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I knew, yet never saw.

I finished a late dinner in the hotel restaurant but didn’t want to call it a night just yet. There were places in Bangkok that I knew would be entertaining but I neither wanted to battle the traffic nor the oppressive heat outside. I decided to check out...

Worth Every Penny

A middle-aged woman pays for the companionship she prefers.

It took me a long time to find Chase. My inquiries into hiring a male escort had to be discreet, especially since he wouldn't be escorting me anywhere except the bedroom. More than once, I thought I'd finally found someone suitable, only to be disappointe...

Jack and Cynthia - Chapter 3 - Back To Work

Cynthia shows her real feelings

I had just put my briefcase on my desk when Nancy entered my office. She said that Mrs. Timbrook wanted another meeting with me at ten-thirty. I told her I’d check my schedule; Nancy laughed as she left my office. She has a great sense of humor, but busin...


I grit my teeth, flex my hips, and arch my body upwards. ‘What’re you waiting for?’ I slur, ‘Want you.’

His eyes grow wide when he sees me smouldering in my fishnet vest and neon pink microkini! I stretch my strong legs, flicking the grit off my scorched toes. My calves are socked with sand. I’ve acquired a healthy tan. He stashes away his sunglasses, strip...

Discipline Centre By Design

Kathy wanted to experience being disciplined and thought being sent to a discipline centre would be best.

Kathy, who was sixty, was walking down the road towards the discipline centre because of the violation she intentionally committed. Being punished at a discipline centre was something that she had fantasised about for so many years, and yet she had never...

Mummy & Nanna (Part 3)

Lizzy and Daisy deepen their incestuous love affair, but actions have consequences.

7: Daisy = We awoke together in Lizzy’s bed. I stretched around and touched her side, feeling her soft, warm, naked flesh. “Wake up, Lizzy. You have to get to work.” A groan came from the other side. “No, Mum, I don’t want to go in today. I’ll send them a...

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Amy Gets an "A"

Why I always carry a clean t-shirt in my bag

We were waiting outside Professor Anderson’s room for a seminar on “Eighteenth-Century Romantic Literature” when Amy arrived, smirking. Her t-shirt was splattered all over with a creamy substance that was clearly semen. “Fuck, Amy,” said Jane, “You’ve bee...

Good Gone Bad

She goes back to her ex-boyfriend on Valentine's Day

Another stupid argument. This time on the morning of Valentine's Day. Lara loved her boyfriend but was tired of the antagonism. There was always something to fight over, anything to get the upper hand and make the other have to reaffirm their love. Fuck t...

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Festive Unexpected

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Forbidden Desires Ch.02

Alejo brings Bells deeper into his world.

She had been nervous about seeing him on Monday. She did not know how he would act around her after what they had done over the weekend and her heart had fluttered in her chest as she entered his classroom. He taught A-level English Literature and she saw...

Such Sweet Punishment

I'm desperate to find excitement during a boring family dinner. I look to you for help.

“It’s so great to see the two of you,” my mother says, pouring another glass of wine. As she sets it down, she reaches for my father’s hand, a bright smile stretching across her face. “It really is,” my father agrees, giving my mother’s hand an affectiona...

Czech Adventure

A young lady gets help competing in a sex-filled gameshow across Prague

It was a relationship that had run its course. Those were the clinical words my ex-girlfriend used when summarising her decision to terminate our three-year relationship. Her words crushed me; the damage was caused not by the split, or her admission that...

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