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My Best Friend's Dad Took My Virginity

I lost my virginity to my best friend's dad
I'll start with a little background detail to help the mood.

I am sixteen years of age, I stand at 5ft3 and weigh a little over eight stone. I am of mixed heritage - half black and half white. I have long, straight, black hair with a red overtone. I am in the Punk Rock Genre and love heavy metal. I have either side of my lip pierced, my nose pierced, my septum pierced and ear stretchers that both are on 14mm. I have DD boobs and a cute rounded arse.

My best friend is called Ellie and her father is called Jonn. Now, Ellie and I are extremely close and she knows nothing of what went on. We are the best of friends and have often had sex with each other. Now, being best friends can be both pleasurable and annoying at times. I spent every day at her house for weeks. We often found each other arguing and her leaving the house and I would spend time with her father, Jonn, who has just split up with Ellie's mother.

One night we had a massive row over something so silly I have completely forgotten. She stormed out, as per usual, leaving me alone in the house with her dad. She has tendencies to leave the house for days so I knew I'd not be seeing her any time soon.

You may think it may be awkward but it wasn't. I treated the house as it was my own and so went up to her room and turned the music on full blast, It was about half 12 and I was getting thirsty so went down the stairs to get a glass of water and, as I looked through to the front room, I saw Jonn completely naked with his cock in his hand. I felt my pussy begin to drip and was so turned on but so very scared. I began to back away and then I saw that Jonn had seen me. I froze, so scared and unsure of what was about to happen.

Jonn stood up and looked into my eyes. His cock was so hard and was at least nine inches. He walked over to me and pulled me back down the stairs. Not a word was said as he placed my hands onto his cock. My hands are pretty small so I put both hands on and started to work on this beast of a cock. He grabbed my hair softly and began to kiss and bite my neck, which drove me crazy. I got on my knees and began to suck his big, hard cock, making him moan in pleasure.

I licked and softly bit his cock and then tried to deep throat this 9 inch monster. He began to throat fuck me and I gagged, loving every second of it. My nipples stood out hard against my white cotton top. He came so hard and I swallowed.

He pulled me into the front room and sat on the settee. He pulled off my top and my shorts and there I was, stood naked in front of my best friend's dad. He began to suck my hard nipples and I moaned and pushed my head back in pleasure. As he put two fingers in my pussy, he suddenly stopped as he realised my cherry had not been popped. I was scared he wouldn't want me but he smiled and looked at me. He removed his fingers, put his mouth on my tight pussy and began to suck my clit. A sensation I had never felt before began to over take my body; my legs had become weak. Then I orgasmed like never before and had to move away from his face as the sensation was too great.

He pulled me close and put me on his lap, guiding my pussy onto his cock. The pain was too much and he began to realise so he put me on the sofa on my back and slowly kissed my lips, making me want so much more. His kisses got more firm as he guided his cock into my wet pussy and he pushed slowly until he could push no more. I thought I was going to split in two but the pain soon became pleasure. He stopped and pulled me into his lap again; this time I was just about able to get his solid hard cock in me. I began to bounce up and down as he rubbed and bit my sensitive nipples. I felt amazing. Then it happened; I came just as he did. I was so out of breath and could not believe what had just happened. He kissed me passionately and moved me to the side. He looked straight into my eyes and kissed my forehead. He got up and slowly walked up the stairs, leaving me on the sofa covered in cum and shock. Then I heard him call above the music, "I'm going to bed... are you coming? 

I took a deep breath turned off the TV and lights and ran up the stairs. Round 2? I could only hope.

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