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Last Stop Bubbles: A Lost Blondie-Verse Tale, Part Seven

final chapter

An Indeterminate Point In The Future The sunlight streams through the window, making your dirty blonde locks glow shimmer like a curtain of molten metal. You’re perched naked on a stool, wiggling hot pink painted toenails, music pumping into you from a beat-up iPod held together by tape and a little bit of grace courtesy of Granny Teague’s main man in the sky. “Lookin’ fine as hell...Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land (Chapter 18-19)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

Alice and I hurried toward the source of illumination like moths to a flame. A glimmering halo of white light surrounded the hole Alice cut through the snow drift at the tunnel's entrance. I crawled into the air shaft that she’d excavated and punched through a thin cap of frost at the end and was instantly dazzled by blinding sunshine. "Alice, Come here and take a look, you aren't going...Read On


Dressing up part 3

Matt is now Nat and having her first taste of cock.

It has been nearly two years since my sisters caught me dressing up. Since then my mother had put me on a strict diet and gave me pills to make me into a girl. I have been transitioning slowly and now have a girly figure. I love my round ass and small soft breasts. I now have my own wardrobe with many sexy clothes that I just love wearing. Mom has also made sure that my sisters look after...Read On

Comp Entry

Good Neighbours

Loneliness and frustration lead married neighbours into an affair as steamy as the summer weather

I saw Miranda across the street as soon as I came around from the backyard. It was a hot, muggy Saturday afternoon on an August long weekend. My neighbour was dressed for the steamy weather in tight little shorts and a string bikini top. Pausing, I drank in that sight with a soft sigh. Miranda was standing over her lawn mower with a sour look on her pretty face. As I watched, she pulled...Read On

Comp Entry

Summer Vacation of a Lifetime

Let two mature women teach you about making love.

My name is Adam Rockwood and I am twenty-one years old, a country boy at heart. My dad was a hard-working logger and I inherited his rugged looks. I wear my dirty blond hair down to my shoulders, which has just a bit of a curl to it. I’m six-foot, two-inches tall, with a muscular build but I have a ruddy complexion that is a turn off to most girls. I did inherit my mom's icy blue eyes, which...Read On


Moving On - Part 3 of 3

When things don't add up, pay better attention. You just might fall in love.

Between the alcohol and her orgasm, Tonia was out like a light. I very carefully gathered her into my arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. She didn't wake as I cleaned things up and tucked her into bed. I struggled with deciding what was the right thing to do, and finally decided I should stay with her until the alcohol wore off and she woke up. I figured that would only be a couple...Read On

Recommended Read

From Teen Bride to Hot Wife, 4: Lady and Servants.

Caroline pleasures a lady, meets her daugher, and finds a lover.

"Why should I undress for you?" Caroline asks Lady Dammartin. "Because that is what I wish," Lady Dammartin says. She turns to Old James and tells him, "Please ensure the girl complies." The servant moves towards Caroline who quickly holds up her arm like a policeman at a junction controlling traffic. "I haven't finished talking!" she tells him. Her own commanding tone surprises her, and...Read On


The Swans Neck: chapter two

Danegyth the comforter

We travelled light. Earl Harold went on ahead with his swiftest steed and his housecarls. Ealdgyth, myself, and the ladies in waiting followed more sedately. The old Roman roads were such a blessing, and we arrived in Westminster two days before the Christ Mass. The Court was hushed with anxiety. The old King was a saintly man, so they said. He was pious, he gave much money to the Church,...Read On

Rose's video: Chapter 10: Maria and Rose swap moms

The lovely afternoon with Maria and Lil goes on a bit longer.

POV: Maria   Both Rose and I kissed each other's moms for about twenty minutes straight. I couldn't help, but to look at Rose and my mom from time to time. It all created the perfect storm of sexuality where the taboo aspect of it still made it quite hot. 'Even as I'm not actually related to Kate, it still feels like incest. Maybe it solely because she is my godmother or that my mom is...Read On



All I really wanted to do was pay him back the money he loaned me for my groceries.

