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The Master

Probably my longest story yet. It develops slowly, so if you are not patient and have no desire for good story telling this is not for you.

 We live our lives day in and day out, encountering countless numbers of people but never connecting with them. We are all physically and mentally separated by some invisible wall that is nigh impossible to break down. Some bonds are formed, but in the end we are all alone. What great sin has man committed to be cast out into the complete darkness known as loneliness? This great unbearable weight forced upon our shoulders, can be alleviated with a single strong friendship.

 Jin grew up in a broken household. His mother was almost always intoxicated with something, whether it was alcohol, or some new drug it didn't matter to her as long as she had some way of escaping her loveless marriage. His father was almost never home. He surrounded himself with work constantly to drown out the fact that he hated his life. He wanted out. Away from his kids, his disgusting wife, everything. Finally he got his wish. Without saying a word he just left to go to the store one day and never came back. Jin was only sixteen, his older sister seventeen. From that day on Jin was quiet. He hardly spoke before, but now you could get only a few words from him.

 Withdrawing to his room Jin read daily. His mother was on the couch most of the time strung out on pills. Her body wasted away, her mind in a happier place. She needed escape as much as he did so he silently accepted her withdrawal from reality as he withdrew into his books. Sarah took it the hardest. She grew up quickly, taking care of the two useless corpses. She cooked, she cleaned, she slaved and at the end of the day she did whatever she wanted and no one challenged her. She would get drunk at night with the local kids and come home rosy cheeked, having made out with some random dude or chick. In the day she went back to her responsibility.

 After three months of silence from Dad the money had almost completely dried out. Finally one day a knock on the door. Sarah opened it saying, "hello?" but no one was there. She scanned the empty streets but no one was there. Looking down she saw a brown paper bag. She cocked her head to the side and picked it up. Inside of it was roughly $800 in cash. She looked around to see if anyone saw her and silently backed into the house. This happened every week at the same time and day. Sarah figured dad must have felt some guilt, or some third party felt pity. Whatever it was she didn't care.

 Jin peaked his head out of his room every time Sarah opened the door, going back to his reading when she had come back inside. This was his routine every week. He was curious as to why she picked up a bag every week and who was the man who kept knocking at the door. It wasn't that he didn't care, but he just didn't feel either way about it. He would go back to his room and pick up one of his many books. He came home every week with a new handful of books on various topics. One of his favorites was Atlas Shrugged. He had read about Atlas before reading that book. He liked Atlas. Even with the weight of the world on his shoulders he didn't break.

 Jin knew he was different. When he read a book he never forgot it, a trait that came in handy during school. He would read all the books on the first day, and finish all his homework in class. The teachers all liked him but he never talked. They figured out quickly not to ask him questions in class. The tried communicating with him but no one got past his short "Yes ma'am, or yes sirs" that he would give. Kids would pick on him from time to time but none of them bothered him. They frustratingly gave up after a while, realizing that they couldn't hurt him. Not with their words or fists. Nothing could hurt him. He would just sit there quietly staring at the, piercing them with his marble gray eyes.

 This was their life. A disconnected brother, a non functioning mother, and a sister who took the weight of the world on her shoulders. With the money she got weekly she would pay the bills and get the food. It was enough to get them by. This went on.


 Jin seemingly hadn't improved at all in the last two years vocally. He had graduated high school a straight A student with honors. His teachers all loved him and begged him to further himself. They all promised glowing reviews and help if he ever wanted to go to college or anywhere. He was still silent, but things had changed inside of him. His mind had grown exponentially.

 Sarah had worn down slightly, but she had not yet burned out. She was bitter, angry, and almost always depressed. After a few months of receiving money from her anonymous benefactor it began to increase in amounts. After a year she received an account number with $20,000 in it and a note asking her to institutionalize her mother for her own safety, and for Sarah's benefit. The money continued to come in weekly after that, and she stayed around to watch over her brother. The mother began a long road to recovery that is continuing to this day.

 On Friday, the day the money always comes in she heard the familiar knock at the door. This had followed them even to their new flat. She opened the door looking down for the brown paper bag that she had gotten so used to but found nothing. She went to close the door, seeing out of the corner of her eyes a not in a crimson envelope. Pealing it from the door, she walked into the living room and fell onto the couch, folding a leg underneath her to sit.

