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Position Filled

Looking for a job has never been so pleasurable.

You get home at around seven in the evening after another hard day at work. Your wife Emma has prepared your diner but is sat on an armchair sobbing; she has her face in her hands, unaware you have arrived home. You quietly walk over to her and with a hand on her shoulder you ask her why she’s crying. She tries to speak but she makes no real sense. You try and lift her head as you ask,...Read On


Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Four

The sun had hardly made an appearance when I heard my phone vibrate with an incoming message. 'Good morning. Are you awake sexy bum?' it read. It was not even 6am yet and about six hours had passed since we spoke over the phone. My randy bobby was getting ready for the day with me as a starting course. After our phone chat last night, I was more than happy and willing to oblige him. ...Read On


Watch Me Be A Slut - Part 2

My wife continues her story of being an exhibitionist slut

I took a long shower, cleaning myself carefully for my strip tease that night. I shaved my pussy again and rubbed baby oil all over my body, especially my pussy and ass. I wanted to be soft and smooth for my audience. As we were leaving the hotel I stopped in the gift shop and bought one of those long cigars that come in a metal tube. I gave it to my husband and told him to hand it to me on...Read On


Vanessa and the girl next door.

Vanessa discovers there's more to the girl next door than she thought...

I’m five feet eight, slim, a little too slim in the breast department for my own liking but I hadn’t had any complaints. My eyes are brown as is my hair which is cut short. I live in my own house and have done ever since my divorce ten years ago. I’ve had a couple of flings but nothing too serious. About nine years ago a nice couple moved in next door. They had a teenage daughter called...Read On


Meeting James Chapter 8

James and Melanie spend an intense evening at the Bellagio.

I felt as if my heart was going to beat out of my chest as James and I drove west on route 95 towards Summerlin. Had I been alone in the SUV, I would have texted Gianna to let her know that James and I would be dining in the restaurant this evening. However, with James sitting next to me, giving her an advanced warning didn’t feel appropriate. I tried everything I could to hide my...Read On


The Intern

I was selected to mentor on the summer intern . .

I was assigned to help a new intern in our office learn about our sales team. I wasn’t particularly thrilled about the request, but my boss said that if I did it well, there would be a five hundred dollar bonus paid out at the end of the program, to the sales manager who made the biggest impact on their assigned intern. Jennifer was a cute college-aged girl with long brunette hair...Read On


Mortimer Eppes

...dilly, dilly

In my wildest imagination, I wished to be the scourge of the high-seas, but I would settle for some woman's misfortune. Perhaps a few laps with her around the catacombs of my basement walls, would do my alter ego. I had just recently penned a 'wet seller' (erotic) that sold out the first printing. Now the presses were printing more. My pen name being Mortimer Eppes, a name better off...Read On


Summer Break Surprise

An older friend decides to take Ben's virginity.

My name is Ben. I’m eighteen and I live with my parents in a small house in Mercer County. I guess I’m a typical teen, although my friends say I am a bit geeky and far too shy around girls. I’m tall and slim, have short brown hair and brown eyes and I work hard in college as I aim to go to law school eventually. Right now classes are out for the summer break and I’ve been doing some odd...Read On


The beast in her hut

He sank his teeth into her flesh...

She smiled unwillingly as she walked onto the settlement. She smiled unknowingly even. But she smiled. Her whole face smiled. It was in her eyes, they were brighter then ever. It was in her cheeks and their rosy color. It was in her mouth of course, as her lips curled up slightly. It was even in her hair, which seemed to dance around her face. She was feeling happy, content, satisfied even....Read On


Black Neighbor Fucks My Wife And Teen Daughter - Part 1

My black neighbor convinces me to suck his cock

It took my family quite a while to get used to the lifestyle in Las Vegas after moving there from New York. My name is Connor, and my wife Megan and I grew up and went to college on Long Island. We married right after graduation and both had jobs in banking in Manhattan. Our daughter Lindsey was born one year later, and she was two years old when I got the opportunity to work for a major...Read On


Second Honeymoon - Chapter 6

Karl was shocked and resistant when I told him Dimitri would be staying with us for the few days, until his residence was ready. I took him by the hand and said, "We have guest rooms, plenty of time, space to entertain and a wonderful chance for our friends to meet someone of another culture. I can't wait to get to know Dimitri even better." I saw Karl’s objection coming. I knew how...Read On


She Surprised Me (Part 3)

If I'd Known Then What I Know Now... I'd Still Have Done It.

