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Party Dreams

You whisper "White Rose"

I envision a cocktail party, you looking even more smokin' in a pale blue dress. You notice my tenting in my trousers as I'm holding your waist. We are in a random conversation with a few guests, but you excuse us, leading me into an open unisex restroom....

The Replacement

Losing my vibrator turned out to be the best thing ever.

Frustrated, I searched the bedroom for my favorite vibrator, only to come up empty-handed. Convinced that Sir had hidden it to torment me for cumming without permission, I confronted him. "Did you take my pink vibrator?" "No." His smoldering grin made my...

The Steele Files: (C4) The New Project

After accepting his new position, as Ms. Steele’s Personal Assistant, He got a surprise about the new project.

Darren woke up the next morning, following his extensive interviewing process for his new position, with a huge smile and an extremely hard cock. He still couldn’t believe how his life changed. He still couldn’t believe how the women at Steele Enterprises...

Love & Nature Pt.36

Aria joins Ragden, Sarah & Emily for dinner...

Ragden walked quietly behind Sarah and Emily as they headed down the stairs. He could hear Jennifer and Michael in the kitchen preparing food. Sarah and Emily giggled; their heads were close together as they talked passionately about something. Ragden cau...

After All This Time

Friends and coworkers finally found love

I have worked with Claudia for twenty years. As she approaches fifty, she still looks like she did when she was thirty. She has a petite frame with just enough curves to catch your eye. She still exercises and does yoga. Her petite breasts give her some c...

Karen's Bachler/Bachelorette Party The Night Before Our Wedding.

This is a true story about the party the night before our wedding.

Karen and I planned to marry on June 23, 2007, at a quaint little chapel on the outskirts of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The chapel was a log cabin, and the package included a two-night stay in one of their cabins. We decided to arrive there a day early, le...

The Monster’s Darkness

Loneliness transforms what once was bright into a darkness and an empty shell creating a monster

She looked and saw past what I had become Under the weight of loneliness Where I wear the universe like a cloak pressed around me pinned holding me close dragging me closer to the black hole of its wild womb ~ She gathers up the shards of warm fire laught...

My Mind’s Eye

I stumble upon you in my mind

I found a photograph of you in my mind. Even there the corners were blunted, a wrinkle creasing the left side. But your beauty is unmarred by the ravages of scattered files and folders in my head. I gaze at you. My fingers fluttering against weathered cor...

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Her Son's Roommate

A mother's surprise visit to her son's dorm room takes a lustful turn

Miriam's son had been away from home for two years, but she visited him at least once a month at the university dorms. It was a three-hour drive, which she enjoyed making to get away from the routine. However, this time, she hadn't told him about her visi...

The Coach

Coach caught me with another guy.

I got out of the locker room shower, drying off my hair and body with a towel. Nobody had suggested anything so far that day, so I assumed that I didn't have any clients. I slipped on my shorts and top and carried my belongings out to my locker. And, sure...

Playtime With My Babysitter And My Coach

Mrs. Jones, my mature neighbor, teaches me how to give my first blowjob and uses my volleyball coach as a practice subject.

I lock eyes with my babysitter, Mrs. Jones, who is kneeling naked between my volleyball coach's legs, her hand firmly gripping his shaft and her mischievous smile aimed directly at me. My tongue darts out, moistening my lips, as I imagine the coach's cock...

If You Fly, I'll Buy - Part One

How far would you go to keep sex beyond exciting?

In the earlier years of our marriage, my husband, Kevin, and I realized that we’d done almost everything we could think of to keep feeding our extraordinary libidos in a monogamous relationship. We discovered the wonderful world of the Dominant/submissive...

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The Wynford Wives

A young wife begins to suspect that something is frighteningly wrong in her new idyllic neighborhood

IThe young housewife, somewhere in her mid-thirties but still radiating with youth and vitality, twinkled her eyes at Abbey and said, “Welcome to Wynford! You’re really going to love it here! It’s a lovely town with lovely neighbours! You couldn’t have ma...

The Ghost on Forest Lane

Fifty years after an 'unfortunate' death, not only the truth, but more is revealed....

On Forest Lane a ghost resides, who in the darkness howls and cries. In moonless night he strolls outside, to find a victim for his plight. A careless soul he’ll bind and tow, into his basement down below. To use his soul for better or worse to find a way...

Garden Of Eden

Eden uses her garden to entertain the boy next door

I was so ashamed.Ashamed, and yet, with the revelation of what I had done, the memories of it – my obsession of it, really – are still as powerful as the sex itself.I am like a million other women, I think. No matter how we have lived - even those with su...

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