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Dear Diary

sometimes one should think before thay act.

March 18th, 1985: Dear Diary, Well it finally happened. I cheated on my husband, and I did it only two weeks after our anniversary. It’s funny that just yesterday, Roy tried to convince me to have a kid, but I am sure glad I took the pill today because Branden came a lot. I’m certain that Roy would be very angry at the thought of his childhood friend fucking me for hours today, but I don’t...Read On


Love is a Four-Letter Word

Even players fall in love...

  Love is an enigma that can’t be fully understood. Poets and philosophers attempt to define it. Every race and culture throughout history embrace it and are willing to bet their very existence on it. Love seems to be the singular universal driving force of all mankind. The religious faithful claim love is a gift from God. However, science says love is nothing more than biological...Read On


The Hitcher Changed My Life

Young married guy's life changed when a male hitcher sucked his cock

When I was a young lad in the 1950s, I began caddying at a private country club. My only means of transportation to and from the golf course was hitchhiking. I would be up before dawn and hitchhike to the golf course in the dark. Often the hitchhike home was also in the dark. I lived in a rural area of central Ohio and the traffic was always light, so I was very grateful for the rides I...Read On



Jessica pays for trying to steal.

 “What do you want me to wear?” “Wear that orange dress you wore the day we met and a pair of come-fuck-me shoes,” I replied. “Anything else?” “Actually, yeah, put on a skimpy pair of thongs,” I said, “no bra.” “Ok, What about stockings? And do I need my purse?” “No, none of that this time. Go get ready, I’m leaving to come pick you up now,” I told her. “Ok, I’ll be ready,” she...Read On


In the Lounge 3

Series: In the Lounge

Getting dressed dried together can't be a good idea, can it?

We make it to the bedroom both clad in large fluffy bath sheets. With our reflections both clearly showing in the full-length mirrored doors of the wardrobe I get a full 360 view of your drying off your body. I watch as your hands move the towel across your chest soaking up the romance of the droplets left from the shower. You wrap another towel around your hair to help it dry as you...Read On


Chapter 29, A Captain Joins My Book Club

Series: Balinese Puppet Shadows

On reaching menopause the secret puppet shadow is freed again to romp.

After my confession to Gabriel, the only star’s gravitation that pulled my life’s orbit was family. The kids married, got jobs, bought houses and blessed me with grandchildren. For seven years hubby and I traveled, not just to the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angles, New York but Asia, Europe, South America. Life was good. A few grey hairs, so what? Nothing a hairdresser couldn't fix. Then...Read On


The Curious Wife

Series: They Called Her Betty

He tried to arrange a threesome with his wife. He got more than he bargained for...

He wouldn't stop texting me. No matter how little interest I showed. At first, I'd responded with as few words as possible. Then I stopped responding at all. But he kept texting. Raj was a beautiful, older Indian man with a broad chest, square jaw, and a gorgeous big brown cock. Unfortunately, he also had a wife. I had impulsively fucked him in the back of his shop with another woman I...Read On


My First Muff Dive

Manageress teaches me how to pleasure her.

I have been working in the hotel for the season; it is a way to gain experience. I am an apprentice chef in the kitchen. As the season is within a few weeks of ending, there is a party laid on for the staff. The manageress is thirty-three and the daughter of the owner of the hotel. I had just turned eighteen at the beginning of the season, and I am looking forward to the night, as I know I...Read On


Pervy Pat

A teen girl loses her virginity to her pervy stepfather

I grew up in a very poor household, raised by my mother as a single child. I can remember being hungry all the time and never getting what I wanted for Christmas and birthdays. That is until my mother met Patrick Donnelly. Pat was a wealthy man who afforded us all the things we’d never had before. My mother fell in love with him and they married a year later. Being twenty-two years older...Read On



Cyber-Flashing a new phenomena in sending nude images can be dangerous as well as illegal

Julia’s iPad pinged waking her from her sleep. The soporific effect of the motion of the train had lulled her to sleep. Normally she would have ignored it but she was expecting messages from the office so she picked it up and opened it. A thumb print sign in brought a picture to her screen. It was a flash of a half naked man with a huge erection. Aware of people around her she...Read On

Recommended Read

The Ostler and the Lady Chapter Eight 2000 Guineas and More

Jack and Becky share love and hope watching Trafalgar tackle a Classic

The Two Thousand Guineas. At last! Jack Wetherley’s heart pounded, as the eleven horses trotted out onto the course. The bright silks of the jockeys added to the extra colour provided by the glamorous gowns worn by the lady spectators and the maroon, purple and vivid blues of the men’s jackets. The excited buzz of the massed crowds all around them, and the sunlight gifted for this early...Read On


Barb's Year of Training Part 1

Series: The Barb stories

Barb slowly submits to her boyfriend.

