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His Beautiful Daughter - Part 2

Richard Ibberson and his nineteen-year-old daughter scheme to get together for more sex and spanking

The Saturday evening was strange because obviously unbeknown to his wife, Richard Ibberson had that day spanked his nineteen-year-old daughter Rory's arse and they had then had sex, twice. It was unusual for Rory to be home because she usually spent weeke...

Sexing The Neighbor's Husband, Chapter 10

Kate encourages her younger husband to sleep with Breonna their neighbor.

Morning. The sun was off at a distance, slowly rising over the horizon. Seagulls and other beach birds squawked as they glided across the sky in search of a meal. The beach was still relatively quiet aside from a few early morning joggers. Bree lay on top...

Back To Frank

Part 3: Dinner With Friends

When they all sat down to dinner, the women were wearing strappy summer dresses that showed plenty of skin and were barefoot. The men were still in their golf clothes; Joyce refused to let them shower, saying that she likes the slightly sweaty, musky smel...

The Deviants Of Dorchester - Episode 2: The Vixen And The Valet

A valet may take a slight detour with hotel patrons’ exotic cars on the way to park them for the night

It's not that unusual for a vehicle to be parked along the two-lane drive just inside the park late at night. But it is unusual for the vehicle to be a gleaming Sunburst Gold Bentley Flying Spur. And it is unusual, while stationary, for the suspension of...

Complexity and Depth - Lust

He walked through our office and into my psyche...

I'm an eternal optimist. I've always been too trusting, too caring, too giving, too honest, too loving, too naïve, just too gullible, and I'm sure that is what will be the death of me. I'd grown up in a caring, loving Christian home, and had been taught f...

Seeing Gran

Gran loves these sessions as much as I do

Well, it is another day of work, I have a twelve-kilowatt generator to work on, the engine won't start and she wasn't putting out any power as the owner said when the engine was running. I picked up a coffee cake muffin for the secretary/parts lady and bi...

House of Incest: Chapter 3

Andrew had never even thought about his mother, before this.

While Lorraine Sturtevant had slept through the previous night's excitement, she did have some vivid dreams of what was happening, and of what would happen. Consequently, she woke up extremely horny, only to find her husband was already up. Rather than ge...

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How to Discipline a Daughter. Prologue

A mother and father discuss and agree to discipling their out of control daughter.

“We have to do something,” Mary told her husband. “She has gotten out of control.” James looked at his wife as she lectured him on their seventeen-year-old daughter. Mary was changing into her pajamas for bed. They had been married for twenty-two years an...

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Becoming his Bitch Chapter One.

How I became feminized.

When I was eighteen I began exploring my sexuality. I had always thought about sex with guys but hadn't had the opportunity to act on them. But as soon as I got to college I met a few guys and started fooling around. We mostly gave each other head, but I...

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Nursing on the Night Shift

One nurse on duty, one helpless patient on the ward, let the fun begin.....

Nursing is a job of contradictions. The hours are long, the pay is crap and some of the people you have to deal with deserve to be wheeled down to the morgue and left there, breathing or not. On the other hand, it's the most incredibly rewarding thing you...

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Discovering Ourselves (Chapter 1, Part 2)

An exploration into a kinkier life after an unexpected incident.

Despite having agreed we should explore with exhibitionism, we spent the following days mostly in the house and around the pool, relaxing. But we actually never used the swimsuits we had just bought, preferring to swim and sunbathe completely naked. We ha...

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My First Orgy

An evening I’ll never forget

A little while ago, my husband, Harry, had two of his work colleagues around for drinks. That wasn’t unusual, he is their boss. They are nice young men, and over the last year or so I have got to know them quite well. We usually have a laugh and they are...

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Step in the Wrong Direction

Step-siblings share a room on vacation, what will boredom lead to when a storm knocks out power?

I threw my bag down on the floor and flopped onto the bed. After being in the car with my mom, her new husband Tom, and my step-sister Becca for four hours, it felt good to be in the hotel room in Ocean City. We were there for Becca’s eighteenth birthday....

Schoolgirl Dares with Sarah

Two schoolgirls playing dare in a public park

It was Friday afternoon, and neither Sarah nor I had any scheduled lessons. We were supposed to spend the time doing “private study” in the library, which could range from catching up on homework, revising for exams, or pretending to read the newspapers w...

Exposing Myself

What happened when I went bra-less and panty-less on the London underground

This is a true account of a recent experience of mine that I wanted to share with you all, especially as it was inspired by my experiences here on Lush. Recently I’ve become quite excited at the thought of exposing myself in public. Chats with some of you...

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