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Dirty Weekend. Part Two.

Mark and Sam's weekend continues, with a dramatic turn.
Dirty Weekend. Part Two.

"You are a dirty boy" Sam chastised him as they entered their suite. "That poor woman, expecting so much from watching us, then getting nothing in return."

"She isn't my wife, she's not my problem. If her bloke can't fuck her, then she should get a younger model" he replied, showing a cheeky smile.

"Oh, and is that what you will do, when you can't fuck me?"

"Yeah, of course baby. She will be hot and you will be dripping, just watching me...ouch." Laughing, Mark took the towel that Sam had just flicked at him and chased her through the suite.

Sam and Mark had been married for a number of years. No kids, had never wanted the hassle of giving up their lives. Sure, kids were great, but when you see them all day, they do lose their shine. Sam was not your average school teacher. Five foot six, size 14 with Barbie styled breasts. They had been a gift for her 30th birthday and she loved them dearly. Perky, full tanned mounds of flesh. She had decided on 36C. It had been a tough choice though, as she had played around with a number of women's breasts and liked them big, but on her frame, 36C looked amazing, even though she said it herself! Her hair had been a rainbow of colours growing up. Through university she had even carried off bright blue, although these days, she preferred the dark reds and purple shades. In fact only this week her hairdresser, Claude, had transformed her into a Damson Damsel. She kept her hair long enough to tie in a pony tail or shove into a bun when she was running late for class. Make up was always kept to a minimum. She liked her lips to be full, but only used a glazed over them as, naturally, she had a deep pink shade to them. Her eyes she felt were her best feature, after her tits. Green, or Irish green as her Daddy would say. The only thing she had inherited from him, thankfully.

Sam looked over at Mark. Naturally tanned, with brown hair which he kept short. His eyes were dark brown, so much so they were almost black, like pools of water at night. He had a six pack, although to be honest, it was not as toned as he would have liked it to be, but he never had time to work out these days. Being a Supervising Social Worker meant his days were filled with his casework and ensuring his team were working to capacity. They could not afford any mistakes and he was damn sure they would never happen on his watch.

They dressed for dinner. The chef had offered to cook them something rather than have housekeeping rustle up a sandwich. Sam wore her scarlet dress, made by Marc Jacobs. Mark had treated her during a trip to New York. It had a halter neck, was cinched at the waist and fell to just below her knees. It showed off her curves and her breasts beautifully. Her favourite pair of Louboutins, the heel set at 6inches, adorned her feet. A simple, but elegant white bracelet and necklace finished the look.

"Wow, you are stunning tonight sweetheart" Mark whispered as he fixed the clasp on her necklace. His warm breath against her neck made her feel 19 again, when she had first set eyes on Mark, across the student union bar. How glad she was he had chosen her, amongst all those amazingly beautiful girls in there that night.

"Come on, let's go eat, then the night is ours" Mark said as he took her hand and led her to the door.

The restaurant was empty. Tables set with white linen for breakfast. Alone, in the corner, lit by candle light, their table waited for them. The Champagne Mark had ordered was already in the ice bucket. As Sam took her seat, Mark popped to cork and poured her a glass. Fizzing a little higher than the glass rim, they both giggled as some slipped over the edge. Mark poured himself a glass, sat opposite Sam and looked deep into her eyes.

"I don't tell you often enough how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife. I want you to relax and enjoy the meal. No talk of work, just us. Is that ok?"

"That's just what I need, I love you Mark."

"I love you too Sammy."

Their meal started with scallops on a bed of pea purée. Their main was sea bass on wilted spinach and for desert they enjoyed a raspberry and white chocolate soufflé. Each dish was cooked to perfection.

As the meal ended, Mark excused himself from the table and went to reception. Sean, the Irish waiter came across and removed the now empty bottle of Champagne.

"Would Mr McMillan like another bottle Madam" he asked in his usual Irish lilt.

"He should be back any second Sean, he will come and find you if he does."