My dearest Sarah,

 For almost two and a half years I have supplied you with the financial aid you've needed to sustain yourself. I have done this with completely altruistic intentions and ask nothing in return for what I have given you. I only humbly ask one thing from you, and that is the grace of your presence for a single night. Enclosed in this envelope is a single ticket for you to the Crimson Carnival.
 You are under no obligation to show up, but it would be my pleasure to be able to see you and perhaps shed some light of understanding on my "charity".


The Master

 After reading this Sarah dug her fingers into the envelope, pulling out a golden ticket to the carnival. She had heard of the Crimson Carnival before. It was world famous, but it never moved. It operated underground in town, drawing visitors from all over the world year round. Her heart began to beat in excitement. She hadn't had a night to truly let loose and have fun in a long time! She walked into Jin's room, asking if he would be okay alone for the night. He nodded his head. He seemed always on the verge of speaking, but never quite forming the words. Like someone just after a hard cry sucking in short, quiet breaths of air only to look down and stare at the floor.

 Sarah went to her room and looked in her closet searching for the perfect outfit to wear. She tore it apart, throwing every thing onto the bed behind her. She tried on every combination is seemed until finally settling on a sun dress with a red flower print on the lower right corner. She walked to the door and put her sandals on, walking out before realizing that she had no idea where the Carnival would be.

 The Carnival constantly moved to avoid being caught by the police. They didn't really want to bring them in, but enough pressure from politicians made them crack down. The Carnival was a money magnet, and simple whispers and legends where enough to draw in crowds by the thousands. It's rumored that even the president somehow gained an invitation and was extremely pleased with the performances.

 She reached into her purse and pulled out the ticket, looking for a location written on it. On the very back there was this: When the time is right the location will be revealed to you. When was the time though? She killed some time with coffee and a cafe down the street. She placed the ticket on the table and stared at it intently. 2:00, nothing. 3:00, nothing. 4:00, nothing. Suddenly at 5:00 the words glowed slightly and changed to say: 1945 Industrial Avenue at 5:30. Thank you.

Finally she was going to meet the mysterious Master, and more importantly she was going to see the carnival. She drove to 1945 Industrial avenue to find nothing but a big broken down warehouse, or collection of warehouse buildings to form one big structure. She walked around trying to find an entrance but all were sealed. She felt something take hold of her dress and yank gently causing her to scream loudly.


 "Madam," came a small voice. She looked down to see a midget. "Ticket please," he asked with outstretched hand.

 She handed the man the ticket which he looked at thoroughly. "Alright, follow me please."

 They walked through and alley between buildings to what looked like a new door that was cut into the wall. It was a dark oak door, thick and of the finest quality with intricate figurines caved into it. The small man opened this and bowed, stretching a hand to let the woman into the door. Sarah walked in and her mouth instantly dropped.

 She looked out in wonderment at the multitude that stood before her. All of them walking about through the stalls of food, or around the many tents dedicated to a variety of activities. There was one extremely large tent in the middle, the main attraction. Whatever was going to happen there was the climax of the night. Scattered around it were many smaller tents for fortune tellers and games. She started walking, not really knowing where to go. To her left was a stall with a big sign hanging above it: INFORMATION

She walked over to that, figuring that would be the best place to start. "Uhmm, excuse me sir?" The worker lifted a hand to the hat that covered his face, moving it enough to see the young lady standing before him.

 "Madam, you are an honored guest tonight, what may I do for you?" the way she was being addressed with such formality was foreign to her.
 "Well I... I don't really know what to say. This ticket was in an envelope on my door," she said handing the man the ticket, "and a note from a man who called himself The Master."

 The man looked up at Sarah with a funny sort of smile strewn across his face, "It still amazes me the YOU got a letter from the Master himself."

 "That's the problem though, I mean who is he? I'm glad I got this ticket but why all the special treatment?"

 "I'll just give you the basics. The Master is the ringleader of all the wonderful characters you'll see about you tonight. The Master has been running the carnival for over a hundred years. He brought all of us together and offered us a chance for a better life. For some reason about two and a half years ago he stopped the carnival here. You will see more of him later on tonight though. The ticket, to answer the question I can see in your eyes, is made by us. It gives different groups of people different dates so people don't all appear in large groups. We... borrow... your car and move it to a discreet location so no one gets suspicious. You are the final guest to show up. The Main Attraction will begin at nine, so feel free to enjoy yourself in the meantime. Your golden ticket is an all access pass. Anything you want is yours. Good evening, and enjoy your stay at the Crimson Carnival!" After his excited speech the man quickly passed out again, falling dramatically into his chair again, the hat covering his face again.

