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Erotic City ~2~

~2~ Dangerous Games


The hallways are beautiful.


Gilded mirrors, red luscious carpet and claw footed velvet sofas. I love this kind of extravagance; I love that I can afford this lifestyle.

Looking around I walk over to the velvet piece and run my hands over the soft material, sighing appreciatively I drape myself over the seat and lay my head on the arm. The velvet caresses my skin and my back arches as an involuntary shudder rolls through me; this is true ecstasy. I let my hand snake its way down my body, pushing aside my French lace panties I slip a finger along my clit before pushing it inside.


My phone rings.


‘Oh for fucks sake’ I gasp, losing concentration. I sit up and slide my phone out of my garter, flipping it open I hear a familiar voice.


‘bonne soirée mon chéri’ the silky voice slides through the telephone and slithers into my ear, ‘ tout est en ordre? By the way, nice show in the elevator…of all the things I go out of my way to do for you and you still refuse to suck my cock - il n'est pas très agreeable.’


‘…Jacques’ I breathe

‘Well?’ the voice inquires calmly 'you know that I am tracking you, no? I see you baby, you're very easily yourself at that' he laughs quietly


So he is watching me then…I silently scold myself for not considering the possibility of Jacques interest in this particular exploit of mine. I didn’t doubt that Jonathon was telling the truth when he said there were no cameras in the lift – that is, no hotel cameras. Not that Jonathon would have known about Jacques eye in the sky.

The reality slunk into my mind and seemed to slip down through my veins accumulating between my legs, pulsing with anticipation… I was being watched!


Voyeurism is a favourite pastime of mine; I have studied men- and women for that matter in great detail. Whether they are cooking dinner, watching television or masturbating, I watch with great interest. it is my job to know what a person wants before they have to tell me, to plan my reaction and to make them cum exactly when I want them to…to be ready for them.


‘Yes my darling, I know how you love to watch. Me? I find it tortuous, I find it painful just to watch when I would rather be slipping my hands up your silky thighs, gripping your hips…sliding my fingers under your panties…’ Jacques sighs before continuing, ‘put on a good show for me tonight sweetheart…you have paying viewers, 50% is yours if you make it worthwhile.’


The line clicks. conversation closed.


If you call that a conversation.


I pick up my case and strut down the hallway with a little extra swing in my hip for my customers. Finally I slide to a halt in front of room 6888, quickly smoothing my hair I knock lightly.

‘Who is it?’ inquires a smoky voice, cracked but slithery and sexy at the same time.

I put my lips to the key hole and flick my tongue at it before answering…’good evening sir, I believe you requested room service’ my voice is lowered suggestively as I play to my audience. I stand up and smooth my hair as the door opens slightly.


‘Please, won’t you come in?’ The voice inquires softly. His words slither up my spine and make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end – I suddenly felt cold with the knowledge I had no gun…this was no ordinary man.

Still clutching the carry handle of my case I slowly enter the hotel suite, scanning over the layout, noting windows, doors and potential weapons – namely the fire pokers leaning against the open hearth on the left wall. The furniture is of the same quality as the hallways, richly coloured and well made, glancing up I notice the ceiling is a black glass, offering a mirror-like reflection…interesting design.


‘My name is Henson, nice to see you Adele…however overdressed…’ the man says softly to me. He is sitting at a small card table (fold up legs, it had cheap written all over it) with a cigar in his hand, smoke curling up to the ceiling and smoothing out against the black glass. Although it is what is kneeling between his legs which holds my interest; a young girl… probably between 18 and 21, slim, dirty blonde hair - is frantically sucking Henson’s member, almost as though her life depended on it.


I narrow my eyes and slowly place my case on the Egyptian carpet, wondering how long it had been exactly since I had seen this girl.


‘Adele, meet Janie…we just met today, actually she was cleaning my room- without permission, naturally when I found her sifting through my personal belongings I became most distressed…and now Janie is being punished…aren’t you sweetheart?’ Henson gently stroked her hair with his free hand while Janie made suckling noises below.

suddenly the older man grabbed a fistful of janies hair and pushed her down onto his hard cock,   thrusting up into her little mouth forcefully, making her gag repeatedly.

I half wondered why she didn’t bite down when I noticed a red light winking at me from the building opposite. ahh, this one has been in the game for a while; he had a sniper set up, which originally must have been for me! How sweet.


Henson kept jamming his cock down Janie’s throat; I watch his eyes roll into the back of his head as a low moan escaped his throat. I knew the older man was about to cum, did she though? I decided to interrupt anyway.


I clear my throat, ‘well sir, if you aren’t in any need of my service this evening, I shall be leaving’ I began to walk over to my case when Henson slapped his hand down on the table loudly. I look over at him and met his sharp gaze.


