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The Tempest

who wouldn't want to have sex outside during a thunderstorm.
The desert sun was setting in its usual display of color, lighting the summer storm clouds various shades of pink, orange and purple. The temperature was dropping slowly, only slightly relieving the baked earth from the steady onslaught of the sun. The storms moved in at sunset with a temperamental regularity this time of year. The monsoon was enough to heat the blood of any native. It rains so seldom here, that any moisture is cause for a celebration. The clouds moving in were full of promise as well as rain.

I looked out the window on hearing the first crack of thunder across the sky. The light show had arrived before the rain. I could see the rain hanging like a curtain across the hills to the northeast. I left the safety of the house and ran eagerly out into the open desert, a lover anticipating the arrival of her beloved. Thunder crashed again, accompanying the lightning that was its elemental partner. The sheet of rain advanced steadily blurring the horizon behind it.

I walked through the desert inhaling the rich smell of the creosote bushes as they picked up the rising humidity in the air. It was an innocent joy that suffused me at the coming tempest. I sat on a lone boulder gazing up at the raging sky, absorbing the sounds of the doves settling in the mesquite trees with the coming dusk, broken abruptly here and there by the storm’s song. The wind picked up whipping my hair around my face and drowning all sound but that of its passing. It was here.

As the first fat drops of monsoon rain fell around me, I felt a firm hand around my wrist. I turned, startled, as the wind had covered his approach. I grinned, my triumph and the storm’s, one in the same at this moment. He followed. The thought was a prideful acceptance of my irresistibility as much as the land around us could not resist the storm. The rain fell faster as we were enveloped in its drenching curtain.

I grinned at him through hair plastered wetly to my face, and reached down and pulled his shirt over his head. Lightning and thunder danced around us as we stripped down in the middle of the desert. The darkness was complete now, interrupted only by rhythmic bolts of lightning. He ripped my tank top down the front as I unbuttoned his jeans and struggled to push them down his hips. Wet denim is not a girl’s friend when she is in a hurry. I pulled and tugged until I felt that he was finally free. I sat back on the boulder and maneuvered him toward me until the full length of him was directly in front of my face. My hand slid over the head of him, lubricating him with the rain falling from above. I felt him groan as I slipped him gently between my lips. His hands pushed the wet strands back from my face and met behind my head, knotting deeply into my hair in a grasping bid for control. I pulled back along his cock, grazing my teeth lightly across the sensitive skin, before I plunged back down to the base of him. I sucked eagerly, my throat convulsing steadily around his head. The taste of rain water and him were heaven to my tongue, and I wondered idly if there were taste buds assigned for these singular flavors.

I sucked and stroked, my hands tucked into his jeans at his ass where I could pull them down no further. A loud crack of thunder directly overhead, made me pull back and stare at the sky. Lightning made an electric spider web across the clouds and I glimpsed his head thrown back in ecstasy. I took advantage of his vulnerability and plunged his cock back into my mouth, digging my nails into his ass as I almost lost control. Pulling back again, I licked a long line up the crease of skin where his thigh met his hip. I leaned in farther to nibble gently at the sac that hung so delicately between his legs. Both fists tightened in my hair and he moved my attention back to his penis. I licked the drops of rain before they could fall from the head and drank them greedily. I wrapped my lips around him once more and instead of moving up and down, I pushed him as far into my mouth as I could, feeling him bump against my throat. A suction formed as sealed myself around him and began sucking, gently first, then harder as I felt him rocking into me. Just before I felt him let go, I released my hold on him. He came in a hot wave across my rain chilled chest as he rested his head against mine.

I slipped the remains of my top off my arms and wiped myself clean under the rain shrouded sky. I was the tempest. I was the assault. He had no more control at the moment than the desert did over the storm. My victory however, was short lived.

I was pushed back roughly onto the rock as he made short work of unbuttoning my own jeans. He yanked them down my own hips with strong jerky movements that had me bare to him in no time at all. He lifted me up and spun me so that he could take my place, and pulled me onto his lap, showing me that no recovery time was needed. He pushed his cock against me and I moved to help him in. I leaned back as he held me, and let the rain fall over my body as he thrust himself inside me. His hands supported my lower back as I watched the lightning race across the sky through wet lashes. I could only moan as he shoved himself into me. With the rain on my lips and tongue I curled myself back up to him and kissed him, kissed him as if I could drown us both in desert rain. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and rocked against him as he plunged in and out of me. The orgasm caught me as I licked drops of water from his shoulder. I bit down hard as it blasted my control apart. He came with me, thunder crashing through the clouds and lightning slamming to the ground around us.

When we could feel our legs beneath us once again, we left the boulder and the desert to the storm as we made our way back to the relative safety of the house. I toweled my hair dry as I continued to watch the storm through the window, anticipating the next thunderstorm as this one moved on.
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