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The Handy Man

Her heart pound wildly and her palms were moist from watching his ....
The Handyman

The bright sunlight from another Monday morning came streaming through the window as her husband leaves for work. The children have already gone to school and then grandmas for the day leaving Liz with nothing but time on her hands. “What was she to do with all this free time?” While she was pouring a cup of coffee as she looked over the “honey dew list” to see if there were any simple projects that she could handle herself. Liz noticed the kitchen sink disposal still needed to be replaced. This had been broken for some time. Neither Liz nor her husband had the time to fix it, so she decided to call a plumber. She opened up the phone book and started looking for one. There were so many listed that she put my finger on a page and slide it down stopping randomly at a Handyman Service.

The truck pulls up to the curb and out steps this young hunk of a man. He was at least six foot tall and sexy as hell, with jet black hair, broad shoulders, and from the look of his arms, ripped. She stood at the door watching through the peephole as he walks up to the door. She couldn’t believe her luck. She had expected the older heavy set out of shape man they always show in commercials. What she had her eye glued to was definitely not that type of person. No, no. He was just the opposite. So much so she blinked several times while watching him. Her heart pound wildly and her palms were moist from watching his gorgeous body as he slowly approached the door. Somehow he looked so familiar, but she couldn’t put a name to him. Maybe by the time he had left today she would know for sure if she knew him.

He rang the doorbell then quickly stepped to side of the window and peephole so she could not see him.

She acted as if she didn’t know who was at the door, cautiously opening it about six inches, “Who are you?” asked Liz.

“My name is Ken from Ken’s Plumbing and Handyman Service. We got a call for a disposal repair. Is there a Liz here?”

“I’m Liz, “Can I see your work order?”

After she verified the work order she opened the door and invited Ken to follow her to the kitchen.

Ken followed her to the kitchen checking out Liz’s beautiful body. She is five foot two, with long wavy blonde hair that went nearly to her waist. Her tight blue jeans accentuated her magnificent ass. That is until she turned to face him. Her large breasts caught his attention first and even though Liz had them covered in a bra and tee-shirt he still had a difficult time looking away. That is until she spoke with her soft voice, “Ken, my eyes are up here” pulling out of his trance like state. It was at that point he was greeted by the most seductive smile and soft brown eyes he had ever laid eyes on.

He walked over to the sink and looked the job over and replied. “Liz, this looks like a very straightforward repair. Let me go out to the truck and get my tools and I will get started.” He turned to exit the room and almost walked into the door. Liz’s body sure had him shook up. He knew after seeing Liz’s body this was going to be a difficult project.

The difficulty though would not be in doing the disposal repair. Oh no. The difficulty would be in keeping his mind on the repairs and not what he would like to do with Liz. Ken quickly returned to the kitchen and busied himself with the repairs.

“Ken, I have a couple of things I need to tend to, just call me if you have any questions” said Liz.

“No problem, Liz. I will try to have this done as quickly as possible.”

When she entered the Kitchen some thirty minutes later, Liz called out, “Hey Ken, how much longer do you think it will take to finish. Would you like something cold to drink?”

“I think I should be able to finish in about 20 minutes and yes a cold drink would be nice.

Bracing her hand on the edge of the kitchen sink Liz leaned forward to hand him his drink to him. When Ken looked up he was stunned by what he saw. Liz had changed her white tee-shit to a fancy white blouse that was much more revealing. Now he was looking down her top watching her breasts hang freely. She had also exchanged her tight blue jeans for a short red skirt. The sit rattled him so much he dropped the wrench that was in his left hand smacking himself in the head. Once he regained his composure a little he reached for the glass in her hand. When her hand touched his, an electric current ran through him causing his cock to swell even more than it already was. However the more he looked at her breasts hanging freely in front of him the more it grew. After several large swallows of iced tea he handed her the glass back.

