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She despised him, she really did...

Alex pressed her face into the crease of her forearm, shielding her nose from the stench of Melanie heaving into the toilet bowl beneath her. Even though she had been rudely woken at such an ungodly hour, she continued to hold Melanie’s hair back from her face as her housemate vomited. Alex had decided against wasting her university nights downing shots at a nearby nightclub until she passed out, despite her housemate’s relentless teasing about her lacklustre existence. The sound of her housemate’s stomach contents hitting the toilet bowl below made her wretch. Melanie’s cries of self-pity rang out.

“You’re fine, Mel. C’mere, sit up. I’ll get you some water.” Alex attempted to prop Melanie’s drunken state against the cold bathroom tiles before she scurried to the kitchen.


“Still spewing, huh?” Melanie’s boyfriend stood, propped against the kitchen counter, a feeble attempt to steady himself as he crunched into a rather charcoaled, burnt piece of toast.

Alex barged past him as she grabbed a glass from the cupboard. “Well, it’s not like you have decided to look after her!” she snapped, avoiding eye-contact with him.

“Hey, she isn’t my responsibility. She necks tequila shots like she’s fucking parched.”

Alex scowled and pushed her black-framed glasses up the bridge of her nose with her forefinger. Turning the tap, she waited for the cold water to correct its temperature before filling the glass. “I guess you’re not exactly in a fit state yourself. You’re her boyfriend for goodness sake. Act like it.”

He moved his body, towering over her. He was inches from her. “Friends with benefits is the term I prefer.”

The reek of alcohol wafted from his breath. Alex shook her head and glared up at him. She couldn’t believe the pure arrogance of the guy. So maybe he was attractive, dark hair, well dressed. But fuck, he was a prick.

“Hey, the girl gives good head. I ain’t gonna complain if she wants to get on her knees and cover my cock in her saliva as she deep throats me.”

“You’re disgusting. I think it’s best if you leave. I’ll look after her.” She attempted to storm past him and felt him grabbing her arm, causing her to spill some of the water.

“You know she’s probably asleep by now and well you know… The house is quiet. Just us two and maybe, you know. We could…”

His grip was firm around her bicep.

“Go fuck yourself,” she growled before heading back upstairs.


Had he really just said that? She was trembling.

Melanie was slumped against the floor in a foetal position. Alex quickly bent down, attempting to force-feed her intoxicated housemate some water. She gave up.

Cupping her hands under Melanie’s arms she dragged her deadweight body out of the bathroom into her bedroom. Alex heaved Melanie’s heavy body into an attempted recovery position before leaving her asleep on the carpet.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she heard the front door slam shut. She padded downstairs to make sure he was gone, locked the door then headed to bed.


The illuminated digits on the alarm clock read 3.05am. Fuck, Mel had better appreciate this.

Placing her glasses on the bedside cabinet she unbuttoned her unflattering striped pyjamas, leaving on her white cotton panties and returned to the comfort of her bed.

Attempting to close her eyes, her head tossed from side to side against the cool pillow, fighting against her mind’s image of him. Of Matt and his arrogant stance. How the fuck dare he say that to her. She barely knew him. Not that that mattered of course. God, he was a prick.

Melanie’s track record with men was one that was left to be desired. Alex wouldn’t want to even attempt at remembering. So many nights had she worn earplugs to drown out the incessant groans and shrieks from her housemate being driven to the highest pleasure. Or faking it. She didn’t spend long enough listening. Okay, so Melanie was pretty; gorgeous in fact. Her poker straight blonde hair just skimming her peachy rump. Her ice blue eyes, fuelling any man’s carnal desires.

And Alex, well Alex was Alex. One silly mistake. One she could hardly call a night of passion and her innocence was lost. She was inexperienced. No man would give her a second look. Even if they did, as soon as she brought them back, she already had resigned herself to the fact that they would be looking at Mel.

But something made her heart suddenly flutter, a race in her pulse as his words rang out in her ears again. ‘You know she’s probably asleep by now and well you know… The house is quiet. Just us two and maybe, you know. We could…’

Could what? What was he thinking?

