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She Wanted it Down and Dirty

Never leave a wife horny
Mandy was so mad she could kill some one! Her husband got her all worked up this morning only to satisfy only himself. He left her so wet and horny she could still feel her wetness seeping from her very stimulated pussy. Mandy understood this happened from time to time in marriage, but, he was making a habit of this. She could not remember the last time she came with his dick in her. It was hard for her to recall when she screamed out his name while he was still beating up her pussy and she had about enough of pleasing her self. She could have stayed single and pleased herself.
But, she had no choice as she heard the car drive off with her well satisfied selfish husband. Her pussy was throbbing so much it melted away her madness as her finger tips teased her inflamed clit. That's when her mind flashed to a skin flick she was watching with her girl friends a few days ago. The movie was called White Sluts for Big Black Dicks. The flick made her cream in her panties as she watched big black men have their way with the white girls on the screen.

Mandy imagined being thrown down pushed on her back and having a ten inch cock stuffed into her tight wet pussy. She has never had a cock that large in her pussy before, but, she felt in her heart that she could take every inch in her starving pussy. Her legs would be pushed up as some big black buck slams her hips towards her. In her mind he would be fucking her long and deep as she shoved her fingers deep into her juicy wet pussy. She saw in her mind the big black buck on the down stroke as she lifted up her hips and shoved her fingers deep. In her mind she met his down stroke and exploded all over his big black cock.

The orgasm was mind shattering as her pussy quivered around her four fingers. She could not believe how turned on she was and if it was not't for making it to work on time. She would have found that skin flick on Video on Demand and came two or three times. But, she had to shower and get ready for work. She stirred her fingers around in her orgasmic pussy; she slipped them out and sucked each finger clean. She loved the taste of her own juices. After her fingers were clean she jumped up and headed for the shower.

She pasted the full length mirror not able to past up a chance to admire her sexy body. Mandy still had her cheer leader body, perky small breast. A very petite waist, strong muscular thighs and a tight ass you can bounce a quarter off of. Her sexuality flowed from her deep lust making her horny all over again. But, that feeling would have to wait because the cable man was coming to repair there line.

Her shower was refreshing as it renewed her for the day. Mandy went into their home office to file a few things and fill some pending orders. Her work was going smoothly and she found a few items on the net. At that moment the door bell rang. She found a spot in her work where she could stop and went to the door.

Mandy opened the door and was greeted by an older, big black man. She quickly sized him up; early forties a little balding but well built for his age. He introduced him self as Otis and informed her he was with the cable company. She invited him in and she noticed that Otis was checking her out.

She told him the problem was in the back room as she led the way. She knew he was looking at the back of her shapely thighs and tight ass. She had some small talk with him just so she could turn and confirm her was checking out her ass. He was, and her lust began to stir.

She could feel his eyes start at her ankles move up her calves and drink in her well proportioned thighs. She could sense his gaze on her firm ass, she would bet he was watching every sway of her hips as she led him to the back room. She knew it did not help matters that her form fitting work out suit hugged and high lighted every curve.

When they arrived at the back room she turned to see two things that set her on fire. One was his focus on her fat kitty cat and the second was his semi hard long thick cock in his pants. She lost thought as her clit throbbed. But, she finally asked, 'if he needed any thing?' He shook his head, no, and went about his work repairing the cable.

Mandy returned to her home office moist and full of lust. She never seen a cock so big and he was not even fully erect. She tried to work, but, the throbbing of her clit was driving her crazy. Finally she sat back in her chair spread her thighs and began to stroke her love button through her skin tight pants. The sensation was getting good to her, that’s when she decided to go get some of that big black cock.

She marched her wet pussy down the hall with fucking on her mind. But, when she entered the room her husband fell on her mind. Although she was still mad at him she could not’t give his pussy to this cable man.

“Just checking on you,” she told the cable man when he looked up.

“Almost done,” he told her when their eyes locked.

Otis could see the desire in her soul, he has seen that desire before and he knew what she needed. After he got it straight in his head what he was going to do. He called out to let her know he was done. She reentered the room with the same look of salacity and proclivity on her face.

Mandy walked over and bent at the waste to see what he had done. That’s when Otis moved in on her. He positioned his hard dick right between her soft firm ass cheeks. Mandy was startled at first until she felt his massive cock jump. The sensation made her yearn to see what he was going to do next.

Seeing that she did not resist from his advances he began to grind his penis between her ass cheeks. He grabbed her small waist as he dry humped her sweet soft ass. Mandy wanted more as she pushed back on his throbbing cock.

Otis did not waste any more time as he yanked down her pants to see her red g-string. He knew than he had a little freak on his hands. He slapped each buttock making them a fiery red as Mandy squealed out in excitement. Her husband has never slapped her ass and her clit throbbed from the pain.