Henson roughly pushed the girl off of him and stood up. ‘No Adele’, he said quietly with a slight chuckle,’ I still require you, my darling.’ He pulls a sobbing Janie up off the floor and hoists her onto the table. Her face is a mess, mascara running from her eyes like black tears, her hair stringy from sweat and her mouth swollen from the onslaught.

Still, I can remember a time when I’ve looked worse.

Henson forces her legs apart and dips his fingers into her submissive form, twisting them around he pulls his fingers out and pushes them into her mouth. ‘How is it my sweet? How do you taste? Answer me baby....’ he whispers into her neck as she sobs.


‘Come here Adele’ he says lightly to me, ‘come and have a taste, I want you to come and eat Janie’

I raise my eyebrow, what a peculiar man. I walk over to him and stroke the side of his face before slowly trailing my fingers down his chest and hooking them into his pocket.


‘Money first, old man’ I say calmly.

‘ahh Adele’ he says with a twinkle in his eye ‘you know, my man in the next building is somewhat fascinated by you, fixated…if you will’


‘Naturally’ I reply with a sweet smile. Defeated, I step over the chair and position myself between the girl’s legs, lowering the top half of my body down with my mouth a centimetre away from the girl’s pussy – which was still as nice as it had probably ever been.

Extending my tongue I slip it over her clit and into her, thrusting it as deep as I could, even in her state the girl shuddered. I engulfed her pussy with my mouth sucking hungrily and was just about to really get into it when I felt something scratching down the back of my leg. I withdrew and looked up; there in front of me was a silver fork which Henson dangled impatiently.


‘No, I want you to eat her’ he said with an eager tone in his crackled voice.

He thrust the fork in my hand and pulled me back slightly, ‘ you cant start where ever you like, doesn’t she just look delicious?’ he licked his lips with anticipation, ‘do it, slice her, cut her, taste her, savour her…’ I looked into Janies eyes, which were filled with horror, a silk cloth had been tied around her mouth – probably while I was busy between her legs, and I scolded myself for not seeing this coming.


I glanced at Henson who was vigorously pulling his cock next to me, I lightly slid the fork prongs along Janie’s thigh making Henson gasp and rub himself harder ‘come on baby, take a bite,’ he says in a shaky voice.


I look at the girl apologetically, but she already knew there was no other way out of this, ‘lights, camera - action, Janie baby’ I wink at her as she nods meekly. I felt Henson’s eyes follow my hand as I quickly raised the fork above my head...


‘Come on Adeline, experience the thrill’ he moaned into my ear, I could feel his hand hitting into my back as he wanked himself. Silently cursing my life, I brought the fork down swiftly into the table, nicking the girls thigh as it slammed into the wood. I didn’t want to touch her at all but I wasn’t sure anymore how good of an actress she was. At the cue I had given her the girl reeled back in exaggerated pain, the rag serving to muffle her screams…and I felt no thrill, only extreme distaste.

A trickle of blood spills down her leg from the surface scrape. I draw the fork out of the wood and brush it against her leg to catch some of the fluid. turning I stare Henson in his cold blue eyes as I lift the fork to my mouth. It tastes like any blood, metallic; my tongue licks the plasma off the silver prongs tenderly – seductively.


‘Share’ Henson hisses at me, he’s close to orgasm again. With his free hand he wildly reaches for the utensil but I keep it out of his reach smiling sweetly at the insane bastard.

‘I don’t think so’ I say shaking my head at him, ‘she tastes so sweet…its almost maddening, I just want to suck it from her…like fine wine…her blood is like a fine pinot noir’

Henson lunges for her thigh and latches his mouth on, drinking her blood as though he were a vampire; grunting and thrusting his cock harder into his own hand. I took this as an opportunity progress the situation. Sliding my knife out of its holder on my upper thigh I swiftly take a handful of the fucker’s hair and kick out the legs of the card table, sending Janie down to the floor just as a bullet rips through the window sending shards of glass all over the room, sending my heart into a fast rhythm.

Quickly I shove Henson down to the floor straddling him so his arms are locked down and his cock is pushing against my stomach, I feel the anger sizzling inside me as I whisper to him. ‘You weren’t letting me have any fun baby…that’s a nice cock you have, I’ve wanted to fuck it since I first saw Janie sucking on it.’ I moan slightly into his ear as I press my body onto his hard asset ‘before I get to riding you, I want to taste you first…’ I lick my lips and slide my tongue over his mouth.

I let go of his arms. Just as I thought he didn’t attack me, he just looked at me with lust and anticipation. ‘They said you were worth the money, Adele, they said “she’ll blow your mind”…make me cum baby, wrap those full lips around me and suck me. you’ll find your money at the front desk’

  I ran my tongue along the head of his cock and moaned, ‘oh it tastes amazing…it’s a pity you can’t try it...’ I smirk at him as his breathing quickens, ‘wouldn’t you like to try it, Henson baby? I ask him quietly.


‘yes yes yes’ he moans, thrusting up to my lips.


