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To Yellowstone And Beyond

Fulfilling a mutual fantasy at the hands of a very talented dancer.

While driving to Yellowstone we were passing the time by playing a game of “would you rather...?” I asked you, “Would you rather see a striptease from a man or a woman?” After some thought, you replied, “A woman would be better because they are more sensu...

Tempted - Part 2

I was thrilled that this body I had concealed for so long could stir men's desires.

Chapter 4 The bubbles thank god for the bubbles. I was thankful that they obscured my body. I was still in the throes as my husband stood smiling at me. He was hopefully unaware that he had walked in on his wife climaxing. I tried maintaining my composure...

My Lush Affair

Story comments leads to a heated affair

This story starts with a woman on this site reading my stories and making comments. We would message each other and chat from time to time. It was all innocent flirting. She lived a few states away, and I don’t think either of us expected it to turn into...

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Blame It On The Island

Father and daughter are stranded together on a remote island. What could happen?

I slowly opened my eyes and realized that I was wet and sandy. Where am I? I think I see a girl kneeling beside me. I was hit on the head, but now I’m coming to… I recognized this beautiful girl is my daughter. As consciousness returns, I ask, “Alyssa, wh...

The Windows

When two people challenge each other to masturbate in front of their windows, causing great delight to voyeurs

“Oh, God, until you finally deign to call,” I said. “So you're the son of a bitch who delights in watching me from the window in your room.” “You can call me Andrew. And yes, I am the voyeur who enjoys watching you every afternoon while you work out. It's...

Love & Nature Pt.42

Ragden, Aria, Emily and Sarah head to Roy's house to help him with his math...

“Excuse me, lover boy,” Jennifer cut in. Everyone turned to look at her. She held up a plate with a large sandwich, a huge pile of sliced turkey and ham crammed into the middle of it. “If you are quite through, I would suggest you eat this before you have...

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My New Friends Ch. 01

I visited my friend when his wife wasn’t home.

I met Lucas and Emily a few months ago. We all had such a wonderful time at the very first meeting that we continued to see each other every week. They would pick me up, drive me back to their place, and we would fuck on and off throughout the day. It was...

First Time Shared

The first time that my husband shared me with another man. A true story.

I paced the bedroom floor, anxiously waiting for my husband to return. I wore a pink silk nightgown that floated around me as I paced back and forth, trying to calm my nerves and breathe. I stopped pacing when I heard the front door open and close. I hear...

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Search and Seizure

A young detention officer gets some hands-on training.

“Jacobs, you’re gonna be with the bitches today.” That was Sergeant Fox, my supervisor, a man so fat that his girth threatened to shear off the armrests on either side of the spindly office chair that was currently groaning underneath his immense bulk. “W...

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