Otis was just getting started as he fished out his man meat. First he shoved it over her pussy and between her thighs. The tip of his cock head touched Mandy’s belly button before she felt the back of his thighs on her firm ass. This made her knees buckle as she contemplated the length of his large dick.

Before she could comprehend the size of his enormous penis he spun her around and forced her to her knees. Just like that she was face to face with the largest cock she had ever seen. At that moment she realized she was just like the white girls in the skin flick she saw a week or so earlier. She was a white slut lusting after a huge black cock.

That’s when Otis took his cock and tapped her in the face with his big black dick. She fought to get a taste of his dark meat as he made her work for it. The smell of his over sized manly nut sack was driving her crazy. She finally reached for his monster and was astonished when she could not grip it with one hand. He throbbed and his cock tapped heron the fore head. Her clit jumped as she took the dick with both hands.

She finally maneuvers the large cock head into her hot hungry mouth. Otis hissed as she wrapped her mouth over his dick head.

“You’re a hot little white freak, aren’t you? I’ve always wanted a hot little white freak like you and I’m going to fuck you well,” he grunted. 

His words ran right to her inflamed clit as she did her best to fit his big black cock in her mouth. Otis ripped off her top, his thumb and fore finger found her little erect nipples. Mandy shuttered from the force of the pleasure and she creamed her g-string. Her nectar ran down her thighs as she tried to suck his massive penis.

That’s when Otis put his hands on her head and began to ram his cock down her throat. Mandy gagged, took breaths when she could and forced her mouth open as wide as she could. After a while she learned how to relax her jaw and she deep throated a third of his dick.

No one had ever fucked and used her mouth like this before. Although she struggled and gagged at first being treated like a slut turned her on even more. She was fingering her own pussy because she was so turned on. Mandy creamed her fingers as Otis fucked her mouth.

Just as she was acquiring dick sucking skill in the art of fellatio, Otis grunted out, “You’re a quick learning hot little freak aren’t you? Suck my big black cock you little white slut. You know you love big black cock,” as he released his first load of man juice down her hot throat.

The words plus the taste of hot cum made her cream once more while she sucked down every drop. Her body craved for more as her passion ran wild. Mandy wanted to be fucked until she pasted out.

Otis pushed Mandy onto her back and ripped off her g-string. He licked his lips and went face first into her gushy pussy. His tongue immediately found her swollen clit causing her to lock her thighs on the side of his head. She squealed out in sheer delight as his tongue caressed her sensitive love button.

Her body quivered and her back arched to push her pussy onto Otis’ face. The pleasure over whelmed her needy pussy. This is what her husband failed to do; this is what she had been yearning for. His pussy sucking skills were driving her crazy with lust as the tip of his tongue stroked her pussy lips and encircled her clit.

The sensation stirred boiled and built her climax. Mandy held back to savior the feeling as her juices coated his face. Just when she thought she regained control, Otis took his two middle fingers and shoved them into her hot wet hole, the pleasure shot right to her nipples and exploded.

Mandy went limp from the bliss still fighting the massive eruption that was boiling over. But, when Otis rotated his probing hard fingers she had to squeal in order not to explode. Then he slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her steamy hot wet pussy. In and out, picking up the pace as his finger fucked Mandy’s tight pussy. She was hold on to the pleasure until he sucked her clit closed his lips around the love button not to lose the suction. Then he swirled his hot tongue over her clit and Mandy erupted all over his fingers and chin.

Her clit throbbed under the stroking of his hot tongue as the pleasure peaked. All Mandy could do was rub his head hold her breathe until the feeling left her. She slowly relaxed her grip on Otis’ head as her panting returned to normal. That was the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced and her body still quivered.

Otis rose from between her thighs licking her nectar from his fingers and chin. “Yeah, you’re a hot little white freak! Your husband has not fucked or sucked that pussy in awhile. I haven’t had a woman cum on my face like that in months.”

All Mandy could do was look up at his hard long thick cock.

Otis seen the lust in her eyes and decided to tease her as long as he could. He placed his hands behind her knees and pushed them forward. This put her in the spread eagle position which gave him full access to her tight pussy and virgin ass.

Otis took his cock in hand and slapped her clit with it. Mandy squealed with delight as her clit quivered. He slapped her budding clit a few more times sending pleasure waves through her. He could see what the dick teasing was doing to her. He took the tip of his cock and ran it just inside her wet pussy lips.

This was driving Mandy wild as she lifted her hips trying to force his monster cock in her wet pussy. The desire was overwhelming as she imagined that big black cock stretching out her needy pussy walls. She knew he wanted her to craze him, but, if he did not hurry she would figure out a way to take what she wanted.

