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My Brother's Porn Addiction: A Double Hail Mary

Bionca brings in someone else to help with her.

"Okay, once is a fluke; twice might be an issue, but four times in ten days now? I don't get it, Mom. I thought I was enough for him, I mean, every time we have sex... I'm sorry, you don't want to hear that." "No, it's okay, babe, I don't mind," she told me, cooking dinner. "Just be too loud, okay?" "Okay, every time we have, he enjoys himself. Whether I just give him head, or he fingers...Read On


I Want To Fuck My Daddy

19yr old girl gets caught having fun by Daddy... And he joins in!

Hi, the name’s Charlotte. My friends and family called me Lottie. As far as regular nineteen-year-olds go, I was pretty regular, except for one tiny little thing. I was into incest porn. No, I didn’t intend to fuck anyone in my family, that’s wrong . I liked the taboo nature of incest, okay? Something about doing it with someone in your family, how it’s so wrong, flipped switches inside...Read On


Champagne And Lust

Three’s a crowd, and that’s more than okay!

The message you had sent me earlier had me intrigued. ‘Room 1285. Hurry, I have a present for you...’ My taxi labours along the city streets, every set of lights against me as the sweet anticipation inside me threatens to succumb to the frustration of not being with you already. There are alcohol-fuelled revellers pouring out of clubs and bars into the streets and onto the roads, holding...Read On


Tim and Abbie 52: The Thing About Mark 2

Series: Tim and Abbie

Mark remembers the beginning

The rain begins to let up some, and even Mark’s tears are pretty much cried out.  Sitting looking straight ahead, he can see the lights being turned off in the pub. It is after midnight now.  How could things change so much in a matter of a few hours?  At six pm, Mark and Brian were getting ready for the evening out.  Brian was coming to the sports pub first to see who Mark’s friend Tim...Read On


Aunt Holly II

Becky gets fulfilled, or filled up

Mom was persistent in finding out when Aunt Holly was going back home. She was almost rude in the way she was asking. I certainly didn't know if she was jealous of Aunt Holly because of Aunt Holly's sexy figure or something else. With Mom and Dad around so much, it was difficult for me to be with Aunt Holly. Most of my time, I was masturbating, as Aunt Holly showed me, but I craved to be with...Read On


The Roommates

Sarah is caught in a most embarrassing moment; what to do?

The four of us, two guys, two gals, rented a house together.  While we knew each other from college, we hadn’t planned on becoming roommates.  But unless you’re one of those over-paid Washington lawyers – which none of us was -- the high cost of living in the DC area meant that no one could afford our own place.  So we found a four bedroom house, across the Potomac River.  We dated, but not...Read On


Wife showing herself in pub.

Wife feeling horny.

Once, years ago, my wife, a devout exhibitionist, and I used to go to pubs where we weren't known, something we did quite often. Sometimes she would wear clothing showing off a particular part of her body, e.g low cut neckline, split skirt, see-through blouse,  very short skirt with stockings, clothes so tight it was obvious her lack of underwear and the like. This type of evening started...Read On

The Sales Sluts

I would never look at salespeople quite the same.

I got several walk-in sales calls with my office on the main drag so close to the city.  About fifty percent of them involved attractive young women exposing far too much skin for an office setting.  I had no time for such things and found their lack of proper attire quite annoying. It was evident from the start that whatever they were selling wasn't worth anything, or they wouldn't have...Read On


Lonely Dad Part 3

Sarah and Sam continue their newly found sexual tension secretly in Ava's house

Morning came quickly and my alarm blared. I reached for it and turned it off. Sarah was fast asleep on top of me. She was so beautiful. I gently moved a strand of hair off her face. She stirred. Morning wood.  I felt my cock throb inside her. She blinked a few times. The sunlight filled my room. I loved waking up with the morning sun. She groaned. "Good morning, beautiful," I smiled. ...Read On


A First For Gracie - Gracie Brings A Brother Into The Family

Gracie pegs a submissive male

John was heading home after a long day of meetings. He worked construction so was not used to sitting inside all day. Needing to relax from the day, he pulled into Frank’s Place to grab a drink or six.   He walked into the bar and quickly realized everyone else in town had the same idea he did. Luckily, he found one bar stool open toward the end of the bar.  As he sat down, a...Read On


An Accidental Misunderstanding: Conclusion

I arrived at the lake hideaway, about five am and took a refreshing shower. I put some pizza logs in the oven, then opened the new computer up, eight hours to charge, two for me to use. Phone needed some go-go juice as well. I set the old fashion alarm clock for nine am and hit the sack.   Back at the Party   Betty was the first to stir, she saw the clock, four forty-five am. “What...Read On


Moving into My Own Place

Maybe this would have been my ideal “first(s)” and maybe that is why I wrote this stuff.

