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Pitching A Tent 2: The Fallout

Ryan tries to figure out the reason behind Skye's sudden attitude change

"Now Entering Pisgah National Park" The sign signaled the end of our seven-hour road trip, and I was excited to stretch my legs. The back seat of George's car was not meant for people as tall as me, and my legs were getting numb. Under normal circumstances, I probably would have thrown a fit and demanded to at least spend SOME of the trip up front. George was three inches shorter than...Read On


Do It Harder

A couple connects through phaneromania...

“Holy fuck, Brad, just do it harder already! I can’t wait any longer!” Victoria cried out. Brad readjusted to achieve the perfect angle, “I’m trying my best, sheesh! It’s just so juicy in there. Good things come to those who wait…” Victoria rolled her eyes, “That’s the saying your mother always tells you! Hurry up, it’s almost there.” “Don’t bring my mother into this, you’re going to...Read On


The Weekend - 2

Series: The Private Game

Married couple spend a relaxing weekend. Neighbor reveals suspicions about the wife.

Sunday morning. Lynn is the first one up. Mike is sleeping soundly. She showers in the spare bathroom so she doesn’t disturb him. She puts on her short robe and goes to the kitchen and brews some coffee. She sits at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, and looking out at the backyard. She has a smile and thinks, ‘God that was something last night. Mike serviced me twice. I thought he liked...Read On


Heather - Part 12

Daddy and Heather together, forever.

When I emerged from the bathroom, Heather was lying on my bed, wearing a light pink bra and matching panties with the ankle strap heels that I find so sexy. She had a black, lace choker around her neck and her damp hair in a cute bump, clipped over her forehead. Heather was watching our sex tape we had just recorded. "We should have been more vocal," Heather said, as I walked in. "I thought...Read On


A TRANS Formation - Chapter 14 - Jill's First Date

Series: A TRANS Formation

After her first date, Jill realizes... Whores do it for money, sluts do it for free

After visiting her family over the weekend, Jill feels so relieved to get back to her apartment. Her life has gone through monumental changes since she last saw them. Yet, at her parents' house, everything is exactly the same as it was the last time she visited, four weeks before. In fact, it's exactly the same as it has been the whole time she was growing up there. As she gets out of...Read On


Frisky Business

What happens when George and June visit a sex shop for the first time?

"George, are you sure about this?" What had sounded like a good idea at the time now worried June. "It's fine, honey." He looked over at her, giving his wife's hand a reassuring squeeze.  "But …" She circled her head like an owl, eyeballing all the cars in the parking lot. "What if we run into someone we know ..." "Well then, I guess they'll be just as embarrassed as us," he chuckled.  ...Read On


Carers, Bed Washes, And Erections!

I might be disabled, but I am horny and I am an exhibitionist!

Hi! I am Toby.  I have a full head of shoulder length, dark blonde and grey hair that I tie back. I am very slim, and very, very healthy. I always used to be quite healthy, but now I am unbelievably healthy, and very much into supplements. I am in my early fifties now. When I was in my early forties I had a very, very bad motorbike accident. I spent a few days in intensive care and a few...Read On


Turning Eighteen Has Some Perks - Part Three

David rolled over and kissed his mother on her lips.  He was hard and needing attention.  His mother passionately kissed him, and their tongues swirled around in their mouths.  Susan opened her eyes, and she and her son exchanged pleasantries before they started feeling each other's bodies.  Susan saw David's hard-on and immediately grabbed his dick. "Wow, you are so hard already." ...Read On


The Break

Damon finds the girls he loves otherwise occupied during Spring Break.

Damon Green shifted in the seat of his Mercedes. He was a university student, The university was on break. Damon stayed in New York for a few days to vacate his apartment, preparing for Bridget, the girl he loved, to move in with her friend Maisey.  Damon decided that he would ask Bridget to be his girlfriend, she had also declared her love. Damon was rich, he had a trust fund, but also had...Read On


Impure Thoughts - Chapter Four

Series: Impure Thoughts.

