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Our Swing Story Pt.1 The Sensual Strip

A swinging story in three parts

We had started going to an online swingers group local meet and greet. It was held every other week at a local bar. They would let us have a little fun if we heeded their warnings when given. We hadn’t actually had sex with another couple yet and were wanting to get to know some couples who might like to get together. There were quite a few couples who checked most of our boxes, but only a...Read On


A Really Good Day

Young man helps lady motorist and she helps him.

Ryan Folsom was happy in his new car. It was a present from his father for his eighteenth birthday, and he had just collected it. Ryan had the feeling that this could be a good day. That morning he had learned that he had obtained the high grades he required to follow the journalism course he wanted at university. He wasn’t surprised at the new sense of freedom that filled his mind. Just...Read On


Assignments At The Hotel: Part Six

For twenty-four hours she gave him complete control

She couldn't help but feel a tinge of excitement now, knowing all that had already happened today.  She figured this wouldn't be too bad, and if she played her cards right she might be able to push his own limits again just like she did with the hot tub earlier.  With the tiny pink bathing suit bottoms and the tight-fitting white t-shirt on, she put on a pair of shorts, grabbed a towel,...Read On


Bianca's Night Out

Bianca is on a modeling job when she meets two black men.

Bianca Tortellini walked along the empty beach with the sun behind her. It was already warm even though it wasn’t even seven in the morning. She held her heels in her left hand and a half-smoked cigarette in her other. She could still feel the buzz from all the booze she had had the previous night. Her white dress hugged her tall body showing off her curvy figure. She wasn’t one of...Read On


The Breakup

A guy wears a chastity belt to get back with his ex girlfriend

Collecting his drink from the barista, Cole sat down at a table near the door and waited for Zara to arrive. It had only been four months since she had dumped him for his longest friend, and he still thought about ripping her pants off and thrusting himself into her every day. As he waited, he thought about why she had called the meeting. Did she want to get back together? Was she pregnant?...Read On


The Music Festival (Part 1)

Based on a true story - friend's little sister drives Mike on to have great sex with his girlfriend.

It was that time of year again. June in England meant it was time for the annual trip to Glastonbury Festival. After an eight hour wait for the gates to open, we were finally in the campsite and setting up our tents. It was a slightly different group this year. All the usual guys were here but, for the first time, the wives and girlfriends were coming along too. That meant our group of...Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 8 - Room Service

Silver is surprised when she opens the door for room service.

Light tapping wakes us from our slumber. “Room service!” rumbles from behind the closed door. Still under the influence of weed, sex and sleep, I call out in a sleepy voice, “Hold on a sec!” Silver looks at me with bright eyes and says, “Did you order anything?” “No,” I reply, still trying to clear the cobwebs from my mind. “Huh, well damn, don't move, be right back,” she says, slipping...Read On


Bab's and Julie Chapter one

Julie is just what her aunt needed...

"I'm sorry Fran, got my sister's daughter coming to stay for two weeks, so no sexy romps for us, with a teenage brat into the house," Babs said to her long-term lesbian lover as she busied herself with a quick house dusting. In her mid-forties, Babs still had the sort of figure that had men lusting after her. But following a disastrous relationship with her only long-term boyfriend, she...Read On


Feeding an addiction Part 3: Ch 3

Sue tells the story of March to August 2018

Scarsdale, New York: March to August 2018 Hi, this is Sue. Pete’s muse in the story he’s been recounting. I’ve been sitting here watching Pete writing about us for the last four months. And I feel it’s about time I put pen to paper to tell my side of the story, especially as sometimes I’m getting a bit of a bad press. I think the first thing I want to say is an echo of something Pete said...Read On


The Cougar Lounge--Chapter 2

Party Time

It was just a little past noon when Will finally started to stir. As he slowly opened his eyes, Will realized that he had fallen asleep on the couch sitting up. Every muscle in his body was protesting as he stretched and slowly made his way to his feet. “Fuck,” he moaned as he started for the bathroom, hoping a hot shower would ease the tightness of his muscles and the slight ache in his...Read On

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Clouds of lavender scented steam billowed through the doorway as she stepped out of the warm confines of the gray tiled bathroom and padded across to her bedroom. A switch was flicked, her towel was dropped and the top drawer was opened as she sorted through her smalls, looking for her good pair of black thigh high stockings. The silk caressed first her fingertips, and then her smooth legs...Read On


Tempting the Freshman

Part of an ongoing series about Annabelle's search.