I’m pretty, I’m smart, I’m intelligent, and sometimes I can be absentminded. Case in point; not very long ago I was in a rush to get my weekend chores finished. After finishing up around the house, I rushed off to the grocery store to get my food items for the week. Up and down the aisles I went, filling my basket and finally made my way to the checkout line. When the cashier summed up...Read On

The Bosses Wife Part Three: Moving up the Corporate ladder

Derek moves up the corporate ladder in more ways than one

I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. The valet driver took the keys from me as I exited my car. He looked at me with a disapproving side gaze as he got into my car. I am sure he was used to parking high-end luxury cars and not a regular no-frills vehicle like mine. Most of the money I made went straight into a savings account. I wasn't going to blow it away on an expensive car....Read On

Recommended Read

The Most Erogenous Zone; Part Five

Jon and Julia grow closer, and he entertains Angie and Ben

Her clit, when I touched it, was hard and erect and she gasped as my finger slid over it. Her inner lips were puffy and yielding, her juices sluicing their slick, viscous invitation from her hot pussy as I parted them with my other fingers; she’d clearly been telling the truth about her arousal, not that I’d needed to touch her pussy to know. I’d been very surprised when Julia had called...Read On

Recommended Read

Of Lemonade And Old-Fashioneds

The sooner you drink it, the fresher it is -Grandma Kelly

Sorry, I don’t know where to begin. Let me start with the day before April Fools’ Day of this year. Why? Because the sport of baseball keeps moving Opening Day around and Grandma Kelly is fed up with all the fol-de-rol as she calls it. She couldn’t keep up with all the different dates for Opening Day and it was confusing her clients. She now opens her business on the first of April every...Read On


Out in the Sticks

Dared by her husband, Emma seduces the young man in the caravan.

“He’s just a tortured writer!” That tone of sarcasm demanded a response.  Looking up, he silently mouthed the words to his younger sister. ‘Fuck off.’ The shock on her face amused him. “Mum!” The floor bounced as her elephant feet left the caravan.  He stared vacantly at the feint-lined page of his foolscap book.  Vanilla, luxurious, expensive, his cheap thoughts would sully it. ...Read On


A Monkey on her Back Chapter three

You lick Pussy Just Like a Woman

It was mid-afternoon the following day before I woke up again. I lay for a minute or two whilst trying to focus my mind on what we'd done and almost automatically my hand went down to my groin as I recalled her squirming under me shouting at me to fuck her, ram it in harder and all the many other things she'd said. I was quite apprehensive as I pulled on my shorts and went downstairs, but...Read On


The Swans neck: chapter one

Danegyth learns how to love

My Mistress was worried; which worried me. ‘Danegyth, this could end badly for us all, you are a clever little thing, can you think of a way in which we could persuade the earl to think again.’ I hated to see my beloved Ealdgyth upset. By common consent she was the most beautiful woman in England. Known as ‘the fair; or ‘swans neck,’ and her husband, the great Godwin earl, Harold, loved...Read On

Comp Entry

Army Wife Gets Lonely

An army wife falls for someone she really shouldn’t have

When I tell you the bare bones of my marriage, you’ll probably think it’s a stereotype and, in many ways, I suppose you’re right. We met in school where I was Amanda, the head cheerleader and swimming star, and he was Michael, captain of the football team. See, what a conventional image! Anyway, we dated throughout school and, at eighteen years old, we decided to get married. That was...Read On


Caught! The Sequel

Meeting Bobby again with his friend!

Applied knowledge and vision can yield self-liberation. Bobby couldn't wait to get back to town and tell William (Will) about his adventure getting caught masturbating by two older girls and how they talked him into jerking while they watched him cum. How Suzie had sucked his cock, sharing it with her friend, including his cum! How they had taken some photos holding his dick, and that...Read On

Comp Entry


He's on the hunt for a rare owl, but her hooters are just as intriguing.

Clint cruised slowly down the gravel road, leaving only a thin, short-lived trail of dust behind his RV.  Born and raised in just such an area, he knew to avoid kicking up a dust storm if he wanted to remain friendly with the locals.  He absolutely wanted to remain friendly with the locals. Doing exactly that was why he had access to most of the properties in the area, giving him the...Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land (Chapter 17)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

Morpheus, the God of dreams, wrapped us in a cocoon of dreams. But when he did, he forgot to include a bathroom. I awoke with a four-alarm "urgent need to go" moment as my bladder trembled in an effort to hold back a flood of Biblical proportions. It would be wonderful to wake up nice and slow like I once did in my younger days. I used to enjoy the delightful transition from slumber...Read On


Olivia’s Secret Confessions

I need to confess my secret desires with someone and I choose you...