Otis too was feeling the need to fuck her hot pussy as her nectar coated the tip of his cock. His shaft throbbed and the head of his dick touched her swollen clit. Causing her to quiver and jump in excitement as the pleasure delighted her body. Otis was really teasing her hungry pussy.

He slipped his large cock head along her wet soft pussy lips, often at times stopping to thump his hard shaft on her delicate clit. Mandy’s anticipation and lust were reaching a feverish pitch. Otis sinister smile told the whole story as he teased her hungry kitty.

Mandy could not’t take any more, so, she timed his teasing and just when the head of his cock was near her quivering pussy hole. She lunged forward grasping his throbbing cock head. They both moaned out in ecstasy as her pussy clamped around his penis head.

It took a few seconds for either one of them to move because of the intense pleasure. Her pussy quivered around his thick cock head and his cock throbbed at the entrance of her hungry cunt as they both continued to moan. Otis was done teasing her pussy yet, but, it took all he had to pull the tip of his penis out her grasping pussy.

He gasped for strength as she squealed out in frustration and sheer anticipation.

Otis quickly moved his balls and his ass hole over her panting mouth. “Lick”, he commanded!

Mandy regained her focus to see his hairy big black balls and scruffy asshole inches from her mouth.

This would turned most women off, but, it made Mandy’s clit jump. Plus the way he ordered her to lick degraded her, adding to her passion. Before she knew it her tongue was all over his musky hairy balls. The taste was repugnant, yet, erotic as she sucked on the heavy nut sack.

Just as she was getting his balls all nice and wet he moved forward a bit. Her tongue slipped into his ass as the taste quickly changed. This taste was a little sourer, but, just as erotic as she felt her clit double clutch with sheer bliss. She could not believe she was sucking ass and licking hairy balls. This was so degrading but it was turning her on. Her pussy dripped with desire as she shoved her tongue in and out of his ass.

Mandy licked the musky and sourer tasted from his balls and ass. She wondered what he would do next to cheapen her lily white disposition. Only if Mandy’s girlfriends could see her now as she devoured his big black nuts, before she could finish her thought.

Otis shifted again and now he was slapping her in the face with his long thick cock.

“Suck my cock you little white freak, suck it”, he demanded as the dick slapped her cheeks.

This really made Mandy horny as she groped at the air to get a taste of his chocolate cock.

This went on a few seconds until she began to pout and he popped her in her pouty lips with his hard dick. Finally he allowed her to suck his cock and she was all over it. After a few minutes Mandy had him grunting and shoving his cock down her throat.

Although, this was not degrading to Mandy she still was thrilled to be sucking a big black hard cock. Mandy loved to suck dick and she was good at it. The taste of black cock took her to a new level as she deep throated his long thick dick. She massaged his shaft with her tongue as he held her by the back of her head while shoving his cock in and out, in and out.

Mandy did not gag at all as he used her mouth and throat as a wet pussy. She awaited the taste of his hot man juice as she caressed his tightening balls. She would encourage him to fuck her hot mouth if it was not full of his long thick cock.

Otis never had a woman take this much of his cock down their throat before. He was in a euphoric state as this white girl sucked his cock. It was almost as good as fucking a tight piece of pussy as he pushed his cock in and out. On top of all that she caressed his nut sack and fingered his ass.

Otis was about to blow, but, he wanted his first load of cum to fill her tight gushing hot pussy. She squealed as he withdrew his cock from her rapacious mouth. She stared at his long hard cock as he flipped her over onto her belly. He parted her thighs and shoved two fingers into her dripping wet pussy.

“Damn, white girl, your pussy is soaked and wet,” he informed her.

But, he was not telling her anything she did not already know. Her pussy has been awaiting that long hard dick and it quivered in anticipation. But, it did turn her on to hear him tell her how wet she is and when he placed his pussy juice covered fingers in his mouth. Mandy creamed herself and pussy juice ran down the inside of her thighs.

Even the sucking sound he made caused her clit to throb as he cleaned her juices off his fingers. Once his fingers were clean he began to play in her wetness with the head of his cock again.

This time when his cock head was bathed in her hot nectar he slipped the head inside her tight pussy lips. Her pussy quickly clamped over it as he pulled her to her knees. Mandy was on all fours, eager for entry as Otis guided his cock into her tight hot pussy. Inch by inch Otis sank his long thick hard cock into her hungry tight pussy.

With every inch that he sank into her yielding soft wet pussy, Mandy felt her self inch closer and closer to ecstasy. Her husband has a nice cock, but, it was nothing like Otis’ monster love muscle. When his cock was half way in Mandy began to gasp from the depth and width of his big black cock.

This was virgin territory for Mandy no man has ever been so deep in her tight cunt before. The sensation was a mixture of pain and pleasure as her pussy opened up for the massive dick. Her pussy became even wetter as his dick throbbed against her velvet walls.