Once Steve left the kitchen to start his second load of laundry, I finished opening the wine bottle and poured out a glass for each of us. Torpe that I am, I was afraid that I would spill something if I tried to take everything into the living room altogether, so I started with the wine and placed the glasses at the near end of the coffee table in front of the sofa. While walking back into...Read On


A Shared Secret

Getting busted on his secret passion is more fun than he could have imagined

I know her only casually from project meetings at the office. She is a busy executive known for getting projects done well and on time. She carries a confident and stately beauty, in her mid-fifties with shimmering, shoulder-length black hair. Her dark eyes and quick smile can quickly put you at ease and light up the room, or with just a look she can command your attention and put you on...Read On


Meeting Carol part 2

I'm so turned on

I stood there looking at Carol, naked under her kimono.  Her hair a mess and her face flushed; her smile like a satisfied cat. She said, "I was a very dirty girl last night, all night." I asked, "When did he leave?" Carol said, "20 minutes ago.  He was drained and limp." I pulled her kimono off.  She had bite marks on her tits and her bald cunt looked freshly fucked, the lips protruding...Read On


Teachers Subterfuge - Chapter 3

The headmistress gets her comeuppance from the sixth form girls

Eight o’clock couldn’t come soon enough for the three teachers, nor for the three college girls. Miss Logan knew that Emma would be arriving at her room any moment, as she sat on the bed in her nightdress knowing that she had on no knickers, and that as soon as Emma arrived, the nightdress would have to come off. Emma stood in the corridor outside the teacher's bedroom area and they...Read On


Assignments At The Hotel: Part Five

Four twenty-four hours she gave him complete control

He found himself staring blankly as he watched her bent over.  She fumbled with the switch for the tub jets a few more times before standing up and facing him, her nipple still showing out the top of her towel.  If before he was visibly hard, now it was impossible to miss as he was sticking almost straight out.  After a moment of consideration whether he should adjust himself or not, he...Read On


Let's Try Infidelity

It didn’t occur to me, and, I don’t think, to Anne, the risk we were taking just by being here. We were parked in front of a house that was settled in one of the richer neighborhoods that surrounded downtown Toronto. It was a late night and, usually, Anne and I would be at home, sleeping. “We’ve already come all this way,” she said, but then she sucked in her lower lip, and I knew that she...Read On


Interracial Affair – Part Three

Sinking deeper into my slutty sexcapades, I ended up getting more that I bargained for.

My adulterous relationship with Marcus continued. I had become deeply involved with my black lover, and I struggled to keep my husband from finding out. It was like walking a tight-rope, trying to balance between being a wife to one man, and a slut to the other.  Marcus called me when he wanted me, and I always went to him. He made a habit of meeting me for lunch two or three times a week,...Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 7 - Time for a Nap

Silver and Gabriel head back to the room for a naked nap. Silver has a sparkly surprise for Gabriel!

Silver tries to cover her surprise at seeing me but fails miserably. “Did who miss any spots?” I inquire innocently. “Shut up” she mumbles, burying her face in the mattress. “Hum.” I emit thoughtfully, looking across the pool. A dude with a farmer's tan sits next to a cute brunette looking at us. He's holding a fancy camera; an actual camera. Huh! Pointing the camera elsewhere, he...Read On


Bridging The Gap, Part III

Bridgett boarded. It had been a long two weeks and she was eager to finish this training and return home. Fortunately, it would be a short hop, just an hour or so. She grinned as she caught sight of Eunjeong, who grinned wildly back for a split second, and remembered sadly it would be a short hop, only an hour or so, though, thank the divine spirits, Eunjeong had a layover at the end of...Read On


The Shower - A Brief Conclusion

I got caught in the shower by the house sitter.