She felt an ache. An ache she hadn’t felt in so long. A throb inside of her. Her clit hardened at the thought, a sudden droplet of arousal trickled its way to the gusset of her cotton panties. She despised his arrogance. How he described Mel as if she meant nothing to him and his willingness to take her housemate while she slept.

However much Alex despised him, her pussy began to drip. Clear liquid seeped from her folds. She dropped her knees to the sides, opening herself wide as if her fingers were magnetically drawn to her aching pussy. Her weary fingers teased the outline of her slit, feeling the dampness already forming. She was offering herself to him. She wondered how his mouth felt on hers as he kissed her. His stubble grazing her young, soft skin. She was turned on. So aroused.

The pads of her fingertips pressed against the hardness of her clit, slowly circling it, rhythmically riding to a pleasured state. Her short bobbed, dark hair contrasted against the white cotton pillowcase. She pushed the duvet cover from her body. Her small perky tits exposed, dark pink shrivelled nipples on display. She twisted them as she continued to rub her hardened nub.

Her gusset was soaking, her juice flowing from her wiry pussy. The curls of her pubic hair soaked as she masturbated harder. She slipped her panties down her meaty thighs. The cool air kissing against her soaked tunnel. There was no stopping her. She imagined him gripping her body tight while he looked in her eyes. She could almost hear him telling her he wanted to fuck her. How his cock was hard for her. How he wanted to sink deep inside of her.

Fuck, she was edging. She was edging and couldn’t hold back. She came. She came hard. The orgasmic bliss ripped through her body as she thrashed and bucked against her fingers. Her sweet juice dripped from her hole.

Alex panted, her chest rising and falling rapidly. She quickly grabbed the duvet and covered her body. Fuck, what have I done?

Despite how exhausted she felt, the guilt was gnawing at her. Melanie was her housemate. And Matt, well Matt was a prick.

She knew she was in for a long night.


Alex’s head was buried in her sociology books. Her attempt at focussing on her studies had been not as successful as she hoped. A million unwanted thoughts ran through her mind. Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by Melanie.

“Fuck, how did I even get to bed last night?” she asked. Her blue vest top rising against her toned midriff as she stretched and rubbed her eyes.

“You didn’t. I had to leave you on the floor,” Alex replied, attempting to avoid eye-contact with her. She was too embarrassed to look at her in case she was able to somehow tell that she had been self-pleasuring and worst of all, to images of her boyfriend.

“Ahh so that is where the carpet burns have come from?” she laughed. “I was thinking that maybe Matt had done something he shouldn’t have.”

“Hmm.” Alex’s reply was short. Sitting at the dining table she continued to pretend to read the same page over, and over again. Nothing was sinking in.

“God, Al. You need a life. Much more to life than these boring books. I’m out tonight with the girls. Come with us. I promise you’ll have fun.”

“Surely, you can’t be out again tonight? I’m not being woken up at 2am having to deal with you vomiting everywhere, Mel. How are you not dying?”

“You won’t have to. You’ll be out with me!” Melanie laughed. Her cute dimples forming in her cheeks as she flashed her pearly whites. “I’m gonna lay out in the sun to sleep off this hangover before getting ready. Ciao bella.” Alex watched almost mesmerised as Melanie sauntered past her, slipping on her oversized shades. Her lengthy pins paving their smooth way to minuscule denim shorts. Even to lounge with an almighty hangover Melanie was to die for.

Alex sucked in her rounded belly. She sighed. Her mind racing back to Matt’s drunken state. She cringed. What if he remembered what he said. God, she hoped she wouldn’t see him again anytime soon.


“So, what is to be?” Melanie asked, peering around the doorframe wearing only a tiny fluffy towel to hide her modesty. “Are you getting ready?” Her golden locks fell perfectly around her shoulders. Her make-up preened to perfection.

“No. No, I need to study. Despite your reasons for being at uni, mine is to pass.”

“God, live a little woman! I tell you what. You study, there’s a bottle of wine in the fridge. I’ll give you a text when I am coming home and I’ll bring a fella or two.” Melanie winked before laughing.

Alex could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. “As long as one of them isn’t Matt. That guy is an idiot.”

“But he has a massive cock and can make me come really fucking hard,” Melanie smirked.

