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Wanted: Sex Pet

Master wants some fun with sweet Daisy
Wanted: A young female looking for quick, easy money fromolder male. Must not be shy or afraid of unusual sexual fetishes. For more information or to submit an application please call xxx-xxxx.

The article hung over my head for days. A mere glance at a wanted column online and this is all that stays with me?

Let me begin by stating my argument for this. I am Daisy and I’m 21. I go to the local community college and I need money. Now. I can barely afford my rent let alone my tuition. And I need to finish college. Yes, I am that desperate.

Finally, I gave in to temptation and dialed the number. It went straight to voicemail and told me to leave a name and email. I did so, hung up, and then decided I should work on some school stuff. About fifteen minutes into cracking open the books, my email pinged. I opened it up, curious.

Dear Daisy,

I am intrigued by your voice. I would be interested in interviewing you for the position. Information to follow.


What could this man mean by calling himself Master? My thoughts were quickly interrupted by another ping. I clicked on the message.



I am a 56 year old man, never married, no children. I am very turned on by unusual sexual relations. The job may or may not include:





Fetish Play

Amongst other odd things.

It pays $700 a week. You will live in my estate, food and clothing will be provided as well as other necessities you may need.

Interview tomorrow at noon if interested. Please wear nice undergarments and a lovely summery dress if you have one. Address: xxxx Roosevelt Drive


$700 a week! That would be more than enough to help me out. I could do it for just a year and pay off everything and have a little left over to help out. With no rent, food bill, or clothing bill…I could really use this job. I am going to do it, and I am going to do it well.

The follow down I arrived at what he referred to as his estate. It was a beautiful Victorian home, very expansive looking from the outside, a manicured lawn, and a wall surrounded the home. I nervously knocked on the door, wringing my hands together.

A handsome older gentleman answered the door, “Daisy?”.

“Yes, sir.”

“I like how you’re already referring to me as ‘sir’. If you don’t mind, please use ‘Master’.”

“Yes, Master.” I had to nail this interview. I needed that sum of money so very badly.

He sat me in a living room off to the side of the main entrance. He asked me some very basic questions; where I lived, what I did, where I went to school. He asked me to drink a huge bottle of water very rapidly. Then he asked me to strip.


“Take off all your clothes and fast. This is the final part of the interview.” His demeanor never changed.

I hurried to take off all my clothes, throwing them aside. I stood proud in front of him, I thought I had a great body. Large breasts, small waist, pert butt, long blonde hair, and I was about 5’ 3”.

“Close your eyes.”

I closed my eyes and felt something click behind me. Something heavy hit against my neck. He had clipped something around my neck. It was soft, but heavy.

“Open your eyes. You have the job. I will send someone to collect your things within the hour.”

“Thank you, Master.”

I felt so relieved. This was it, my way out of debt.

“You must never take that collar off. It is locked anyways, so don’t even try.”

A collar? What the hell was this man getting to? I squelched the thought, I need the money. I will do anything for it.

“Get on your knees, from now on you are my pet. No talking, no walking. You will act as though you are a dog.”

I knelt down and acted like a dog. He beckoned me over. Pulling down his fly, he pulled out a large, wrinkly cock. It was huge even when flaccid. He started stroking it. The mushroom top appearing and disappearing quickly behind his foreskin.

“Play with your breasts.”

I sat on my haunches and palmed each breast. I flicked my pebble hard nipples with my thumb as I rubbed them in circles. I moaned at the pleasure I was bringing myself. Master pushed and pulled the skin of his cock faster.

I played with my breasts waiting for another order. I rolled the weight of each breast in my hands and giving Master a wanting look.

“Now come along.” He dropped his pants to the ground and threw off his shirt. He clipped a leash onto the collar around my neck. I followed along like a good little pet. He took my outside.

“Now piss on me.” He laid down and pulled me over him.

What the hell? This was weird. Shut up, brain! We need the money, I yelled at myself. Relaxing, I let a stream of hot, yellow piss out all over his face as he frigged at my clit. I could feel my clit growing, pushing out of it sheath.

“Good girl.” He praised then licked my pussy clean. I could tell I was starting to get wet. I wanted so badly to just fuck myself with my fingers on the spot.