She stepped over him to put the glass on the counter as he lay back to resume working. But, not before he caught a glimpse of clean shaven pussy. It seems Liz not only left her bra on the bed upstairs but her panties as well.

His cock was now straining against his jeans. He wondered why she was teasing him the way she was. Ken tried to shake the sight of her magnificent breasts and bare pussy from his thoughts but couldn’t do so quickly enough to stop his cock from growing even more. His cock had grown enough to stretch his jeans tight. The thought of Liz being so close kept his shaft hard and throbbing. He knew that she surely should be able to see the full outline of his hard shaft by now. Throbbing hard and pressing against his jeans.

Liz stepped back out of his way and took a seat at the table so she could watch him work. Her eyes glued to the thick bulge in Kens jeans. She sat in a way that every time Ken would look up he would get a flash of her bare pussy. She knew this would drive him crazy. She carried on a conversation with him while he completed his task. She even got up and refilled his glass, making sure she straddled him so he could get a clear view of her wet sex. She knew full well the effect she was having on him.

Several times he made the mistake of looking in her direction as he spoke to her. She was sitting facing him with her legs just far enough apart for him to see up her skirt. Liz had noticed the bulge in Ken’s jeans and whenever he would look at her she would shift from side to side causing him even more discomfort.
When he had finally completed the installation Ken asked Liz to give it a quick try so he could check for leaks. He watched as she stood up from the chair and slowly walked over and purposely straddled him before testing it. Once she had it turned on she crouched down pressing her wet pussy on top of his stiff member causing him to lurch upward smacking his head once again on the pipes. She rose quickly laughing a little and quickly shut it off.

Ken cleared his mind the best he could as he cleaned up his work area and took his tools to the truck. He was trying very hard to be professional. It was very difficult for him to do so knowing how Liz had changed into some of the sexiest clothing he had seen in a long time. When he returned to the kitchen he had his bill in hand. He handed it to her and waited for her to provide payment. Afterwards he sat at the table with her and finished his drink.

He spoke to her as rose up from the table to leave. “Thank you for your business Liz, if there is anything else I can do for you just give me a call.”

“Well Ken,” said Liz with her seductive smile as she reached out and placed her hand on his hard cock squeezing gently. “There is something else you can do for me right now if you have the time. I would like you to make love to me.”

Before he could say anything she pulled her top off and stood there an arm’s length away waiting for him to make a move.” The cool air made her large nipples harden like little bullets. Thinking she had made a mistake she put her hands over her nipples and started to turn away when she felt his touch. Ken reached for her waist turning her back towards and to him kissing her deeply. She wrapped her arms around him so tight it was as if she had not been with anyone in years. He caressed her back from her shoulders to her firm ass sending shivers up and down her spine. He could sense the passion in her kiss and touch. Her erect nipples pressed hard into his chest to the point he couldn’t take their pressure any longer. His desire to kiss and caress her breasts overtook him. They parted lips and he quickly placed his lips on top of her breasts and began to kiss and caress them. He soon found her nipples with his strong hands and began squeezing them between his fingers as he continued kissing across the tops of them both. She arched her back and moaned slightly as she pressed her breasts to his wanting mouth. He licked across and around her left nipple before sucking it into his mouth so he could stroke it slowly with the tip of his tongue. He could hear Liz’s breathing become a little more rapid and shallow with each stroke of his tongue. The attention Ken was giving to her breasts had Liz overwhelmed with emotion. She caught herself letting several soft moans escape. She felt the wetness between her legs that had been created from his touch and kisses.

It had been a long time since anyone with such strong hands hand held her this way. Her husband was a good lover but he never held her this way. His hands were softer and gentler. She loved the way he made love to her and could send her sailing across the sky with such intense orgasms and wondered if Ken was going to be able to do the same.