We slept all in the same bed. I only had a double so needless to say cuddling was necessary to facilitate all three of us. Michelle was on the left and Cindy on her comfortable side with her breasts plastered against Michelle’s back. I took up the right side and was also against Cindy’s back. I could see Cindy was caressing Michelle’s body slowly and it wasn’t long before I gave in to sleep....Read On


Butch Fucks Us Both

Butch and his friends fuck my wife and me.

At every meeting, my wife’s steady lover Butch brings two or three new men, and one young, sixteen-year-old virgin boy. They always allow this boy to have at her first after they’ve warmed her up. It’s a thrill to watch a naked young boy crawl all over her and get his first fuck, but sometimes the boy is shy and can’t perform in front of the group of other men. On those occasions, she takes...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 4

Finally Chris shows his hand and holds nothing back

The exhibition My beautiful new watch buzzed on time and I sneaked out of bed. I should have been groggy, what with only four hours sleep and a hundred and fifty mile drive yesterday. Adrenalin is wonderful stuff; I was as wide awake and on edge as a sprinter in the blocks. Carol was still out of it. I set the motion sensor on the bedroom camera to wake me if Carol moved. I had a...Read On

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The Wages Of Flashing

Somehow she’d managed to trap herself a situation that she had no idea how to get out of.

Is it really flashing if nobody sees? That was the question. Her husband had seen, of course, on drives in the country; Greg aiming his camera at her as she bared the body he was so familiar with, and that she was so familiar with showing him. They’d look at the pictures later, of her posing against a tree trunk with her skirt pulled up, or leaning back against the car with erect...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 9

The plane ride home, and Karla tells Kevin about her future plans for both of them.

As they settled in the first class cabin of the jet taking them home, Karla lifted the cuff of Kevin’s jacket, slid her hand underneath his and intertwined her fingers with his so his hand lay atop hers. Kevin looked at her and smiled. “You’re my master,” she whispered to him. Kevin chuckled. “No, I’m not. We’re partners.” “Okay,” she nodded, her auburn locks waving forward and back....Read On


Brandy (Part 2)

Not The Sleepover I'd Expected

I could not believe that I'd spent the whole evening with my step daughter Kylie, her friend Katie and her other friend Brandy playing truth and dare. Jesus, I was so fucking turned on every time Kylie had friends over. They would come over, change later in the evening into t-shirts and shorts, I'd see their chests puffing out as they walked around the house, stare at their asses, and I...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 11

Mom catches Tommy and Connie having sex. A couple days later, the women talk...

The thirty-eight-year-old divorced mother had heard noises coming from the back bedroom and slowly walked down the hallway toward her son's bedroom. As Barbara got closer to Tommy's room, she heard the unmistakable sound of moaning. It was faint and muffled, but it was still moaning. She slowly approached the door and peeked through the narrow opening and saw Connie, naked on the bed with...Read On


Neighbors and Friends 3

her dare goes too far

It was 1:17 in the morning when my cell phone rang next to my bed. Still half asleep, I reached over and grabbed it. It was my neighbor, Rachael. “Hey?” I mumbled. “Something wrong?” Rachael replied in a quick rush of words. “I’m sorry to wake you, and yes something is wrong and I need your help. Quick. Can you come get me?” Instantly awake now, I sat up, placing my feet on the floor....Read On


Tourist Gets Off At Bondi Beach

Arthur's Australian vacation will be particularly memorable after hanging out at Bondi Icebergs pool

I went to Australia a couple of months ago with friends to visit some other friends. I was only there for a week and spent the last few days in Sydney. I opted for Sydney as my last stop because there was a pool I wanted to visit for personal, and obviously speedo-related reasons. Being Filipino and living in the great state of Texas, USA, I seldom get a chance to be speedo-clad at the...Read On


Twist of the knife! ch 10. Part Une.

Are you sure, Hubby?

Fall 2016. It looks like I could touch the beam of moonlight angling across my room as I watch the tiny dust particles floating through it. I just heard town clock tower chime three times, but I’m not tired yet. I'm afraid this part will be hard for me, but I'm sure my doctors would say I'm making progress if I can talk about it, we'll see. Although, it has been really nice reminiscing!...Read On