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Krista 02

More than a Father figure should provide...

*I wasn't sure what category I would put this story under. So, if I have placed it wrongly and angered or offended anyone, please just message me and let me know. Thanks.*

It had been 5 days since Krista had slept with her best friend Ashley’s boyfriend, Todd. And she had told him that they would never fuck again because Ashley was her best friend. But here she found herself at Todd’s house, in his bedroom, letting him titty fuck her.

She was sitting on his bed, back against the wall squeezing her perfect C-cup breasts together, while Todd knelt in front of slipping his dick between her breasts and doing rough, rocking motions.

“Oh my God, Krista, this is amazing. It feels fucking amazing.” Todd’s eyes were closed as he moaned with the pleasure his dick was feeling between Krista’s tits.

Todd slipped his dick from between Krista’s C-cups and pulled down her panties. Krista smiled and started to eagerly unzip his pants, “I’ve been waiting for this.”

Todd picked Krista up by the ass and set her on his lap. Krista quickly grabbed his penis and stuck in her cunt. They both let out a moan as she slipped on. Krista was able to get one rocking motion in before Todd’s mom yelled to Todd from the kitchen, “Todd, Ashley’s here.”

“Oh shit.” Krista and Todd scrambled apart. Todd quickly zipped up his pants and Krista fixed her skirt and slipped out his sliding doors just as Ashley entered his room.

“Hey, hun. Are you okay, you looked flushed?” Ashley asked Todd in concern.

“Fine, babe. I wasn’t expecting you.” Todd sat down on the side of his bed. On the floor was Krista panties. He, discreetly as he could slid them under his bed with his foot and smiled at Ashley while his growing boner threatened to expose itself.


Krista couldn’t believe how close she and Todd had come to getting caught, and while she’d never admit, it kinda scared her a bit.

When she got home she went straight for the kitchen, she was starving. Fucking always gave her an appetite, although, she hadn’t done much fucking today, much to her dismay. But the day was still young.

Krista had decided on an apple. She leaned on the counter while she read the paper and ate her apple. Krista slipped her right hand up her shirt and started to fondle her right breast. It was something she had done since she was a kid. In fact, she did it so often that she never even realized she was doing it.

After she finished her apple Krista took a quick shower and walker around the house naked, again, something she did often. She usually had the house to herself and it was liberating.

Krista sat on a dining room chair, started her vibrator and was so into the pleasure she was giving herself that she didn’t hear or notice Jake, her Stepfather enter the house.

He stood in the doorway rubbing his dick, watching Krista moan and sigh and smile as she became wetter and wetter.

Jake wasn’t an ugly man, imagine Brad Pitt meets Kevin Costner, and he was younger than both.

Jake let out a moan and Krista snapped her head up to see who was watching her. She immediately started to blush when she saw it was her Stepfather. She turned her vibrator off and took out. “Aren’t you supposed to be working?”

“I decided to leave the office early. I’m glad I did.”

Krista bit her lower lip and looked at Jake. “And why is that?” She didn’t mean for the question to come out flirtatiously but she had a feeling it did.

“I have a feeling that you’re probably a lot more fun than crunching numbers.”

“Meaning?” Krista crossed her legs and smiled smugly at Jake.

Jake started to unzip his pants as he made his way to his Stepdaughter. He stood in front of her with his directly upright dick starting at her.

Krista had never gotten along with her Mother and felt a certain hate towards her, but did she hate her so much that she’d fuck her husband?

She wasn’t able to think fast enough because Jake stuffed his dick in her mouth and started to move in out. “Suck it for me, baby.”

Krista thought everything over in her mind quickly, she was horny and her Mother was out of town for the week on business and her younger sister was at cheerleading practice. So really, why not?

Krista puckered her mouth tight and helped Jakes dick fuck her mouth. “Oh yea, Krista. That’s a good girl. Suck my dick.”

Krista loved the sounds her partners made when they were with her. It made her tingle and want to do more for them.

Krista went all the way down Jakes shaft, made some vibrations with her mouth, which he seemed to love. She then slowly pulled him out and started to give him a hand job.

Jake picked Krista up and put her on the table, sat in a chair in front, spread her legs open and dove right in; wasting no time eating her pussy like it was his dinner for the night.

Krista squinted her eyes and felt almost sick with the amount of pleasure she could get when a guy just ate her cunt. “Oh my God Jake, oh my God. Deeper. I need deeper.”

Jake grabbed Krista by the legs and pressed his face and tongue further into her hole. His tongue was like Columbus discovering America, the way it roamed in and out of every crevice she had down there. Without warning Krista creamed and Jake lathered all her vaginal goodness with his tongue.

He sat up and Krista leaned all the way down and started to duck him off again. Jake moaned and groaned loudly at the sight of Krista’s flexibility and her eagerness for him to cum in her mouth.

Jake took his index fingers and started to finger Krista’s asshole.

Before he knew it, and sooner than Krista had expected he shot a massive, salty load right into the back of her throat. She nearly joked on it but she got herself together and managed to swallow.

Jake stood up, spread Krista’s legs even further apart and shoved his dick into cunt.

