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Summer Holiday


        "Will it ever stop raining!"  I said.   "Doubt it," Jeff replied.    It'd been one of those days in a complete washout of a summer, and there we were, sat in my bedroom wasting away the school holidays.

    We were both  just 16 then.   Jeff and I had known each other since we'd started school and more or less grown up together passing through childhood  and now well into puberty.

        "Have you ever had a wet dream?" he said, breaking the bored silence.

        "What the fuck's that ? I replied visualising he meant something about the rain that was now beating with ever increasing intensity on my bedroom window.

        "It's when you have a dream about sex with someone - and it becomes so intense that you shoot your load all over your pyjamas."   It hadn't happened to me, maybe because I'd been wanking myself ever since the age of seven.   I'd discovered at a very early age that when you rub your foreskin back and forth it felt 'oh so nice' and it culminated in a tickling sensation that was out of this world and if you did it stood up against a wall your legs became weak with the thrilling intensity of it all.

        "I've had it once or twice,"  said Jeff,  "can't get to sleep again after, 'cause everywhere's wet and it's fuckin' awful."

    I thought about what I wanted to say:   "Don't you ever,  er...wank yourself?    ' I said at length.   "Cause I do - wouldn't mind doin' it now".

        "Yeah...when I get the chance - but sharin' a bedroom with our John and Pete means I don't get much chance.

     A thought which had been spinning round in my head for some time suddenly seemed a possibility.   A thought I'd used many times in my head whilst Jacking myself off - more-or -less exactly where Jeff was sat on my bed.   He didn't know how many times I'd sat on the edge of the bed, my stiff cock in hand sending myself to ecstasy and watching how high into the air I could shoot my spunk.

        My cock was swelling in my pants.   Not knowing how best to approach the subject I decided full on was the best.

        " Why not have a wank now - I'm up for one myself we could watch each other."   Now committed I watched his startled face for reaction.   Seconds passed, he smiled and gave an uneasy cough.   I wanted at least to see his dick - which I never had before,  so nervously I unzipped my flies to reveal my thumping erection, sat next to him and without saying a word unzipped his and took out his now stiffening cock.   Its size almost made me want to 'shoot' and a few pangs of jealousy struck home as I viewed mine in comparison.   Much thicker than mine, it emanated from a thick clutch of brown hair.   Nestled below were two balls which looked like ripe plums and now his cock at full size almost spoke of its needs and wants.

   Instinctively or otherwise I put his hand on my dick, we looked each other in the face and I felt as if he wanted to kiss me.   His lips met mine and automatically our tongues entwined whilst our hands rubbed each others cocks for all we were worth.

   It didn't take long.   My first spurt left my cock and landed with a splat on his belly then the flood  welled out all over his hand.   He groaned,  his body stiffened and I knew he was near ready to spunk.

   Like a hot fountain he pumped spurt after spurt at least ten inches up into the air.   It splashed down every where.   On ther floor, on the duvet and all over my naked pubics.   One spurt landed full force on my dick mixing itself with spunk I'd shot seconds earlier.   Then at once he was spent-we were both spent- but already I could feel the future need inside me for more relief.

   We hardly spoke for the first few minutes.   I'd loved what we'd done and hoped he had too but I could help the abject feelings of jealousy.   The size of his cock - a good six inches in length as compared to my four.   Its thickness and oh so velvety soft in my hand and the spunk! least an egg-cup full as compared to my teaspoon full.

          "Fantastic...fuckin fantastic!!" he said eventually.   We discussed every aspect of what we'd done - and now the rain outside no longer seemed important.

          "Dave - you fancy us suckin' each other?" he said eventually.

     His cock felt enormous in my mouth but to feel him sucking mine at the same time was sheer magic.   We'd agreed to spunk in each others mouth and to try and 'come' at the same time.   I was dubious about choking on his superior size and the flood of his sperm but my own satisfaction and its prospect took precedence and I sucked his bell-end and licked round his purple ring for all I was worth.

    At once I felt his body stiffen and the thoughts of what was about to happen made my spunk start to rise.   A moment , his salty juices left his balls and he sprayed the back of my throat.   Wave after wave of his essence spattered all over my tongue and now my spunk was spraying inside his mouth and we both groaned whilst willingly accepting each others man milk and consigning it deep into us swallowing madly as each spurt was delivered.

    It's lovely to see your spunk on someones tongue when you've come.   We kissed afterwards and our sperms mixed as our tongues sought out every crevice of each others mouth.   A few drops of creamy spunk rose to the top of his dick and I eagerly licked it away and tongued it round his lips.   We were satisfied...but we knew that was just the beginning.





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