 Sarah giggled as she walked away to enjoy the rest of the carnival. Looking up she saw acrobats dancing across the support beams. peering out the windows for shady characters (police). Over her shoulder one long, covered wooden leg walked over her, and another one followed. The tall man ran wildly through the crowd, not hitting anyone. This was exciting! This had to be the most fun she had ever had in her life and she was just barely in the door.

 Smells of cotton candy and pretzels caught her nose as she drifted closer. She walked shyly to counter and pulled out her ticket, "I.. uhh.. I was told I can use this to umm," the clerk bowed his head reverently, "I am at your disposal madam."

 "What do you have to eat here? I don't see a menu."

 "That's because there is no menu ma'am. This is a special kind of restaurant. Whatever you want, we've got," he said with huge smile.

 "Well in that case surprise me, I'm starved."

 As soon as she said that he personally went back into the kitchen, coming back with a covered plates.

 "This, madam, is my world famous steak, covered in the best cheese you'll ever taste and fresh mushrooms." He uncovered the first plate and placed down silverware for Sarah to eat. "This is my own secret recipe for honey bread, it's healthy for you and will leave you feeling energized and ready to go." He uncovered the next plate. "For dessert a double layer German chocolate cake." He pulled out a bottle from behind him and a glass, "This is the vintage wine, some of the best in the world. After this meal you will nothing will taste the same to you again. Enjoy."

 Sarah ate her meal slowly, feeling the textures of the food in her mouth. She tasted everything so clearly, her tongue felt like it could explode. To wash it down she sipped slowly on her glass of wine. It was smooth and fruity. Whatever it was exactly she would never be able to place, but it was good. Feeling full she got up to explore the rest of the Carnival.

 She played around with games for a while until she was drawn to a small tent slightly separated from the rest. The sign above it said: Madam Curare. She sees all, she knows all.

Pushing the tent flap aside she walked in to a thick cloud of smoke and pungent perfume. A large crystal ball sat in the middle of a table covered in exotic silks that looked expensive. An elderly woman sitting on a large cushion inhaled deeply from a small hookah.

 "Sit, my child. You are in friendly company."

 "I.. I don't know what I'm here for. I mean I know why I'm here at the Carnival but something just,"

 "Drew you to this tent?" she finished her sentence.

 "Exactly. I just feel like there's something you have for me." She blushed after this, realizing how presumptuous she sounded at this moment.

 "Do not fear child, I do indeed have something for you but that will wait until a later time. Tonight is where your destiny changes. You had a rough child hood, that I can see," she leaned forward to peer into the ball that seemed to glow from within. "Yes... OH... I see." She nodded her head in approval. "Go now child. Play games. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. You came to me too soon and without... well that can wait, just go."

 The elderly lady gently ushered Sarah out of the tent. Looking at her watch she realized that it was only an hour away from the Main Attraction. She saw all the games around and decided to go kill some time. She thought about what the old lady had to say. Something in the back of her mind let go. Some great worry that she had for years. Some invisible wall that surrounded her. Now she felt something else, some invisible string connecting her to something.

 A great bell rang in the distance, echoing across the giant facility signaling everyone that it was time to begin the big event. The giant tent in the middle opened up, allowing people to enter the dark open space. Sarah made her way to the tent, walking in and instinctively looking up first. She had to rub her eyes to make sure what she was seeing was real. There were stars at the top of the tent. They were real stars though, bright and exactly as they look in the sky! There were even shooting stars, dancing across the tent roof like little wisps of fire every once in a while.

 "It's an illusion from hidden projectors and the material we used to make the tent," a voice came from behind her.

 She turned around, it was the little door keeper from before.

 "I was given orders to escort you to your seat madam, you are the high guest of the Master himself tonight. Walk this way please."

 He walked her to a seating section set aside with comfy high chairs of great quality. She sat down and waited for the show to begin, staring at the roof like everyone else. The stars began to get restless, shooting everywhere before finally all falling down from the ceiling. The stars began to mold and shift into bright white/blue flower petals. The petals swirled around and formed a whirl wind surrounding the center of the floor where the show was to begin.

