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The Ride

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She never knew a bus ride could be so pleasant.
She was running late. After a quick shower, she towel dried her hair, threw on her delicates, pulled a warm blouse over her head, stepped into a wool calf length skirt, slipped into her walking boots and headed for the door. Snagging her gloves, scarf, jacket and purse, she ran out the door only hesitating long enough to lock it before running for the bus. She prayed the bus was running late; she was lucky.

This morning, unlike the rest, the bus stop was thronged with riders. As the bus pulled up, with a lot of jostling and pushing, everyone boarded. She looked for an empty seat, but much to her dismay, there were none. As she moved to the rear of the bus, the driver stomped on the gas, causing everyone to lurch toward the rear. She lost her balance, spun around in an attempt to grab a pole and fell onto a seated gentleman’s lap.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, and started to get up.

“It is not a bother,” said the man. He quickly grabbed her hips holding her on his lap.

The bus was so crowded she could not turn around to slap him. But she could feel the beginning stirring of a growth. Her needs came on her suddenly. Rather than stand up, she wiggled around and got more comfortable. The gentleman willingly obliged the situation by shifting forward slightly, offering more of his lap for her seating. She squirmed around a bit more to get the man’s genitals aligned in the correct position, then began to slowly rock to and fro. She was grateful for the crowd.

He leaned forward slightly and whispered in her ear, “Would you be so kind as to rise up for just a moment?”

She raised her ass about three inches. She could hear the sound of a zipper and she felt some rustling under her legs. Then the gentleman raised the back of her skirt to her waist, placed his hands on her hips and brought her ass back to rest on his lap. There was a tell tale difference. She could feel his cock rubbing directly against her ass cheeks. More squirming and moving about and she realized she was in the mood. She didn’t care where she was, she needed to be fucked and fucked now.

She moved her hands under her skirt hem, grasped her panties and lowered them down her legs. Then she rose up slightly, reached underneath to grasp his cock, placed it at the entry to her pussy, and sat down. He anticipated her move and as she sat down, he thrust his hips upward impaling her. The bus then began to help things along by bouncing her up and down on his lap.

She was in heaven. She was getting exactly what she needed – hard cock. She clamped down with her pussy, Kegel muscles gripping and releasing, gripping and releasing the throbbing muscle invading her pussy as she bounced. His cock reached deep into her pussy, filling her like she wanted to be filled. She always loved doggie style and reverse cowboy, but fucking on a bus in broad daylight – it was exhilarating.

Suddenly the bus lurched to a stop. She almost slid off his cock, but his quick reactions kept her on his lap. His cock slipped out of her hot, wet pussy and re-centered itself at her rosebud. He pulled her back before she could stop him. She had never had a cock up her ass before and wasn’t sure she wanted one there now, but it was too late. His cock was quite lubricated from the fucking, as was her asshole. His cock head slipped past her sphincter opening and began a slow entry.

She couldn’t believe it – it felt good. Damn good. She started pushing her ass back against his cock, driving it deeper and deeper. Then the bus driver hit the gas again. Whoosh – she was fully skewered. His cock was balls deep up her ass and she was ecstatic. Nothing had ever felt this good before. She loved it and didn’t know why she never let this happen before. She knew right then that getting her ass fucked was something she would be doing a lot of in the future.

No one on the bus had noticed the two. They were all busy reading the paper, deep in phone conversations, texting others, and perusing the Internet on their smart phones. The two were in a world all their own, deeply attached and getting more so by the minute. The bouncing of the bus, the nearness of the crowd, the thrill of getting caught all created a sexual crescendo neither was expecting. She could feel his cock growing fuller, expanding to fill even more of her hot, tight, virgin asshole.

He pulled her back toward his chest, reached up with a hand to cover her mouth, and began lunging his hips up and down, fucking her asshole as hard as he could. She began to moan and whimper. She didn’t care if anyone caught them, she needed his cum. She needed it now. She began to bounce in rhythm with his stabbing, propelling his cock even deeper into her ass, squeezing it with her rectal muscles tightly. Release was coming; she could feel the tingling from mysterious recesses like never before.

He knew he was moments away from orgasm. He truly wanted to throw her to the floor of the bus, grab her hips and just hammer his cock further into her ass. The tingles began at the edges of his balls; he could feel his cock growing in anticipation of release, and one he knew would surpass any before. Thrusting deeper and deeper into her asshole, his cock was ready.

So was she. She couldn’t scream but she tried against his hand. All that was heard over the roar of the bus engine and crowd conversations was a low moan. Her orgasm hit and hit hard. She saw stars, angels, and heard triumphant horns. His cock erupted deep up her ass and she could feel every pulse, every squirt of his semen, every jerk of his cock as he spewed his cum into her nether region. It was hotter than anything she had ever felt and her orgasm was intense.

Slowly they began to recede from their respective orgasms. She swayed slightly, his jerking cock slowly stopped, and they knew this interlude was soon over. The crowd around them never even blinked an eye, they never noticed; it was as if it happened all the time. When the bus came to another stop, she slithered off his cock and stood up ever so slightly, removed her panties and arrayed her skirt properly. He rearranged himself and closed his zipper. She sat back down and just rested, squeezing her muscles tightly to prevent his cum from leaking out. Her breath receded and she could feel his return to normal as well.

Too soon, it was her stop. She stood up, grabbed the bell rope and tugged. The bus came to a lurching stop, but not before she reached back and handed the gentleman her panties. She turned to say goodbye, but he held her hips.

“No sweet one. Let this be our little secret.”

She straightened her skirt and on wobbly legs moved toward the door to exit. She turned to look for her paramour, but the crowd had filled in the open area, blocking her view. She strode off the bus, still clenching her anal muscles, turned to the right and headed to her office. As she entered the office, her secretary looked up. She had a strange look on her face, as if she was seeing something different.

“What is it, Amanda?” she asked.

“Oh, I suppose it’s nothing. You just look like you jumped out of bed.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, but basically I did,” she replied.

She then turned and walked into her office, sat down and contemplated what had just happened. Opening her purse, she took out her makeup mirror and checked her appearance. Yep – flushed face, frazzled hair, disheveled blouse and that just fucked look. No wonder Amanda gave her a funny look. She got up, went into the bathroom off her office and took the next 15-20 minutes cleaning up best as she could.

As she sat back down at her desk and began perusing the day’s activities, her phone rang. It was Amanda.

“Uh, there is a gentleman here to see you. He won’t give his name but said you would be interested in meeting with him. He said something about a ride?”

“Send him in, please.”

She rose to greet her visitor. As he entered the office and closed the door, he extended his hand, opened his fingers and revealed her panties.

“Would you like these back?” he asked.

She knew her day was about to get better.

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