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How I Came To Be Me Part 2 Paris

Series: How I Came To Be Me

A young woman gains confidence through her mother's lover

I'd been working out religiously for four months, eating better, feeling good about myself. I could feel and see the changes in my body as did others. I wasn't the plain girl next door anymore. I was fit and becoming more confident. People complimented me asking if I'd lost weight; they could see it in my face.  Guys asked me out who weren't losers. I was loving my new body. The changes...Read On


Her First Tattoo

Lauren's first tattoo leads to a dirty weekend with her best friend and her stepdad

Lauren was just sixteen when she got her first tattoo. She didn't tell her mother, because she knew her mother would never approve, and she didn't want another fight. She had decided to get a little three-star tattoo just below her panty line, so she could show it in a tiny bikini but could keep it covered at home, and hide it from her mother and stepfather.  Lauren had been talking about it...Read On


Uni-days; Another Man's Fiancee

Greg sat in the foyah of Derby uni, eating a full English Breakfast, the fried food helping him regain his senses from the night of heavy drinking the night before. Still with getting drunk he was one of the first from the history course to arrive at Uni at seven in the morning. His mind wandered between the disappointment he felt with the Freshers Fortnight and thoughts of the attractive...Read On

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Alice's Very Naughty Adventures Chapter V: Captain Honeyglass

Alice didn’t have long to ponder her fate. Before she’d even finished her sigh, she heard a rattle of keys and the thump of boots. “Well, at least I shall have company,” she told herself out loud. “Perhaps it’s the captain and he wishes to explain that this has all been a misunderstanding and that I am free to go after, of course, he gifts me with a lovely new frock and undergarments...Read On


Spa break and loud neighbours

During a weekend spa break I hear the girl in the next room getting caned and fucked.

We'd been talking about a spa break for a while now. With Ann's upcoming birthday and a special offer at one of the hotels we'd been looking at, now seemed the right time. So we made a weekend spa break booking. Ann and I both liked staying in hotels. Having someone makeup your room each day and cook food for you was a luxury. We also liked fucking on all the furniture and trying...Read On


My Neighbor's Granddaughter

I didn't see this coming.

Every morning, I’d get up and before I would leave for work, I would water the plants on my second-floor balcony, except of course, during the winter months, when I’d bring them into the apartment. I always looked forward to the springtime, because the plants would be relegated to the confines of my small patio area and I enjoyed sitting around on my patio. This was how I met Gladys. Gladys...Read On


My First Time With A Couple

I met a woman online who wanted to share me with her man.

I met Susan on Craigslist. This was 2012.  I was a recent college graduate in a new city spending most of the time outside of work dressed as a woman.  It was easy enough to meet people for sex in dance clubs and fetish bars, but the internet offered the chance to find people who were a little more reserved and curious. At this point, I had more women’s clothes than men’s.  I had long...Read On


Alan And Eva And Kim...

Alan and Eva contiue their secret affair. Kim finds out and...

I opened my eyes and tried to clear the fog in my brain. Images flashed across my consciousness. Really nice images. Eva, my co-worker at Big 5, naked and her ripe ass pointing in my direction. My cock was pistoning in and out of her...tight asshole? What? I shook my head. I had used that image several times while jacking off since starting my new job. Eva was the clothing manager and she...Read On


Embarrassment And Lust On The Pier

Tight bike shorts can be revealing

Adam stood there on the Manhattan Beach pier enjoying the unseasonably warm springtime day. He was soaking up the sun and taking a break while trying to cool off from his intense midday bike ride. He pulled off his bike jersey and the blazing sun felt good on his bare skin. The water looked tempting but instead, he was enjoying watching four young women clad in skimpy bikinis frolicking...Read On


Chapter 18, The Affairs Circle Crumbles. Is My Husband Leaving Me? I Move Up

Series: Balinese Puppet Shadows

The affairs club breaks up in divorces aswife is terrified hus band is going to divorce her.

Erica's blabbing about our country-western bar hop and Thumper transformed “A-T” to "Now Now" into an “Affairs Circle” star. A trophy ring quest among the members ensued. It was notoriety I didn’t relish. Outsider’s gossip about members would eventually compromise my staid super mom/wife image. I wanted out. To exit, I stopped aiding and abetting their affairs, renounced mine, avoided those...Read On

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En France - Le Flambeur

Series: En France

My gamble failed, what did Anne-Pierre say and how much did Elodie know?

