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The Experiment

A frustrated coed conducts a sexual experiment.

I woke up with a slight hangover and a hard cock pressed between my butt cheeks. My latest hook-up, some frat boy from Upsilon house, was spooning with me. As I stirred awake I felt his hard cock pulsate in the crack of my ass. Giggling, I pulled it from my crack before he shoved it all the way up my butt. I pushed the frat boy over onto his back and snuggled up to him. I teased, "Dude, you're...Read On


My Birthday

Mike gives me Chad for my birthday!

It’s Friday and it’s my birthday. Can’t wait until 5:00 to get here so I can go home and see what my husband has planned for me. I’m 50 today and so excited about that. I can barely believe I have made it 50 years on God's green earth and dealt with everything people can throw at me. Mike said he has a big night planned for me. When I get home I have to sit in living-room until he gets...Read On


There's Only One Rule...

What would you do to have sex with your friend's wife?

“Here’s the rule, and there’s only one. The first one that can make the other cum, get’s to join us.” The guys glared at us. They were standing at the foot of our bed, hard, and ready to fuck. “Do you understand?” “Ah, come on! What the hell, Jen? This is not what we discussed.” My husband protested as he walked over to me with his erection swinging from thigh to thigh. “Take it...Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 09

Frankie gets an email from Dana

As I walked up the Jetway into the main terminal of San Francisco International Airport, I glanced at my watch. It was 2:35. That was Central time. I was now in the Pacific time zone, so it was actually 12:35. It took me forty-five minutes to retrieve my luggage at the baggage claim and pick up my rental car. After that I had to negotiate the freeway traffic into the city. By the time I...Read On


Judy Writes Her First And Only Story. #5

Judy has a great fortieth birthday.

"Hi, my name is Judy, I am the one my husband has been writing about." After reading what John has written about us, I decided I would write my one and only story. I was going through our computer, when I came across a site that John had forgotten to close. It was a porn site, John had been writing stories about our sex life. This really did tick me off, getting even, was my first thought....Read On


A Chance Encounter

A stranded traveler runs into a familiar webcam model in the airport

I couldn't believe how bad my luck was. I'd been dismayed enough that my trip to our company's Orlando location was only two days long, but they'd been two dark, rainy days as the city was brushed by the edge of a passing tropical storm. I'd woken early to find the windows of my hotel room pelted by heavy rain; a quick check of the news had confirmed my worst fears, that the storm had...Read On


True Love's Kiss (Part Three: Spark)

He loved the feel of her silky wet skin under his hands.

She didn't even remember passing out, but she woke to his hand gently caressing her face. His gentle eyes looking into hers and a soft smile that only she could know what it meant. He kissed her softly. " I'll go get the bags, and then we can get ready for dinner." "Okay lover, but kiss me first." She laughed as he fell over her and covered her face with kisses. He laughed climbing...Read On


Welcome home!

Carly and Stella have a very naughty welcome home gift for Brad

Brad sighed with relief as he let himself in the front door. Work had been hectic and he was looking forward to being able to put his feet up and spend the evening relaxing with Carly and Stella. Smiling expectantly, Brad walked into the kitchen but his smile disappeared when he saw the kitchen was empty. Usually the two girls would be in the kitchen cooking dinner by that stage and he...Read On


Pen Pals And More (Part Three)

Daryl comments on their recent hot sessions and Cherie's need to up the ante.

Dear Cherie, Don’t ever apologize for being who you are again. You are a beautiful, vibrant, physical woman who has strong sexual needs that are not being met. I am just so glad that I am the chosen knight in shining armour who is there for you. Each of the sessions that we have had in the last several weeks has been hotter than the last. I can’t wait for our next lustful encounter. I am...Read On


Claire’s Nude Hotel Exhibition

Claire’s Nude flashing and sexual encounter at Hotel

The lobby on the last floor is empty. I know how risky it is, but I need it so much. No bra. I never wear one on these occasions, I love to feel my breast swaying free when walking. No panties either. I love to feel the air between my thighs, on my shaven pussy. I love to know how vulnerable I am. I stand in front of the lobby’s huge mirror. No noise, nobody but me: I feel safe to...Read On


Saving the Business, a Cuckold's Story

“And I’ve got one more condition. I want to fuck Janet, right now, while you watch."