Barb and her boyfriend Ari, like many couples, enjoyed experimenting sexually. They tried many different things that some people might consider weird or even dirty, like anal sex. At first, Barb did not care for it much, but after they read up on it a bit and tried some of the techniques suggested, she came to enjoy it. She had always been a bit submissive, so most of the time, when...Read On


I Needed a Few Wrinkles in My Life

I found what I had been missing in an unlikely place

An “Old Soul” – that’s what my English teacher called me. My peers spelled it “S T R A N G E.” Whatever anyone wanted to call my inability to fit in, I called it “painful.” I didn’t enjoy the parties and sleepovers, playing spin the bottle or truth or dare, but longed for meaningful conversations and opportunities to learn. Always the intellectual, I was labeled “geeky bookworm” at an early...Read On

Recommended Read

The Best Of Friends: Part 6

Series: The Best of Friends

The three friends, back together where they belong and getting horny all over again.

When Teri suddenly announced that she was horny, Jake and I both looked at her, then at each other. I couldn’t help it, I laughed, in part because of her surprise announcement and in part because of the bemused look on his face. It was all so utterly normal, as if we hadn’t been apart all those years! She turned toward me. “What’s funny about that?” “Nothing… no, you are, because you’re...Read On


Peeping Virgin Gets Her Wish

How could I resist taking her virginity?

I dropped Porsche back at the coffee shop and watched as she got in her car and drove away with a very seductive grin on her face.  I shook my head and chuckled to myself, thinking she was going to be the death of me. I sat there waiting for a bit, my mind wondering what Carol was doing there at the rest area.  I was a bit worried she would talk, but seeing her flushed cheeks peeking around...Read On


Sally And Her Big Bear - Part 4

Dinner for four at our favorite German restaurant followed by dessert at home.

Chip.   While Sally and I showered, I took her in my arms and thanked her for the pocket watch. She kissed me, thanking me for her new big teddy bear and the pencil set.  We then resumed showering as we continued talking. She asked, “What did you think of the DVD, honey?” “It was amazing, then when Brandy and Jenna joined you, I nearly lost it. What just transpired in the hot tub...Read On



Darragh spends an eventful night in a police cell…

Being a smart-arse can be a real burden in life and on this subject, I am somewhat of an expert. I could write a book about the number of times my smart mouth got me into trouble. At home, I was frequently grounded as a result of this, and at school I regularly got detention. I also have to admit, that the odd bloody nose and swollen lip also often resulted. It wasn’t as if I deliberately...Read On

Comp Entry

The Secret Island

Mike is getting some R&R when he becomes stranded on what he thinks is a deserted island.

  The ferry slowly went past the castle to my right and the National museum to my left. It was a quiet Saturday morning; the water was like a mirror and the buildings reflected into it. I shaded my eyes and looked at the castle again. A big brown grey building where the King of Sweden and his family lived and worked. Below it, the traffic flowed with cars and buses making their way to...Read On


The Shower

Rocco and Greg enjoy each other after a hard day of work.

“That should do it for today man.” Rocco reached to pat Greg on the shoulder. He looked at the huge stack of discarded fence posts in the back of his truck that they had been replacing the entire day. It would have been way too much work for him to do by himself. Pete, who usually helped him, had just moved back home to his family and was too far away to help any more. “It’s hot as fuck...Read On


New Neighbor

A nudist neighbor catches me eyeing him and awakens unknown desires...

It was early Saturday morning and there was a lot of commotion in the hallway outside my door. The unit across from me had long been for sale and no doubt, someone had bought and was moving in. I actually enjoyed the few months of privacy I had until then, but all good things come to pass, I guessed. I just hoped the buyer wouldn't be noisy. I was pretty shy and liked to keep to myself. I...Read On


The Busty Slutty Schoolgirl

A married teacher is seduced by a former student...

