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My First Time

For starters, I suppose it would help to clarify what I mean by “first time”. This story is about my first real sexual experience with a girl. My first orgasm was visually and hands off induced. My father use to buy Penthouse magazine and leave them lieing in the bathroom. I quickly became a big fan of the magazine and looked forward to each new edition. One night when my family was asleep, I snuck a copy into my bedroom. Up to this point, I had only experienced getting a hard on while fingering through the pages. I had read about “cumming” and “orgasms” in Penthouse Forum or Letters, but the concept still eluded me. On this particular night, I was looking through a girl-girl pictorial. I was feeling extremely aroused. I knew I was on the verge of something, but not sure what. I was looking at a picture that was extremely hot. A blonde girl was on her back lying on a kitchen counter with her face turned towards the camera, while a brunette was bent over in her lap tonguing her. The blonde had a look of sheer pleasure on her face (artificially induced I am sure in hindsight). I am not sure why, but this picture just sent me mentally through the roof. All of a sudden, I felt my cock start to erupt inside my underwear. I was not touching myself and a mixture of panic and pleasure set in. Once I had finished cumming, it finally set in as to what had happened. This was the beginning of and continues to this day of a very healthy masturbation habit. To this day, visual images stimulate me especially if they require the use of my imagination. Calling Dr. Freud…

OK, so this is kind of a story and a quarter. More bang for the buck!

Anywhos, I grew up in Southern California near the beaches. My parents had a place out in Palm Desert where they spent extensive time. This left my sister and I to fend for ourselves in our condo near the beach and no, this is not an incest story…sorry. Being left to our own devices, parties at our place were a regular fare. At any given time, 15-20 people…more to the point kids, would be hanging out on the weekends. One day, in our neighborhood, I met this cute little blonde tooling around on a moped (remember those?). I told her we were having a party at my place and asked if she would like to come. She said, “I have a boyfriend, so is it alright if he comes too?” “No problem.” I replied. The boyfriend was kind of a technicality, but I really didn’t think about trying to steal her. She was just super cute and having her around was good enough for me.

That night, she and her boyfriend showed up. By that time, the party was well underway having started around noon. There was plenty of alcohol and weed going around. Led Zeppelin, Motely Crue and whatever band dejure at the time, jamming on my stereo. The two settled in with the crowd and partied with the rest of us. Over a period of time, I noticed the blonde and her boyfriend really weren’t acting like a couple. She did not seem really interested in being with him. After a while, I asked her what the deal was. She said the boyfriend/girlfriend thing was more a he thing and that she really wasn’t all that into him. Me today, would have jumped all over this. However, I was young and just made a mental note of sorts of their situation. Besides, I really did know if she was interested in me or not.

After some more partying, the blonde was sitting at a table with a few guys and gals. I sat down and the blonde said, “Let’s play strip poker!”. “Garcon!” I said, as I snapped my fingers. Not really but you get the picture. The group of us sat and played strip poker to the point where the guys were nude and the gals were topless and in just their panties. At that point it was kinda, “Duh, what now?” I decided I was getting uncomfortable sitting there nude with a hard on. I got up and ran to my room to put some jeans on. Ah the follies of being young. Today it would have been a whole different ball of wax.

As I was up in my room buttoning on my jeans, the blonde floated in still only in her panties. She pushed me on my bed and jumped on top of me. She then began grabbing and rubbing my hard on through my jeans. I was a little startled and unprepared for this. She began frenching me and I started to get into the groove. All of a sudden, the group from the poker game piled into my room, including her boyfriend. I freaked out, as I was pretty sure it wasn’t cool to be laying there making out with his girlfriend while she was stroking my cock.

I tried to compose myself, but the girl would have nothing of it. She continued going after me and I tried to pull away. Now, in my room were 2 single beds with a space between the 2 in the middle. People started planting themselves on the beds while I fended off the girl. Suddenly someone flipped off the lights leaving the group in total darkness. The blonde got down on her back on the floor in the space between the 2 beds pulling me down with her. With one hand she was pulling my head to kiss her, with the other unbuttoning my jeans.

There was total silence from the 5 or 6 other people in my room as I reached down to feel her pussy through her panties. She was sopping freaking wet! I couldn’t believe it nor did I understand completely how women got wet at that point. While we were kissing, she started massaging my cock balls with both her hands. She grabbed my cock and led it to her sloppy wet pussy. I sank to the hilt in one thrust she was that wet. Although I was mentally shocked at what was going on with all these people in my room, the sensation of my virgin cock wanting to erupt quickly took charge. I could hear her moaning softly as my orgasm built up and I shot first sexual load.

Right towards the end of my orgasm, my older brother by 9 years, who had stopped by unexpectedly flipped on the light switch and said, “What the hell is going on here….” Talk about a buzzkill.


Probably not all that exciting as stories go here, but it is the truth. As an epilogue, my brother ended up screwing the blonde later that night as well. I ended up having to be the one to explain what happened to the blonde’s boyfriend. All in all, I think my brother got the better end of the deal.

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