"Ok, Madam, I will be though the other side of the bar. It seems our barman, James, is predisposed for the evening, so I am looking after the bar. As my favourite people are in tonight, I may keep it open till late" he said, winking at her.

"Well, I guess we will see you in there shortly." Sam replied, looking around for Mark. "Ah here he is now, maybe you should ask him?"

Mark told Sean he would take another bottle, but to leave it in the bar as they would be through shortly.

As they were leaving the restaurant, Marcus, the head chef at Cheshires came out to see them.

"Was everything to your satisfaction Mr McMillan" he asked in a polished English accent, slightly tinged with French.

"Yes thank you Marcus. Divine as always. I have left you a little thank you at reception."

"Thank you Mr McMillan, it was my pleasure as always. May I say Mrs McMillan, you are looking exquisite tonight."

"Thank you Marcus, that is very kind of you" Sam replied, blushing slightly.

Seeing Sam blush, Marcus retreated and allowed them to leave the room. They walked into the bar area. Soft white walls, with black framed pictures, of how Cheshires looked when it was a Nunnery many years ago, adorned the walls. A very large and opulent candelabra hung from the high ceiling, each section lit by tea lights. The sofas, spread around the room were soft black leather, each with perfectly positioned white cushions scattered over them. Sam took a seat on the sofa near the fire. Although it was not lit, there had been deep red candles arranged to give a warm feeling. Mark went to the bar and collected the Champagne. On his return, he nodded at the ladies from the pool, slipping them a cheeky wink, which resulted in them giggling like school girls. Sam smiled, he will always be a charmer she thought to herself, but he will always be my charmer.

They had a glass of Champagne and Sam talked about Sue, the woman who owned Cheshires. She was filling Mark in with the news of Sues latest conquest.

"Apparently, he is a UFO fighter!" Sam exclaimed.

Mark laughed out loud."I think you mean a UFC fighter honey."

"Either way, she certainly knows how to pick 'em" Sam replied.

"Sam, could you do something for me. I need my phone from our room, could you be a sweetie and get it for me?"

"Are you kidding? You don't need your phone right now baby" Sam said, slightly annoyed.

"Yes. I forgot I had to take a call. It will take five minutes. I just need to speak to Sean about a dog."

"Ok Mr, but you owe me for this" Sam retorted, still not impressed she had to stagger to the elevator in her shoes. Not an easy thing after four glasses of champers.

Sam made her way to the lift. She noticed two men, both in suits waiting too. "Damn, I hope they don't want small talk" she muttered under her breath as she approached them. The lift doors opened and one walked in ahead, the other let her pass. He stopped by the buttons and asked for her floor number.

"Second floor pl...." was all she managed to get out. The man behind her had grabbed her by the throat. She felt herself struggle, trying to wriggle free from his grasp.

"Just relax, we won't hurt you if you do as we say."

The training Sam had completed, based on handling violent situations came flooding back to her. "Be calm, breathe, don't struggle" she was repeating over and over in her mind. She felt her body relax slightly. Her attacker released his grip a little.

"Mrs McMillan, you have my word that we will not hurt you."

"How the fuck do you know my name" she said softly, but firmly at the smaller one of the two.

"We know a lot about you, all will become clear."

They had reached the fourth floor Sam noticed. She knew Mark would come looking for her if she was too long. He would tear the place down, I will be ok, she thought. She was grabbed by the larger one and walked to room 413. The smaller opened the door and she was pushed through. As she heard the door lock behind her, tears began to fall.

"Shut up bitch" man number one said, slapping her across her arse. "Don't disobey me. You are to call me Sir at all times. You will address him as Master, do you understand?"


SLAP! "I said address me as Sir and James as Master."

"Yes Sir, Master" Sam managed to say, whilst holding back the next waves of tears.

"Undress for us bitch."

"No..I..please don't make me..."

SLAP! The Master's hand had made contact with her bottom again. While it was covered by her dress, it had still stung a great deal.

"Ok...ok. Yes Sir and Master, I will."

