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Firey Love

What were we to do with a love so hot?

I nibbled my way from your neck to your earlobe, full of passion, my fingertips did throb. Two hearts all a flush, and cheek to cheek, I could feel yours blush. It were as if we needed a chimney to control the firey passion that was we. But alas my love,...

It Only Makes Sense

A nurse returning from vacation discovers her boss hired someone absolutely unqualified. She tried to get him fired, but discovers why everyone else thinks he's so dreamy.

Chelsea Stevens was fuming. “You knew?! I can’t believe this! Kris, this doesn’t make any sense. Tell me you’re joking.” Ten minutes earlier, Chelsea had raced into Kris’ office certain that when she shared what she discovered with the Director of Nursing...

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The Headmistress receives a visit from Evelyn, whose mother got spanked for Evelyn's misdeeds

Sophie was busy finishing an end-of-term report when there was a timid knock at the door. She cursed under her breath. Being the Headmistress meant you never got any time to get anything done. “Enter,” she barked. When she saw it was Evelyn Harrington-Bro...

Neighborly Love Chapter 9: All Good Things Cum To An End

The sex-crazed family next door is moving, but not before one more carnal surprise with the matriarch

It took my cock and my libido several days to recover from the wild orgy at neighbor Debbie's house. The two of us ended the evening with a rousing incestual romp with her two teenage daughters after frolicking in the hot tub once the guests had either pa...

We Live Together - Part 3

Riley can't sleep so she joins her brother on his bunk

It was only much later that Riley's shy voice broke the silence. "Chris?" she asked. "Yeah?" "Can I... Do you mind if I sleep with you tonight? I can't sleep." A long pause. "Chris?" More silence. Riley suddenly felt foolish and blurted out, "I mean, only...

Clinical Trials 2

Tilda got used to the Wheelchair, all she missed was sexual satisfaction

Tilda's brow furrowed. “You mean it’s psychological?” “Only a part of it. We need to kickstart your body into sending the few messages it still can send to your brain, and we must convince your brain to accept them.” “So, what next?” “Well, the KY was a s...

Julia And I Get Into Spanking And Join With A Group Of Girls At A BDSM Dungeon

Julia enjoys spanking and caning and at a sex theme hotel we meet with a group of girls in the dungeon for spanking and caning activity

Julia, who was in her mid-twenties, had been my partner for six months. Her previous boyfriend had been a wealthy merchant banker I knew socially, and I had noticed Julia warming to me. Everything changed when I returned from one of my foreign trips looki...

The Poet Dancer

Holding the key to her heart and mind

The poet dancer moves to his lover that he is yet to meet bringing the poem She is yet to read ~ I want your lips locked in passionate combat with mine entwined deep into the night Slowly losing all track of time Salaciously addicted to my masculine touch...

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Playing With My Babysitter

My babysitter introduces me to sex toys and anal play.

Dressed in only a sheer pink babydoll that barely covers my buttcheeks with no panties underneath, I walk barefoot downstairs and into the kitchen, where my babysitter, Mrs. Jones, is slicing up fruit for breakfast. Her hips sway in a seductive rhythm as...

Traveling Husband - Part 1

I earn my neighbor’s wife

I work from home as a consultant on personnel issues for companies that need outside assistance. Luckily I’ve crafted my business model on providing thirty-nine-year-old advice and I work on keeping my travel to a minimum. My next-door neighbor, Will, is...

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The Pool

My experience with a younger man

Okay, let me start by saying I'm not the perfect wife. I have stepped out of my marriage on more than one occasion. And this is one that someone had asked me to tell them, so I figured I'd just tell it to everyone. It was the middle of summer and my local...

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Bad Cupcake

Surprise gift makes shy wife feel slutty

“And ah, yeah, open this one.” “Goodness, you shouldn’t have,” April gushed. “You’ve already made my day, sweetie.” “One more goodie won’t hurt, will it?” Larry smiled benignly as he handed her the final wrapped package. “Well,“ she said, smiling brightly...

I was your shadow...the silence between usall that we could ever know.You had moved through me long agorepairing the cracks in my bonesmade manifest with winter’s grasp.I never knew they were there;your patient nature discovered them.I was your shadow,bor...

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