nothing. Used to be you could hardly pass a region without seeing dead bodies mid-coitus; a twisted mockery of the miracle of life, people dead in the process of creating a new life. It was the fucking plague after all. ...Read On



Waiting turns into rough sex between you and me

There you are. Sitting across the room. The dark, empty room that keeps on stretching further and further. I look at you but I can't seem to meet your eyes. We've been waiting for as long as I can remember and we'll still be here for many hours more. You make your hands into fists and smile. You stare down at your feet. I grind my teeth. I wonder where your thoughts are. I look away. Outside...Read On


Sloppy Seconds GF

Girlfriend brings home sloppy seconds creampies often.

My ex girlfriend was an absolute cum slut. She was eleven years younger than me, thirty-five years old when I was forty-six. Our sex life was hot and amazing from day one and continued right to the end of our relationship thirteen years later. Her ex-husband had her beaten down pretty bad when I met her. Not physically, but emotionally and mentally, which can be worse; scars and bruises...Read On


The One Who Got Away

Expectations seldom live up to reality…

When I finally exited the closet and recognized that I was ‘really’ gay, I began to frequent a legendary gay bar that had been around from the nineteen-seventies. It was an old-fashioned place and had a really cosy and relaxed vibe. The clientele were mostly an older crowd and unbelievable as it may seem nowadays, people actually spoke to one another in the bar. Although I was in my...Read On


The Private Game - Chapter 9

The aftermath – married couple explore their desires.

Mike had left the garage door open so he wouldn’t wake Lynn when he arrived home. As quietly as he can he enters the house and retrieves a cold beer from the fridge. Lone Star. One of the beers he ran out to buy leaving Lynn and Chuck alone. There’s the image of returning home from running to the liquor store and finding his wife and buddy fucking doggy on the sofa. His cock stirs from...Read On


The Lonely Night

My wife suggests that our guest sleeps with her

I lay on the bed in our spare bedroom, whilst my wife and her ex-boyfriend were next door in our marital bed. We’d just had dinner and some fun downstairs and Linda had suggested that Christian sleep with her overnight, as he was our guest and because I got to do it every night. Before I could think about it, the words, that’s fine, had spilled from my mouth. That was a few minutes ago....Read On


Discovery 1 - Matt and Chris

I discover enjoying another male doesn't really make me gay.

Discovery My sister April came down the stairs to the lower level of our tri-level home.  She walked across the room, standing at the end of the couch.  I looked up from my video game and said, “What’s up, April?” “Nothing, Matt.  I wanted to let you know I’m headed over to Gwen’s house.  Mom is at Uncle Greg and Aunt Linda’s house and probably won’t be home until tomorrow night.  Uncle...Read On


My Toys, His Idea

Come home soon, baby. I really miss you.

First of all, I love you. And, I miss you. I’m down here in the den just now because I want to tell you about the idea you had. The one you put in my head when we spoke on the phone last night. Because last night I spent the better part of four hours, longer than it will take me to write this, in one of the most heightened states of arousal I have possibly ever felt. Do you remember when...Read On


A Bed For Three, Please

Good things come in 3s

I wake to a slender arm draped around me. The sun streams through the blinds, casting its light on me. It is shining a little brighter today. I glance over my shoulder making sure it is really her ... it wasn't just a dream. Her beautiful blue eyes are open and she is smiling. "Hey, you," she whispers. "Hey you," I whisper back, smiling, rolling over to face her.  We wrap our arms around...Read On


How I Lost My Viginity

I was 16 and innocent, he was ten years older

As a teen, I was very slow to develop both physically and mentally. When I started high school I weighed about eighty pounds and was flat-chested. I wore braces and looked like a complete nerd. I was often mistaken for eleven or twelve. I had no self-esteem and I thought I was the ugliest girl in the school. It didn’t help that my older sister was the beautiful and popular one in the family....Read On


Brotherly Love

They say that siblings should learn to be closer, but is this what they meant?