She grasped Ken’s shirt and in one swift motion ripped it open sending buttons flying and exposing his slightly hairy chest. The twisted heart tattoo on the front of his left shoulder caught her eye sending her mind quickly went back to college and the one special guy she had always wanted to date but could never find the words to ask out. He was one of the biggest studs on campus always surrounded by the prettiest girls. If she was right, she was in his arms right now. The only way she could be sure was to look at the back side of that same shoulder. There should be a matching tattoo there. As she continued peeling away his shirt, Ken turned enough for her to catch a glimpse of a matching tattoo. She made up her mind right there to make the most of this moment. She was going to let herself get carried away by this hunk of man. She could not find the words or courage in college to be with him and now she was finally in his arms.

Ken looked deep into Liz’s soft brown eyes as he spoke softly to her. “Lizzy, my dear sweet Lizzy. I have wanted to hold you in my arms and make love to you since I first laid eyes on you six year ago in college.”

Kissing her softly he lifted her onto a chair then unhooking her skirt he slowly slid it and his hands down her long shapely legs. She lifted one foot then the other so he could remove her skirt completely. Ken dropped it on the floor with the other clothing and leaned in to kiss her softly on the belly. He held her with his strong hands and he continued kissing her sweet body. He kissed across her belly then downward until he was just above her clean shaven sex. When he kissed her there she went weak in the knees and nearly fell off the chair. Liz lifted Kens face to hers and kissed him.

“Help me down from this chair, she asked softly.” Once he had done so she led him through the house into the living room where she lay back onto the huge sofa pulling him down on top of her. “Ken, let’s not rush this beautiful moment. We have all day and I want this to last as long as possible.” she said.

“I agree completely” was his reply. He had wanted to make love to her for so long he was letting his desire for her drive him. He was surely rushing it. It was time to slow down and enjoy being with one another for they knew not if they would ever have this chance again.

With a soft gentle kiss he began to make love to one of the most beautiful women he had laid eyes on. He kissed her lips tenderly before nuzzling several kisses onto her neck. Letting his lips follow his hands down her body onto her big breasts he once again suckled at her nipples. First one then the other and back again repeatedly until she moved her hands from caressing his back to pressing against his shoulders in an attempt to move his kisses lower. Ken trailed soft wet fiery kisses back and forth across her belly until he was once again just above her pussy. This time he kissed those moist swollen lips tenderly several times before sliding his tongue around the outer edges and then up the middle letting the tip of his tongue slip inside a little. He teased and caressed her body until her moans became louder and she began caressing her breasts and pulling at her nipples. He knew she was getting close to her first orgasm. He kissed and teased her wet pussy repeatedly until she began to squirm under his touch. He then caressed her caress her breasts pulling at her nipples, sending wave after wave of impending orgasm to her pussy. He licked her pussy from top to bottom several times tasting her sweetness. Each time his tongue would dip a little deeper into her center. She squirmed around wildly as his tongue licked across her clit begging him to make her cum. He thrust his tongue deep inside her several times sending her closer and closer to orgasm.

“Make me cum Ken, please make me cum.” she begged over and over through her moans of pleasure. She pressed her pussy up against his mouth as she continued to beg him to give her the release she sought.

He found her clit and sucked it gently between his lips and flicked his tongue wildly across its sensitive tip causing her to beg even louder for her release.

“Oh god that feels so good, don’t stop. Make me cum. I want to cum now. Lick it faster, harder. Fuck me with your fingers. Thrust them deep inside me and make me cum. Oh god yes that’s it, right there.”

He thrust his finger deep into her causing her to buck wildly against his hand. Ken licked circles across her clit as he fucked her harder and faster with her every outburst. When he knew she could possibly not hang on any longer he sucked her clit deeper into his hot mouth and licked it faster and harder as he thrust his fingers as deep into her as he could. Liz lost all control of her body as it began shaking violently. Her body arched high off the bed forcing her pussy tighter to Ken’s hungry mouth. She wove her fingers into his dark hair and pulled him tightly against her pussy as she began to squirt cum all over his face.

