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The Darkroom

I used to fantasize about running my fingers through his sandy-blonde hair while I sat in his class
Mr. Harrington was my favorite teacher in high school. He was twenty-three and in just his second year of teaching. He was only six years older than me when I was in his English class. He was the most handsome man, with the most incredible sparkling blue eyes, I had ever seen.

I still clearly remember how I used to fantasize about running my fingers through his sandy-blonde hair while I sat in his classroom, staring at him for the entire period. In this fantasy I would kiss his lips as my hands ran across his magnificent physique. I would start to unbuckle his belt as I cupped his growing erection through his pants. Then the damn bell would ring, destroying another beautiful tryst with him.

As the year came to an end, I was trying figure out how I could continue to have Mr. Harrington as a teacher again my senior year. But he only taught juniors, so short of flunking his class, I wouldn’t be able to stare and dream about him any more. Luckily for me, I discovered that there might be a way to stay close to him. It turned out that Mr. Harrington was also the school’s yearbook advisor and was taking applications to be on his yearbook staff.

I grabbed an application from his desk.

Mr. Harrington seemed pleased, smiling at me, he asked, “Interested in photography, Jess? I sure could use a smart, organized and dependable person like you in that position.”

“Ya, I love taking pictures Mr. H, but I don’t know much about photography,” I said, thrilled that he had said such nice things about me.

Smiling broadly, his beautiful eyes sparkling, he asked, “Can you come in after school for a few minutes today Jessica and I will tell you a little more about the job?”

“Sure, see you later,” I said, my heart pounding at the thought of being alone with him for the first time.

I couldn’t wait for Frau Benson’s German class to end so that I could rush to Mr. H’s room.

He smiled his perfect smile as I entered the room and told me to sit down. “Do you have a camera?” he asked.

“Not personally, I use my Dad’s camera - a little Kodak automatic,” I explained.

Mr. H went over to a closet, opened the door, reached inside, and pulled out a big Nikon camera. He came over, and pulled up a student desk right next to me, and sat down.

“This is what we use on the Bear Track staff,” he said, as he showed me the big heavy camera. (To my younger readers: This is well before the age of digital photography.)

He went on to explain that, if I was interested in joining the yearbook staff, he would teach me everything I needed to know about the job, how to use the camera, and how to develop and print the photos we took.

We talked a little about the time commitment and his expectations. My worry was that I was inexperienced with a camera like this. He convinced me that this was not a problem. I signed up and became an official photographer for the Bear Track Staff.

Just before school got out for the summer, the new staff met and got to know each other. I knew most of the other kids and discovered that there were also two other novices on the photo staff. We were given the cameras, six rolls of film (with prepaid developing labels) and the camera’s instruction book. Mr. H gave us a quick overview of how to use the cameras. We would meet again in late August to learn about the darkroom and begin our work on the yearbook. Our summer assignment was to take pictures, experiment, take the film in for developing, and get familiar with the camera.

It was a glorious summer, the kind only a high school kid can appreciate. It was the summer my body went from that of a kid to that of a woman. I grew almost and inch and was now at a little over 5’8”. I gained a few pounds to weigh 125lbs and, much to my delight, got some decent curves to my body. I filled out my new 34B bras very nicely. I still liked the way my dark brown eyes, complimented my long chestnut hair and I was much more confident in my new body.

The girl who left school in June was much more of a woman now as school approached.

I hadn’t seen a lot of the kids on the yearbook staff until we met in late August. It really came home to me how much I had changed, with all the looks and comments I got and, to my delight, Mr. H was one of my biggest fans it seemed!

We got the darkroom all set up that week and Mr. H showed us how to mix the chemicals, load the film in development tanks and print pictures. It was fun and, with the step-by-step directions Mr. H posted, it was easy too.

Mr. H took us on some photo shoots covering the football, tennis, and cross country teams who were already up and practicing as school approached. I enjoyed hearing the comments about how I looked from from classmates whom I hadn’t seen since the end of May. Some of the jocks on the football team made me blush as I faked anger at some of their cruder comments.

A couple of times Mr. H took me and the other new photographers out for lunch and I spent a lot of time wondering if he and I would ever be alone. But seeing him outside of the classroom made me like him all the more. He was smart, funny and very kind. I wondered if I was falling in love with my teacher?

A week or so later, Mr. H and I were finally alone in the darkroom. When you opened the film cassettes and rolled them onto the developer reels and placed them in the development tanks, it had to be completely black. Not even safe-lights could be used. Any light, even for a split second, would expose the film and ruin it during this stage.