When Leo came home from work, it was 1:30 in the afternoon. Due to a gas leak at his job, he had come back 4 1/2 hours early when nobody was usually home. He pulled the mail out of the mailbox and walked into the house. As he was sifting through the letters, he heard some noise coming from upstairs. As he crept up the flight, he realized he was hearing moaning. His sixteen-year-old...Read On


Couple's Retreat

Marcus helps Brianna through some marital issues...

The fire crackled and popped as Brianna lay dozing on the sofa of the cabin. A crescent moon shone brightly in the sky illuminating the white powdered snow of the ski slopes just outside the door. She’d really meant to read another chapter of her novel, but the warm quilt and soft glow from the fireplace had all but put her to sleep. She was glad she’d finally decided to come on this...Read On


Long Distance Birthday Gift

I play with myself online as a birthday treat for an old friend.

Scott and I went to college together. We flirted like crazy until one night when he powerfully had his way with me - or I should say we got our fuck on. We were never boyfriend/girlfriend, so when he moved away, we only stayed in touch with video sex. That was all a couple of years ago. A few months ago, Scott texted me and we caught up. Both of us had gotten married recently, but the...Read On



Accountability is a bitch

When I first asked Angie to keep me accountable for my drinking, I didn't realize just what I was getting myself into, but I knew that something had to change and I was ready to try anything.  I was on probation for a DUI and had subsequently lost my job over too many missed days. When I couldn't pay rent I was kicked out of my apartment.  Fortunately, Angie was my neighbor. She had been...Read On


Curtis The Photographer

Michelle has boudoir photos taken and it leads to more...

Chapter One My husband is an amateur photographer and has taken many photos of me over the years of our marriage. I have posed in lingerie and nude for him many times and we found that it is fantastic foreplay. Our sessions with him behind his camera have made me aware of my exhibitionist tendencies. Initially, we enjoyed our little pastime and kept all the photos to ourselves, but as you...Read On


Me And My Son's First Time, Part 10

Monday morning's exciting revelations...

ROSE I was showered, dressed, and out of the house before my son Sam was awake on Monday morning. Because my car was still in the garage for repairs, my friend Anthea picked me up by for our start-of-the-week chat in the cafe next to the store. The clock struck ten as we walked in the revolving doors and spotted a vacant table in the corner. Anthea bought our drinks and, as she set them...Read On


Jennifer's Night Out

With her husband out of town, Jennifer decides to spend the night with the man she met online

“Why don’t we meet at a hotel?” I asked Jennifer. It was a weeknight and we were talking on the phone. Her husband was at work.  He was going out of town on a fishing trip in a few days. After months of flirting and trying to deny the attraction between us, Jennifer had given in to temptation.  She wanted to spend the night with me. “A hotel?” she asked. “That seems so cheap and cliche.” ...Read On


Ride Along -- Part 1 of 3

Successful business executive decides to have an affair with her young employee

Everybody liked Bernie. Her given name was Bernadette but everyone called her Bernie. She was a hard worker, a live wire and an inspirational leader. People loved being around her and worked hard for her because she busted her ass, was always positive and enthusiastic, had a great sense of humor and could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo in February. Oh, and she was also hot as a firecracker. ...Read On


Mr Fixit Chapter 4

Adventures in a tartan skirt.

After our brief affair, Sandra and I reverted to being the good friends we were before. The banter between us could be construed by some as “heavy flirting” but the truth was we didn’t have to flirt with one another because the attraction between us had already been realised in the sexiest way possible. How my wife never saw it, I will never know. I would guess that she was so wrapped up in...Read On


Office Sissy

Series: jennypout stories

A new office sissy meets a mistress.