Warm and cloying, my t-shirt stained with her tears; the gamble failed. Her snivels broke the silence, the mournful spasms of distress: a heart-wrenching sound. I did this; I was responsible, convinced this was the beginning of the end. The burden so intense, I dared not look. Forcing myself, Elodie sat perched on the edge of the sofa. Body crunched up with a distant sorrowful expression....Read On


I Never Expected To See My Boss At A Topless Beach (Part 1)

Series: Girl-Next-Door Becomes A Slut In China

The president of our company fondled my tits in St. Martin. I got a promotion and big raise.

My name is Suzie, and people think of me as the wholesome girl-next-door.  I'm cute and intelligent with a killer body.  I'm a size zero with 32D-23-34 measurements.  I have tight abs and work out every day to stay in shape.  It's my passion. I graduated from college two years ago, and work in sales for a large industrial company. My steady boyfriend is two years older and works for the...Read On


True Love Waits. Part 2.

When a Western boy met an Eastern girl - a romance.

"Fate brings people together no matter how far apart they may be. Separated as we are, thousands of miles between us, we come together as if willed by destiny." *** He slowly opened his eyes to find himself staring up at a crystal clear blue sky and the sound of waves breaking upon the shore. After a moment, he sat up and looked around to discover he was on a golden sandy beach that...Read On


The first times(s).

Bording school fun.

         I went to boarding school in the northeast of England. My foster parents were both lecturers at university, so all of their time was taken up with work, but I did have a wonderful childhood with them. I was tall for my age, blonde with blue eyes, and had a bit of attention from boys but just couldn't see what they wanted. In truth I had little to no interest in boys, but at the...Read On


The Secret Sandy

I was separated from her daughter but my mother-in-law sucked me in...

This is the story of an experience I had years ago. I’ve never told anyone because it would have caused a lot of problems for various people if those various people ever found out. The names are changed, and the dialogue is paraphrased, but I remember most of this like it was yesterday so it is fairly accurate to the way things happened. My name is Rob. In 1983 I was twenty-seven years old...Read On


Stroking Me With Her Silky Panties

She'd caught me in her panties. Then she jacked me off with them...

I woke up on the sofa bed in the basement feeling guilty.  The covers were pulled up to my neck.  My pants and boxers were on the floor. I was wearing a tee-shirt and black panties with a floral print.   A few hours earlier, I’d been wearing the same panties while my aunt’s step-daughter jacked me off.  That was just after she caught me trying them on. She’d told me to keep them when...Read On


Date Night

This was the first time we'd gotten so intimate in a restaurant...

It was Friday night; I had been looking forward to this all week. John and I had agreed to put work, friends, everything on hold to enjoy each other’s company on a date night. The restaurant I had chosen I had been to once before on a work function. It was very upmarket. High ceilings, luxurious décor and candlelight added to the atmosphere of opulent decadence. I had gone minimal...Read On


Good Morning

The surprise of waking up next to a stranger was only the beginning

Opening my eyes, I blinked in confusion. The ceiling was a dingy off-white, rough spackle that could have literally been anywhere. It didn't bother me that I didn't immediately know where I was. What bothered me is what was missing. Taking a deep breath, I blinked a few times and tried to focus on the cracks in the ceiling. For years I'd endured countless nights of insomnia and the...Read On


Santa’s Friend - Father Time

Santa had a friend named Father Time

Santa’s Friend Father Time Father Time was old. So old he wasn’t entirely sure when he began. He knew he’d been around for as long as people had been around and he was the one who whispered about the passage of time to the earliest people. It was because of those whispers that people began to count time themselves. So he found himself watching and monitoring what people did as the...Read On


Spoils of War: Dark Angel

Just as I accept my end, an angel revives me and shows me true, unbridled passion.