Krista cried out but then smiled and laughed with pleasure. She looked her Stepfather right in the eyes and said with all seriousness, “Fuck me.”

That was all Jake needed to her as he began pumping in and out of Krista’s vagina like he hadn’t been laid since he married her Mother 10 years ago. “You like that, sweetie? You like my dick?”

“I love your dick. I love that you’re fucking me while my Mother is out of town. Oh my God this is so hot. Yes.” Krista panted.

She removed Jakes shirt revealing his surprisingly toned upper torso. This made her even hotter to see that he had a sick pack and a tan. She sat up straight, arching her back so that her tits were pressed against his chest and pounced up and down whole he went in and out. Their moans grew louder at the clash of movement.

“You’re the best Stepdaughter I man could want. Or have. God you fuck so good. You fuck better than your Mother. Such a young pussy.”

Krista giggled but was cut off by the fact that she started to cream all over her Stepfathers dick. “Oh, ugh, mmmm, I just creamed. I wanna cream more.”

“I’ll make you cream.” And with that he pulled out and flipped Krista around so that now her ass was what was accessible. He leaned down a bit and started to eat her cunt from behind.

Krista moaned and cried in pleasure. It always felt better from behind. Not too soon after he straightened up and filled her cunt from behind. He pumped in and out as Krista rolled her hips in circular motions.

“Mmm, eh, uhhhhh, eh-eh-eh.” Krista couldn’t help but moan.

“Yea, yea, yea,” Jake cooed.

“How can I possibly be fucking you. It’s soo...” Krista couldn’t even finish her sentence.

“Amazing,” Jake finished for her.

“Wrong,” Krista spat as she creamed on Jakes dick again.

“It is so wrong. But you fuck so good.” Jake started to pick up speed as he reached his big climax. He leaned over Krista so that his chest was on her back and he started to fuck her so far she was actually screaming, in a good way.

The table was moving with every thrust he gave until eventually it was up against a wall and slamming against the wall, causing the paint to chip.

“Ohhhh, I can’t stand this,” Krista cried loudly. She could only imagine what their neighbours and passing pedestrians must’ve thought. Krista felt fluid running down her leg from her cunt, and just second later Jake cried out and came into the back of Krista’s hairless pussy.

Krista started to sigh in relief as she was starting to feel weak when Jake said, “Lick my dick clean.”

Krista turned and looked at Jake tired, “I have no more left.”

“Lick. It. Clean.” He said in a tone that left no room for argument.

Krista bent down and licked Jakes dick clean, as told. She noticed that with every lick, slurp and suck it grew and got harder. She knew it wasn’t over yet.

Jake sat in the chair he had earlier, grabbed Krista’s vibrator, turned it on and motioned for her to sit. He slipped his dick in her cunt with no problem because she was already wet and then with a little resistance, stuck the vibrator in her asshole.

Krista’s eye grew wide from the shock of two of her holes being fucked at once. Jake guided he vibrator in and out of her shithole while she rocked back and forth and pounced up and down so that his dick was doing its job.

It didn’t take long before Krista could feel her body tense up, preparing for all her juices to flow. “Oh I’m gonna cum again. Fuck, Jake.” Krista’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her head fell on Jakes shoulder because she really couldn’t take anymore.

“Come on Krista, don’t give up on me. Fuck me some more. I want us to cum together.”

“I can’t,” Krista whimpered.

“I’ll buy you that car you wanted if you fuck me back some more. Cum with me. Fuck me so good that I don’t have to fuck you Mother when she gets back.”

Krista sat up and started to feverously fucked Jake while he guided her vibrator around her ass.

“Uh, uuhh, uuuuhhhh,” Krista moaned-whimpered.

“Yea baby. Fuck me.”

Krista must have caught her second win because she perked up, put her hands on Jakes shoulders and started to fuck him back like her life depended on it.

Krista stood up and repositioned herself so that her arms were on the floor, holding her body up, Jakes dick was in her ass and her legs were wrapped around his neck. She started to rock herself so that her Stepfathers dick was gliding in and out of her ass.

“Oh God that is amazing. I can see right into your pussy.” Jake moaned.

“Do what you will with it,” Krista joked.

Jake stuck her vibrator into her pussy and watched as it grew wetter and moist.

Jakes body tightened as his hot, sticky cum made its way through his dick and into Krista’s cunt.

As he was cumming he watched as Krista’s pussy foamed up and creamed all over his hand, lap and chair.

Krista lifelessly slid down to the ground where she stayed for what seemed like forever. She was completely spent after the fucking her Stepfather had given her.

After about an hour Krista woke up, she must have dosed off, and looked around. Jake was passed out on the couch with the Sports Network on. Krista quietly got up. She was still dripping a bit and when she walked her legs felt like they had a massive charley-horse.

She got into the bathtub and went straight to her bed even though it was only 6:30. Just as she started to drift off she received a text message. It was from Todd and all it said was: Ashley finally left... Krista sighed and giggled. She knew what it meant.

It paid to be Krista. She loved being fucked and guys loved fucking her. She got dressed and went over to Todd’s where they fucked in the hottub. And she had another orgasm. Then they fucked in his bed where she fell asleep...

To be continued...

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