Have you ever woken up suddenly, thinking that you were in your bed at home?  That happened to me this morning. I woke, and the window was in the wrong place, and I felt anxious. Then Flora turned in her sleep, and I knew where I was. I was in Flora's bed. I don't sleep with Flora very often, but I am always thrilled when she invites me to join her. We do all sorts of lovely sex things...Read On


Big Beach Bulges, Butts, and Boobs - Part 1

Our fantasy beach trip to Jamaica, wet, sexy fantasies included

Before we went to Jamaica on vacation my husband Richard and I fantasized about things that could happen – sexual adventure fantasies, specifically – and we spent some time telling each other about them, which invariably turned into some very hot sex. We had never had sex outside our marriage in the five years we’d been together, nor had we invited anyone else we knew to join us in a...Read On


Turning Stephanie Insatiable: Chapter Two

Series: Insatiable Stephanie

Stephanie's newfound desires lead her to a deliciously frustrating day.

“Stephanie, you fucking love this, don’t you?” Susan yelled as she was bent over and taking an absolute pounding from Liam. “Miss perfect likes to watch her friend take this strong young man’s cock, doesn’t she?” she yelled again.  Stephanie was transfixed on watching Susan’s tits bounce with each of Liam's thrusts from behind. “Or maybe you're more interested in me?” She moaned as...Read On


Girls night out

My first time with another man, leading to swinging

This is a true story of how our lives changed. David and I had been married eight months, we were both virgins when we married.  David was working out of town for two weeks and I was feeling left out.  Our neighbor, Carla asked me if I wanted to go out with her and Susan for a Friday girls night out.  I was open to it after being alone and at home for two weeks so I agreed. She told me...Read On


The Call

In for a quickie before the time runs out.

Her legs started shaking as she grabbed the sheets for dear life. Her lower back arched as I bit slightly harder on her nipple. Her orgasm was long, way stronger than the first one she had a couple of minutes ago. Just as she started relaxing and the moan subsided, the ring tone of the phone startled both of us.   "Oh, shit! Shit! What time is it?" She crawled out from underneath me. I spun...Read On




Love has a cost...

The Present... Hannah gave me a ride to the hotel to change from my 'wedding rehearsal clothes'  into my  'day wear for Danny's house clothes'. I think she appreciated the brief, quiet time she had to herself while I changed clothes before she drove us to the farm. While I'd treated the ladies to Mimosas, Danny had gotten a haircut before returning to the farm to wait for me. He...Read On


Traded on the Love Exchange - Part 1

Series: Traded on the Love Exchange

A sexy trans woman stalks a policeman

1. Watching the Detectives “Do you know why I’ve stopped you, Kelly?” “Because my car is better than yours.” “No, it’s because –” “It is though, isn’t it? An Astra estate? What kind of police car is that?” “Have you been drinking, Kelly?” At this point, people usually adopt a forced innocence as they mention a small half lager they had at exactly 8:43 pm. I had a white wine spritzer...Read On


Maggie: The Best Sex Ever

Maggie meets a young Marine in an airport and they spend a day together

The announcement came over the public address system: “We regret to inform you that flight 215 from Johannesburg to Istanbul has been canceled. Passengers with confirmed reservations will be booked on the flight leaving Johannesburg at the same time tomorrow.” “Shit!” said Maggie to nobody in particular. “Damn!” The speaker was a young U.S. Marine in uniform sitting beside her in the...Read On


Friday Night At The Globe

Public humiliation at sex show

Back in the day, I was virtually Anna's slave 24/7. She enjoyed taking me out to be humiliated and be used in public. This is one such occurrence. Friday PM Beginning of another submissive weekend for me, to be used by my Mistress and to be used also by whomever she had chosen. Sam, my ex, had been asked to book the upstairs room at The Globe pub in the town centre for a bukkake...Read On


Like Mothers, Like Daughters, Uh, Maybe

Teen girls experience lesbian love only to find out they love cock...

Shelly and I were more than best friends, we were lovers. Our mothers Kay Hackney and Ella Farnsworth were lesbian lovers with deep desires to be moms. Through invitro fertilization, they were both impregnated on the very same day. Shelly was born four days before me on October 31, 2002. Our Moms were both ecstatic as they wanted girls. So, Shelly Hackney and Darla Farnsworth were raised...Read On


Our Family Lover

A stud for the family.

Have you ever considered bringing an outside lover into your family? My wife and I actually did, and we all find it most enjoyable. Our ‘family’ lover, Bobby, cuckolds me with both my wife and my sixteen-year-old daughter, activity I enjoy watching. Not only does he fuck the two of them, but he is also bisexual, so he fucks me as well. I’m Brad, a forty-year-old married man with a...Read On


Don't Be Jealous

Janice has a plan to help me deal with my jealousy issues. She will fuck a stranger while I watch.