Not two hours earlier, my wife and I had some pretty darn good sex (much to my shock and amazement) before she left for work on her overnight shift. Now here I was, lying on that same bed, naked, with an amazingly sexy and horny teenage girl straddling me, about to do sexual things to me that I could have never imagined. Calling a sixteen year old girl "sexy" may come across as perverted,...Read On


Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 11

You and Danielle can't keep your hands of each other

The next morning you wake up in the same position. You kiss Danielle on her cheeks and to your surprise she is already awake. “Good morning, lover,” she says. “Morning, sweetheart,” you say as you move away from Danielle and get up from the bed. Danielle looks up at you. You’re a mess. You smell of sweat and your crotch is covered in dried pussy juice and cum. “You could use...Read On



Mike is forced to cross the line

Mike eyes burnt from the lights and he struggled to get his bearings. Slowly he became aware of the machines around him and the drips of saline and painkillers plumbed into his forearm. Mike tried to move but the pain and stiffness forced him to lay still. Racking his mind, Mike tried to remember how he had got into this situation. He vaguely remembered leaving the high class restaurant...Read On


A Simple Doctor's Visit (Part II)

The visit gets complicated

“Just a moment, Angela,” Dr. Yamada replied as she quickly put on her lab coat and stashed her bra, skirt and blouse in one of the cabinets in the examination room. No one would know by looking at her that all she had on under her lab coat were her pink and black panties, garters and stockings. Ryan tried to grab his clothes or at least the gown but the doctor would not allow him to cover...Read On


Trick or Treat

With Erica's Halloween sex party approaching I needed to think about my outfit.

Ever since I was little girl I’ve always loved dressing up and with Halloween approaching it was time to decide whether I needed something new for this year. A large wickerwork basket in the corner of my bedroom contains all my fancy dress outfits and I was having a nice quiet evening on my own so I decided to drag everything out to see what I had before making any decisions. As soon as...Read On


I Want My Daddy

I'm home and I need my sexy daddy. My pussy is so wet and I've been wanting to ride your cock all day. I greet you at the door naked like I always do. You tell me to wait and that you're tired. My daddy just wants to relax, but I've been thinking about you all day. I don't listen. I'm a bad slave and whine when I don't get my way. You sit down in your favorite chair so you can watch the...Read On


Fixing Mrs. Sanders' Pipes

Called to fixed the neighbor's pipes.

When I was young, my parents wanted to teach me the value of a dollar and the pleasure of hard work. They purchased a riding mower, weed trimmer and a small trailer to hook behind the mower for me. Dad talked to some of the neighbors and negotiated prices for my services. It didn’t take long until my summer vacation was booked. I would start on Monday mornings, and with cooperation from...Read On

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Seduced by Kitten

Only so long a girl can wait before she makes the move herself...

I wanted it, and I...Read On

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Recommended Read

My Turn

Listening to a good girl having fun.

You are lying on the bed completely naked and exposed when I walk in. You tell me I have been a good girl and you are giving me free reign to do as I wish with your body. Of course I give you a grin and a feeling of excitement runs through me. I love when you allow me to do this. Stopping myself from moving too quickly, I stand at the foot of the bed and remove my panties. Crawling on the...Read On


The Money Dance

Getting an unusual bonus at work!

