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Temptation In The Rocky Mountains

Hectic morning turned into a temptation I couldn’t resist

It wasn’t a typical morning.  I woke up late, hurried to get ready.  I filled my coffee cup before heading out the door to head to the office.  As I started my truck I noticed my gas gauge was on empty.  Not a big surprise the way my morning was going already. As I pulled into the gas station, my attention was drawn to a nice ass leaning over a car cleaning her windshield.  I enjoyed the...Read On


After Work

An office flirtation goes to the next level.

All day. All damn day they had been flirting and sending dirty text messages, and groping each other in the break room like a couple of teenagers, almost getting caught a couple of times. They had been carrying on an office flirtation for several weeks now, and both knew that today was the day they were going to finally do something about it after the rest of the staff was gone. It was 5:45...Read On


Yellow River

A story for the lovers of body fluids…

Growing up, my social life had always been non-existent. I was always the smallest guy in class and at school, even the girls towered over me. As an adult, I only attained the pathetic height of five-foot-four-inches tall. Added to this affliction, I was a very withdrawn and shy individual. I was one of those pathetic people who never had any friends. Somehow, nobody ever related to me....Read On


Just One Kiss

At a time when things were falling apart, one moment stands out.

College was a rough time for me. Intellectually, the first two semesters were awesome. Nothing else about the experience lived up to my expectations. I would be tempted to say that there wasn't really even one single highlight in my life while I was there. The third semester was the worst. It started in Chemistry. The only blemish on my grades from the first semester came from a...Read On


The Garden Shed

The day I saw my Cousin George's cock cum...

When I was younger I used to stay at my aunt and uncle's house, along with my cousin George who was sixteen, the same age as me. They all lived in a large house out in the English countryside.  One warm afternoon, I was reading on their veranda and I saw my cousin kicking a football up their long garden. I took no notice really, I was enjoying reading a Stephen King book and being out...Read On


A Bride, chapter 5

We were getting drunk and horny

"Will these do?" "Jesus Christ mum, where the hell did you get them from?" She giggled and turned round letting me see how the shorts seemed to cup each sweet cheek of her bottom and separate it slightly from its twin. What there was of the narrow gusset between her thighs only accentuated the soft inner flesh at their juncture. If there were any doubt when viewing from the rear, that...Read On


Cinder Whore, Chapter 7

Bella finally has the life she always wanted - with a few unexpected twists!

The next morning, Mark woke up before the girls. He let them sleep a bit longer while he took his morning shower. He came back into the bedroom afterward with a towel wrapped around his waist. The girls were just getting up when he came in. "It's about time you two lazy sluts got up! Look at me, I've already showered and am about to get dressed. And you two are just prying your naughty...Read On


Toll-Free: Signed Out

A normal day in the office for Miranda. In a world of freeuse, of course.

A notification popped up on Miranda's computer screen with an alarmingly loud noise. Ker-plink! High-pitched and sudden, like her computer was disapproving of her incessant lack of work. She’d been meaning to finish up these emails before her first service meeting today, but that clearly hadn’t happened. Between the report dropped on her by her manager Kelly, her phone buzzing non-stop by...Read On


Charlene is Eye Candy

Charlene abandons all semblance of modesty as she and the guys head out for the weekend.

Tommy grabbed his bag of stuff and went to Charlene's door. It was shut. He hollered through the door, “You ready?” “Yeah, yeah, just a minute,” she replied through the door. “We need to get moving, Blake's already outside waiting.” “I understand. You go wait in the truck. I'll be right out.” “Okay, but don't be long. We're waiting.” Charlene still hadn't made up her mind about what to...Read On

Recommended Read

Girl Guided

How some celebrated on the first day of legal Cannabis sales in Canada...

“Hey.” “Hey there, yourself.” And that’s all that it took. An innocuous introduction and a subtle glance over her right shoulder at the reflection in the store’s window. The excitement of the day had already heightened Jen’s senses. The unexpected vision had flash-flooded her panties. The attraction was immediate and strong. Without hesitation, Jen could have and would have gone down on...Read On


Alexis the Dark Fairy Chapter 2

Alexis enchants both of their pussies for unique sexual fun.

