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Best Served Cold - Chapter 6, The Party, Best-Laid Plans

It was days later, and she hadn't given up trying to persuade me to go with her. I watched as she undressed for bed, and she paused as she slid her panties off, knowing I might give in if she gave me her 'come fuck me' look. "I'm not sure it's a good idea, Linda. Wouldn't it be awkward?" Her office party was in two weeks, and spouses were invited. I knew some of the people she worked with,...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 17

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Kim helps Heather pick out lingerie.

I kissed a girl, and I liked it...  Katy Perry's fun little anthem was playing in the lingerie store as I walked in. CJ comes home tonight, so I was hoping to find something cute for his first night back. I also needed some bigger bras, desperately. "I'd love to see THIS on you," I heard from behind me. I turned around to see Kim standing behind me, holding up a light blue satin and...Read On

Recommended Read

A Very Hot Time in Sin City

Series: Life and Times of a Horny Couple

A little flashing in the casino turned into a winning time!

It had been several years since Erica and I had been to Las Vegas, so we decided to head west for some relaxation. After a trip with the usual flight delays, we made our way to our hotel on the boulevard. Upon check in we went to our unit and did some unpacking and freshened up a bit. We spent the first day and evening exploring and getting a feel for the city again. My wife, Erica, is a...Read On


A Different Way That Covid Affected Our Family Part 4

Jack walks in on his daughter eating out his wife after his son had just fucked his wife.

I looked at Jack, my eyes blazing with lust, having just been fucked by our son for the first time. I was now on my back, legs spread wide as our gorgeous daughter was licking my spunk-filled cunt, licking out her brother's cum.  Society would label us immoral and evil, having descended into the realms of debauchery and sin. But as a family, we had risen to a plain of unbridled love and...Read On


Cocklust Ch. 18

Series: Cocklust

Scott and Chad figure out their next steps.

We ended up spending the night at the twins’ place.  Their bed wasn’t meant for four people— at least not for actual sleeping— but we made it work.  We basically got really friendly: whenever one of us moved, the rest of us would feel it. When I woke up the next morning, I found our blanket had fallen to the floor, and a bunch of our limbs were draped over the others.  I was basically lying...Read On


I Want You, Kali

After Robert is caught, what does he tell his step-daughter?

My skin cringed, and my heart felt like it stopped. "Robert?" Kali asked, rising and covering herself. "What the hell, dude?" "I'm sorry," I apologized, closing the door. I pressed my back on the door and vibrated like mad as I put my wood away. I didn't even know what to do, but I knew that her mom was just thirty feet away, only separated by a couple of walls. I had no idea if she'd...Read On


The reluctant daughter

Do I want to teach her English? Among other things.

El Tablado is on the east coast of Tenerife and I was living there because it was cheap. Tenerife is a Spanish island off the coast of north Africa, so it has its own identity and is not sophisticated like Madrid or Barcelona. It was the weirdest town I had ever lived in, so small it was almost a village, with one small shop that was like the focal point and a little, cramped, dark,...Read On


416 -Part - 15

Series: 416

Lesbian sorority girls arrive on Ecstacy Island.

"Stop it, Barney." Shelly squealed as two hands slid under her blouse, mauled her massive tits, and tweaked her nipples. "Who the hell is Barney?" asked Ed as he released her breasts and came to sit across from her at the patio table. "Barney, the pool boy. He has a real fixation on my tits. So when I'm around, he can hardly keep his eyes off of them," Shelly said with a giggle. "Has...Read On


Amazing Grace Part Nine - Chapters 33-36

Grace and Mac are apart for the first time since the beginning of their relationship.

Chapter Thirty-Three Grace sat curled up in her favorite chair in the library with a cup of tea and her laptop. Dominic’s flight wasn’t until later in the evening, so he and Mac were in the theatre room watching more Three Stooges and laughing like hyenas. Grace could only handle watching Moe poke Curly in the eyes so many times, so she’d opted out of the father/son bonding activity. ...Read On


The Bad Girls Club, Chapter 3

Series: The Bad Girls Club

It was Kim's turn and after being interrupted with Holly, I was more than ready for her!

I admit I was a little disappointed my plans had gotten off to such a rocky start, but I brushed it aside and looked forward to Wednesday with Kim.  I had been given a little cautionary warning about Kim and Heather the first time I had them in my office. Miss Blakely had told me that the girls had a habit of trying to use their "womanly charms" to get out of trouble – and get the guys into...Read On


Confessions of a West Palm Slut - Daylight Fading (Chapter 5)

A woman moves to Florida and finds her way.