The two men sat on the couch. Sam's hands went to her neck. She undid the clasp of the necklace and set it down on the side table to her right. She removed the bracelet too. She was trying to go as slow as possible, hoping Mark would realise she was missing and come and find her. Her hands were shaking as she lifted them back to her neck and pulled on the ties holding her dress on. They fell forward , where she managed to trap them between her arms and her skin. She looked at her captors, pleading with her eyes, silently begging them to let her go.

"Drop the dress" Sir ordered.

Sam let the dress go. She was not ashamed of her body, in fact she was very comfortable knowing her curves drew lots of male attention. She just didn't want their attention. As the dress fell to the floor, her breasts became exposed. Her tanned mounds of flesh, her babies, now on show to these two pigs. As she looked down, she realised her nipples were hard. She was confused. She did not want to be here, nor did she find either of these two attractive, but she was aroused. There was no denying it. Fighting the feelings, forcing herself to think of Mark, she was ordered to play with her nipples. In her mind, she justified doing so by thinking Mark would soon be banging on the door.

Her hands lifted to her tits. Slowly, she ran her fingers over them. Stroking them, caressing them just as she liked them to be touched.

"You dirty slut, you are actually enjoying this aren't you?"

Undecided what to say for the best, Sam smiled at them and continued caressing herself. Working her nipples between her fingers and thumbs, she tugged them gently. Slipping her fingers between her deep pink lips, she wet them with her own saliva and went back to twisting and pulling her buds. Inside, she could feel her sex stirring. That involuntary pull of her pussy. Yes, she was beginning to enjoy it and by the bulges in their pants, so were they she thought to herself.

"Take your knickers off slut" Master ordered.

"Yes Master" she replied. Sam pushed her thumbs under her straps n her thong and wriggled her hips out of it. She turned around and bent over as she slid them down her legs. She knew they would now have a clear view of her smooth pussy and her puckered star entrance to her hole. She kicked off her Louboutins so she was completely naked.

She felt a pair of hands on her hips. Twisted around, she was now facing Sir. He pushed her hard, up against the wall. One of his hands grabbed both of hers and held them tightly over her head. She was completely naked and felt vulnerable. Yet she recognised those feelings stirring inside her. His mouth slammed against her, his tongue forcing his way into hers. She wanted to bite down, but knew she would be punished. His breathe was warm and minty, his tongue wet and firm. His other hand squeezing her tits. She squirmed with the pain, which he took as her enjoying it and squeezed harder. She could feel his bulge in his trousers. She struggled against him, but that just made him harder. He must have read her mind, as he stopped touching her breasts and went to unzip himself. His mouth disconnected from hers.

"Get on your knees bitch."

"No, no please..Sir."

"Do as I fucking say. You are a whore and whores suck cock. You do want to suck my cock don't you whore? You do want me to fill your mouth with my cream don't ya?"

"Yes Sir. I do want to suck your cock" she replied meekly.

With that, she dropped to her knees. His cock, released from his trousers, bobbed in front of her. She opened her lips and immediately gagged as he thrusted his whole length into her mouth. He laughed, leaving his swollen 7 inches in her mouth. She was struggling, choking. He could feel her gag reflex trying to work. He left it a few more seconds and pulled out.

"Come on whore, you can do better than that" he shouted as he violently pushed back into her mouth. This time, she tried to relax. She told herself it would be over sooner if she could make him cum. She swallowed him and took him deeper into her throat. Her right hand took hold of his cock base and began stroking him as she bounced her head up and down his member. Her left hand cupped his swollen balls. She massaged them firmly. Rolling each ball between her fingers and thumb. She slipped him out of her mouth, watching her saliva drip onto his dick. She spat on her right hand and took hold of him again. Her mouth was in time with her hand. Sucking and swallowing, stroking and wanking, soon he was thrusting in and out of her mouth. She looked over at Master. He had his cock in his hands, slowly caressing it. She hoped he would take care of himself, as from here he looked like he had a 10 inch cock.