"Wanna see more?" Alexis giggled. After Vanessa finally got her bearings she looked down at her vagina and started poking it. "Don't worry honey, the spell was only meant to last five minutes or so. Your pretty little pussy is back to normal. At least for now." Alexis said with a sly grin. "Holy shit, the-that was amazing." Vanessa stammered. "Well, I do aim to please my sexy young vixen...Read On

Recommended Read

A Touch of Faith

In the aftermath of a desperate act, a teen boy's shame is turned to hope.

If someone had told me six months ago this was how my short existence would end, I'd have said they were crazy. Yet here I am, hot, sitting alone in my underpants in a nondescript hotel room, half a bottle of my dad's bourbon drained on the bedside table and a full bottle of pills resting in my left hand, its label swimming in and out of focus. It works on TV, but partway through the drink...Read On


Stacy Lancaster: San Diego 3

Horny fuck-bunny is demanding

In the tiny foyer of their hotel room in San Diego, Stacy Lancaster used her husband. He was flat on his back on the floor. They were not making love; she was riding Jared's dick like it was her own personal toy. The smooth motions of Stacy's hips sped up. She lowered her upper body onto Jared, bowing her head beside his and resting her chin on his shoulder. Her sensitive nipples tickled...Read On


The Sex Life Of Riley Tompkins #3

Riley breaks the rules

In the month since Randy and I began our open relationship, things had been going quite well: the rules were simple enough to follow, I’d made a few new friends, the sex was incredible, and save for one embarrassing night, we’d managed not to walk in on one another with other partners.  As far as I knew very few people were aware of our new status. I’d told Claire; she’d been shocked and...Read On


Love Hurts

Emma is about to be disappointed

It was late and the last guest at the wedding party had just left. Many of the guests had retired to their hotel rooms for a night of hot sex, having been stimulated by plenty of wine, conversation, and dancing. Wives had excited watching husbands and indeed, other men, with their long luscious legs, most finished with towering high heels, as they danced while their stockinged legs peeked...Read On


Holidays with "Auntie" Joan - Part 3

We inaugurate the "Both Ways Lounge" for adult entertainment.

The next year I was able to drive up to M. I was now the proud owner of a cheap second-hand Toyota, that managed to last the entire trip. I had been in a lovely relationship with a pretty, foreign fellow student, who was returning to her home country for the Uni vacation. On arrival at Joan's shack, we warmly covered each of our major experiences since my last visit. Joan had invested some...Read On


A Father's Lust

My non-sexual relationship with Ryan was starting to take its toll, then I met his Dad!

I’d met Ryan through a mutual friend and we’d been dating for a few months. He was a nice young guy around my age and was pretty cute. Ryan was also deeply religious and didn’t believe in sex before marriage. He was still a virgin and intended on being so until his wedding night. He was extremely strict about this and I soon found being with him very hard because of it. During our time...Read On


Cam Girl Ch.3

Alan sets something up for Tish and his wife.

After all the excitement, things seemed to be approaching normalcy again until the day he bumped into Ashley’s mom while watching the love of his life doing what she did on the soccer field, making chins drop with both her skills and assets.       “I love watching them play,” she startled him.  I bet you do, he thought.   “Sierra is really really good,  Even better than Ashley, I think.”  ...Read On


Encounter With A Stranger

Met with a stranger and had some fun.

I have been dressing in women's panties and stockings for all my adult life. It's a huge turn on for me. I have always considered myself straight, but as I have got older I have become bi-curious, only when I'm dressed up though. I was out of town on a business trip and I went to Walmart and bought a pair of panties, stockings and a mini skirt. I then went to a gas station bathroom and put...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 1: Where There's a Will, chapter 5

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

Janie’s breath caught in her throat. Will slowly sat down at the table and held his hands up. “There’s no need for that. Let go of the lady and we’ll talk.” “We ain’t here to talk,” the brute with the pistol said. Another man walked through the door and closed it. He was short and unfortunate looking with no chin and an overly large hawkish nose. His choice to keep bushy sideburns but shave...Read On


Hospital surprise

A surprising situation arises when a fellow patient has a nightmare.