Now that I was l spending time with Chris, (sissy) and Rachel, (in charge), I was feeling girly as I never had before. It affected the way I looked. I was keeping myself shaved smooth, all over. I polished my nails (toes and fingers). I was wearing tighter pants and shirts. I usually wore sandals, without socks, my polished toes peeking out. One day I was sitting in my office and an...Read On


A Double Thrashing

Two disrespectful students feel the wrath of a hall monitor

Hello, my name is Saba and I work as a hall monitor here at Fencer High School in Glendale, Arizona. I like the climate of this state because it reminds me of my native homeland of Lebanon. And yes, I am Muslim. One of the three on the school staff, but that doesn’t bother me much. oOo The bell rang which signaled the beginning of another passing period and so my menial duty began. I left...Read On


Man Made Sex Goddess

Man creates a sex goddess and shares her with his friends.

“Where are we going Thomas?” She asked. “It is a secret, but I’m sure you will be quite satisfied when we get there. Also, it will be necessary to blindfold you before we arrive,” I responded. After a three-hour drive, in virtual silence, I said “It’s time to blindfold you Ellie.” You could feel Ellie tense up, as I applied the blindfold. The following will explain how Ellie and I...Read On


Journey of a Tgirl - Act Two

Things are not good at home.

Like most people, they find the internet is a way to explore their sexual desires in private and with anonymity.  I had no one to talk to about my need to wear women’s clothing. I didn’t know how to explore my sexual feelings and desires other than the web. I was still deep in the closet, and my parents wished I stayed in there forever. Luckily my family wasn’t very clingy, and they left...Read On


Stay At Home

Stephanie went to the beach even with the official lockdown

Elizabeth was certainly very surprised to see the granny-aged woman sunbathing on the beach. After all, society was in lockdown with the virus passed so easily from person to person. The beach, like every beach in the country and, indeed, across most of the world, had been barricaded off. Everyone was being told to stay at home as much as possible, although could go out to exercise and to...Read On


One Interesting Happy Hour

An interesting night out with two friends and a lover.

It was payday Friday and as was the norm, my best friend, Debbie, and I were on our way to happy hour at our favorite bar. Debbie and I had been working in the same office for the past three years and had become the closest of friends. We told each other everything that was going on in our lives, our family dramas, our problems at work and even the intimate details of our love lives....Read On


After Midnight chapter 19

Candice insists on having her cathartic caning, but where does that take them?

Strung up in that room; hanging, alone with her own thoughts, Candice knew nothing about Andy strolling around the venue handing out flyers. They were easy to read, her statement and an invitation to watch. When anyone showed any interest, he encouraged them to come. “She wants an audience,” Andy said to anyone who asked. “Being watched is important for her, but she’ll be wearing a...Read On


Gabrielle and the Devil - Part 1

Is Gabrielle's devil-dream an erotic premonition?

She crouched perfectly still, staring down at the hard cracked earth, remembering nothing yet somehow knowing all. Far above and beyond her, horrific otherworldly screams vied with bellows of warlike rage. She was bruised and defeated―still whole, but laid low as in some cataclysmic struggle. And she was naked. The garments of which she had been stripped in battle were straggling across...Read On

Comp Entry

The Treehouse

When is a voyeur not a voyeur

I had watched Misty from afar for as long as he could remember. We grew up next door to one, but she was everything I wasn’t, cool, popular, and athletic. I sometimes thought I was invisible, I did well in school, but no one but the teachers knew I existed. Misty was a quandary though, she was so popular in school, but I never saw any friends at her house. In fact, I never saw her leave...Read On

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Nicole: The Truth at Last - a "From Jeannie to Vanessa" story - Chapter 01

Series: From Jeannie to Vanessa

Nicole tells her tale of love with Vanessa

Chapter 01: Meeting Vanessa   Jack and Vanessa always called us their "vanilla" friends, which was kind of an inside joke since we were both African-American. She showed me what she wrote in Literotica and on Lush, and I thought it was cool that she did it in honor of Jack. She agreed to publish it under her "v22omk" identity, so that our stories could be connected. So here it is. I came...Read On