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Tales of Priya Part 2 - Fuck, Fuck, Fuck and Futa-Witch

Lots of hot lesbian sex ends with a witch with a monster cock.

  #7 Empire Builder, Milwaukee to Wenatchee, WA, Cabin E, Upper Level, Superliner Bedroom, on route Bell and I are on route to Washington State, something about a place called a Coven. The train is greedily gobbling up the track going click-clack. We are in Minnesota; it’s just after midnight. We have our beds sorted, full bellies, and are enjoying a few red wines. We have been...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 18: Enchanting (Part 2)

Chad Dupree tells the tale of Denise, a newly single voyeur.

“Details about Denise, Chad. NOW." “Y’all really want to know?" I said. “Hell yeah, dude. Denise? How’d you get that?" My classmate Darryl said. “Well... I’ll tell you...” I started. I met Denise a couple of years ago in algebra class. She caught my eye. She was a very attractive chocolate skinned girl who was also a dancer. I learned very quickly there was more than what meets the...Read On


The Exchange Student: Part 2

Ingrid takes things a step further.

I pulled my face from Ingrid's crotch. smiled up at her with pure lust in my eyes. I started to rise, intent on thrusting my rigid manhood deep in her sixteen-year-old pussy, when I heard a voice behind me say, "Dad?" I froze. Without turning around, I knew it was my daughter Lily. "See? I told you I would have him before the semester was over. I win the bet!" Ingrid said to my daughter in...Read On


Nancy and the Party Aftermath Part 2

Nancy tests the waters everywhere...

I watched Nancy shower as she was getting ready for our night visitors. She toweled, then stood naked in front of the vanity mirror to put on her makeup. She leaned into the mirror to do her eyes. Her breasts hung softly forward. I walked behind her, and that ass of hers was so tempting. I leaned down and kissed it, running my tongue up her crack. She liked it because she pushed against...Read On


Autumn Winds

A Windy Day Changes a Life

Friday morning Autumn has blown in with a vengeance early in the week.  Cold, squally winds and heavy cold showers are yellowing the leaves and ripping them from the trees to be trodden underfoot. My partner, Jen decides that walking to the station is no longer an option.  Normally she dons sneakers with her business suit and walks the fifteen minutes down the country lanes to catch her...Read On


Bedside Manner, Chapter 2

Pam stops by for another visit... and to "nurse" him back to health!

Jimmy was fast asleep when Pam came around again to his room, so she let just him sleep. He woke the next morning and Pam had already gone home. He kicked himself for being such a child and falling asleep so early.  However, there wasn't anything to do but wait until that evening to see her again. He busied himself with TV and the visit from his mother. He chatted with some of the other...Read On


A Good/Naughty Mom and An Even Better Son

To start with, let me share with you a little about myself. I am a 38 year old woman with a strong sex drive. I love to masturbate and do so almost every night, sometimes several times a night.  I am curvy with a few extra pounds and have both a plump ass as well as plump thighs. I keep my pussy shaved so I can watch myself in the mirror as I masturbate. It gets me so hot as I watch...Read On

Recommended Read

Taming the Cougar - Part 4 - Submission And Freedom

Pam discovers the pleasures of sharing and the thrill of voyeurism

After our session with Adriana, Pam seemed to be riding a high. Her whole demeanour changed; the stress and worry she had exhibited seemed to fade away. I think that her realization that she was bisexual and the fact that I did not take umbrage was part of it. We were scheduled to meet with Adriana and her friend Reinaldo the coming Saturday night. Pam seemed excited about experiencing...Read On


The Diaries

Mrs. K is a submissive which her cleaner discovers from her diaries.