Recently I had cause to go into hospital - a chest infection, which turned into Pneumonia. As there were no spare beds in the breathing ward, I was put next door in the ENT ward. On the third day in hospital, the antibiotics had done their stuff and I was feeling 100% better, but had another five days until my intravenous antibiotic was removed and I could go home. My bed was in a room of...Read On


Rahab and the Great Exodus: Chapter One

Ana and Rahab prepare the way

That night, long as it was, saved my life. I realised what I had been doing, and while I could not stop it entirely, I could moderate it; the rest was bearable with the love and support of Ana. For complex reasons, I had felt that my existence depended on being useful, and of course, that had drawn me out of the depths of slavery to the heights of the Viceroyalty, so it could hardly have...Read On


Orderly Tales

An orderly checks on a very interesting mental patient...

I took a deep breath. The first week of the job was always the most stressful. But it was something, at least. All I had to do was process people. Nothing more, nothing less. I tie them up and lock them way in a cell. Easy work, right? Well other than the occasional brute, it was. Other than that, the crazies were usually the same. Grabbing a white drawstring bag from the table, I headed...Read On


A Bride, chapter 4

"God i love you, fuck me Tommy, fuck me

"I could just go to sleep like this" she sighed happily and reached for a cigarette. "Light me one too mum will you please?" "I didn't know you smoked," she said but lit me one anyway. "I like a joint occasionally, but only when I'm with a girlfriend and I haven't got one of those at the moment." She passed me the cigarette and watched as I inhaled the smoke. "They say that's as good as...Read On



All through the day, thoughts of you filled my mind. At times I caught myself drifting into a daydream, reliving last night’s erotic encounter, only to snap suddenly back to reality with that familiar ache between my legs. I was counting the hours and minutes until I could be with you again, though counting them only made them pass all the more slowly. By the time I reached home, my...Read On


Freeloader Ch. 6

A 30 y.o. divorcee moves in with his sister and two sexy nieces

Learning   Bobby was sitting in the living room, idly thinking about the current state of things. His sister had virtually dumped him and was off with her sniveling boyfriend. That means he was alone with his two eighteen-year-old nieces who things were progressing with sexually. He had been hesitant at first, and still was, but that wall was steadily being chipped at. If Lucy...Read On


Warmer by the Lake - Chapter 3

Prisha and Dan get closer, with Sarah's help.

“About time. I’ve been knocking for five minutes.” Sarah pushed her way inside my apartment, shooting me a stern look before plopping on the couch. She looked around at the bare walls of my tiny one-bedroom. I felt vaguely ashamed. It was all I could afford after being nearly wiped out when the guy I assaulted sued. She said, “Pretty Spartan in here. Needs a woman’s touch. Still, no piles...Read On


Colin and the Cuckold

I certainly meet some weird and wonderful people. This night was no exception!

I’ve always enjoyed going out to bars and clubs and did so quite often when I was escorting, sometimes on my own on nights off to just chill out, drink, party, have fun and forget about life for a night. This one particular night, I was completely dolled up just like I was for my sessions. I went to a club that I liked a lot in central London. I’d been there for a few hours, chatting to...Read On


The Real Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Part 4

Brom and Ichabod vie for Katrina's hand and her affection.

Life in the Sleepy Village went on. Katrina spent her days helping Ichabod with school and letting him play with her afterward. His favorite activity was laying her on the table in front of the classroom, crawling up under her skirts, and tasting her, until she swooned in blissful orgasm. Then he would flip up her skirts, drop his breeches and fuck her to another one, pulling out at the...Read On


Daughters Friend, Part 3

Alex and I enjoy a nice day out

“Time?” “Not sure, but… going by how it’s looking outside…. I’d say it’s around 4 am.” “Wow. Oddly specific. Oh, fuck!” “What’s up?” “I think we’ve found my sweet spot.” “Nice. Should we stop?” “Have you cum?” “No…” “Then keep fucking me, Mr. Kane.”   Alex was right, we did not get much sleep that night. After having sex in Claire’s bed, we moved to my room and went at it all...Read On