 The flower petals slowly ended their dance and fell gently to the floor, revealing a man in the center. The ringleader. The Master. He stood tall with brilliant gray eyes and white hair that shot of his head wildly like fire. He was a young man, in his early twenties maybe, so the hair was a dye job. She stared transfixed at him as did everyone else. How did he appear there like that so suddenly?

 "LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! Thank you for all coming tonight, this will be the last show in Paradigm city for a long time! The Crimson Carnival will once again travel the world!!!"

 Applause exploded over the crowd and people screamed and cheered for the Master. He stretched his arms straight and clapped in front of himself seemingly transforming into a group of doves that flew away in every direction. His voice boomed everywhere, "Tonight you will see magic, you will see feats of strength and acrobatics. Your mind will be taken to places you've never been before! Now enjoy the show!"

 An Indian fellow walked to the center stage and snapped his fingers. The silent crowd stared intently at the man until suddenly they all gasped. A lion walked out and joined the man on stage, growling at him. It looked like it wanted to feast on him. He placed his hand out as if to say stop and the lion stopped. He looked it in the eyes and waved his hand. The lion moved as the tamer commanded, jumping through hoops and standing on it's hind legs. After the performance was over the tamer took his bow and walked away.

 Over the course of a few hours various performers took the stage. Dancers came out and mesmerized people with their bodies, acrobats came out and performed dangerous feats of balance on the high wire without a net. After a while the performers stopped. Everyone was silent for several minutes as nothing happened. After an intense amount of anticipations two scarlet silk curtains descended from the ceiling and a female performer took the stage. She was wearing absolutely nothing. Her creamy legs, her smooth flat stomach, her supple breasts. She was as naked as the day she was born.

 She leaned out and caressed the silk with her finger tips. She wrapped the silk of one curtain around her arm and leaned back spinning slowly with one leg pointed outward, the toes of her other leg just barely making contact with the ground. She seemed to float there in time and space. She wrapped her whole body around both curtains, dancing and seducing us all with her movements. I had never looked at a woman this way before in my life. She covered her lower section with the cloth, tangling her legs in it and let her upper body fall back, her arms dangling above her head, the left holding the right gently. She spun the silk curtains around letting everyone get an equal view of her creamy chest, with those two dark nipples in the middle teasing us. She touched her body, massaged herself. She began to move fervently, building up to what appeared to be an orgasm. After that her body went limp in the curtains and they lifted up to the ceiling, disappearing in the dark as they set the stage for the final performer.

 All of what that woman had done was art. It was beautiful, it was seductive, it was erotic, but at the same time it was so innocent. Sarah envied her somewhat. She longed to be able to give a performance of that magnitude.

 The Master stepped out onto the center stage. Everyone in the audience was silent still from the breath taking performance before. What could top that performance?

 With a hushed voice just above that of a whisper he spoke, "That was powerful, ladies and gentleman. Instead of my normal magic I will be doing a tribute to that with a volunteer. Please do not raise your hands, I look into your soul to pick you out."

 With that he walked around the edge of the seating, looking into the eyes every member of the crowd.

 "You, gentleman, come here please."

 The man he picked up walked to him. The Master quickly laid hands on him and dipped him skillfully like a dancer would his partner and looked deeply into his eyes. "You may go back to your seat sir, I apologize but you aren't quite what I was looking for."

 The man was breathless as he walked back to his seat blushing. The Master continued to scan the crowd, finally resting on Sarah.

 "You! You are it I'm sure of it!" He took her by the hand and walked her to the center stage where all eyes were on her. She felt so self conscious, so self aware. "Look into my eyes," he said with a soft whisper, "you are safe here. There is nothing but me and you." The hypnotic induction was quick. "Do you trust me?" All she could do at that point was hazily nod her head yes.

 He began to dance with her all over the center. Her body responded perfectly to his movements. He dipped her backwards, spinning around slowly so everyone could see. He was going to do a different version of the seductive dance that the woman before had done. He pulled her up and looked in her eyes, "After this is over, stay. All your questions will be answered then, but until then trust me." She nodded her head. There was something so familiar about him.

 He danced again, swaying and moving their bodies in unison. He dipped her backwards again, her arms lifting upwards as her dress seemed to melt off of her, falling to the ground. She was in nothing but her sandals, bra and panties now. He pressed against her, lifting her thigh up allowing her sandal to fall of her right like. He did the same with her left, her sandals joining her dress on the stage floor. There was a single spotlight on them, blinding them from seeing the amazed faces of the crowd. There was nothing but the Master and Sarah.

