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Facials: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?

The true tale of my first facial

Welcome back to my sexual autobiography, answering questions on the Lush Forums truthfully! And this poster asks, Facials: Thumbs up or thumbs down? Over the years, I’ve taken loads in two of my three receptacles, never having tried anal. I know they say...

Pastor's Wife

Caught her red handed coming out of the adult section of the video store

My wife was out of town chaperoning the kid's retreat for our church. I had a full week of peace and quiet and decided to rent a bunch of action movies that she hates. Pulling into the parking lot, I noticed our pastor's wife parking up next to the buildi...

One-On-One Fun

First time without hubby led to more fun with my new friend

You won't believe the turn of events. I certainly didn't expect it. After trying to find a date to suit four, we'd decided it was finally time for a threesome MFM. We went to bed thinking it was all arranged but when I woke, it all changed. Hubby said he'...


Have you ever woken in a morning with a need

He loved her mature body, with it’s imperfect fleshy curves. It was warm and soft to his touch. He lay there beside her and dragged his fingers over her skin, watching it respond. This morning he was going to take her from behind and pound her senseless....

Roses - And Blood - Are Red

A Halloween Themed 'Roses' (just a bit in advance)

Roses are red Halloween's not far Ghosts and goblins? No! VAMPIRES star! -- The intimate sharing Of pulsing life force Erotic extremes With no remorse -- No gushing fountain But a tiny stream Entices arousal In a magic dream -- As hands caress Erogenous z...

Shouldering the Burden

A wife confesses; her husband already knows.

Marge was sitting at the small table, looking out the window and wringing her hands together. Her eyes were moist; not full of tears, not yet, but right on the verge. When she heard me enter, though, the first one slid down her cheek. “Charlie, baby. We n...

Upstairs Bedroom Guest

A platonic family friend and fantasies of what could have been

"What were you doing up there?" Jane asked over the phone, very suggestively. It really caught me off guard because I know I kept things very quiet when I went upstairs in Jane's townhouse that weekend. I know I kept the sheets on her guest bed clean. I d...

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Guilty Pleasures

A father and his son's girlfriend discover a shared passion on holiday

Truth be told, I had never taken much notice of my son’s girlfriends. I was grateful I think that Jonno seemed to have a different ‘type’ to me. The girls he brought home were blondes or redheads, and what I guess you’d call “willowy.” I had always liked...

The Coffee Shop

A Younger Man

I was hanging out in my favorite coffee shop one morning. I love to just sit there and drink my coffee during the weekends and enjoy a cappuccino while people-watching. On this particular morning, I saw a much younger man walk in. He caught my eye immedia...

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Free Spirit

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Donna Lee
The Tramp

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Open Late

A young fast food worker is seduced by his dream girl, a robot coworker.

In the future, robotics and advanced A.I. become a ubiquitous part of society, aiding mankind in all facets of everyday life. However, they still retained the cold impersonal look of a machine until a new development rocketed over the uncanny valley. Grow...

The cool Autumn air flowing through the open door disturbed the dusty webs of long dead spiders as we pushed the heavy wooden door inward. Only the whisper of the breeze, our breath, and the screech of the door's rusty hinges competed with the sound of my...

Cordelia's Feet

A class on French libertine literature opens the doors for a rather kinky, life-changing encounter

Much has been said about Cordelia Channings, but it usually boiled down to one fact - she was a queen bee. She had the aura and arrogance to make her peers fall all over each other to fulfill her every whim, and she knew it and took advantage of it. She w...

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