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Party Story

A true story about discreet sex in a dark corner at a party

This is a story about one of my earlier, more memorable sex experiences, when I was at university during my early twenties and had never had a fuck other than in private surroundings.  It took place in a dark corner at a party with a fairly new girlfriend.   We had been on our own, smooching and kissing in a dark corner for some time. My girlfriend was sitting across my lap; it was late and...Read On


Twin Vacation Part 2

The next morning, I woke up with a normal morning hard-on. I began replaying the scene from last night in my head. My twins sister’s ass in a thong under me while soaking her panties in my cum. Her coming into my room sitting on my stomach rubbing herself spilling her girl cum all over my stomach. I was shooting another load on to my stomach in no time. And then it hit me: I never cleaned...Read On


Naked & Terrified Ch. 2

Survivalist mother forces nerdy son out into the wilderness naked and terrified.

The appointed weekend for him and his parent to spend a week naked out in the wilderness quickly came. So, they drove out to a far-out location and took a half-day hike all the way into the forest before stopping in the middle of a sea of trees. “Why in the world did I agree to this foolish expedition again?” he sighed out loud, peering up at the tall treetops above. “Because I let you...Read On


Chicago '42: Part One

A sequel to private investigator, Cliff Bradley's, "The Fatal Lie"

The Alderman Cliff Bradley was one bullet short of making the Chicago Daily News obits in the summer of 1930. He had gotten tangled up with the mob who got itchy about a bundle of misplaced cash. They wanted it back. It turned out that 10K had been stolen by a teen-age hooker who considered it a tip. Unfortunately, the Chicago outfit didn't see it that way. They terminated both...Read On

Rose's Video Chapter 11: Chase Enjoys The Show

Even when fighting a hangover, Chase finds something out.

POV: Chase   "Fuck me," I moaned, covering my face with both hands. I rubbed it for a moment as I groaned and stretched out my legs too. Then I had to do the same for my arms also which lasted a moment as well. After that, I calmly rose up. "Damn, I have to stop going out with Jim and Bill," I let out, closing my eyes and slanting my head back. "Every single time I do, I feel like shit...Read On


44DDs Part 2

Gwen gets tits fucked by Nicky, but the fun has only begun.

After hearing Stanley and Corrine’s conversation before, during and after fucking, my pussy was dripping and I was furiously masturbating. Fingering my cunt and rubbing my clit. I was aroused like an animal in heat. As a huge orgasm was approaching, I began to moan. When it hit, I must have moaned loud enough to catch the attention of Corrine and Stanley, because the closet door flew open,...Read On


Tom, The Boarder - Fellatio Or Else

Tom drives a hard bargain

Tom spread my legs, saying, "Now, for the best part, you'll love this," as he disappeared between them, I felt kisses on my thighs and tongue slurps until he got to my lady parts. Oh my god, I don't know what he was doing down there, but it felt even better than his big cock in my whoo-ha. I came harder than I ever had in my life. Oh my goodness, that was the best thing ever. Bill had...Read On


The VIP Room

I had the most amazing sex of my life when I was invited to the VIP room.

I was on the dance floor when they spotted me and started making their way to me. When they got to me one of the men leaned down to my ear, “Miss, we’d like to invite you to the VIP room.” I looked at him in surprise. “Me?” “Yes ma’am. Would you like to come?” I looked at him and the other three men who were with him and smiled. “Hell yes, I’d love to.” I was happy. This was my lucky...Read On


L014: Lizzy’s Story: Lizzy’s Vacation 3

Lizzy and her Daddy begin their new life together. A vacation first before it really begins

With all my excitement about being on vacation with my Daddy, I forgot some of the details about where we are staying.  First, as I think I mentioned earlier, I am about five-foot-four, rather busty, and have a bit of a stomach, making me the perfect little girl for you, my Daddy Daniel.  You are six-foot-two and well-built so it is easy for you to lift and carry me around.  This...Read On


S.E.X.I. Summer

The Regents.