“Is everything ready?” I asked for maybe the tenth time. Janet, my wife, sighed, but she understood my nerves. This pitch I would be making to Mr. Slater from the venture capital group was my last shot. In fact, the company he worked for had passed on my proposal earlier last month, but he had shown some personal interest in my company. After what amounted to some begging on my part, he...Read On


June Takes Her Oral Exams

Orally yours

After June visited Toyland, it was now time for the oral lessons in her hot sex education. I knew the oral section would not be difficult for June. She was a natural. We waited about a week before the oral lessons began. That gap in time was an extremely difficult for June. She was like an insect emerging from a cocoon. She wanted and needed sexual relief. We talked about our agenda for...Read On

Comp Entry

Red Tails In The Sunset

Warm tropical breezes blow away his inhibitions.

We love each other and are happy together, but we’re also very honest and open with each other and we’d decided that we wanted more. More excitement, more adventure, more boldness, more… something. Anything. Maybe just more openness and honesty and a chance to explore and satisfy our curiosity. We’d married late, both thirty years old, and at forty-one we remained best friends as well...Read On


The High Mile Club

I was returning from Europe from a short vacation away from reality. God know I needed it so much. I guess I went a little wild while I was there, maybe you could call it the forties crisis. I even had a tattoo made. Me, the person always saying tattoos were too permanent for me. But, yes, I had a tattoo, just in my left inner wrist of the BDSM symbol. I’ve wanted to do it ever since...Read On


A Saturday Morning Surprise (Part 2)

Laura came back for more

About two days later, my stepdaughter handed me something. When I looked, I saw that it was a pair of panties and a smile spread across my face. I looked at her and she said, “Laura sent them to you.” I put them in a pocket and told Jessica, “Tell her thanks and ask her when we can get together again.” Jessica smiled and replied, “Oh, I know when you guys can get back together. Laura...Read On


Busted Again

First I bust my husband, now he busts me.

Maybe I should explain, Kristy is my best friend. She is 5’7” and has long, blonde hair that goes to her waist. Her body is a nice firm 38 DD-26-36. Me I’m only 5’5” and 36 B-29-38. Next to Kristy I’m plain Jane. Mike always fantasies about her when we have hard core sex. I never thought anything about it. We all fantasize when having sex. But last night when I caught them together, I...Read On


Camping with Friends - The Next Day

A devoted wife manipulates her husband into considering a three-some

My dear, sweet husband probably felt he was more hung-over than he actually was. He just couldn’t remember what happened and why he woke up with a sock stuck to his cock. This morning, he took a longer shower than normal, but by the looks of it, it didn’t help. While we sat at the picnic table, I watched him struggle with his memory as he cradled his hot cup of coffee. Nate wasn’t up yet....Read On


A Favour For A Friend — Part 1 of 7

A naughty seed is planted in my wife's mind

It was late afternoon on one of those rare days in late July in northern England when it was warm enough to sit outdoors until late in the evening long after dusk had fallen. Anne and I were round at our friends Ellen and David’s house, sitting in companionable silence on the patio with a glass of a nice chilled white wine in our hands. Our two teenage girls were knocking a shuttlecock back...Read On


Payback pt3

Chapter five: Getting to know each other better I don’t know how long I stayed in bed, unable to drift into sleep and rest a little. The fact that I couldn’t move into a more comfortable position wasn’t helping either. In the faint light I could see Daisy keeping a watch on me from where she was sat. “Daisy” I called. “Yes Mistress?” “Don’t call me Mistress, please, I am not one....Read On


Irene's story - Chapter 13 - Could Alfredo's child be growing inside me?

After allowing Alfredo to enter me unprotected, I miss my period

A little over three months ago I was a shy, normal, forty two year old housewife and mother of two living a comfortable life in Barcelona, Spain. I had never had intercourse with anyone other than my husband, Oscar. We had a good, albeit somewhat boring, marriage. I was not sexually satisfied, but I never thought about it much. Sex just wasn't a huge priority in my life. I felt sex was a...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop-chapter 35

Christmas Day and the lead up to the New Year's Day celebrations.