We always locked the outer door, to prevent anyone from entering during this process and ruining film.

It was kinda tricky - in total darkness - to take the film out of the cassette and get it started into the reel tracks for entry into the tank. We were both loading the film on separate reels to save time when I ran into trouble. I just could not get the film to catch on the reel. I asked for help.

Mr. H moved cautiously in the dark to find me to help, holding his hands out feeling for me. He first touched my side. It was like electricity as he felt his way up my shoulder, to my arm, down to my hand, holding the film. His touch was exciting. His hand wrapped around mine and helped guide the film. I wondered if he could hear my breathing pick up. He was inches away from me. Our bodies were touching.

“There, try it now,” he said.

I felt his breath on me. He was inches from my face. I wanted to kiss him. But I sensed that he had moved back to his station.

The reel clicked as I wound it up making it ready for the tank.

“I am all done. Did you put it in?” he asked.

Oh, how I wanted to put “it” in, but I don’t think that’s what he was talking about. “Yes,” I said.

“Okay for light? Everything sealed?” he checked.


The safe-lights came on. Our eyes adjusted. Then the full room lights. We poured in the developer and set the timer. As we gently moved the tanks to wash the film in the D-76 developer. We chatted.

We talked about the school, he wanted to know all about me, and we just had fun washing the film and then hanging it to dry. I had never had as much fun being with anyone. I wondered if he felt that way at all?

Then it was late and Mr. H offered to drive me home. I quickly agreed. I felt it was so cute the way he apologized for having such a clunker of a car, but I knew teachers didn’t make much money. As we drove to my house, I fantasized that he would kiss me goodnight as we pulled into the drive way. He didn’t.

In my fantasy, he did and he did more.

In my bed that night, I lay in the darkness and thought back to the black of the darkroom. I remembered feeling his touch, his breath on my neck and his hands on mine. I realized I had slid my hand in my panties. My labia were swollen and wet. I slid my fingers along my lips, my hand caressing my mound. My other hand had pushed under my tank top and was feeling my breasts and squeezing my hard nipples.

My finger slid into my pussy as my thumb pushed on my clit. My hips began to rise to my hand as I masturbated, thinking of Mr. H and the naughty things we could do in that dark room.

I wondered if he was laying in his bed right now and hoped he was thinking about me. Thinking about slowly undressing me as he took my breasts in his hands and showered them with his kisses. I thought about him laying in his bed, naked, with his hand around his cock. Rubbing it up and down as he thought what it would be like to be pushing his cock into my pussy. I hoped he shot his cum as he thought about being inside me.

I came at the thought and fell asleep. This, and variations of this, became pretty common for me over the next two weeks.

We were on our first deadline. We had shot eleven rolls of film at the homecoming game, dance and coronation and had to get them developed and printed for the staff by Monday.

The janitor had opened the building Sunday for the cheerleaders and volunteers to take down all the homecoming decorations throughout the halls and in the gym where the homecoming dance had been held the night before. Mr. H and I were the only two who could come in and develop the film and get the pictures we needed to make the deadline.

I waited for him outside the locked darkroom. When he arrived, he took a deep bow, making a grand gesture with his arm, “Good morning your Majesty. Congratulations!”

I had been crowned Homecoming Queen at the dance last night. “Thank you,” I said as I added, “Ashley and Sarah split the popular kids vote - it was a fluke that I won.”

“Are you nuts?” he scolded, “You are the hottest babe in this school! You won by a landslide!”

I blushed as we entered the darkroom. “He does notice...” I thought.

He dumped out the film on the counter as we pulled up stools to begin the first process in making pictures.



The lights went dark as we began to work.

“Do you really think I am a babe Mr. H?” I asked.

“Don’t you look in mirrors, Jess?” came his beautiful voice out of the darkness. As I heard the click-click of the reel as he wound film.

“I think Sarah is more beautiful than I am. She should have won, she is a cheerleader and everything,” I enjoined.

“Are you attracted to Sarah, Jess?” he asked?

“Oh god no. Mr. H,” I protested. “I like guys Mr. H.”

“Oh that’s good,” Mr. H noted. He had kind of a funny sound in his voice.

“Why did you say that Mr. H?” I asked.

“Ah,” he stammered a little I think, “No reason.”

I told him I was having trouble again loading a film reel. He felt his way over. His hand touched my shoulder. He touch felt so good. His hand then fell to my breast and lingered there for a few seconds.

