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My Best Friend’s Mom.

Sleeping with my best friend's mom.

Being twenty-two means that I have the confidence and charisma to take most girls out without a hitch. The problem is, I’m not into most girls. I have a thing for older women, MILF’s. I love a sexy mamma, and the woman I have had a crush on for a few years happens to be my best friend’s mom. My name is Jason. I am tall, dark and handsome. My best friend is Noel.0Wwe grew up together and are...Read On


E012: Another pearl is earned

A new world opens for Emma as she finds herself blossoming under proper tutorage.

They lay like this, Donald’s head on Emma’s outstretched tied arm, both breathing deeply, both content at this moment.   After a couple of minutes, he calms himself.  Donald gets off the bed and walks away.  The disappointing sigh which comes out of Emma is music to his ears.  He comes back shortly and sits on the bed his ass up next to Emma’s thigh.  He leans and unclasps her new...Read On


Romancing Steve: A Winter Getaway - Part 1

Exhibtionist Waiter Steve fulfills his 1st time fantasy when romanced by the strapping hunk JD!

"Ohhh," Steve sighed again as he lay nude in his bed. He lightly stroked his erect cock with three fingers. His eyes remained closed as he dropped his head back. His mind raced with the events of the last two months, but mostly he focused on the man of his desire. Steve wondered if he was moving too fast. It was, after all, only two months. He contrasted his desire for anticipation with...Read On


Naughty Nuptials

Ding dong, my balls are gonna cum...

It was the morning of our friend's wedding, and we were getting ready at home. "I think this could be a fun day!" I said with a horny tone. "Will you shave my pussy please?" she asked as she lay down on the bed, spreading her legs.  I didn't need to be asked twice. I rushed off and got what I needed. I got her pussy lathered up and set upon shaving her smooth. I could tell this was turning...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 14-b

Family time before Addie's trip

The next morning, we got up early. Well, eight o’clock is early on Sunday; packed the ice chest, barbecue grill, chairs, and dry clothes, had a quick bite to eat and by 9:30 we were on our way east to the Sawtooth Mountains. There’s a lake we love, Lower Hanson Lake, that’s perfect for swimming on a hot day. It may be ‘Lower’ Hanson Lake, but there’s nothing low about it. The elevation is...Read On


Sweet Little Katie -- Part Four

Katie was looking forward to the weekend. School was out for the summer, and she was going to visit her cousin Ken, who she hadn't seen for almost a year. They were both sixteen, although Katie was actually a couple of months older than him.They were good friends and had spent a lot of time together growing up until his family had moved away. Ken's family had moved to a rural area about a...Read On



Twenty floors...

Finally.  The ping of an arriving elevator. Crowded, but not as crowded as the last elevator, the one she’d passed on.  It was just past five o’clock in the evening, and the rush to leave was on.  Twenty-three hundred people, give or take, trying to exit a twenty-two storey, secured building, all via eight elevators, all at once.   Fuck it. She’d already passed on the one elevator.  She...Read On


Crosswinds Chapter 6

A dark tale of futanari (dickgirl) sisters and their plan to inseminate the world.

Maddi stifled a pleasured groan with each bite of prime rib she ate. The tender ribbons of meat melted under tongue and did much to help her ignore Diana grinning across the table. Her sister’s volatile treachery terrified her, but every time the feeling seemed overwhelming, Maddi stuffed another protein in her mouth. “Diana, Madison. I can’t believe this.” Dr. Dory Drake smiled from her...Read On


Cathy and my sister, final chapter

Stop being so nice and just fuck me

Angela Terry and I were both filthy, but happy, happy, tired and horny. When Derek told Terry that he'd been given a bedroom with a double bed, I realized that my sister's fiancé was something special, we took our dirty overalls off outside, and I was a very tired but very happy bunny when Terry knelt down and slipped my panties down over my thighs. We got under the shower together....Read On


A Faithful Maid

A faithful maid and her young master get closer.

James felt a hand on his shoulder as he slept but ignored it. “Young Master.” A female called out, at the same time shaking him again. “It’s time for you to get up now.” “Just a few more minutes… please, Paulette.” He flipped onto his side, putting his back to her. She giggled. “I’m not falling for that one again, mister. Last time, it took you almost an hour to get ready.” Letting out...Read On


Ron and Ronnie Chapter 16 - Caught out

Ron, Sally and Sarah catch Joe and Ronnie. I meet Shirley's husband.

