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Tania's Special Birthday

He shaves her pussy and deflowers her
Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday, a day I’ll never forget because I celebrated it with Kyle. We have been friends since Sunday school, and he is my mentor, idol, and the only grownup man I know, he's at least ten years older than me.

I trust and confide in him about everything important because he is honest and gentle with me, never judging my silly or foolish behavior or thoughts, although lately I have thoughts he might not approve of, and he never treats me as a girl to be had. I do know that even the tiniest touch, like when he hands me a book or takes my arm and our fingers make contact, is like an electric shock. All of the girls in school watch him and say really embarrassing things about what they want him to do to them.

The excitement started a few weeks ago when I began to have those dreams. They were always the same. A big, dark, strong man is lying on me, between my thighs, and his huge engine is lying across my belly rubbing up and down, looking for a place to get inside my tiny vagina. Then, I wake in a pool of sweat, out of breath, and scared. Of course there was no big man. It was only a dream, but all of that changed in the last three days, when the man became light-skinned, and it was Kyle. It was different also, because he was gentle, sweet, and I liked him there. I wanted him to put his penis in my pussy and love me.

Now I sense my life will change in a big way as I feel it’s time to put away my silly girlish thoughts and ways and welcome womanhood. What better way than to have Kyle make love to me as I am already sort of in love him.

I am a virgin, not having even really touched myself, but I have this powerful sense that I need to be loved by a man. I have a dildo but have never had the courage to use it. So Hillary is still in her box all fat and pink, waiting like a wallflower. The only sex I have experienced has been the occasional times when I woke with my pillow bunched up between my legs, humping it, and very wet in my pussy. I felt good all over, my body flushed, energized and wanting to go on until something happened to release the tension. Maybe Kyle will do that for me. Maybe he will use his big penis to help me.

Part of the reason I feel that I am becoming a woman is the way my body has changed. As I look at myself in the mirror completely naked, I like what I see. My breasts are full and lively and feel good. My legs are long and straight and my Café au lait skin is smooth and pretty. My pussy, hidden behind all of that hair is barely visible, but seems okay, and my ass is round, big, and bouncy. Maybe Kyle can tell me if I am attractive to a man. The boys certainly want to touch me, but they just grab and grope which repels me.

Of course Kyle doesn’t make things easy for me wearing those tight stretchy warm-ups, with his hard little ass, legs like steel, rock-like abs, and that mysterious package in his crotch. I get goose bumps when I look at him; he makes my pussy wet.

Well, the bell just rang and he is here and I am terribly excited. As I open the door for him I completely lose control and jump on him, putting my arms around him, kissing his thick muscular neck, and pressing my belly against his stomach. It gets worse when he kisses me on the lips for a second only to pull away quickly. He’s only kissed me on the cheek until now, but that masculine smell, powerful body, and the smile, oh that smile, warms me to my core.

He has a big bunch of flowers and a pizza for me, and he’s dressed up! I’m wearing my short thin sundress, the one that has an open top that lets my boobs run around loose and clings to my ass cheeks and belly like Saran wrap. I don’t wear a bra under it and my nipples get very tender and sensitive. I have caught him looking several times, and it makes me feel desirable, wanted, like a real woman.

I tell him right out that I have a serious matter on my mind, one that requires his manly advice. He quietly smiles that smile that could light the entire city. After we finish the pie and soda, we settle down on the sofa only inches apart. As we talk he puts his hand on my leg, my bare thigh to be exact. I can feel the heat of his body, his confidence, and strength. I can’t take much of this, so I just blurt it out.

“Kyle, I am a virgin and I want you to make love to me and make me a woman tonight.”

Kyle smiled sweetly and said nothing.

“Kyle, please look at me and tell me if a man would want to make love to me.”

He finally says, “I’ll look at you as a friend, but that’s all.”

I start to undress taking off my shoes, leaving the white thigh-high stockings, then the dress that leaves only the tiny thong lace panties that covers almost nothing.

He looks intently at me, up and down, smiles, and says, “Tania, sweetie, you are beautiful, spectacularly beautiful, and there isn’t a man alive who wouldn’t want you.”

“Well then, will you make love to me? Will you have me? Will you show me what to do and do it to me?” I ask.

He says, “Baby, are you sure? Are you ready? It’s a big thing and you might be sorry later and there is no going back. It might hurt you inside and there might even be a little bleeding.”

“Kyle, I want you to do it, I want to be filled up, I want to feel some pain, and I surely want you to make me bleed. I want you to take me, now.”

There is nothing he could do to convince me otherwise anyhow, and besides, if not with him I might do it with some other guy, and soon. It would be better for it to be him because he cares about me and will be sweet and gentle with me, and god knows, I think he wants to make love to me, wants my young, tender, and voluptuous body. I am a woman now, a woman right here in front of his eyes, maybe even a sexy beautiful woman.”

