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Bisexual Male, 42
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If you can send and receive PMs - please feel free - I love to chat dirty. (By the way, check out my stories - guaranteed to make boners and dampen pussies.)

I love fucking!!!!!!!!! Vicki and I are in our early 40s and are passionate fuck buddies and nudists—not married to each other but we are both bi and REALLY love to fuck (including some things that some may feel are ). Vicki does not yet have a profile here, but I hope she adds one soon (she helps me write my stories and has a VERY sexy imagination). If you would like to leave her a message, you may leave it here as a comment, or send me a PM, and I will be happy to pass it along to her. ADDITION: I recently found out that a high school friend named Lorraine loves porn.  Lorraine and I fucked a lot back then, and I am so glad we have reconnected. She loves sex as much as I do.

Truth or Dare

You get to ask me up to 5 questions no matter how crazy, inappropriate, or just random, and I promise to answer it 100% truthfully. Now I dare you to add this to your bio for others to ask you.

By the way - if you send us a private message, women feel free, but we prefer that guys are married or in a relationship—no single guys.

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Trans Female
Age: 18 - 100
Distance: 50 miles