I spend the better part of a day winding my way across the broken land. The white, icy belly of the glacier lies behind me, rays of sun scorching my watery eyes as she reflects the light towards her abandoner. The rugged, contoured and grey body of the mountain, her never-ending lover, seems to dislike my presence. Perhaps my bond with his love is too demanding. He places fast flowing creeks...Read On


First Dance

I stood looking at the woman holding my hand. The woman who was now my wife. Her sleeveless elegant white dress accentuated her curves without lewdly showing them off. The plunging neckline of the dress didn’t reveal bare flesh. The neckline was covered by a delicate lace with two flowers entwined, a red rose and a dark pink gerbera daisy. The red and pink petals were the only non-white...Read On

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The Best Of Friends; Part 4

Series: The Best of Friends

Jake pops the question, and the friendship takes a turn.

There was a nice little jewelry store in Montrose, but Jake wanted to go up to Grand Junction – or even into Denver, over five hours away – to shop a wider selection for “the perfect ring for the perfect girl”, as he put it. We settled on starting with Grand Junction, although making excuses to get away without Teri was a trick. In the end, we decided on a fake fishing trip, something she...Read On


Gene Has His Way With Kelly

Sixteen-year-old Kelly was coerced by a much older manager.

It was 1976. Kelly was sixteen and got her first job working in the bakery/deli at the local grocery store. As she was still in high school she worked a variety of shifts after school, evenings, and on weekends. The job supplied a hideous smock as their uniform. Kelly wore her own jeans and T-shirt under the smock. The smocks were also cleaned by the store. There was a small breakroom in...Read On


My Parrot story.

'Oh daddy' was the main record being played that night regardless of the dj.

During my online dating phase back in the POF and Latinchat era, I was killing it.  After talking online for sometime we decided to meet up.  She lived an hour away so it was just enough time to get to know each other and make her cum at least twice while fingering her in the car.  There's just something sexy about fingering a girl while driving.  People can look in and see how much fun you...Read On


A Wife Shared and Her Husbands Ulterior Motives

His decision to share me with strange men may have had other intentions

The silence was deafening. And although we had repeatedly spoken at length in preparation for this evening, we knew that talking about it now – though it might be stimulating – might also jinx the occasion. Plus, the mental images that we were likely both having might have been just as stimulating. We had discussed it enough and we both knew it was time to put our plan into action. Therefore,...Read On


A Case Of Mistaken Identity

A sweet sisterly switch.

I was dating a woman some years back right after she divorced. It’s not unusual to come across divorced people dating in my age group, considering the rate of divorce in the US.  If you read either “Payback” or “The Divorce Decree” you will remember my  friends John and Mary.  I had known Mary as a friend quite a while before her divorce. We began casually getting together right after...Read On


Jungle Love, Chapter 4

After winning their freedom, the group began the trip back home. But what about Tika?

Pauhacutec grinned broadly, he had wanted a chance for a little payback after the humiliating incident at the canyon and now he was going to get the chance. Plus killing this strange yellow hair in front of everyone would add to his “reputation” around the village. He grabbed his spear and an extra one. He shoved the extra spear at Dr. Anderson and then walked back a few paces. They...Read On

An Unexpected Question

My Doctor and her wife approach me about helping them get pregnant

Would you help my wife and I have a child? This question came from a customer of mine that also happens to be my Doctor.  Sharon and I have been friends for many years but travel in different circles, so we don't socialize often.  I ran into Sharon at the local grocery store last Sunday morning.  Since we both seemed to be following the same direction through the store, we chatted along...Read On


Chapter 17, A Potter’s Spinning Wheel, Birds Sing Approval, Then It’s Over Again

Series: Balinese Puppet Shadows

After one night stand the wife seeks out a better quality relationship for her aduletry.

With my mind and heart nixing bar hopping, Vixen out of control, I compromised and sought trophy quality, so I told myself. Annually our community held a summer Pacific Northwest Art Fair. It excluded the trinkets found at Saturday Markets and was reserved for artists who made their wares, a good place to find a trophy lover. To attract one, I displayed my art and wore stressed Levi hot...Read On



A reunion in a hotel leads to a quick breathless encounter.

It has been seven months since we last saw each other. Wow! Seven months! I remember when we couldn’t go seven days without seeing each other. Our decision to take a break over the summer holidays wasn’t unique as we have done that a couple of times to concentrate on our real lives. The decision at the end of the summer to call it quits wasn’t a surprise either. We had enjoyed a...Read On