I am writing the tale of how I came to cheat on my wife of fifteen years with a gorgeous young former pupil of mine. I work as an English tutor at a private girl’s school, teaching sixteen to eighteen-year-old girls, and have done for the last six months. I am forty-two years old, and have always looked after myself physically, working out almost every day. I have always had young girls...Read On


Sportsman's Double

Tammy meets a guy at a bar and takes him home, where her daughter watches.

I was sitting at the bar one Friday afternoon after taking off from work early. Because it was still early there weren’t many people there. I was only on my second beer when an attractive blonde sat down beside me. It wasn’t long before she started making small talk, which turned into an hour-long conversation filled with a lot of flirting and innuendos as we enjoyed a few drinks. She told...Read On


Don't Judge A Book Part 2 Chapter 18

Jill and I talk about who and what we’ve become and a quiet week ends with a bang.

Evening of Tuesday 12th June 2018 Jill looked tired as she walked barefoot into our lounge, her slumped shoulders and low-energy face telling me she’d had a hard day. Raising my arm, I gestured for her to come and sit next to me, feeling her respond and feel just a little happier as I pulled her close and hugged her tight.   “Hi honey,” I kissed her, welcoming her back into our...Read On


Tim and Abbie 02: Saturday

Series: Tim and Abbie

Tim learns something which is difficult to accept.

The next day can’t pass quickly enough for Tim. He goes through his closet, trying to decide on what to wear. In the end, he puts on khakis and a light blue button-down shirt. He leaves a couple open at the neck. He grabs a navy-blue blazer to finish the look. Abbie spends a good deal of time preparing for their date also. Deciding on a nice flower print sleeveless dress, low-neck like all...Read On

Comp Entry

The Devil's Jungle

A stranded sex addict's saving grace.

 A work assignment had pulled Sai into going to a country that was starting to prosper but riddled with crime. The country that Sai was in led the world in murder rates and was a hotbed for all kinds of debauchery. Not trusting the drivers, Sai drove his own car which had malfunctioned in the middle of a road covered by forests. Hours had passed, the cellphone was not getting any reception,...Read On


My True Odyssey of Slavery and Submission

My true story of how my life as a slave started

    It was 2003 – with the promise of a bright new millennium- and I felt my life was going nowhere. I was 22 and although I was working in my home country, Poland was not yet in the European Union with the opportunities that this afforded. I wanted, no, I needed to escape! My job was boring, but not as mind-numbingly boring as my love life. I had a boyfriend that seemed to only care about...Read On


I Think You're Right Ch. 1

A college student learns he can control his girlfriend's mom with hypnotic triggers

Chapter 1 Shaun couldn’t help but admire the body of his girlfriend, Amanda. Her long blonde curly locks flowed down to the middle of her naked back as she buried her face in the pillows of her bed while moaning into them. Shaun kneeled behind her, grabbing her slim hips as he pushed his cock in and out of her. He loved the contrast of his black cock against her round white ass, though...Read On


After School Activities

Quick hook up by former bf and gf

It was springtime in 1995. I was sixteen years old and I had just gotten off the school bus that afternoon. I had been talking to Cassie on the ride home. Cassie was a year older than I, and an ex-girlfriend, and was also the one who punched my V-card shortly after Thanksgiving earlier that school year. We had long since broken up but still talked. I was dating a girl named Stacy who was...Read On

Recommended Read

What My Flowers Said - Ch. 6-7

Series: What My Flowers Said

A D/s romance set in Montreal

Chapter 6 I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it. “Tabarnak,” Marie read my mind, “You don’t think he followed you, Penny?” I shook my head, though admittedly it was one of the first dreadful thoughts to flash through my mind. Once reason caught up, however, it occurred to me that I might’ve just stumbled unwitting into the lion’s den; that this was place where he went to mass. Is...Read On

Comp Entry

Back To Nature

Getting back to nature to Chloe, was getting back to slow peaceful living.

Growing up in a small town in upstate New York had its perks. People said ‘Good morning’ or ‘Hello’ when you were walking down the street and neighbors would check on you and visit if you were sick. They’d even bring meals, take care of your kids, and clean the house. That’s country folks for you. So, who in their right mind would want to leave all that behind? Well, me…  Least I thought ...Read On