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Cleo has a Spa Day

Cleo gets a very special massage

The early morning sun and the chirping of robins woke me up early in the morning. I usually wake up horny, but today was exceptional. I played with my smooth, wet pussy in bed and then in the shower. Neither satiated me. Looking at my calendar, I was excited to see that I had a spa appointment booked for the afternoon. My masseuse Matthew was handsome, young and very fit. I had always...Read On


Our First Dogging Session

First time dogging

Let me describe my wife. Tall. 5'10". Buxom is the old fashioned term. Nice pair of 38D's and long full thigh legs. She's got an arse that goes with the thighs and a bit of a belly too. She is not the prettiest of ladies but she looks great to me still at forty-two. The best is her gorgeous ginger hair that she still wears long, halfway down her back. She scoops it into a loose bun when...Read On


Turned on by Exposed Wife. Part 1

Caught and excited

I recently had an early finish from work and decided I would do a little cleaning before my wife came home. I finished a few rooms, then felt grimey so I went to bathe and freshen up.  Our bath takes an eternity to fill so I lay naked on our bed with the bedroom window open. The breeze blowing over me made my body feel great. Naughty lust fuelled thoughts started to enter my head; I...Read On


No Homework - Again!! Miss Downey's Story Chapter Seven

Katherine forgets to attend a detention and pays the price.

Katherine Cook arrived outside Miss Downey’s classroom shortly after lessons had ended for the day. She was no stranger to after-school detentions at St. Katherine’s Girls’ School, but this would be her first experience of one supervised by her usually sweet and gentle Form Mistress, Helen Downey. The usually conscientious Katherine was nervous. She had been there, that first day of term...Read On

Recommended Read

Candy Cane

Her head hangs off the bed, nose in my balls as my cock makes itself at home in her throat. I watch her hands fist the sheet as she writhes, flat stomach tight with exertion. Her concentration on my rod is admirable. I relish the pain her scalp is surely enduring as I fist her hair, serving to cradle her face against my crotch. My other hand is around her neck, feeling the tip of my shaft...Read On


Hot, Sexy & Naughty Pregnant Photoshoot

Usually all prgenant photoshoots are vanilla style. Not ours ;)

I’m gonna share something personal today that is a major part of our lives. Me and Birgit haven’t shared an important news with you – we’re going to be parents. Yes, Birgit is pregnant since the first night in Ibiza. Weird, isn’t it? For many conservative people we might now seem officially the crazy ones, but it is our life and neither one of us see any problem with pregnancy and our...Read On


A High School Affair

A confused girl has an affair with her teacher... But someone is watching.

***Lindsay*** This is a story about a gay girl that discovers she isn't gay… then discovers she is gay… then realizes that she is just bi, but is not really sure. Confused yet? I know I was. That girl was me. I was sixteen years old, and summer break was just about over. A new school year was beginning, yet unlike most people, I was excited. Not for the reasons one could imagine, however. ...Read On


Student Discipline Programme - Chapter Two

Stella is disciplined by the much younger Megan with surprising results

Saturday arrived all too quickly for Stella although equally, she hated the wait. She had played over in her mind so many times how Miss Dawkins had disciplined her and she knew some of the cane welts were still showing although the stinging had gone. That wasn’t her main concern, though, as Megan lived with her and was her ex-partner's daughter, and yet it was Megan who was supposed to...Read On

Comp Entry

Of Schemes and Things

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And just between you and me, some say it's kind of fun."

Newly polished toenails safely propped on the crowded coffee table, Darlene Barnes let out a long plume of cigarette smoke and waited for her friend to come back from the kitchen. Waiting in silence, however, had never been her 'thing'. The thirty-something bottled-blonde looked around at the empty doorway to the kitchen. "You know it's hard for me to believe you're this messed-up....Read On


Paid Vacation

Greg earns his holiday and extra money with his body.

Greg sat at Bristol airport waiting to board the plane. He looked at his phone and the last message from Danny. He grinned as he read how excitable Lisa had become in the past few days. He sent him a quick message saying it was just a few hours till Lisa would be full. Greg looked at the messages from Lisa herself, including the full body nude that Nick had taken. Greg sent a message to...Read On


Shhh, A Teen is in the House - Part Three

Cindy, Michelle and I have an evening together, food, movies and a teenager in the house.