Alex shook her head and looked down at her scribbled notes. Just for one night, she would love a fraction of Melanie’s brazenness, her confidence and of course, her looks.


“So, how do I look?” Melanie paraded up and down the living room, her stiletto heels clicking against the laminated wood floor. Her short black dress hugged her svelte figure, perfect cuts of material exposing the underside of her pert breasts and toned midriff.

“You look beautiful. Just be careful.”

“Yes, mom!” Melanie mocked, before heading out into the waiting taxi cab.

Even if she had decided to go out and let her hair down for once there is no way that any man would even glance in her direction standing next to that blonde bombshell. Who needs a man anyway? Alex attempted to push the thought from her mind.


Casting her books and notes to the side she headed upstairs. She needed to chill. Relax. Last night meant nothing. Matt was too drunk to mean what he said. He wouldn’t want to have sex with her anyway. Why would he when he had such a beautiful, and very easy, girl to play with. ‘Friends with benefits.’ His words still bounced in her mind as she ran her hot bath.

Slinking into the water, Alex peered down her body. Maybe she could do with losing a few pounds after all. A confidence boost. She didn’t really want to face her life without a boyfriend, despite her pretence. Gliding her hands over her shapely figure she soaped herself up before rinsing away her sinful thoughts. She inhaled the coconut aroma as she cleansed her body.

The water lapped around her, pooling over her hairy mound. She noticed a razor on the edge of the bathroom cabinet. She wondered how it felt. She hadn’t ever been completely shaven.

Alex sat her rump on the edge of the tub. Opening her thighs, she soaped up her furry pussy, carefully paying attention to every little crease and nuance of her mound. Sliding her fingers between her thighs, she gently stretched her pussy lip taut. Carefully she glided the blade over her skin, watching as the stripe of foam disappeared along with her soft curls. She looked so smooth. She continued with her gentle removal of hair, switching to the other side. She tidied up her soft mons before stepping her legs apart a little further. Alex carefully shaved down into the crack of her peach before attempting to inspect her handiwork. She gently glided her fingers over the smooth area and washed the excess foam off with a flannel.

Alex dried herself off before washing away any evidence of the hair removal from the bath tub, making a mental note to get rid of the razor. She squatted on the toilet bowl and peed. The golden stream of piss gushed from her freshly shaved pussy. She felt sexy. Aroused.

Knowing she was alone in the house, she wrapped a clean towel around her body. She intended to continue her mini pampering session, taking advantage of her alone time. Alex crept into Melanie’s room, she was bound to have loads of moisturising cream. She knew she wouldn’t mind and even if she did Alex had already etched out some cock and bull story about how her skin felt dry.

Creaking open Melanie’s wardrobe door, Alex stood on her tiptoes, naked apart from her towel. She searched for any signs of cream, carefully opening drawers to peer inside, a weak attempt not to touch anything she shouldn’t.

What’s this? A box. Her eyes widened as she read the label. Her heart thumped in her chest. Opening the box, she marvelled at the thick rubber dildo, admiring the realistic effect of the veiny texture. It looked untouched, brand new. She quickly pushed the toy back into the box. Her hands shaking. She threw it back in the drawer, ignoring the horny signals radiating from her core.

Alex had never used a dildo before. Fuck, she had barely put her fingers in there since her brief encounter well over a year ago. She pondered for a few moments. Could use it and then put it back without her ever knowing? She felt embarrassed at her own disgraceful thought. Just maybe tease herself with it. Her overthinking kicked into gear.

Grabbing the box, she quickly raced to her room, throwing it on the bed before clambering on, letting her towel fall to the floor. I’ll just deny it. I will get rid of the toy and completely deny ever seeing it. Melanie would never suspect boring Alex of stealing a sex toy. Her mind was made up.

Her hands were quivering as she buzzed the realistic-looking rubber cock to life. It was big. It was noisy. Much noisier than she had thought. Her heart raced, adrenalin surged through her veins as she opened her legs. She neared the humming phallus to her clit. God, it was powerful. Alternating the speeds, Alex’s pussy seeped. It seeped quicker than she ever thought was possible. She knew it was wrong but god it felt right. Teasing the vibrating head up and down her slit felt divine. Her dripping honey lathered the rubbery shaft, causing it to glisten.