Jimmy had scored tickets to the National Championship.  Florida was playing Ohio State.  The only issue was the game was in Atlanta. Flights and hotel rooms weren’t cheap.  Jimmy had asked around but most people he knew had gone to see Florida win the national championship the year before.  I knew Jimmy must be desperate if he was willing to let me tag along.   There was one problem....Read On


Put A Ring On It

Jody, the houseboy, is owned by his employer

Jody had been hired as Mr. Wyler's houseboy and valet for a month when one morning Mr. Wyler told him he was giving Jody a new responsibility. “You've shown a good sense of responsibility so far, Jody,” he said. “Thank you, Sir.” “I have a new set of tasks for you to include in your repertoire.” “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir,” Jody replied. Mr. Wyler removed a key from his set and unlocked...Read On


Pokemon Sissy Type: I Choose You!

A crossdresser with a Pokémon obsession and his fibro partner re-evaluate their relationship.

Sir knew that his sissy boy liked pokemon but underestimated just how much when he accidentally found a binder in the bedroom one day full of printed pokemon fanfiction porn and fan art he’d collected and commissioned.  It was labeled as  ‘the secret stash’.  Where normally,  someone’s stash included bondage art of porn stars or a DVD of hardcore fucking involving a babysitter and a delivery...Read On



A perfect student samples the older man…

Megan was eighteen when we first met, with long dark hair, brown eyes, a beautiful smile, and a perfect figure. All in all, she was hot as hell. Unbelievably, she never had a fixed boyfriend (or girlfriend), which always baffled me as I would have expected to see people queuing up for her, but she was quite a shy girl really – especially with me. She was a hard-working, studious type of...Read On



A massage therapist breaks his moral code.

My name is Gerry. I moved from New York to California in 2001; I was twenty-one.  I had a three-year soccer scholarship to attack. It didn’t quite work out for me, I was plagued with a bunch of niggly injuries, which I couldn’t quite shake physically, so my peers on the course overtook me, and eventually left me for dead. I was still physically fit and exercised every day, I was in pretty...Read On

We Do Bob & Amy, Part 1

Series: Rebecca & George Swing

We unexpectedly get our chance with Bob and Amy.

So, here we are again as I attempt to tell you the story of our time with Bob and Amy. I'll try not to drift off-topic this time, but I make no guarantees. As I said before, we met them while visiting our daughter and her family. We did this every other weekend on Saturdays. The neighborhood parents would all get together in the evening after the kids were all in bed. They would talk about...Read On


Maybe Next Monday

She returns to the coffee shoppe and we watch other get off in public

Wednesday came and, as soon as I woke up, so did I. My wakeup orgasm did little to quench the fire in my pussy so I tried putting it out with the shower massage. I began getting ready for work but then remembered that I had traded days with Marcy so I could have the day off. I then took my time selecting clothing that was sexy but not brazenly advertising my charms, did my makeup to...Read On


The Neighbour's Mother

Mother of next door neighbour moves in for a few days to the delight of lonely man

Jason Cantwell was not a very happy man at the moment and he had not really been happy since his now ex-wife left him for a younger man. Jason himself was only aged thirty-eight and he was missing female company. He was not a bad-looking man but all the females in his circle of friends and at work were married and apparently happily so. Due to his own experience, he would be reluctant to...Read On


A TRANS Formation - Chapter 25 - Unplanned Threesome

Series: A TRANS Formation

On her date with Gary, Jill gets much more than she expected.

Jill's been dragging ass all day at work. She felt recovered and energetic yesterday, but the late-night sex with Allie took its toll on her body again. When he gets home, Allie isn't waiting for her at the door. Instead, Jill finds her sleeping on the living room couch. When she goes into the boy's room to shed Jerry's work clothes, she sees Allen's work clothes thrown on the floor. ...Read On


Jess and the life changing weekend: Part five.

Jess realises she has made a mistake and enlists the aid of her best friend.