I had taken time off work because Sue was in hospital following a miscarriage. The previous night Ron had told me about discovering Ronnie and Joe in the guest’s bedroom and how he, Sally and Sarah had planned to raid her and Joe at Joe and Sally's house. All day I thought of what might have happened. It was like an adventure serial where the story ends at the most exciting time and you had...Read On


Dirty Little Secret

Long distance cyber affair drives him crazy...

He's a regular guy, well-liked, married with kids, not quite a pillar of his community but who would want to be that? He goes about his business by day, commutes to work, does his job well, maybe goes for a quick drink with colleagues later, gets home in time to put the kids to bed and maybe, on lucky nights, fuck his sexy wife. But first thing in the morning, or sometimes in the...Read On


Kris & Juliet - Ch III - Bridget's Hen Pt.1

Chapter 3 - Kris (three's not a crowd, it's a party.)

A red-haired girl with a fierce lip ring convinced me to head out into the cold to have a cigarette. I told her I didn't smoke. She insisted and began expressing how she wasn't attracted to the tall and dark stripper of the night.  "Really? You didn't find him hot, even a little bit?" I pressed. "Ughhh... I just can't!" She confirmed. "Why not?"  "I just didn't find him hot. But you are...Read On


My Chastity Story, part 1

My wife punishes me for jerking off too much by putting me in a cock cage

It all started because I jerk off too much.  Every night, I would retreat to the basement after my wife would go to bed.  She retired early every night and complain about being too tired to have sex.  I found relief cruising the internet pictures of women with big tits paired with big cocks.  I would read stories about gloryholes, and cuckolds.  Most guys would be interested in younger...Read On


Coming Together

How three became one

She knew. I knew. 'You would not mind, then?' I saw that look in her eyes. 'Mind?' I smiled, 'I should love it. I already love the fact that you have intuited it.' 'Good, because I already talked with her and she will be here in about ten minutes.' The look on my face made her giggle. 'She wants you as you are, silly goose, so please, don't worry.' Mel pulled me to her, and, as ever,...Read On


The Gift - Part 1

My wife gives me the greatest gift

I had a birthday recently and my wife gave me the greatest gift.  When I met my wife several years ago I was a few months removed from my first Master/slave relationship.  It was a very rewarding experience for me, an experience that helped me take the last step I needed into the transcendant man I am today.  While I greatly enjoyed the experience, I also discovered that I did not desire a...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday (Incest Version) - Chapter 9 - A Final Threesome With Matt and Sally

A final climactic romp on the beach

I woke early on Friday morning, and lay in bed idly strumming at my clitoris. I opened my legs just far enough to allow me to slip a couple of fingers inside my vagina, and was pleasantly surprised to find how sloppy I already was up there. It was the last full day of my holiday, and to be honest, it hadn’t been anything like I’d expected. I’d had a hell of a lot of sex, for a start, and...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 14-a

We enjoy a night with new friends.

Jocelyn and Cameron were in the lobby of the Best Western when we walked in. Cameron frustratingly told us that the hotel was full, there wasn’t another room available so they’d have to go home. “No,” Tanya said, “We have two queen beds. We can squeeze.” “Six?” Jocelyn glanced at Tina, “Seven?” “I’m not staying,” Tina clarified, “only six.” “Six on two beds? Cozy,” Jocelyn said. Yeah,...Read On


The Conference

Young woman hopes to find a patron to help her career

Kelly sat on the train taking her to the airport. She was on her way home from a conference. She had her computer tablet on but was actually daydreaming. Had she achieved what she needed? Was this the impetus that she needed for her career? She thought so. The conference was medium sized, pan-European but not truly international. Three hundred delegates all here to discuss things the man in...Read On


Making A Hot Wife - 2

Night two of Shelby's training finds a new man in her bed.