She screamed loud, “oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, oh yes, don’t stop. Harder fuck me harder, oh god yes, right there doesn’t stop.” She repeated herself over and over again until her body was a wreck and she collapsed onto the sofa pushing his face away from her pussy and pulling him up to give him a kiss.

They lay there for several minutes in each other arms before Liz pushed gently against him. He rose from atop her and stood next to the sofa as she undid his buckle and snap then slowly drew the zipper down. Ken lifted her from the sofa and held her in his arms kissing her as she let her hands slide down his strong back to his waist. She grasped his jeans and boxers and them down his body until she was kneeling in front of him with his hard cock only inches from her face. He lifted his feet to remove his jeans. Liz grasped his thick cock in both hands and marveled at its size.

She knew it had to be at least eight inches if not more. She was not sure she would be able to suck it because of its thickness. Her small hands barely fit around it. She kissed up and down the length of his powerful pulsing cock determined to make him cum as hard as he had made her. Taking the purple head into her mouth she began to move her mouth up and down over the head while stroking the rest. Gradually she took more and more of this massive cock into her mouth until she had three quarters of his massive cock in her hot mouth. She could feel it pulsate between her lips and heard him groan several times when she closed her lips tightly around it. She would suck hard as she slid her lips up to the tip then stop and tease the slit and press back down without stopping. She licked and sucked his cock as she caressed his huge balls. She continued this until she had him nearly ready to explode then abruptly stopped, stood up and with a wry smile kissed him passionately.

“Fuck me now! She demanded. “I want to feel that thick pulsing monster inside my dripping wet pussy pounding away at me until I can no longer take it. I want you to fuck me hard and fast and don’t quit until we both are ready to explode. Then I want you to fill my pussy with your hot cum.”

Ken spun her around and pushed her over the arm of the sofa and planted his thick cock deep inside her tight wet pussy in one swift motion.

“Oh fuck yes” she screamed as she felt him slide deep inside her.

He rammed his cock in an out of her pussy hard and fast sending her on a rapid and incredible upward spiral towards orgasmic heaven. Every time Ken would thrust into her she would scream or beg for him to fuck her harder. She was the most vocal sex partner he could ever remember having. He loved every minute of it. The tightness of her pussy gripped him and seemed to draw him deeper with every thrust.

“Fuck me harder Ken, harder, faster, slam that cock into me. Oh yes, yes, yes, harder, I’m cumming she screamed. Oh fuck yes that feels so good, cum with me. Ram that big cock into my tight pussy. Fill me with your cum.”

Ken fucked her hard and fast as his ball swung freely slapping against her clit sending waves of orgasm through her he groaned loudly sending load after load of hot cum deep into her pussy. He thrust hard and fast until he had emptied every drop of his seed into her.

“That’s it Ken fill me with your hot cum” she begged as she felt the first bolt of hot cum inside her. He thrust harder and deeper into her until he had sent his last drop of cum into her. On his last hard thrust he held himself tightly against her magnificent ass slumped forward over her body just as exhausted as she was.

After several minutes they regained their strength they began to clean up and get dressed. Ken held her close for several long moments as he kissed her repeatedly. They sat at the kitchen table for a half hour or so talking about college and such until it was time for Ken to leave. He gathered up his bill and payment as Liz walked him to the door.

Before she would open the door and let him leave she asked, “Ken, is there any chance we will be able to get together again or was this just a onetime chance happening?

Ken, smiled, as he stepped up to Liz and took her into his arms kissing her tenderly. Then he spoke, “Yes I would love to get together again with you. However my dear sweet Liz, whether we do or not is entirely up to you. You know how to reach me now.”

With that Ken kissed her once more and left her to watch him as he walked away.

He knew he had another satisfied customer. The only question was. Who was the most satisfied, the customer or the Handy Man?

To be continued.....
Written by thevoicee30

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