Today is Friday the thirteenth, I received another email from him.  Why must he tease me so much and tempt me with his sexual nature?  He knows I am not looking for anything serious, yet I can’t stop my imagination from going there. I start typing my response to him, teasing him with only glimpses of my sexual imagination. Smiling to myself I feel my desire growing with every word.  I hear...Read On


The Wife Denies and the Nanny Provides - Part Four

Husband Leaves Wife fro Joys of Teen Nanny

I worked the stick aggressively on my Porsche as I sped home early, my mind racing with thoughts of fucking our young nanny, Jill, all afternoon.  My wife, Sue, continued to neglect my sexual needs and had forced me to seek satisfaction with our hot live-in nanny for the last several months.  I turned onto our street anticipating the feel of our nanny’s luscious lips wrapped around my...Read On


Beach Couple Showing Off

I was embarrassed getting caught in my speedos but the couple must have liked it....

This morning (Friday) was a gorgeous day, one of the classic Australian East Coast summer days.  About 20C, no wind and not a cloud in the sky. After doing some work I decided to head up to Birdie Beach (nude beach about half an hour north of my place).  I'd touch up my speedo tan and do some paperwork.  When I go up to Birdie Beach I usually park in the normal carpark just to see what is...Read On


Twin Vacation part 1

My twin sister and I were gifted a week at an all-inclusive resort for our graduation from High School. Being twins we were almost identical except I am male and she is female, so we kind of just kept to ourselves in High School. We had friends of course but we really wanted to spend a week together just us as we got ready to start our lives separate from each other for the first time since...Read On


Cougar on the Prowl (titfight)

A busty teenager and a mature milf compete for the title of 'best rack' - who gets the hot guy?

Patricia stretched lazily, gazing at her latest conquest as the young, muscular guy continued to sleep off his exhaustion. He'd certainly earned a bit of rest after his hard work the previous night, having managed not one or two or even three, but full four rounds or hot, steamy sex. Which, incidentally, was exactly why Patricia always went after younger men - what they might lack in...Read On


Rainy Night - Part 4

Now she has to embark on a mission!

As the sun started to break through her eyelids, Tina could feel her body tingling all over as she woke from her deep slumber. She moved her leg to the side of the bed and a hot, fiery orgasm swept over her. “Oh, oh my god, that was good,” she whispered when the feelings started to subside. She thought that any substantial movement would send her into an uncontrollable explosion of...Read On


Blended Families--Jerome And Leah Chapter 2

Open the closed door to this quiet home to see what goes on in some blended families

When Darin walked into the bedroom after the confrontation with Leah and Jerome, Jolene asked, “Was that Leah I heard screaming?” Not wanting to get into the details with her not feeling well, he skirted the issue by saying, “Yeah, but it was nothing important. Now you just lay there and relax. I will be right here if you need anything.” “Darin, sorry for getting sick and having to cancel...Read On


Erotic Massage

When I called for an in-room massage I had no idea it would turn out so erotic.

I was on my third out of town conference in less than thirty days. I was practically living out of my suitcase and spending countless nights in empty, lonely hotel rooms. Lately, I had trouble getting to sleep, so on this latest trip, as soon as I got to my room I called the front desk and asked for a massage to help me sleep. I was grateful that the hotel had this optional amenity. In...Read On


The Day After I Fucked The Wrong Twin; the morning after

My girlfriend hope you like wants me to get her pregnant

We must have had a good nights sleep, after the night that had just gone down. I was glad that I had lived one of my wildest fantasy and fucked a set of twins. I woke the next morning to a delightful surprise, I was the meat in a twin sandwich. Whilst I laid there wide awake, between the two most beautiful women that I had ever met, one of them one was my girlfriend, the other was her...Read On


Tammy's Craving for Indian Cocks and Cum - Part Two

A lactating MILF and her husband go on vacation to India, where she's fucked repeatedly.

It would be best to read Part One of this story to get a better understanding of the couple and their motivations, as well as seeing descriptions of some of their first cuckold activities. But the following synopsis may give you a good start. In Part One of this story, I describe how I’m writing this story for a couple, in their voices, who live in a small town in Washington. They are...Read On