Thursday morning Shelby woke feeling excited. It took her a minute to remember why she felt butterflies in her stomach. Zack Peterson was the reason for her jumpiness. Last night her husband had told her that his friend Zack would be visiting with them tonight and that she should expect to have a similar evening to the one she had with Brad. As she rolled over in the bed, Shelby remembered...Read On


I Missed My Daughter, Her daughter returns from a year in Europe

I Missed My Daughter, Her daughter returns from a year in Europe

I waited at the Airport, excitedly awaiting the arrival of my daughter, Sophie. She had been away for a year in Europe, taking a gap year off to travel after completing high school and before starting University. I had spoken to her on several occasions, but after a year I really wanted to see her in person, I had missed her so much. The arrival board had said her flight from London had...Read On


Special Day Birthday

Birthday neither will forget soon.

I managed to get through college debt-free by working at various clubs, strip clubs if you must know. Being a shapely, good breasts for my size, book smart and outgoing, I developed quite a loyal following of sorts. Some of them are still friends these years later.  One evening, I was working a party in Holby Hills, and I met a woman, who would change my life in ways I couldn’t imagine....Read On


Visiting My Family

I come home to visit my family and get a lot more than I expected too

As a freelance photographer working for a considerable number of newspapers and magazines, I get to travel the world and I’ve seen many memorable sights. I truly love my job — the pay is excellent — but the one downside is being away from family and friends for long periods. All the traveling also makes it difficult to have a serious relationship but, when I started this career, I decided...Read On


AnimeCon Harem pt. 11

Brian attends AnimeCon with a special charm that has a mysterious influence over girls it touches.

“No. No way,” Emily hissed through gritted teeth, glaring hatefully at the cell phone gripped in her trembling hand. It was a struggle not to hurl it at her bedroom wall. “No fucking way.” Emily was short, standing five feet tall despite constant claims at being five foot one—and, to her frustration, had a slight frame that seemed scrawny rather than sexy. Even at twenty-three years old,...Read On


Wife-Swapping With Cindy

Cindy and I had never wife-swapped before and decided to try it with our good friends first.

Cindy and I married ten years ago. We were both sophomores in college. She was studying nursing; I was studying civil engineering. We’ve had a wonderful marriage and have no kids. Our sex life is phenomenal and we still make love almost every night. Actually, Cindy is the one that is so sexual and keeps our sex life alive and fresh. She is always coming up with new role-playing games for...Read On


Ode to a Muse

For all the women who have inspired me to write. This is my thanks.

At first, there was darkness. The kind of darkness that is absolute and oppressing, forbidding of contrast and all the more empty for it. In this darkness, layed a lump, oblivious and indifferent to its surroundings. A single ray of light pierced the darkness, like a herald to your glory. Suddenly, things inside the darkness took shape and the lump saw himself for what he was for the...Read On


I Became A Female Voyeur... Revisited

The day youths came to stay

After leaving college, I got a job and moved into my own two-bedroom flat, not far from my parents. It is the case with me that I am nearly always horny and sometimes I work myself into a sexual frenzy which was what happened recently. I came home from work and was desperate to get down to some serious rubbing of my sopping wet cunt. No sooner had I walked through the door when my jeans...Read On


My Best Friend Becomes My Wife’s Lover - Part 1

My best friend Scott becomes my wife’s lover

My wife Meredith and I have been married for about fifteen years. We married young and have had a good although very conservative sex life. Meredith is a gorgeous brunette with perky yet smaller breasts and a round firm ass. On many occasions, I have tried to spice up our lovemaking by mentioning how I have noticed other guys checking her out. She would always deny it, saying that they...Read On

Recommended Read

You Mustn't, You Shouldn't, Oh, You Are So Naughty

It was a game, just a silly game... wasn't it?

I am not sure if I was born before my time, or after it. More accurate to say, that perhaps I had a little bit of both somewhere along the way, but not enough of either. What am I talking about here? It was nineteen-forty-eight. I was one of those silly small-town girls who allowed her best friend to talk her into going to dance for newly commissioned officers at the local Army Depot. I...Read On


Crosswinds Chapter 5

A dark tale of futanari (dickgirl) sisters and their plan to inseminate the world.

Maddi dropped her phone on the bathroom floor and returned her head to the toilet and retched. Memories of the past night swirled in her head like water down the flushing bowl.  Then clear, watery vomit filled the bowl again. Maddi wished her camera wasn’t so good—she could see the muscles in her scrawny throat work as she swallowed her sister’s cum. She vomited again. And she hadn’t...Read On