Ivana arrived as usual and on time to clean Mrs. K’s house. Mrs. K opened the door with her normal smile but saw that Ivana was looking rather more cross than usual. When Ivana walked into the hallway, and Mrs. K had closed the door, she turned and asked, "Is everything okay, Ivana?” Mrs. K was wearing a floral sleeveless dress with a hem a few inches above her knees. She wasn’t plump...Read On


My Young Surprise

Milf Learns about the art of Love making

Ever wake up and feel you have just gone to bed? That was me this sunny morning. I couldn’t even say it was early, the kids were already on their way to school and hubby had left for work as usual. No! What I needed was something to get up for. Kicking off the bed clothes, I headed for the shower maybe that would bring me around. The hot stream of water cascaded down my body. I looked at...Read On


The Beginning of the Domination of Randi - Ch 6

Randi learns of lesbian love

On the way out of Mike’s door, Randi heard him tell her to make sure that Bill reclaims her.  She continued running but was thinking about how to proceed when she got home. She ran into the house and found Bill sitting in his chair in the living room watching a baseball game.  She immediately dropped her heels and crawled into his lap giving him a very erotic kiss with a lot of tongue. ...Read On


How Far Do We Go? - Ch 12

Carly and Wade prepare for and have their long-anticipated evening with Nicolas...

1 Six. Count ‘em. Six more mind-fucking days, and then it’s Saturday. Wade sat alone in their kitchen and quietly reflecting on their journey. It all started with his once private fantasy of sharing his wife. At their daughter’s wedding, Carly inadvertently discovered Wade’s fantasy, and in a post-reception drunk, chose the fantasy fuck of the suave and recently divorced,...Read On



PaulaTVxxx goes to visit a sex club and meets some new friends.

DOING THE BUSINESS ...A PaulaTVxxx story She had just pulled onto the club’s car park when her mobile ‘phone rang, she pulled the handbrake, turned off the ignition then reached into the handbag on the passenger seat searching for the ringing, vibrating telephone. She reminded herself that she should just put it on the seat, it always took so long to find it in the large bag amongst all...Read On


Tales of Priya, a Paranormal Lesbian Fantasy - Awakening the Slut Within

Priya's best friend reveals hot, wild and amazing things to Priya, which turns her on.

THE TALES OF PRIYA, a lesbian paranormal fantasy. Part 1: Awakening the Slut Within This is a story of an 18-year-old half-Warshari, half-Witch, who starts waking up to her life. Her name is Priya. She is 5’7” 135 pounds, 34C-28-34. She is fit and works out every day. Her urges have always been towards girls even though she tried dating a guy, but she felt awkward, and it...Read On


Emailed Orgasms

Email  To: Her             From: Annie   Hey gorgeous. Don’t even pretend to be surprised, you so knew I would email you straight back. Well, not exactly straight back, giggles, my puss distracted me. I just can’t help myself anymore. Not that I seriously tried, your emails were catnip right from the start. And now, you ask? Well now your emails aren’t just words anymore; fuck,...Read On


My 1st Sex Party - Part 1

Better than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams

These events occurred five years ago after I had just finished building a new video website for a local pro-am porn actress and her husband. To celebrate the opening, they threw a big party and invited my wife, myself and our housemate to the affair being held at their home. We figured there would be some pretty wild events happening there because she is a fairly popular actress and her...Read On


Mom's Secret: Susan's First Time

Susan recalls her first time with her brother Mark.

Here I am, lying naked in bed with the most gorgeous man in my life, Mark. Yes, Mark’s my brother, and I couldn’t care less! It started roughly half a year ago. My husband, Barry was as usual begging for sex. He kissed my neck. “Not tonight,” I sighed. “Honey, we haven’t had sex in months!” Barry said. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, dear,” I lied. Truth be told, I was a little repulsed by...Read On


Non-Stop Service Part 7

Another stop on our trip together

Sydnee was sitting beside me on the bed. I sat up and looked at her squarely in the eyes.  I could see the love and lust in her eyes.  Syd just wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me really hard. “I was afraid I lost you. After you left, I sat there in a daze and figured you weren’t coming back.  I was going to have to pick up and start over again.  I had hoped that we hadn’t scared you...Read On


An Induced Obsession

Paul and Sarah rekindle an old passion

Paul pulls out the chair for Sarah as she sits down for dinner at their favorite restaurant. Their anniversary is always a special occasion for them, but this year they are also celebrating another milestone, an empty nest. After twenty-three years of raising kids together, they were starting a new chapter in their lives. They make small talk throughout their dinner, laughing together...Read On


The Ride-Sharing Driver With Kelly

Kelly was on fire and the driver used his hose to quench her.