Otis began a low groan as he pushed his cock into her tight white pussy. Her pussy was the wettest he ever felt and he could not’t believe she was getting tighter as his cock sank deeper. He felt his climax building before he was ready; he had to do some thing to free his mind from her sweet pleasure.

That’s when he smacked her tender white ass. Her ass immediately became red and Mandy let out an erotic squeal. The pleasure on his cock became even more intense so he smacked her ass again. He finally could focus on some thing else as he smacked her ass again and inched deeper into her snug cunt.

“Yeah, white girl, I’m smacking that ass and fucking your tight pussy. Bet your husband never did your ass like this,” he asked her? Mandy just shook her head as another smack of her ass rang out. “You like this big black cock, don’t you,” he taunted her? Again the pleasure was so immense all she could was nod her head, yes, as his hand popped her on the butt again.

Mandy loved the way he was talking and treating her like his slut. She began to push her pussy back onto his big dick as she found her self in a sexual frenzy. The experience of this pain and pleasure was new to her as exploded into pure bliss.

Her mind and her body was totally his as he popped her on the ass again. Mandy could not wait any longer. She had to have his large long cock in her, so she slammed her pussy back onto Otis’ hard long cock. Mandy had his cock in her balls deep as she triggered another powerful orgasm.

This caught Otis off guard as her tight pussy collapsed around his thick cock. He even felt his ridge balls slam into her juicy soft swollen clit. That sensation made his long cock throb against her sweet sugary pussy walls.

“You hot little cunt,” Otis exclaimed! Otis had to take a few deep breathe in order not to cum as his hard long dick throbbed in her wet tight hole.“Yeah, you love this big black cock, you little white slut,” Otis proclaimed! “You want to act like a slut, now I’m going to fuck you like one,” he told her.

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed his dick head hard against the bottom of her pussy. Then her withdrew his long dick and quickly slammed it back into her hot pussy. His thrust went into over drive as he pounded her tight drenched cunt, with long deep powerful strokes as he filled and withdrew his big penis.

The pleasure finally activated Mandy’s voice.

“Yes, yes, fuck my hot white pussy with your big black cock,” Mandy demanded. “You're right, my husband does not fuck my cunt deep and long like this. You fill my pussy so good with that sweet chocolate club,” she praised him.

Her sexy erotic talk was driving Otis into a sexual frenzy as he pulled her by her hair causing her to arch her back, making Mandy lift up her ass a little providing a perfect angle for Otis to really pound her tight pussy.

“Yes, pull my hair you brute! Yes, pull the hair and slap the ass of your slut! I’m your fucking slut,” she told him as she rocked her ass back to meet his every thrust!

Slap, slap, slap, filled the room as Otis pounded, slapped and fucked Mandy’s hot pussy. She was overwhelmed with lust as she was getting the fuck of her life. She craved and dreamed of being done like this and she was not disappointed by the big black cock fucking her quivering pussy.

Otis happened to look down as is cock was emerging from Mandy’s creamy pussy. She had creamed so much his dark penis glistened with her warm nectar dripping off his tight nut sack. The sight caused his cock to throb as he pushed it back deep into her pussy.

He knew it would not be long now as he felt his bliss building at the bottom of his nut sack. He slapped her ass once more to feel her cunt quiver all over his thick dick. The sensation was wonderful as he slapped that ass again.

With his other hand yanked her by the hair to keep her ass right where he wanted it. In order to pound her pussy at will. His balls slapped her wet soft swollen clit as he fucked his cock deep into her hot cunt. Mandy became even wetter.

With nectar all down both her inner thighs and even a puddle in her tight asshole. Her ass hole was so inviting it was like it was calling him as he pumped her pussy. This gave Otis a wicked thought and with out warning he plugged his thumb into Mandy’s tight butt.

Mandy gasped, and then squealed out in sheer pleasure as the bliss overwhelmed her. Her ass double clutched his thumb which triggered another climax deep in her bosom. Her pussy double clutched his dick as she erupted two, three times and when he pumped his thumb in and out of her tight ass Mandy begged for more.

Otis could not take it any longer; this white woman was milking his cock with her clutching climaxing pussy. His thrust became wanton as he fucked it deep and long into her sucking pussy. What really pushed him over the edge was his balls slapping her wet soft swollen clit. His balls erupted as he groaned out in pure ecstasy which caused Mandy to cum once more.

His man juice filled her tight white pussy until it pushed past her pussy lips and down her thighs. Mandy reached back to catch the man juice and quickly licked it off her fingers. This drove Otis fervent and he pumped her pussy all through his orgasm. When the last of the ejaculation was about over Mandy reached back again and got her self some more jism and Otis for the first time in his life was having back to back orgasms.

End of Part I……Let me know what you think?

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