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Smooth Talker

Her son's friend has a way with words, and with his cock.

I jumped at the sound of the door opening behind me. There was no time to put out my cigarette. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Corey. His tall, muscular frame was silhouetted by the light from the kitchen. "What are you doing out here, Valerie?" The grin...

Joan And Her Husband Become Even Closer Too The New Neighbors -Part Two

The Morning After The House Warming Brings Heated Passion Into The Bedroom.

Joan woke up with the sun streaming through the bedroom window. Both the neighbors and her husband were all sleeping naked, in one soiled bed. Joan thought to herself, what have we done? Joan was lying on her back naked between Doug and Kay. She could fee...

Controll, Ch 6, Cheyenne

The boys do some work for the neighbor

We banged on the door and then tried the doorbell. I knew she was home alone because I watched her husband leave with a golf bag. Standing there for several minutes, David asked, “Are you sure about this? She probably chickened out.” “That would suck,” Ja...

Free Use for Poker Night

Amanda and her husband Josh have something special planned for his weekly poker night with friends.

“Okay, Rob deals first since he won last week,” Justin said, checking the notebook where he kept a running record of their weekly poker nights. It had been a tradition since they’d taken a trip to Vegas to celebrate their 21st birthdays nearly ten years e...


A devout believer confesses a little too much.

“Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.” “How long has it been since your last confession, my child?” Kelly clenched a little at hearing Father Ambrose call her his child. Of all the priests in the parish, he was the one she least wanted to disappoint. Ta...

Melina's Birthday

The birthday celebration of a young woman who marveled at many women for pleasure and love

Two weeks later, in that same masturbation club, a "squirt shower" took place. That's what I called it, because I had never before witnessed so many jets of vaginal fluid. In my mind I remember with enchantment the strongest moment of that night. The birt...

The Cougar And Larry The Twenty-Four-Year-Old Black Virgin

Larry was brilliant, a nerd and a good looking young black man, and I was to be his first lover.

Larry was a twenty-four-year-old lanky black man, with decent looks, and a nerdy super-smart commodities trader. I knew his boss, Ronald, who was asked to meet him in a bar frequently by wealthy young traders. Ronald described his young prodigy, who wante...

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I Thought He Was My Boyfriend

I thought my boyfriend was the one joining me in bed.

It was my best friend’s house party at a new place that he and his fiance had moved into. It was a chill night where the drinks and smokes kept everyone high. My boyfriend was with me and I had a good chill session after a long time. I was planning to sta...

Meeting Claire

I am a 40 something mom, who is also an exhibitionist who is always on the lookout for a new convert to exhibitionism.

I was alone in a family restaurant when my eye caught a young woman, maybe nineteen or twenty years old who kept glancing over at me. She was blonde and very pretty but what caught my eye was the outline of her nipples through her thin top, she was not we...

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Kiss me now, feel my heat Do not think about maybe nor tomorrow Take in your hands this , your gift One heart beats to the rhythm of the other Your steps will bring you closer to me Fate brought us here today Breathe my desire for you Listen to the whimpe...

She Did

Without trust and honesty there can be no real emotional attachment.

Grey and dreary was today She sat in sad, utter dismay Her world had gone all astray Two lovers had come her way One dark of night, one light of day Slow and smooth was his pursue He spoke of honesty, just not true Soon he would cast his darkest hue Webs...

Sunday Service

A married couple can't keep their hands off each other.

Matthew F. X. Fitzgerald’s morning erection hovered over the sink as he leaned against the vanity. A pair of brown eyes stared blankly back at him from the mirror. Blink. He popped the toothbrush into the brass holder and wandered down the hallway, trying...

Alice's Awakening

Alice begins her journey of sexual discovery.

If there was one rule in her life that Alice had always felt she’d be able to abide by, it was the ‘NO OFFICE ROMANCE’ rule. Why then was this new email notification giving her such an intense and unfamiliar fluttering in the pit of her stomach? Her morni...

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