Summer at S.E.X.I He chased her across the quad, her skirts flying, her laughter soaring.  She looked back and sprightly jumped away from his grasping hand, her hair whipping around her face obscuring her view. Then she tripped and landed with her skirt up around her waist, her gentle charms at once thrust into view. He tumbled down beside her and pulled her into him. She wrapped herself up...Read On



My organic and orgasmic visit to Germany…

If you are not familiar with this term Woofer, it is basically an acronym for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. I know that many would associate it with the word ‘Woof,’ referring to hairy gay bears and cubs, etcetera. Please, however, allow me to explain myself more fully by relating this story to you. After finishing school I decided to enroll at an agricultural college. Yes, I...Read On


The Business Trip, Part 1

John leaves for a business trip...

John and Emily were your typical American couple. They were in their late twenties, happily married for five years, and lived in a townhouse in San Francisco. John stood at five feet eleven inches tall, with blond hair and ice-blue eyes. He was of average build, not thin, not overweight. Emily was petite, standing at just five feet tall. She also had blond hair; it was straight and reached...Read On


The Swans Neck: chapter four

Ealdgyth needs Danegyth

It was colder than charity outside our chamber on the morn of Christmas tide. Ealdgyth refused to attend Mass, and when my Lord sent a messenger to order her to do so, she threw her shoes at him. 'Tell my faithless husband that he is in a state of mortal sin! He should not go to Mass. He's a bastard!' With that she threw her shoe at him. No other messenger came. I held my Mistress....Read On



A long time ago in a forgotten land.

The sun, weak and pale, was sinking slowly through gathering clouds toward the waiting earth. It cast a faint rose color over the black, bare branches of the forest waiting just beyond the edge of the village. Already she could hear the excited laughter of the gathered members of her clan. Suddenly a break in the clouds shot a brilliant shaft of light straight where she stood. A path! A...Read On


The Education of Marnie: Part 3

Grey takes Marnie's virginity

Marnie and Morgan announced their arrival at my front door in the usual way with Morgan singing out, "Grampa, we're home." I smiled from my easy chair, turning to look at the identically dressed best buddies. Morgan attempted to disappear, leaving Marnie and me alone. "Hold on their, Kitten," I said. "Why don't you stick around. Stay with us. I know you're going to watch us anyway. You might...Read On


Summer Discoveries No. 7: Long Enough

Steph’s fantasy about her best friend’s boyfriend, told from her perspective

Birds chirped. The sun felt warm on my skin. There was a gentle breeze. My eyes opened, and I saw the lake. The light breeze caused the smallest of crests upon the ripples in the water. My chin was on Jack's chest. We were both naked. On the lounger beside the pool. At the lake house. My immediate thought was minor panic that we'd be late to pick up the kids. They were at my parents'...Read On

Recommended Read

Her Flock

Mary's little lamb has a big cock.

Kayla moaned into Mary’s folds, her tongue driving the older woman into even more intense throes of climax.  Mary’s hands were entwined in Kayla’s short blonde locks, alternately pulling her against, and shoving her away from her climaxing pussy.  Kayla’s face was smeared with the older woman’s juices, and she was still lapping for every drop she could get. Ever so slowly, she let Mary...Read On


Heidi (Ch.02)

Jealous Heidi takes advantage of the man locked in her cage

Jack woke the next morning to the feel of hands caressing his neck. He stared into the darkness of Heidi’s underwear and shorts that had so completely taken away his sight. “Heidi?” There was no reply, just the constant clinging of the silk and denim that enclosed his head and removed his senses. Heidi’s used clothing was also limiting his air, forcing him to lie still and behave,...Read On


Pool Party

Swimming without my suit available.

One afternoon, Linda, a senior like me, but at Hockaday Girls Academy in Dallas, got me to drive her home from school in her sexy uniform with the short little skirt and white panties underneath. She had a pool in her backyard, so she invited me to go for a swim. She knew I didn't have a suit, so I think she planned it that way. I told her, there was a problem, me not having a suit. She...Read On


Taking Mrs. Greene, Chapter 1

Now it was time to turn his attention to his girlfriend's mother!

Introduction: The following story is a sequel to my story Ore- gasm   (found in the Outdoor category) and picks up where it left off. It is suggested that you read Ore- gasm before starting this one as it will introduce you to the characters and how they got to this point, making this story easier to understand. It had been six months or so since that first picnic and trip to the...Read On


A Monkey On Her Back, sixth and final chapter

Fuck me in the shower, Johnny.