Sir stopped fucking her mouth as abruptly as he started. Dragging her by her hair, she was put on all fours. Master stood and came towards her. His cock, which looked even bigger now he was closer, still in his hand.

"Let's see you take this for size slut" we're the only words he muttered as he walked towards her. She resigned herself to having to suck him off. He kneeled in front of her and lowered her head onto him. His cock was glistening with pre cum. It tasted salty and pissy. Feeling the bile rising, she swallowed it down as quick as she could. He took that as meaning she wanted his cock deeper, so he pushed his hand against the back of her head and she swallowed the whole 10 inches.

"Fuck, yeah bitch. You want the whole lot, you dirty whore" he said while she was sucking on him. Her hands took hold of his base. She needed both to stroke him. Her pussy was tingling, she had never had such a long and thick cock. His hands reached under her and massaged her tits. Pulling hard on her nipples. Sam was getting more and more turned on the harder he pulled them. She nibbled the tip of his cock, gliding her tongue across the slit then circled his head. Her tongue trailed along the underneath towards his balls. His cock was covered in her saliva. She parted her lips and slipped him back into her mouth. Wanking his length harder, sucking on him, he was soon jerking his hips to push himself deeper into her throat. Feeling her gag on his dick had made his balls tighten.

Sir walked behind her. "You have a beautiful arse slut. Has anyone ever fucked it?". He was rubbing her cheeks, slapping them a little. She squealed quietly, so he slapped her harder. It stung like crazy. He knew she would be marked tomorrow. Sir rubbed his cock along her crack, teased her pussy lips with his tip. Then in one quick thrust, he pushed his whole length into her pussy. Although she was damp, it stung from the friction.

"You have a tight cunt slut, just how I like them" he growled as he continued to slide in and out of her. Sam was red raw from having very little lubrication in her pussy, but the pain was also pleasure. She sucked Master harder, still wanking the length of him. Sir was fucking her pussy harder..she could feel her walls tighten around him.

"You like this don't you. Like being spit roasted don't ya?"

Sam looked up. It was Mark. He was stood in the doorway to the bathroom. Her head spun, she gagged in the cock she was sucking. Master never stopped thrusting so she had little time to recover. Sir was pumping into her pussy whilst slapping her arse over and over. It dawned on Sam that this had been set up. Her fantasy of being kidnapped and fucked had come true. Knowing she was totally safe, she began sucking harder onto Masters cock, while at the same time pushing back onto Sirs swollen member. Feeling her rock, Sir slipped his cock out of her pussy and, after spitting on her puckered arsehole, he slammed his cock into her. She cried out with pain. Master felt her throat constrict around him and knew he was about to blow his load into her mouth.

"I'm gonna cum you dirty slut, swallow every drop." with that he exploded into her ripe mouth. She greedily swallowed as much of the white liquid, even wiping the drips that had fell down her chin. Mark approached her. Hs cock already out of his shorts.

"Suck me baby" was all he said before she grabbed his semi hard cock and pulled him towards her. His tip was glistening with pre cum. His balls were tight from watching his wife being fucked by two strangers. He knew it wouldn't be long before his cum would be down her throat too.

"I'm gonna cum" Sir announced. "Arse or pussy?"

"Arse" was Mark's reply. "She loves having her arse filled with warm salty cum."

Sir began thrusting harder and deeper into her tight arse hole. He could feel her walls clamping on his cock. This was making it harder to push in, but then resistance always made him hornier. Three or four more jerks and he had filled her pretty hole with his love juices.

Mark was fucking her mouth faster now.

"Suck it harder Sam. I'm gonna fill your mouth with my cum, just like a slut" and with that his slit opened and bands of cum spurted into her mouth.

Sam was filled with cum. Her mouth, pussy and arse were throbbing with pain. Mark helped her up from the floor and kissed her mouth. He could taste his cum and the Masters cum on her tongue. Sam could feel Sirs cum dripping down her leg. She had been filled, yet had not had one orgasm. She broke away from the kiss and asked Mark to fuck her right now.