I raise my eyes to him and smile, ‘I know what you want…’ I purr softly, ‘Janie, come over here’

I hear Janie rise off the Egyptian carpet and stroll over to stand next to me obediently. I trail my fingers up her thigh and brush them along her clit before continuing. ‘Sweetheart,’ I say tentatively to my female partner, ‘how would you like to worship Henson’s cock while I fuck you from behind…’

she looks down at me while I continue to stroke her,’ excellent’ she breathes before lowering herself down between Henson’s legs, licking his erect cock lovingly.


I stride over to my case, flicking it open with my long manicured fingers. Sitting on at the very top of my bag of tricks was my trusty strap on. Ladies loved it, and it fit like a glove –in both respects. I lifted it out of the case and began to strap it onto my hips, listening to Henson moan and writhe on the floor. I smirk out of the corner of my mouth, ‘Janie, we both know you can do better than that,’ I raise an eyebrow as Janie stops to grin at me.


‘I want you to show Henson how exactly you’re going to suck his cock after you’ve serviced mine.’ I kneel on one side of Henson’s head with my companion taking her post on the other. ‘Suck it, bitch’ I command her, roughly pulling her face onto my rubber cock. Janie’s tongue slides over the black rubber skilfully, teasing the head before pushing two of her fingers inside me with a come hither motion, deep throating the toy. I feel her fingers moving quickly inside me, beckoning me to come as I pull her hair back tightly, watching her throat expand with every thrust.   I throw my head back, breathing in hard, loud gasps as Janie pushes two more fingers inside me. I pull her mouth onto my cock as I feel the contractions run through me, fucking her face in time with the vibrations.

breathing heavily I release Janie and smile down at Henson, who in truth I had forgotten about in my throes of ecstasy, his eyes were wide with lust, I could see the blood pulsating in his shaft…forget the sniper, forget the blood - this was the part where Janie and I made our money. Normally I wouldn’t have let myself actually come, but seeing as I hadn’t worked with Janie for quite a while, I thought I would treat both of us.


Moving into position behind my companion I watch as she takes the full length of Henson in one stroke, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Time to finish this. I position the head of my cock in the opening of Janie’s pussy, sliding it up and down her clit tenderly, as if to remind her I hadn’t forgotten how she liked it…


Sadly, how Janie and I like to pleasure each other tends to be completely different from the preferences of our customer. In this case, Henson liked it rough, everything rough – fast fucks and drawing blood. She knew this though.

I slam the full length of my cock into her, musing as her screams are muffled by Henson’s member blocking her airway. Gripping her hips I start to fuck her fast and hard feeling her push back onto me.


‘come on baby,’ my voice slithers through my short breaths, ‘come for me, I want you to come’ Henson’s eyes lock onto mine, his mouth open and he struggled with the sensations of Janie’s tongue and lips slipping over his shaft, burying him in her warm throat. I know he thinks I’m talking to him, but I reach around and stroke Janie’s clit as I continue to slam into her wetness. ‘Come for me, it’s been so long…I’ll be gentler next time’ I wink at Henson – she knows I’m talking to her.


It’s enough to push him over the edge, a low moan rips from the older mans throat as he shoots his come down the back of her throat. Janie’s body quietly shudders under mine, expertly hiding her own orgasm from the customer. We know Henson doesn’t find pleasure in our pleasure.


Ah, the tricks of the trade.


Almost immediately Henson rises, disappearing into the bathroom before re entering the room wearing a red bathrobe.


‘Ah, girls’ he kisses us both fondly on either cheek, ‘you’ve always been best at playing my games’ he motions around the room. ‘Last time you cost me an absolute fortune in repair charges! This time could be even more expensive’ he chuckles while we survey the broken window- lucky it was a warm evening.


I smile at him wryly, ‘well, if you will set up a sniper’ I sigh.


‘In any case, what a brilliant show’, he praises us. ‘I’m going to forward an extra thousand to the front desk…consider it a token of my gratitude’

I frowned slightly, a thousand was a small tip considering I risked my life every time I came here. Henson always had some new scenario cooked up for his hidden camera’s, (the thought reminded me of Jacques. the motherfucker definitely owed me some paper after that show) always a little more dangerous, forcing me to rely on my many years of experience to work it all out before someone got hurt. This time was too close, a fraction of a second to slow and I would have lost an old friend.


‘Thankyou sir,’ I smiled at him like a sinister Cheshire cat.


‘I will be in touch, Adele’ he stated casually before leaving the hotel room. Henson always hired two suites, one for playtime, and the other for…sleep? Who knows?


I turn reluctantly to find Janie sprawled over the gilded lounge.


She smiles brilliantly ‘long time, no see…’ she purrs


I shudder involuntarily…I know what’s coming.





I hope part three doesn’t take as long to get to you guys as part 2 has...

Thanks for reading 






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