Chapter Eight. The rest of the day was spent naked. We swam, we relaxed and talked. We ate a lunch that Jeremy made for us all and even napped in the afternoon after making each other cum once again; this time Jeremy filled my mouth with his cum. Every second of it was spent naked. I had never felt so alive. Eventually, I scooped my swimsuit out of the pool and decided I needed to go...Read On


The Breeding of Laura - Part III (Finale)

Series: The Breeding of Laura

Laura conceives

Tom had coffee on the go when they emerged from the bedroom. He poured some for them and kissed Laura as he handed her a mug. “Everything okay?” “Yes,” she snapped. “You should have told me that you had been for tests.” He turned away sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I should have done but I… I” “It’s okay… water under the bridge now,” she interrupted. “Anyway, Jason’s moving in with us. He’ll...Read On

Recommended Read

The First Time Was An Accident

It really was embarressing, once!

My face reddened as I saw what the bagger pulled out of my environmentally friendly reusable grocery bag that I also use for laundry and other things. She pulled out a pair of my underwear and stared at it for a moment. Then, with perfect professionalism, she put them back into the bag and started loading my groceries. I, on the other hand, looked away and couldn't even meet her eyes when...Read On


Landlady In Service - How It Started (Chapter 4 - Prequel)

This was how Jackie happily changed from a decision maker to a lady in service

Jackie Lewis, forty-one-years-old, was in her favourite place with her nose pressed against the wall of the punishment room in her house, waiting for Miss Lucy to come and discipline her. By favourite she meant the place where she calmed herself down by looking at the blank wall an inch from her eyes and thought about what she had done wrong and the punishment she had earned from her boss...Read On

Recommended Read

Cocklust Ch. 17

Series: Cocklust

Chad embraces his gayness and confronts a taboo.

When we left the beach, it almost felt weird to be wearing clothes again.  After all, we’d been naked for most of the day.  We’d been so free and so open that even my t-shirt and shorts felt uncomfortable. Chad didn’t say a word till we got in the car.  But as soon as we shut the car doors, he seemed to be dying to talk.  “Dude,” he said, “holy shit!  That was something else.  I can’t...Read On


Hot Wife Exposed part III

Series: Hot Wife exposed

Sheri completes her training and Jenny is ravished by Steve-O

We left Jenny and Brad with a decision to make and Jenny in a state of heightened concern: “Well, Hon, I was hoping, just wondering if it would be OK if Steve-O calls me?  And, if he calls, could I hook up with him? Oh please, I will so make it worth your while when I return home.” Again, silence. Oh, shit. Brad got up from the sofa and walked into the kitchen. Did I overstep my...Read On


Home From University - Part II

Summer lessons continue, but how far will they go?

I’ve neglected to tell you that our games were entirely dependent on our parents being out of the house and this was frustratingly seldom. Most of the time, I had to be content with bathroom shows. My sister had ‘upped her game’ a little more in that department by regularly masturbating in the bath (knowing I was watching) and giving me spectacular views of her spread labia while she...Read On


Sissy Blane and The Trove of Vintage Porn

Our sissy uncovers some mid-century smut

It must have been a week or so after Cindy’s big announcement when I got a phone call from Madam H’s assistant. She would like to see me at my earliest convenience. I thought it must be more pressure to bring up my arrears. I would have thought that Cindy had already taken care of that debt for me, but no matter I would be glad to tell her in person that she no longer had leverage to twist...Read On


Veronica's Secret

A frustrated lonely housewife finds a way.

Once every month for two years, Veronica Andrews, a model housewife and mother, escaped from the cage of her familial responsibilities to feed her sexual hunger in secret meetings with a man who understood her needs. She was married to a man who did not. Her breadwinner husband worked hard to provide for her and their two young children, but he had become emotionally and sexually distant...Read On

Looking for Laurie

She was returning looks that bumped my pulse another notch.

A dense crowd of sailors in dress whites crowded around the single-stage, lavishing tips on each dancer that appeared from behind the blood-red curtain at the far end. The small, round, pedestal tables dotting the room were just big enough for one dancer and two or three flyboys on their first night back from sea duty, hungry for booze and pussy. I remember wondering why these girls thought...Read On


Farm Helper, Part One: Turning Her Life Around

Series: Farm helper

Lara makes an impulsive decision that changes her life completely

Lara sighed heavily as she closed the door, leaning her back against it. She let her purse fall on the floor as she slowly pulled her coat off. Yet another day in the job she hated, working with people who drove her up the wall and for a boss who should’ve never been promoted to the position where he now was. She walked to her bedroom, unbuttoning her shirt and letting it fall on the floor....Read On