We spent a long night out in the garden fucking and sucking each other, but by far the sexiest moments were those when I watched mum and Ginny doing things to each other. It was late when we staggered up to bed, but even then they hadn't finished with me. Mum reached for me and rolled on top of me whilst Ginny inserted my shaft into mum's warm sex and when I came for the last time that...Read On


Jimmy And Amy's Forbidden Weekend

This is a story told from a man and a woman's perspective about a passionate weekend away together.

Amy I'm going to be late. It took forever to collect my bags and find a taxi. I hope he's still there. What am I doing? Will we have chemistry, or will it be awkward? I am crazy? Ha-ha, this is crazy! I am married, he is married. I'm so going to hell. Jimmy I cry from joy. I weep for the realization that I will see you soon. It has been too long in the making. We have spent too much...Read On


Another Version of Share and Share Alike, Part 3

Couple entertain college roomies.

Dan and I had a surprise visit from two young men traveling through our town en-route home from college. The elder, Elli, just graduated. He brought along his eighteen-year-old freshman roommate. ‘Share and share alike’ was how Don and I  described my only extramarital tryst. Our neighbors, Elli’s parents, moved away, so Elli bunked with us for a few days before he got underway to college....Read On


Temporary Cock, Part 4

Liv and Trish admit their feelings and sleep together

We staggered into Liv’s bedroom, frantically kissing and touching. She stumbled backward and ended up leaning on the edge of her desk. I straddled her leg and pushed my thigh between hers. She moaned happily at the stimulation and returned the favor by rolling her hips against me, putting pressure on my cock. We moved together, grinding and gasping as we kissed. She pulled the band from...Read On


The Trip Report

This story is about our first trip to a clothing-optional (sex positive) resort

I married young and things have continued to be pretty hot for us both over the last seven years. However, like most married couples we decided we wanted to try some new things. I expressed my desires to my hubby and to my surprise he said, “I’ve come to realize the thing that gets me going the most is knowing you’re turned on by something taboo. I live vicariously through your sexuality.” I...Read On


My Fetish--Sex With Older Men

I like sex with older men between forty and sixty

My name is Riley and I am twenty-three years old. I know that I have a strange fetish but I love sex with older men between the ages of forty and sixty. In fact, I lost my virginity the summer I turned seventeen to my neighbor who was fifty years old. His name was Ben and there was nothing really sexy about him. He had a small beer belly and a stubby four-and-a-half-inch cock. Why I chose him...Read On

Comp Entry


A college student learns that others know his mom better than he does…

1 I accidentally slept with your mom. The woman uncomfortably shuffled on the dock where they were sitting. “Interesting word choice. How’d that make you feel?” “I was stunned. I felt violated.” “Violated?” “Yes.” “How so?” “She’s my mom.” The young man sat expressionless, with his feet lifelessly dangling in the water next to the woman’s. He looked considerably more troubled...Read On


Showing Off For Mom

Mom notices her son in a special way and begins to wonder

It was a warm, summer day and we had return from an outing at the beach. After taking showers, we were all relaxing in various states of repose. I was thinking about a cool dinner menu; my husband was asleep in his recliner; my high school daughter was on her phone and my college sophomore son was slumped in the family room easy chair. Since his arrival for summer break, I had noticed that...Read On


The Maid Part 3: Three Into Three Makes One

Katie does what she’s asked and lends a helping hand

 It didn’t take me long to get into the bedroom with Cee with Katie not far behind.  Cee spoke up and said, “Katie, I want you to stand near the bed, but you cannot join us unless you are asked to. If you are invited, you are to do as we ask. Is that understood?” “Yes, ma’am.” “Good. Now take off your shorts and stay where you are.”   “Yes, ma’am.” She didn’t hesitate to remove her...Read On


The Knock

She had no idea what she was in for

It was all she could do not to watch the clock. She paced back and forth through the house, a not-so-easy feat due to the black leather heels he had told her to wear. They went well with the lace lingerie he provided but they were foreign to her. Not anything like she was used to.  Allyson was more of a casual girl and it was Max’s laid-back spirit that attracted her to him. He was easy to...Read On