 He continued dancing, dipping down with her, a hand behind her back removing her bra in one quick movement. It floated to the ground, exposing her breasts. He kept his body close to her, shielding her from being viewed fully by everyone. They only saw her bare back, and the sides of her breasts, but not all of her. She felt compelled to put her arms on his shoulders, behind his neck and he placed his hands and her panties dropping them to the ground. She was now fully naked in front of everyone but she didn't care. He pressed his body tightly against hers so no one could see anything she wouldn't want the to see. They knew she was naked, but only he could see that. They danced for a while, finishing the routine.

 The Master moved his body quickly as a thick cloud of black smoke surrounded them. The dropped down a trap door and onto a mat underneath the staging. To everyone in the crowd it was as if they disappeared. Sarah fell asleep in the Master's arms as he carried her away somewhere.

 She woke up clothed in a bed somewhere she had never been before. She looked around. What happened after the dance? The Master must have put her to sleep with his hypnosis. She got up and walked up of the bedroom she was in, and down a flight of stairs into a room stacked full of oddities. There were extremely old looking maps, globes, pieces of armor, books, and anything else imaginable that could be collected from a lifetime of traveling the world.

"Good morning, Sarah." She quickly whipped around and her jaw dropped when she saw him. It was Jin. 'The Master' was Jin!

 "But... but how... WHAT?" Sarah fell to the ground, not knowing how to think of all of this.

"I will answer all of your questions. Let me speak, and please do no interrupt, I have a lot to go over."


 "It's rude to interrupt, Sarah." After that she kept her tongue until he could finish speaking.

 "First of all, you heard from the information desk that the Master has been running the carnival for over one hundred years. Now that's true, but not in the way that I let people believe. The Master is a title passed from person to person. The leader of the Carnival. Everything is given to the next person at the time of the Master's death." Sarah listened intently to what Jin had to say.

 "Almost two and a half years ago dad left. All of the trauma from growing up caused me to stay silent. I never spoke a word to anyone. That is until I realized the situation we were in. I already loved to read, so I started reading up on magic tricks and illusion. I went out on the street and worked for money every day. I left you what I could in a bag every week. After a while the previous Master caught on. His name was Chronos. Curare the fortune teller told him that his replacement was in town. He found me performing magic and brought me under his wing. He taught me how to be charismatic. He gave me a voice. I worked and earned enough money to send mom away for treatment. Last year he gave me control of the Carnival. All the other people here know I'm not the original, but it's a family. They keep the legend alive. I invited you hear tonight to ask you to come with me. We're going to leave behind our old lives and travel the world. That is, if you're willing."

 Sarah listened to all of this and just blinked. She tried to find the words she wanted to say, but it was all clumsy. Finally she just broke down and said, "Yes!"

 "Good, all of our stuff is packed away and ready to go. The Carnival is going to move tomorrow!"

 They laughed, and talked, and cried, and laughed some more. For the first time her brother was speaking and she was getting to know him. The more she got to know him though the more she realized the feelings she harbored for him. Growing up she thought it was sympathy, but no... she felt love for him. Not in the traditional sense, she was IN love with him. She did her best to hide this from him, but Jin caught on quickly.

 "Sarah... I love you. I can see it in your eyes that you feel the same." He walked over to her slowly, "Tonight is the beginning of our new lives. We can start anew. The reason I didn't just leave before was because I wanted to start a life with you. Not as my sister, but as my lover."

 She walked towards her brother, placing a hand on his cheek to pull him in. The kissed passionately, their lips locked together. "I want you to take me. Dance with me brother. I want it to be like that lady, who swam through the air with those silken curtains."

 He began to sway with her, their bodies pressed together with different context this time. A heat began to rise inside both of them, filling the entire tent. Jin began kissing her neck, slowly moving his way to her shoulder. Each kiss was tender and carefully placed. He dipped her back, lifting her dress of as he had before. This time was different though, she wasn't hypnotized. She held his hand to twirl, positioning herself behind him after the twirl. His white smokey hair smelt delicious to her. She wanted him. Everything about him was drawing her closer. She put her hands over his shoulder, caressing his chest with her palms, massaging it through his shirt. She kissed his neck breaking only to remove his shirt.