All three of us snuggled into bed. Michelle ended up along my right side and Cindy on my left. Hands from all of us were still roaming over whatever body they could find and it was peaceful and yet so sexy with the aroma in the room of pure and raw sex. Michelle stirred a bit and draped her leg over my thigh as she rolled slightly toward me. Getting as close as she could she turned her head...Read On


Girly Obsessions

Based on a real adventure with embellishments of wishes

All of my life from the time I was young to now at twenty-five, I have had an obsession with women. It is not that I like them (which I most certainly do) but more that I want to be like them, act like them, and most importantly dress like them. It started when I was very young and developed an interest in the legs and nylons of women which I found fascinating. The sheer and soft material...Read On


The Cougar Lounge--Chapter 3

I don't like limp noodles

Pulling into his driveway, Will turned off the motor and just sat there, his forehead resting against the steering wheel. Driving home he was fine but the moment he pulled into the drive, it seemed as if all the steam had been let out of his body, making him wonder if he even had the strength to get out and walk into the house. Will could not believe that those older women had drained him...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 4

An farm apprentice and the hot farmer's daughter have to sneak to be together.

After Sherry left my cabin, I turned out the light and lay on my bed thinking about what happened in the last two days. When I became an apprentice to learn farming, I didn’t expect I would meet anyone like Sherry and was amazed how suddenly my life had changed. I wasn't sure what Sherry meant that her mom was on her side. Mary had told me that John fired other apprenticeships for being...Read On


Becoming Mistress Victoria Part Six

Continuing with slave Brian's journey.

Brian was my first guinea pig. He was a young and hormonal boy with a  cock was that was perpetually hard and was trained to come on my command. I would use his orgasm as a reward for being a good slave; sometimes; I would not let him come for days. When he finally did come, it was always a lot, and I would have him lick up his cum, from my feet or my pussy. I was learning how to be a...Read On



A crossdresser tries to please his lover

Frank didn’t vocalize his orgasms. So I never knew he’d cum until he stopped his motion and pulled out of me. Then I’d look over my shoulder with a smile and ask, “Did you cum?” And Frank, already backing off the bed, his big cock curving downward now, would reply, “Yeah.” Although normally quite chatty, in the immediate aftermath of sex Frank turned into a man of few words, a regular...Read On


Southern Hospitality, Part 3

Sarah has an erotic dream

It was the end of Sarah's first day at Amnesty International. She couldn't believe how quickly the day had gone. It seemed like they'd hardly gotten anything done before it was time to leave. Chloe was a great boss. She was smart, encouraging, and very passionate about her work. Sarah felt that same passion for helping people. She just hoped she could stay as passionate as Chloe had. She...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 14

Carol plays more games, assisted by Andrea...

  More games I tend to sleep in stretches an hour or two at a time. The first time I woke I was disoriented. It took a minute before I knew where I was. I looked at my phone and it was three a.m. Andrea was fast asleep. My phone showed one dot of signal but it disappeared as I watched. At least my movie and text from earlier in the evening had actually gone. When it went--or more...Read On


Miles Apart > Chapter 1 > Circumstances of kink

Thank you for the compliments. Now do as I say!

I remember this like it was a minute ago, but in reality it's been years since his fingertips engraved every inch of me. Embark with me on this story of how Josh and I dismissed the fact that we were the same blood. --- Me and Josh, although closely related, never met until I was eleven and he turned twelve. He is from a completely different continent, and our families are thousands of...Read On


My Revenge - Me and My Sister - Part Four

My sister has screwed up big time, and now she will have to pay.

I was coming home from college after another day of classes. I came earlier that day because my professor didn’t show up for my English class. I opened the door and came in. I lived in a big house that I shared with my sister, Valentina. I had lived with my sister for five years since my parents had gone abroad. I must admit right away that my sister and I had started to have this...Read On


Crazy Cuck Session

"Now watch as he shoots his load in me," Angel said.