Lounges always have been my ‘office’. I play guitar and sing for a living, and the fringe benefits are sometimes fantastic. I never know what's going to happen from one night to the next. This night started out no different than most others. I walked up to my little one-man bandstand, sat down on my stool, and adjusted the guitar and then the microphone. I primed my tip jar with a couple...Read On


Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Three

A stranger on the phone

Martin and I chatted online the day before we had to meet and I could feel the sexual tension in the typed messages. The need to meet and get sweaty had reached a fever pitch and there was no holding back now. As soon as I gave him my telephone number, the phone buzzed with a, 'Hello sexy bum.' I smiled in the semi darkness of my room and sent a simple, 'Hello to you too,' feeling slightly...Read On


Painful Piano Lesson Part 4

I burst in on a girl being caned and end up being caned naked in front of her

My name is Mike, I’m seventeen and if you’ve read what’s happened to me before you’ll know I tried to give up taking piano lessons a year ago but my parents made me continue. Worse still, Miss Edwards got their permission to punish me if I’d failed to practice properly. Mum and Dad were away and my piano lesson was at 6.30 p.m. If it wasn’t for my Mum reminding me to go I would have...Read On


Elizabeth's Story - Chapter 8 - I get engaged

I tell my fiance' about my relationship with my stepbrother

I arrived on the west coast campus as a scared and naïve freshman in August 2012. UCLA had offered me a full academic scholarship, so my choice of where to attend school was relatively easy. In many ways, I was a bit of an enigma. I was not a virgin, but had only been intimate with one boy, my stepbrother. My relationship with Gary was deeply emotional and complex. You may recall from...Read On


Watch Me Be A slut-Part 1

My wife tells her story about being an exhibitionist slut.

I am a forty year old married woman who loves to expose her naked body. I like to turn-on men and see their cocks get hard. We typically let men feel me up but we rarely allow them to fuck me. My husband enjoys watching me with strangers and accompanies me so that I feel safe. My name is Tammy. I'm five foot seven and slim. I have long light brown hair with blonde highlights. My tits are...Read On


A Student’s Life - Part 2 - Meeting Your Family

My visit to your place over Easter doesn't quite go to plan.

It has been just over a month since you surprised me in my halls at uni. It’s now the Easter break, and as per your request, I’m coming to stay for a few nights to meet your family. And this is where things take off. The farm lane scythes its way through the Berkshire countryside, then home straight to your parents’ farm. I’ve been driving for just over two and a half hours, as I was caught...Read On


The Joke That Backfired

My husband inadvertently sends me on an adventure when he thought he was just being funny.

It all started with a joke. I have to go out of town three times a year with my high school students for regional competitions in various technical fields. We have to have a proper teacher/student ratio on these trips. With money tight in the districts, the teachers have to double up in the hotel rooms. My husband always teases me with comments like, ‘Which male teacher are you rooming with...Read On


Isabel’s Slave – Part One

I am Isabel’s slave. There is nothing I woudn’t do for her. Nothing!

I am Isabel’s slave. I never started out being a slave, but one day, it just happened. The funny thing is, I get paid for being a slave, in a round-about way that is. My name is Melissa, I am in my mid-twenty’s and have jet black hair and nice perky tits; not large but not small either. I am slim with nice long legs. I like my body and I am comfortable with the way I look. I am also...Read On


Unexpected Sex in Bangkok Club

Naive young woman gets a surprise in a Bangkok club

After two years community college in California, I went to Japan for the summer to visit my birth country. My family left Japan when I was one, so I have no memory. But, my parents spoke only Japanese at home, so it is my first language even though I lived most my life in USA. So I was eager to explore my Japan. When I arrived in Japan, I did not expect the reaction. The Japanese seemed...Read On


My Love: Chapter Two

One year on from the car, the young couple return to their favourite vacation spot...

The clear, blue ocean stretched out in front of us as we drove along the coastal road. It was like a Welcome Back sign to Kyle and I. One year had passed since our last visit and we had been looking forward to this year’s trip to Cornwall. As always, the sun was beaming down and the local towns were getting ready for the surge of tourists coming to visit their golden beaches. I pulled into...Read On