 He spun around, placing his hands on her cheeks and leaning in to kiss her. His tongue probed every inch of her mouth as she began to work on his belt, pulling it off in one quick motion. His pants fell to the ground as easily as her dress had. Jin took Sarah's tongue into his mouth and began to suck on it like a sweet candy. Sarah took her hands and ran them up and down Jin's stomach and chest. Seeing him in this context, seeing him sexually, was so different. How had she not noticed him before? His muscles weren't bulging, but they were toned and defined. He mirrored her, running his hand over her soft belly, up to her bra.

 With what seemed like a snap of his fingers the bra fell to the floor. He broke their kiss and grabbed Sarah's hand, pulling her up to the bedroom. Pushing her on to her back gently he began his work on her chest. He kissed her breasts softly, working on each one making sure to kiss every inch of skin available. He sucked on her nipples, and traced his tongue around them. Sarah started to breath heavily as her panties began to get soaked.

 They looked deeply into each others eyes and nodded in simultaneous agreement. They both stood up and removed the final annoying piece of cloth that stood between them consummating their love for one another. Throwing it down the stairs the began to kiss again as Jin's cock nudged against her vagina. She backed up onto the bed and he followed sweet. He kissed her on the chin, moving to her cheek. From her cheek he kissed her neck, then her shoulder, moving his way down slowly trying as best as he could to kiss every available inch of bare skin.

 He kissed his way down until he rested between her legs. He move from kissing her naval to kissing her right knee, kissing up her thigh, stopping before getting to her pussy. She shuddered, moaning as if to say PLEASE continue! He smiled and moved to her left knee, kissing up her thigh, stopping again to move back to her naval. She put a hand on his wispy hair, pushing him down gently. He kissed the top of mound, extending his tongue and tracing around the lips. After a minute of teasing the outer edge, he pushed his tongue in, responding to her like a snake would to a snake charmer. She moved her body with his tongue, moaning until she tensed up, gasping for breath. She experience the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt in her life up to this point. No one had made her feel this way before.

 He crawled his way back up, kissing her so she could taste some of herself on his tongue, which she gladly sucked on. He placed and arm under her lower back, lifting her like he had done before when the danced, lifting her whole body up to the point where only her feet touched the bed.

 His cock pressed against her lips began to slide in. She opened her hazy eyes, and through the ecstasy of the moment nodded yes for him to continue. He lowered her body onto his with gentle strength, burying himself deep within her. She gasped, opening her eyes and staring into his. He lifted her up to hug her, wrapping their bodies together tightly. She did the same, hugging him back and placing her legs behind his ass as he slowly pulled out of her. In and out, he pushed slowly. This was a torturous pleasure that no man or woman had been able to give her before. She edged her way to an orgasm quickly, the slow movements making the orgasm last an eternity. Shortly after she came he felt the need to.

 "Come inside me," Sarah whispered.

 Without saying a word he continued his work until he couldn't hold it any longer. At that moment he looked into her eyes and said, "I love you. With heart, soul, body and mine. I am yours, Sarah my love." With that he came. Wave after wave poured into her. After he finished he weakly pulled out, falling onto his side. She turned to face him, kissing him on the forehead as he panted.

 She drew his head to her breasts, resting his it there, "Shhhh. Sleep my love, my brother, Sleep."


 Notes: Okay this is for clarity. I'm tired of reading comments from people who didn't quite understand where I was trying to go with the story. Suffering and pain is what makes beauty. The characters must suffer through a traumatic child hood to get to the point that they are at near the end of the story. Yes parts of the story are a far stretch from reality, but that's what I wanted for this particular story. I enjoy writing realism and writing romantic pieces, but I also like to experiment with my writing a bit so it doesn't get stale. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message before commenting. If there was something you didn't understand about the story especially. Thank you all for reading my stories and being the wonderful community that you are.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 20 May 2011 09:14
This was an incredible story, you are an amazing writer:-) would give you 10 if I could...
Posted 22 Jan 2011 18:05
I loved it! I want more please! I don't know what It was, but something just pulled me into the story! I really hope you continue with this story.
Posted 21 Jan 2011 13:36
I liked the story, it grabbed me and just didnt let go. great peace, hope to see more soon!
Posted 21 Jan 2011 10:06
Some of the spelling errors became painfully obvious to me after I submitted the story. Please try to look past that, keeping in mind that this was written at about three in the morning.

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