I wanted him to rip off my clothes right then and there. But quickly his hands found my hands and helped me with the reel.

“All set?” he asked matter-of-factly.

“No problem,” I whispered back, “No problem at all.”

As I heard him working on his pile of film, just a few feet away, I was so excited by him. I felt my breast where he did and imagined what he thought - what he was thinking.

Very quietly I pulled off my sweater and undid my bra. I was sitting just a yard from him topless.

I unbuttoned my jeans and slid my hand in my panties. I was wet all right. I slid out of my pants and panties. I was now sitting just a yard away from him, totally naked.

I opened my legs, running my fingers over my swollen lips, and slipped a finger inside my pussy. I wanted him.

“Mr. H?” I asked, “I need your help again. I can’t get this in right.”

I was shaking slightly. My breathing heavy with anticipation as I heard him move closer. His hand would soon seek me out. What would his reaction be?

His hand brushed my bare back with electricity. He slowly explored my naked back. His hand went down to my bare butt sitting on the stool, then up to my shoulder, and down around my neck to my breast. He flicked my hard nipple and gently tugged it.

I felt his breath next. His lips found mine as we kissed more passionately with each second. His tongue gently pushed past my lips as his hands so sensuously caressed my breasts. Our tongues swirled together in delight as I ran my fingers through his sandy blonde hair.

His hands now started slowly exploring again, down my back, over my ass and down my outer thighs. I felt his hands at my breasts again. Oh my god, this was better than any fantasy I had ever imagined.

I heard him slide the film, tanks, and reels down to the end of the counter. He lifted my naked body up onto the counter. I sat there with my legs wide open with him kissing me passionately again. His hands now slowly ran down my neck, my breasts, and to my tummy.

“Don’t stop there!” I silently screamed inside my head.

He didn’t stop there. His hands stroked my inner thighs - higher, higher, until his fingers caressed my pussy, swollen and wet for him.

I leaned back and thrust my pelvis toward his hands. But his hands left my pussy and ran up to my breasts again. Pinching my nipples, tugging at them.

Suddenly, his head was between my legs.

“Oh my god,” I gasped, as his mouth and tongue started long slow laps up and down my labia. I felt the pressure of his tongue as it passed over my hard clit.

His tongue now started to make brief, aborted, entries into my pussy entrance as it passed up and down my lips.

My hips now pushed more frequently into his face as I felt an orgasm starting to build.

His tongue now boldly pushed inside me. I had never been eaten out with such an effect. I was going to cum. I was moaning, whimpering, and barely able to breath.

Suddenly his thumb started to press on my clit as he tongue fucked me. I lost it. My body shook and my pussy spasmed as an overwhelming orgasm cascaded over me unlike any I had ever experienced.

He continued to hold me, licking my nipples, until I caught my breath.

He lifted me off the counter until I stood with him on the floor. I reached down and found his rock hard cock extending from his pants. It was magnificent. I stroked it several times and I could tell he liked it.

I started to undo his pants as he unbuttoned his shirt. Soon our hands were exploring each others naked bodies as we stood there in total darkness.

I kissed my way down his body as he leaned back into the counter. My lips found his hard cock and I repeatedly kissed and licked it as my hands caressed his balls.

I started to take his cock into my mouth and worked it in and out. I masturbated his shaft with my hands in tandem with me taking his cock deep inside and then almost out of my warm wet mouth. I was impressed with his ability to continue. I never had been able to do this for more than a few seconds with guys my age before they ejaculated all over my face.

After a few minutes, I could tell he was finally close to cumming. He pulled me away and up to him as I protested. He brushed my hand away when I tried to masturbate him.

We kissed deeply as our naked bodies pressed together. His hands spreading my ass cheeks open and caressing my hole.

He then lifted me up to be seated on the counter again. He pulled me to the edge and pressed me close to him with my legs and pussy open wantonly to him.

I felt him enter me. Oh my god. He felt so incredibly masculine. I lost control.

We fucked like we were possessed, our bodies smashing together, as I felt our orgasms both coming. Warm waves of bliss swept over me. Warm pools of his cum squeezed from my pussy and down my thighs.

We remained like that for what seemed like days but ended far to soon as Mr. H said we needed to get dressed.

We quickly dressed. He asked if everything was secure with the film - it was. The lights came up.

We looked at each other. He held me and we kissed. I opened my eyes and his beautiful blue eyes were looking deep into my soul as we kissed.

“We can never tell anyone about this Jess,” he warned, “And we will need to spend more time in the darkroom this year. This is only the first deadline.”
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