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Lin, My Love - Part One

The story of my first time with my cousin
Growing up I knew I was a little different from other girls. I wore dark clothing and did not talk much. I started giving myself piercings when I was sixteen. The boys gave me a lot of attention but I was never interested in them. When I got a little older I found out why.

My cousin Lin had come to stay with my mother and me because her parents were "having some issues". Apparently in my family this means your daughter walking in on you sucking off the maintenance man. Needless to say a divorce was approaching my aunt and uncle swiftly.

My own father had been a drunk who wasn't against using his hands on me and my mother when in a bad mood. When my mom finally broke down and called the cops my father went to prison. I have not seen or spoken to him since, and good riddance.

But anyway, this is about Lin and me. My mom would have us two girls shower together, even though we were both nineteen, in order to conserve water. Growing up in Texas this was a never-ending effort.

One night while showering, I caught myself looking at Lin`s body. She was darker than I, but with a little more meat. She had thick black hair and almond brown eyes, with a nice full body and lovely breasts. I found myself wanting to reach out and touch her, to caress her lovely body and make her feel good. I asked her what she thought of the idea. She blushed and cast her eyes down, but not before looking at my legs.

She said, "I won’t lie. I have had the thoughts're so sweet to me. And you're so attractive."

It was my turn to blush, but instead of looking away I took her hand and placed it on my thigh and told her, "I saw you looking, Lin, now do what you would like to me."

She looked up at me, my cousin, my first love, and kissed me as her hand trailed up my thigh. I felt my flesh tighten and my nipples grow hard. A deep burning began in the bottom of my stomach, and as her hand moved upward my heart began to pound.

I opened my legs wider for her and deepened the kiss. When her fingers found my clit I gasped and moaned into her mouth. As she rubbed I felt the heat radiating throughout my body. I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her over and over as she toyed with my virgin pussy.

It was over much too soon, not being experienced I came quickly to her eager touch. And as the shivers wracked my body all I could say was, "Thank you, Lin. I love you."

We kissed again and decided that if we stayed in the shower much longer my mom would get angry from our "needless over-use of water".

As we toweled off I again looked over her body, this time noticing her large, tight bottom. When we were walking to the room we shared and readying for bed I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

I told my mom a brief goodnight and went into the room to change into my pajamas. When I opened the door I saw my beautiful cousin lying naked on her bed, her arms behind her head, legs spread open.

I quickly shut the door and felt the excitement rising again. She looked at me, blushing, and said,

"I touched you, now will you do the same for me, my Amy?"

To be continued...

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Posted 23 Jul 2013 20:15
Very nice start, cant wait to read more about your adventures with your cousin!

Posted 28 Jun 2013 14:48
great start baby
Posted 21 Jun 2013 13:00
short but sweet...
Posted 21 Jun 2013 04:36
A nice beginning. May I suggest? please don't make your stories too short. This leaves your readers unsatisfied. make a part of about 2000 to 2500 words each.

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