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2 days ago
Straight Male, 32
0 miles · United Kingdom


Small town guy in his 30s from the UK.

I feel as though I've had a fairly normal sex life up to this point, with the occasional WTF moment along the way.

I'm starting to write down some of those WTF moments from over the years as true stories. As I go back over those real life experiences my imagination runs wild and I end up also creating stories that are pure fiction and others that are based on true events but go a bit further than the reality of the situation. All of the true stories will be tagged 'true' - but obviously some names and minor details have to be changed.

I hope you enjoy these stories as I add them and I always welcome feedback, messages or a quick 'hello'.

Sports, music, travel

Favorite Books
Any trashy holiday reads. Sports Autobiographies.

Favorite Music
An eclectic mix from heavy rock, alternative music, through to hip hop and anything with an edge.
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Robbie's Story - Part 1: The Long Dark Tunnel

Robbie was a sporty kid, but had never had much luck with girls. And then his luck changed.

"You coming on this camping trip at the weekend, Robbie?" Steve asked while they were catching their breath between sets of freestyle. "Yeah," Robbie replied. "Any excuse to get out of the house!" "Yeah," agreed Steve. "And there are girls coming!" Steve...

New Neighbours Part 8 - The End

Mikey Decides it's Time to get his Life in Order

As he left the bathroom, Mikey took one more look at Serena, his cum dripping down her chin onto her large breasts. He grabbed a bathrobe as he closed the bathroom door behind him and headed for the bed. He crossed the bedroom and caught his reflection in...

Mrs Jackson's Revenge

Mrs Jackson doesn't take kindly to being stood up by Mikey's mum. Find out how she takes her revenge...

"I want you to cum for me, Mikey," Mrs Jackson moaned seductively as she ground herself down onto his cock once more, riding him for all she was worth. "But, but... I'm not wearing a condom," Mikey replied with fear in his eyes. "Don't worry about that,"...


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Age: 18 - 100
Distance: 2000 miles