In my early twenties, I was involved with a woman called Janice. She was shorter than I am, just over five and a half feet tall, five years older than I at twenty-eight, with long dark hair, blue eyes, and worked as a personal trainer at a local gym. I was a Bottom in those days or one who has things done to them. This was one of the last relationships I was in before I changed to being a Top....Read On


Naked Spy

Series: A Slut’s Life

Nika is instructed to get close to Hans’ Russian guest…and does exactly as she’s ordered!

I am not a morning person, never have been, and staying up late as an exotic dancer and sex worker accentuated that. But when my naked ass received an almighty slap, I woke with a start, yelped, and leapt out of bed, rubbing my ass cheek. “Nadu,” my Master’s voice snapped. I immediately dropped to my knees into position. “Obeisance.” I fell forward, hands in front of me, face down, in...Read On


The Proposition

A woman who has worked for a family company for forty years gets a proposition from her new boss

Carol Blunstone had worked for the Henderson family business since she left school just over forty years previously and she was sad that her boss, Matthew Henderson, was retiring. When she first started work, Matthew's father, Timothy, ran the company but now it was to be in the control of Matthew's son, Duncan. Matthew was retiring early; he was only in his late fifties, but he wanted to...Read On



Caught for academic dishonesty, Susan is given a choice.

"Send her in, Jeanine. This may take a while, so if you need to head out for the weekend, that's alright," Principal Eriksen said. "See you next week!” was the reply he heard over the phone.  He had set up a late meeting, and given that it was a Friday, Mr. Eriksen was left to work by himself in the faculty office. Joseph Eriksen was in his sixth year overseeing the students and faculty...Read On


Carnal Devotion

You are my queen, my sole focus, my everything tonight.

You look ravishing tonight, I only have eyes for you. Even though we do not know each other, there is an understanding, a silent message conveyed by our eyes across the room. As I leave my place beside my colleagues to approach you at the bar, your smile widens as I answer your silent request. I offer you a drink, to drench your desire for me while we get acquainted. You accept it, although...Read On


The Last Escort Part Twenty-One Chapters 81-84

Mac and Grace enjoy some down and dirty sex leading up to their wedding day.

Chapter Eighty-One Mac and Grace could barely keep their hands off each other as they hurried from the pool back to their suite. Once they were behind closed doors, Mac said, “Get on the table and spread your legs for me, Grace.” Grace was still reeling from the fact that Mac had not only made her cum in the swimming pool but that a complete stranger watched it happen and stroked...Read On


Caitlin (Part 4)


The night that things got out of control and went farther than I ever imagined they'd go, I was left with a sense of wanting so much more. Caitlin and I had been talking, joking, having a good time, doing some harmless flirting, and that evening she'd gone upstairs, leaving me hard as a rock, horny as hell, and masturbating like a horny fool in my living room watching porn. When I...Read On


Cocklust Ch. 08

Series: Cocklust

Scott and Chad set out on a new journey together.

That Monday morning, for the first time in my life, I woke up in the arms of a dude.  And not just any dude: he was the one I’d lusted for all this time, the one who’d made me realize I was gay, and the one I’d lost my man virginity to.  I still couldn’t believe I’d had a similar effect on him. I’d assumed our little fling was just physical, but now I knew there was more to it.  Part of me...Read On


The Girls Play With The Big Fake Dick

Paige and Robin have desires that lead to them having fun together.

“Holy fuck, Paige! You said it was big, but goddamn, it feels like you are splitting me open,” cried out Robin. As Paige continued to push forward, driving the fake dick into Robin, she replied with, “Oh, shut the fuck up. You let Jake take your virginity, and he is bigger than this thing.” ****** Well, Jake should be honored because they both knew that he wasn’t anywhere near the...Read On


One Night Stand Chapter Two

Truly a gift from heaven

At approximately midnight, the door of my bedroom quickly opened and a black shadow entered and sat on my bed.  I could hear my roommate noisily arguing with another person, probably his girlfriend.   Before I could say anything, the figure on my bed whispered in a very sexy voice, "Please do not say anything and I will explain what is going on."  She then said, "First, I need to quickly...Read On