I had my group of friends. We had been friends since early on in high school, and though we had since become a lot looser of a friend group we still tried to spend as much time as possible with each other and could talk to each other about things that we couldn’t to anyone else, or just ‘be’ without worrying. We were each other’s oasis in the wilderness of high school – it was quite amazing...Read On


The Breakfast

Series: Adadeyodi: An Ancient Power Awakened

Origins of an ancient power revealed inspire intense lust and love.

The scent of coffee and bacon filled the house as Dara finished preparing breakfast. All four wearing their robes, Damian and Erin entered into the kitchen, where Angus sat drinking coffee. He gestured to the chair to his right, where Erin sat. Damian sat across from Angus. Dara brought pancakes and egg casserole, set them on the table, and they all dined. They had all worked up an...Read On


Tight Holes and Toys Make Explosive Combinations

Weeks of persuasion lead to her first anal orgasm.

I have always been a little more wild than my girlfriend. She can be considered more vanilla in a lot of the things we do, including bedroom activity. That is not to say our sex-life is boring, far from it.  She has always been shy of using toys, something I on the other hand think would add volumes to our activities. For our upcoming anniversary, we had been looking online for some lingerie...Read On


Chapter 18: Cumming Attraction

Series: The Quantum Slut, A Love Story

Marta's going to be the cumming attraction in a packed theatre, whether she wants to or not!

Thursday Evening Marta sat in the middle of a packed theatre, knowing that she couldn’t hold out much longer, that she was going to cum, and cum hard. She also knew she would probably be loud, and messy, and humiliate herself in public. Worse, she couldn’t close her legs, and the people in front of her, when they turned around, would be able to look right up her skirt at her naked cunt as...Read On

Recommended Read

Katzenjammer – The Shakes and The Quivers (Two Sugars)

The wind pushed the curtains.  Dust swirled in the morning light. She snored, lightly. It sounded sweet. Endearing. My head hurt. Clobbered my brain into submission. Sticky eyelids fighting to open and close.  _ “Make up your mind, mind. Is this day about to start? ”_  Sundays can be in limbo.  “Fuck. Coffee.” She muttered in a somewhat hoarse voice, lovely shutters still closed.  _“Look...Read On


Daddy’s Unexpected Surprise

She just lay there satisfied by what had occurred tonight...

It has been months since the last time Mandie had seen him. Mandie knew the last time she met him wasn’t going to be enough, but she was going to have to be patient. An opportunity at work presented itself and Mandie knew it was only ten minutes away from where Daddy lived. She made sure to pack some of his favorites: a black lace bra and garter set, handcuffs, a ball gag, an oversized anal...Read On


His Former Wanking Fantasy

A man in his thirties meets a woman that he had lusted after twenty years previously

Ben Luckhurst had fancied her from the moment that he, as a seventeen-year-old, had first set eyes on her in his very early days of working in the large office. She was obviously way out of his league, being classy and married, but that did not stop him from thinking of her day and night and she was usually in his thoughts as he ran his right hand up and down his rigid penis in his bedroom...Read On

Audio version available

Father-in-law Part 2

What can I say? Mayhem and I are really good friends.