I'd been involved with some hot wife couples as a Bull before, a different thing from helping a woman cuck her hubby. Hot wiving means the husband is involved somehow, or may sit back and watch and direct. Can be Hetero or Bi. I always went straight hetero with couples, as I'm averse to sex with men. Nothing wrong with the Bi thing, just not my bag. When I met this particular couple it was...Read On


Naughty Alice

Will callers please use the rear entrance

Dennis was the town's longest-serving postman. There wasn't a day when, on his weary eight-hour round, he didn't think about retirement. Trudging up the long hill to Mack's filling station, he calculated that he was only one hour from finishing the gruelling 'walk'. "Shouldn't have bothered, buddy," said the gas station's proprietor, flinging the package into the trash bin. "It's...Read On


Laurie And The Lawn Crew

She gets horny in the afternoon

Laurie sat at her desk in the empty classroom attempting to get up the nerve to go through with it.  Her online friend had dared her to do something naughty in her empty classroom. He wanted her to prove to him that she really was a daring, sexy lady.  The thoughts of what he had dared her to do had been going through her mind all week. As she sat at her podium, or behind her desk, she had...Read On


The Pool Party

It had been a long year... and it was time to blow off some steam.

Friday, May 26, 2000 Heather had just finished her first year of teaching, and she was exhausted.  The everyday grind of a school year had taken its toll. As a student, she had never even come close to understanding just how much work was involved in teaching.  Working through lunch, staying at school past six o’clock in the evening, taking assignments home to grade, staying up into the...Read On


Sent To Miss Storey's Office At Lunchtime: Miss Downey's Story Chapter Six

Naughty Nicole gets one final chance to learn how to be a good St. Katherine's Girl.

Eighteen-year-old sixth former, Nicole Rannigan fidgeted with her hands, then her hair and finally her black school shoes as she waited on the blue padded chairs which lined the wall facing the offices of the Head Mistress, Deputy Head Mistresses and Heads of Year at St. Katherine’s Girls’ School. Nicole was in serious trouble this time and she knew it. During her six and a half years at...Read On

Comp Entry

A Taboo Cure For Burnout

A young celebrity under pressure finds her secret to stopping burnout

After climbing to the top of the fame world at the age of twenty-four, Lilia was the talk of the world. The super-model turned actress had starred in blockbuster hits and the world had their eyes on her. Lilia was born and raised in California and was a dark haired tanned skin beauty that looked exactly like Emily Ratajkowski.  Unfortunately for the young talent, a scandal had affected...Read On


Claiming Her Kid Sister

Falling for the forbidden fruit of my girlfriend’s little sis.

I never dreamed I'd fuck my girlfriend's sister, but I don't regret it. In fact, I'm going to do it again. If you'd asked me beforehand, if you’d stopped me before I knocked on their door that warm summer afternoon, I would have been offended at the suggestion that I would ever cheat at all. But an hour later I was in the shower, washing away the sweat of sex as my body tingled with...Read On


Spare the Rod, Spoil the Wife

I had been married to Carolyn for about 2 years now. She was gorgeous and the sweetest woman I had ever met ... most of the time. About a year after we married, I saw a different side surface every now and then. You see, she was a perfectionist and when things didn't go her way, she didn't handle it too well. Most of her life had been easy for her, but her new career was not. She was a...Read On


A Late Night Interruption

Andi is working late to make a deadline, but Kate can't sleep...

A knock on the office door.  Andi is surprised to hear it. It's after eleven and this was Kate's long day teaching yoga; Andi assumed she would be sound asleep by now. She lets Kate know she can come in and then goes back to typing her exposé on collusion in the city mayoral race. After a moment of silence, Andi looks up from her laptop screen and sees a long leg provocatively extended...Read On


Hipster Flu Epidemic Rocks Seattle

A couple explore Epidemic ravaged Seattle

First, a shout out to Audrey X for correctly Googling, I mean answering the previous obscure movie reference "A Clockwork Orange." She even said it was "easy." "Vanity thy name is woman." The alluring Audrey will receive her bonus points plus five White Castle coupons honoring the return of GOT. And now...The Adventure Continues I'm Emma Gravel. You might know me from such Lush stories as,...Read On