I almost shone with pleasure. This was a good start right? He led me back inside and took me to the kitchen. It was quite large and modern. In the corner was a pile of blankets, a bone, and a set of dog dishes.

Please, do not let those be mine. That is so embarrassing.

“Come along now.” He pulled me by the leash over to the spot I dreaded.

“Here is where you will sleep and eat unless told otherwise. Always be prepared. I may want sexual pleasure in the middle of the night. I understand with school, so let me know ahead of time when you need time set aside for schoolwork.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

“I shall show you where most of your job will be performed.”

Master pulled me upstairs and into a large room. In the center of the room was a huge bed. He grabbed me and helped me up onto the bed. He took special care to caress my ass as I was helped onto the bed.

“First round, my pet.” He chortled.

He once again started to thrum against my clit, pushing me roughly down on the bed. He was not gentle. His flicked my clit hard and fast. He pulled on it hard enough to make me yelp.

“My, my, how very wet you are down here. Did Master’s cock turn you on?”

“Yes, Master.” I silently pleaded with my eyes for him to just bring me off quickly

He pulled at his cock and brought it forward, rubbing it against my clit. He slapped my clit with his cock a few times, only causing me to leak even more. Just the sound of his cock on my pussy made me leak faster. He pushed a few fingers into my asshole before I knew what was happening. His fingers stretched me wide and pushed me to the edge of my pain threshold.

“Is this a virgin asshole?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Yummy, what about your pussy?”

“Virgin, Master.”

“I’ve never had a virgin.”

And with that, he shoved his huge dick deep into my folds not taking any care of the fact that I was a virgin. Quickly breaking my hymen and I yelped out in pain. He plunged his cock deep and did the same in my ass with his fingers. I was in pain, but the pleasure was unbelievable. I had of course masturbated before, but having a really cock inside you…there was nothing like it.

I soon found myself subconsciously thrusting up to meet his downward thrusts. I couldn’t get him deep enough inside me.

Master dug his hands deep into my hair, tugging on it. He wanted to be in control.

With a pop, he slid his cock out of my drenching pussy and flipped me over. I looked down and saw a small puddle of my juices and a few spots of blood. He pulled my ass high into the air and stuck his cock in it roughyl. I cried out in pain causing Master to spank me hard.

“You naughty, naughty girl. Making so much noise.”

He smacked my bottom hard again, for some odd reason it made my pussy wetter (if that were possible). I reached a hand up and stuck a few fingers in my pussy. I pumped them quickly in time to Master thrusts.

The only sounds in the room were Master’s grunts, my moaning, and the slap of his balls against my bare ass.

Master grabbed my collar and pulled me up, chest to back. He reached around me and slapped my hand away.

“You never touch yourself down there unless instructed, understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

As punishment, he shoved four fingers deep into my pussy. A double assault. He worked me over front and back until I could hold it no longer. My stomach clenched and I froze still for a brief moment. I suddenly felt a rush of relief as I squirted all over Master’s hand and bed.

“You are a squirter?” He was obviously pleased to hear this.

He shoved me down onto the bed and continued assaulting my asshole. His cock push me to the limits. It was too big and hard for my ass to accommodate.

“You’re so tight my pet.” He groaned.

“Come with me.” He whispered.

I pushed back onto his cock rapidly until I felt him clench. Without warning, I came again. Squirting onto the already wet bed. I felt his hot, creamy ropes of semen splashing into my ass. He slowly withdrew his now limp dick.

“Lick it clean.”

And I did so. Tasting my ass and pussy juices mixed with his cum. I slurped it noisily and stuffed it deep as it would go, savoring every inch of his gorgeous, old cock. I dug my hands into the gray hairs around his balls and tugged at his balls.

I guess I performed well because soon he was hard again and throat fucking me roughly. I was gagging as he shoved himself into the back of my throat. I continued fingering his balls and pulling at his rock hard nipples.

Master gave a loud cry and came in my mouth. I tried my best to swallow it all down. I enjoyed the sweet, saltiness of his semen.

“Go down to your bed now, pet.”

He seemed so angry with me. I hurried to get downstairs, not an easy task on hands and knees. I curled up in the blankets and feel asleep with the smell of sex and adventure hanging around me.

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