What can I say? Mayhem and I are really good friends.  He told me to run to his bedroom. So I ran as fast as I could. The only pickle in that predicament was that I was naked, except for my boss bitch heels. Yep. Naked girl with sexy heels. Our clothes lay scattered back in the living room. “What the hell am I going to do now?” I thought to myself. I start to gnaw at my bottom lip. Okay,...Read On


Earning a Sip of Mimosa

My first submission to Mistress Mimosa

I lay prostrated before her throne, my head down and arms extended forward. All I can see is the hard ground, my hands and forearms placed firmly against the cement. The muscles in my back flex slightly as I remain in position. My knees had almost become numb as they pressed into the ground, my naked body prepared to service my mistress however she saw fit. The door to the dungeon opened and...Read On

Carlo Loses His Virginity With His Aunt

Summer had started, and Martin's folks had left for an anniversary cruise.  Aunt Jackie was going to keep an eye on things while they were gone.  Martin, Kelly, and Carlo would be home.  Aunt Jackie was what you would call a cool Aunt.  She let the kids have parties and even let them drink.  Martin and Kelly were twins, and Carlo was the youngest. Martin and Kelly shared friends and were...Read On


How Diana Overcame Her Shyness Ch. 04

Diana's plea to be taken like a slave-girl is granted.

Diana had been half-hoping, half-terrified that after her last words James would have simply pushed her back onto the floor or thrown her onto the bed, spreading her legs and taking her roughly like the slave-girl she had become. But she should have known better.  Although obviously very much aroused by her words, James spent  a long moment just looking into her eyes, considering,...Read On


Confessions Of A West Palm Slut (Chapter 16)

A 24-year-old woman moves to Florida and finds her way.

I had finally packed up my belongings.  There was no rhyme or reason for the contents in each box but everything was finally boxed up and ready for the movers.   I had quit my job and spent much of the past two weeks either packing or staying at Rick’s apartment while deciding when I wanted to start work at my new job with my friend Courtney.  I enjoyed the lifestyle at Rick’s - a...Read On


Losing My Virginity

A true story from a long time ago.

Losing your virginity is a moment in life that no one forgets. At sixteen, I had been going through puberty later than most, certainly later than a lot of my peers. I attended an all-boys school in south-east London, and in the first three or four years, I’d been self-conscious about getting changed for PE lessons because of my lack of pubic hair and small genitals, but by the age of sixteen,...Read On


Hiding Leah

A simple act of human decency has a lasting effect during WWII.

Nazi Germany invaded Denmark on April 9, 1940. For a few years, Danish Jews dealt with discriminatory laws but were essentially safe and allowed to continue living their lives and operating their businesses. By mid-1943, however, the Danish government resigned, and Jews were no longer protected. On September 28, 1943, a German diplomat, Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz, leaked the Nazis’ plans to...Read On

Recommended Read

Blood Rite

Dedicated to my heavy periods from hell...

“And with the blood of a virgin, the ritual is complete.” A deep voice boomed out, echoing off the packed earth lining the basement of an abandoned shack. The ground level already sat partially collapsed, the elements taking their toll on the termite-infested planks that once held it all together. Pitch blackness surrounded it in the dead of night. Trees of an unkempt forest locked away...Read On


Brother And Sister Together - Part 2

Mitch and Jamie continue to explore

Mitch woke about two in the morning with Jamie curled up next to him. He smiled as he remembered the events earlier and became hard almost instantly. Morning would be here soon and he needed more sleep.  At least it was Friday and they could start to figure this relationship out over the weekend.  There was no doubt it would be an interesting weekend.  He got up off the couch, picked Jamie up...Read On


Johns Night Out

John was bored, needed a bit of excitment in his life, then he met Jackie at the pub.

John had now left the army, but every evening seemed to follow the same routine, home, shower, cook, watch TV and pub. He wanted something different, something more exciting. After all, he had joined the army straight from school, got in the special forces and was trained to kill, so his life had been full of danger and excitement. He wanted something to get his pulse racing again. Some...Read On


Madison And Jack

Love develops between a young lady and an older man

Having graduated from college, I started my own business in commercial design and construction utilizing the skills I had learned while working in the construction industry and my studies in architecture and engineering while in college. Seven years along, I was doing very well in business but working long hours. I had been in a few rather serious relationships but eventually, the females...Read On


My Exhibitionist Fantasy

This is one of my favourite (pre-lockdown) fantasies.

It is Saturday afternoon, and I walk down Oxford Street, which is thronged as usual with busy shoppers. It is a warm day, and the sun feels good on my skin. I am wearing a cute red eighties rah-rah skirt that I found last week in a vintage boutique in Covent Garden, and comfy slingback sandals. My hair is tried up with a red ribbon, matching the skirt. The skirt shows off my long legs and...Read On