Tess lay in her hammock in the shade. Christmas lunch was over. The boys had cooked an enormous turkey with all the trimmings. They had waited for Geoff to arrive before they had opened the presents and then had eaten together. She knew she had over eaten and that tomorrow she would ask Dave to accompany her on a long ride on the mountain bikes to try and burn some calories. But now the...Read On


Kindling A Cuckold - Part IV

More revelations from Brian's Kindle takes Sara further down the road of self discovery

Sara wasn’t due to go into work until lunchtime next day so it gave her more time with Brian’s Kindle. Last night he had been reading John Grisham’s Gray Mountain so she made a mental note of the last read page number and then went through his library. He had a quite an extensive range of erotica and she noticed that many were of the Cuckold and Wife Lovers genre. It intrigued her. Going...Read On


John Tells Gil That He Is A Liar. #4

Gil thinks his friend John has no idea.

Previously, Gil called me on the pretense that he needed me to go to Monterey to help him fix his car, which was all a lie. After that happened we didn't see Gil for almost two years. Judy and I tried to find out what happened to him, but he was no where to be found. I finally made contact with his last roommate, he told me that Gil had gotten married and moved to another city. Gil married a...Read On

Comp Entry

My Very Special First Time

I was going to watch a movie with my crush, but things got out of hand

There’s this girl called Jenny. She works at the local supermarket just like I do. She’s the most beautiful girl I know. She’s got a petite figure with a great pair of boobs, not too big, not too small. I’m too shy to talk to her though. I’m pretty sure she’s got a boyfriend. I mean, she must have one, right? All the beautiful girls do. “Rick?” I heard a voice ask. I snapped out of...Read On

Comp Entry

Welcome to Exidon

Exidon: the newest and best Virtual Reality sex center

“Welcome to Exidon, the newest and best Virtual Reality sex center,” it said on the top of Ricardo’s induction pack. He was one of four new interns starting today. His friend, Jay had talked him into applying for a position and had also been invited to join the company. Ricardo was nervous. He never believed he would end up in one of those kind of companies. Exidon was breaking barriers when...Read On


We Met On A Plane

Just the beginning... We met on a plane. She was headed home, I was going to work.

My commute was a weekly juggernaut from Newark to Milwaukee. The Sunday afternoon flight gets me in in time to leisurely drive to the hotel, check in and then grab a nice dinner before relaxing for the evening in preparation for a set of four ten hour days. Unfortunately, the planes were alway packed, and with my six foot two frame, the flights were two hours of cramped discomfort. Most of...Read On


Becoming Succubi, chapter II

Part 2 of 4: A curious mission warrants curious possibilities.

I was furious at him for not telling me this. He had actually transformed me! However, at the same time I knew that this was my chance to prove my worth to him. It was an important mission and an adventure unlike anything I would ever experience again. I really wished to help my master and gain his full appreciation. Slowly, my rage subsided and gave way to a strange kind of resignation. It...Read On


Solarion Chapter I: Diane and the Massive Orgy at the Vita Amoris Beach Part 1

Diane lands on Planet Solaris upon their biggest cultural event celebrated with wild uninhibited sex

Diane Rosenfeld of twenty five years and shoulder length straight brown hair, emerged out of the Cleo-5 Space Station to the dazzle of a beautiful summer day in the city of Erostine, the commercial capital of the entire planet. She walked arm in arm with her elder brother Brian. Her head felt light with excitement. It was the first time she had left Earth and landed on Solarion, the planet...Read On


Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 14

Elizabeth tossed and turned in her bed, dreaming about what cruel creatures lurked beyond the confinement of Installation One. Being a member of the government’s elite science unit, it was her job to investigate the foul creatures left by the nuclear fallout. She had come face to face with most of the passive mutants left in the wastelands including two headed cattle, two headed stags as well...Read On


Ebony Crush

True story about my first crush. An interracial one at that. Written by my hubby. Enjoy!

At the age of seventeen I often worked as a house or babysitter. My favorite couple to babysit for was the Johnson family. They had recently emigrated from Liverpool, England and were often in need of sitter for a date night. The Johnson’s were a beautiful and caring interracial couple. Emily Johnson was thirty-five years old. Her hair was a lustrous fiery red. It flowed in waves to adorn...Read On