Mark scooped her into his arms and lay her on the bed. Sir and Master sat on the sofa and watched. Mark took each battered and bruised tit into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around her nipples. Nibbling them softly. Encouraging the buds to harden, one then the other. His kissed her mounds of tanned flesh, sliding down her body to between her thighs. Parting her legs, he saw her pussy, red and swollen from the cock abuse earlier. He kissed her pussy lips, using his tongue to part them. She winced with pain but told him not to stop. His tongue found her clit. He was not surprised to see it had bloomed and harden, after all she had fantasised about this event a number of times. His fingers rotated over her clit, rubbing it gently. His tongue traveled down and poked into her pussy. Her hips began to move, trying to get Marks tongue deeper. He read her body signals and slipped his tongue deeper into her cunt. She cried out in pain and moaned with pleasure.

"Don't stop Mark" she asked, breathless from the orgasm building up inside her.

Her pussy walls were inflamed with the friction from Sirs cock. He lapped over them softly, seeing her pussy blooming open, ready for his fingers. His mouth took over her clit, sucking and flicking his tongue over it. He poked two fingers deep inside her and began pulling them in and out of her. As he pushed in, he curled his fingers upwards and searched for her spot. Finding it, he stroked and teased it. He could feel her juices beginning to flow over his fingers. As he pulled them out, he heard the slurping of her walls closing over. Her clit was burning, hard and ready to take her to oblivion. He sucked her hood harder, using his tongue to poke and flick it.

"Oh God Mark, I'm gonna cum" she gasped.

She felt each side of the bed dip. Sir and Master were kneeling at her side. Their cocks in their hands, both wanking. They were watching Mark pleasuring Sam with his fingers and mouth. Both began pulling on her nipples. Twisting them between their index finger and thumbs. Mark was driving his fingers in and out her tight wet pussy. It contracted around his fingers as she exploded. Her body shook with pleasure. Her groin was pushing upwards towards Marks face. Her back arched. Her hands on Marks head, holding him in place as she ground herself against Marks tongue. Her juices flowed freely into his mouth as he pulled his fingers out and covered her with his mouth. Swallowing her cum, he was also lapping at her pussy to ensure he had every drop. As her orgasm began to subside, her breath returning to normal, she was showered with Sirs and Masters cum. Her face was covered with their warm salty cream. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth and ran over her lips. They pumped the last of their cum from their cocks. Mark came up from between her legs and kissed her mouth. He then licked her lips, chin and cheeks clean.

Once they had finished, Mark helped Sam get dressed. Sir and Master came over to Sam, who kissed them both on the cheeks.

"Thank you both for making my fantasy come true" Sam said as she made her way to the door.

"Let me know when you are back here" Master replied, "I would love to spend some more time with you both."

"We sure will James, only next time I will give you more notice. I know you don't like leaving Sean to run the bar!" Mark retorted, winking at them both as he headed out the door.

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great story continues so damn hot
Posted 07 May 2013 20:26
Part 2 is better than part 1. Good job.
Posted 23 Oct 2012 13:33
Wow, in the back of my mind it was always going to be a safe situation so if made it a great read. Sam sure enjoyed acting out that fantasy. Hopefully the couple will live out many more for us to enjoy.
Posted 12 Oct 2012 22:47
Character development over the top. Sex description superb. You have the forula down. Living out a fantasy makes a wonderful story especially if the reciepiant does not know. Beautifully done. We are looking for more. Again be careful editing. A few slipped through.
Posted 02 Oct 2012 06:27
hot story want more to cum from you

Posted 22 Sep 2012 18:05
Great Story really enjoyed...
Posted 17 Sep 2012 04:19
Another hot chapter for these two!
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Part Two is even hotter than Part One. If this series continues, trying to read it may fry my monitor and melt my cock. :-)
Posted 15 Sep 2012 19:33
Agreed, good stuff!

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