It’s September of 2019. Kelly and I took a vacation last week to visit her brother. We had a nice time with them. Part of the reason we traveled quite a way to visit them was that a favorite band from our youth was playing at their local casino Friday night. I’m not a fan of staying in folks' homes, so we had a hotel room for the week. The band was of no interest to brother and...Read On


Ellie and Grace Ch 3 of 4 (Complete)

Straight girl Ellie meets a mysterious woman on her way to the office.

After a short wait for their food, they finally entered Ellie’s apartment. Immediately the smell of a ripe trash can assailed their nostrils and any positive emotion Ellie felt from their limited contact faded away like the drop of a rock in her stomach. “Ugh, it’s so much worse than I remembered!” Ellie declared dramatically and headed towards her kitchen to deal with the source of the...Read On


Theater Triumph

Transforming her from vanilla to wanton slut was an erotic journey

Her hand squeezed mine. I looked over to see her eyes fixed on the screen and stoic face begin to redden. I squeezed her hand back in a way that provided both assurance and approval. My hand was saying it's okay, baby. No one will know.   I've been working on warping her sheltered, vanilla lifestyle since we first met. It soon became obvious that her experience with men was woefully...Read On


Simple Simon 2

Simon learns from the best

Simon returned to work the next day more confused than ever.   With his father’s lessons on how different they were from any of his clients, he knew instinctively that what happened with Jennifer was a bad thing.   Of course, he didn’t share what happened with his dad or mom. How could he? He didn’t even really understand what had happened. Before Jennifer grabbed his thing in her hands...Read On


Sucker, Part 2 of 2

I was nervous, she knew it, and played me like the sales pro she was.

Sucker Part 2 About 45 minutes after she arrived, I walked her back to the front door. She told me I was an easy appointment. She told me that the day before she had an appointment with a weekly regular, an older man, who made her sit in a chair, clothed, and watch him while he masturbated into a Dixie Cup. She told me it was always a hard appointment, because he took so long.   After...Read On


Final Fantasy

Quick road trip results in the last time two lovers will see each other

I fold the note you most recently gave me and slide it into the box with the others.  You and I have come to a point in our relationship that you’re asking me for the things you want and need from me instead of greedily accepting what I give you.  Truth be told, you’ve come much further than I had ever imagined you would when we first started playing together. Your masochistic side is...Read On


That Little Skank Downstairs

A young female tenant indulges the lust of an older neighbor

The first time I did it, I was hard-up for some cash and it felt harmless. All I had to do was lie on the bed and touch myself. That was all he wanted to see. He sat on the chair next to my bed like he usually did during his visits I had come to enjoy. He usually sat there with his ankles crossed and a bemused look on his face and complained about his wife. But he mostly liked to listen to...Read On


Teasing His Nuggets

I sighed as Kevin strummed my swelling clit, his cock hitting that spot that made me moan.

“That's my seat.” “What was that?” “You're in my seat.” I showed him the cinema ticket. “I wouldn't make a big deal about it, because I don't want to break up your friend group, but I don't want to take someone else's seat either.” “We just have to each move down one. Guys?” He and his two male friends each shifted in the theater row to their assigned numbers. “Thank you.” “No worries.”...Read On


The Office Whore - Part 9

Chad lets down his guard...

The afternoon was dragging on for Chad Stephens. He couldn’t explain why he felt so melancholy right now. He had a successful phone meeting, picked up a large new account, and had handled some important emails, so why did the day seem so dismal? He sat at the mahogany desk in his office that overlooked the city and wondered why he felt like his hands were an hour glass and Reina was the...Read On


Seducing Stephen - Chapter 4 - Rhonda's visit

Reluctantly, I loan Stephen to my best friend, Rhonda. Stephen's world expands, and I am jealous

The next few weeks were a bit of a blur, but they seemed to fly by. Stephen was obsessed with his new found love and personal sex goddess. He rushed home from school daily to have me before Jim got home. In fact, one afternoon, he skipped basketball practice to get home early. I told him that was not acceptable. I explained quite sternly to him that the reason his parents allowed him to...Read On


Ashley (Part 2)

I couldn't believe I did it...

It was almost ten in the morning. I was laying in bed. My wife was lying next to me in bed. Knowing that she was wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt, no bra or panties did nothing. It never did. I hadn't been sexually aroused by her in years. What was doing it was hearing my step daughter in the other room breathing and lightly snoring. Because I knew what I saw the night before when...Read On