“Tania, can I say something very personal to you before we get into anything?”

“Of course, Kyle, you can say anything to me. What’s wrong with me?”

“Sweetie, there’s nothing wrong, but there is something we can make prettier,” he said to her.

“Anything you want,” she said.

“Okay, I think you know that many women shave their pussies, and I think you would look more grown up if you did also.”

“Oh, yes, that’s all the girls talk about in the locker room. ‘Is my pussy neat enough for him?’ I shave a little around the edges for my bikini. Do you want me to take more off?”

“Tania, baby, why don’t I shave you? Would you like that? I’m quite experienced at it, and will be very careful.”

“God, Kyle, that would be heavenly, whatever you think best.”

So off we go to the shower where he first takes off my panties and stockings, leaving me stark naked, and next he gets undressed down to his Jockey shorts; black, tight, Jockey shorts. I can see the bulge of his penis and his balls. Oh God, I want this!

He sits on the edge of the tub and tells me to put one foot on the rim right in front of his face which is now inches from my vagina. I believe I am dripping from my pussy.

He reaches behind me and takes one of my ass cheeks in his big hand, squeezing and massaging it. My knees are weak and I am shaking with excitement. He puts an arm around my body to steady me and reaches up and puts two fingers into my vagina and grasps the one lip with his thumb. I might faint. Then he smooths shaving gel all over my mound with his finger tips. It can’t get more excited than this. He begins drawing the razor across my vulva in long, slow, gentle strokes while holding my lip pulled away from my pussy. I’m getting more excited. Now, he switches sides holding and shaving the other lip and side of my mound. The feel of his fingers and the blade sliding across my vulva is beyond description. He does a thorough job, shaving right up to the little pucker of my asshole. He rinses me off with a washcloth and pats my pussy dry, very gently but firmly.

“Ohhhhh,” I purr.

Then he picks me up like a doll, carries me to the bed, and puts me down on my back. I am feeling like I am about to be a sacrifice. He stands over me and removes his shorts freeing his engine of love and conquest. It is long, very thick, bulging with veins, and brown with a dark red helmet. There are several drops of honey-colored nectar oozing from the little opening at the tip. Without a thought I jump at the opportunity and lick up that nectar.

I lie back and my legs spread wide, inviting him into my center. He gets on his knees between my legs, leans over me and kisses me on the lips, his tongue slipping between my teeth deep into my mouth, and my waiting tongue. My thighs are shaking and my nipples are screaming to be handled, pinched, and twisted.

His kisses travel down my chest to my belly and on down to my pussy, and on to nipping my inner thighs and leaving some beautiful marks. I hope they are permanent.

Like a magician he almost invisibly rolls a condom down his standing erect penis and places the big swollen head, shiny inside its cocoon, at the opening of my vagina. I’m paralyzed and can’t move just watching this spectacle unfold. The cock touches my pussy lips, and I let out a little whimper.

He says in a soothing voice, “Please relax, Baby.”

I let out another whimper and sigh. Strangely I'm not scared.

Then he pushes the tip of his cock in another tiny bit. My pussy feels an electric shock. He pushes again, slowly. This time it starts to disappear and I lose sight of it.

He lies down on me crushing my beasts under his fuzzy warm and strong chest. I love the weight of him and the pressure, feeling my breasts squashed and flattened, my nipples burning.

He looks me right in the eyes and says, “Here we go sweetheart,” as he makes a long, slow sliding thrust into me, tearing me and sending a shot of searing pain deep into my vagina.

I let out a shriek as he rips me inside.

He holds still for a couple of minutes as I recover, but now I am overcome with a strange wonderful new feeling of being filled with him. We are now as one being. My pain was sharp, but now all I feel is the desire to prolong the pleasure of keeping him in me. He starts to move in and out of me, slowly at first, but I want more. I want to ride with him so we begin deeper and more intense thrusts into each other. We pick up speed until we are jerking and gyrating against each others' grinding pelvis. Suddenly I feel a new sensation. Heat and pressure build in my pussy and flow up my body until I start to shake all over like a wild animal. I lose all sense of consciously doing anything except being part of this pleasure with him. I start to have violent spasms in my pussy and stomach. I think I am losing a large amount of juice, as my legs and ass are soaked. I am having my first orgasm! My pussy parts are feeling exquisite pleasure from every touch and movement.

He too is wild with his face distorted as if in pain, but with a crazy smile behind it. Just as I reach the peak, he lets out a bunch of loud guttural sounds, clenches his buttocks, rams his cock deeply into me, and locks his body rigidly. After a couple of minutes, we both become human again and start breathing and laughing together.
"I want to see your cum, Kyle, take that thing off," I said as I pulled the thing off of his cock. "Oh, this stuff is stcky," I giggled letting it run out all over my pussy, and down my ass and legs. "I like it on me."

We kiss and talk and laugh all night long, and Kyle fills me again and again as I am now his woman.

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