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You Want To Do What?

She asked if I would and I didn’t know if I could.

What? Are you talking to me? You are? Why? No, I can’t do a PM. I really have no idea what that is. I just found this place. Thank you, I created the profile about an hour ago. Oh my! Is that you? Do I want to fuck you? How is that possible in a chat room...

Rhythm, Flow, And Fever

A passionate love story unfolds as Diana, Drake, and Michael navigate romance, music, and unexpected opportunities while discovering the power of their unique bond

In the heart of New Orleans, Diana found herself captivated by the lively atmosphere that seemed to radiate from every corner. With a melting pot of cultures, jazz music poured over from cozy cafés, and the tantalizing smells from a gourmet market filled...

The Shrink #4 - Ann

The doctor gives an "anxious" lady a naughty massage.

I was reading my women's adult novel when the knock came on the front door. I knew who it was, and I was expecting him, but I was reading to give my mind another place to focus while I waited, since I was a little apprehensive about this visit. At the doo...

Game of the Year

Game-day was finally here! This one would be the biggest Game of the Year.

"The Game of the Year" Pre-Game Hype: We had been waiting for this day since it was on the schedule. Filled with yearning and emotion, although we tried to keep it cordial. The excitement of facing the best with the skills of a superstar gave the motivati...

Amy & The Paddle (YNAS) - Pt. 9

The lesson continues with the paddle driving them to more sexy fun!

“Can we both be naked now?” she asked in a cute voice as she started opening the buttons of my shirt, the only article of clothing left between us. Finally open, she pushed it over my shoulders to fall on the chair behind me. Putting her arms around me, s...

Sticky Situations

My habit of walking around the apartment naked has clearly become a source of concern for Sir.

Sir grumbled as he meticulously applied opaque stickers to our windows. "Why did you do that?" I inquired. "Because you walk around naked. I don't want our neighbours to film you, making you a FikFap star." "I'll start wearing clothes." Sir examined me, l...

The Felicity Chronicles — Chapter 3: Like A Virgin

My amazement and arousal continue as I am prepared for the moment of my deflowering.

Saturday, June 8, 1974 A few minutes after our visitors left, there was another knock at the door. My heart leapt, hoping it would be Felicity at last. It wasn’t, though how could I complain? Whoever this was, she was fucking hot! Mid-thirties: petite and...

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Guilty Pleasures

A father and his son's girlfriend discover a shared passion on holiday

Truth be told, I had never taken much notice of my son’s girlfriends. I was grateful I think that Jonno seemed to have a different ‘type’ to me. The girls he brought home were blondes or redheads, and what I guess you’d call “willowy.” I had always liked...

The Coffee Shop

A Younger Man

I was hanging out in my favorite coffee shop one morning. I love to just sit there and drink my coffee during the weekends and enjoy a cappuccino while people-watching. On this particular morning, I saw a much younger man walk in. He caught my eye immedia...

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Free Spirit

Winner $150, Second Place $100, Third Place $50

Donna Lee
The Tramp

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Open Late

A young fast food worker is seduced by his dream girl, a robot coworker.

In the future, robotics and advanced A.I. become a ubiquitous part of society, aiding mankind in all facets of everyday life. However, they still retained the cold impersonal look of a machine until a new development rocketed over the uncanny valley. Grow...

The cool Autumn air flowing through the open door disturbed the dusty webs of long dead spiders as we pushed the heavy wooden door inward. Only the whisper of the breeze, our breath, and the screech of the door's rusty hinges competed with the sound of my...

Cordelia's Feet

A class on French libertine literature opens the doors for a rather kinky, life-changing encounter

Much has been said about Cordelia Channings, but it usually boiled down to one fact - she was a queen bee. She had the aura and arrogance to make her peers fall all over each other to fulfill her every whim, and she knew it and took advantage of it. She w...

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