She continued the glorious tease of her juicy pussy. Enjoying the sensation of her new smoothness as the rubber merged with her fluids. She continued to push and rub the head of the imitation cock harder. Faster. She wanted to spill her juice. Her heels dug hard into the mattress of the bed. Her back arched. Fuck. She was coming. She was coming harder than she had ever come before.

Her sweet, sticky juice oozed from her folds as she cried out, basking in her glory. Her hand cupped at her tits, squeezing her nipples as the beautiful explosion erupted from inside of her.

Still riding the high. She pushed the head against her almost virginal entrance. She knew it was too big to take. Despite her continued stream of nectar, she pushed against her tight hole. It wouldn’t budge. She shifted her hips, tried to ease it in at different angles. She wanted to feel it inside of her. She needed to feel it.

“Want a hand with that?”

Alex jolted and quickly sat upright. Her cheeks burned as Matt stood before her, grinning as he leaned against the doorframe. “What the fuck? Get out!” she screamed, attempting to scramble for anything to hide her modesty.

Picking up a pillow she threw it at him and clambered under the duvet. “How the fuck did you get in? What are you doing here?” A mixture of embarrassment and anger flooded her words.

“Hey don’t stop. You’ve got me raging hard watching that. I let myself in.” He dangled a key from his finger.

“You’re fucking trespassing. I live here too. Fuck, how long…”

“Long enough,” he cut her off, his eyes penetrated her. “Relax, I’ve loved my little show.”

“Fuck you! Leave! You shouldn’t be here. Mel is out. Fuck.”

Matt walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. He grinned at the buzzing toy still humming on the duvet cover. “You know the real thing is much better.”

“Get out of my room, Matt!” She grabbed the toy and switched it off. Throwing it back down. She felt disgusted. So embarrassed. She couldn’t believe she had been so stupid not to have realised that someone was in the house. It suddenly dawned on her. Fuck! The toy!

“Don’t cover up. I’ve seen you. You look fucking amazing like that. Right there in the throes of passion. My cock is like steel.” Matt grabbed his crotch through his black jeans.

Alex didn’t know what to do. What if he told Melanie about the toy? “Please, Matt. I feel really embarrassed. Can we just... can we just forget this ever happened? Mel will be back soon and I was just…”

“Mel won’t be back for hours yet. And even if she did come back she is already smashed out of her skull. So what do you say we have a kiss? I see the way you look at me, Alex. I know you’re horny. I could see those juices glistening against your smooth lips.”

Alex was crimson. She couldn’t look at him. She was lost for words.

Matt crept closer to her, lifting her chin up to gaze at him. He planted a soft kiss on her lips. “You know you want this as much as I do.”

Alex closed her eyes for what felt like an eternity. She knew she should resist him but how could she? Her heart thumped so hard she felt it would rip through her chest. She was trembling. How could he want her? A plain jane, no make up, too curvy. Was this some kind of joke? The scent of his aftershave drifted over her. His blue cotton t-shirt clung to his torso.

“You don’t want me. You have Mel. Why are you doing this?”

“Mel is easy. I want you. I know Mel is out tonight and I sure as hell knew you’d be alone. Let me look at you.” Matt tugged the duvet down Alex’s naked body.

“Matt, please,” Alex weakly protested.

Cupping her cheek in his hand he kissed her again, harder this time. She felt his tongue invading her mouth. She couldn’t resist responding. Their lips crushed together in a breathless kiss. He pulled the duvet from her body completely and traced his fingertips over her curves as his stubble scuffed her cheek. He trailed kisses up her neck and nipped her earlobe with his lips. “I want you. You’ve got me so hard,” he moaned in her ear.

Alex’s pussy was throbbing. He had broken down her barriers. Feeling vulnerable, exposed but yet so sexy and aroused, Alex lay before him, wearing nothing but fire in her eyes. She watched mesmerised as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. “Fuck, you look so good,“ he groaned.

Standing at the side of the bed, he unbuttoned his black jeans, pulling them down and stepping free from them, before sliding down his boxers. Alex tried to quieten her gasp as his raging cock sprung free. It was gorgeous. Circumcised head with a glistening bubble of pre-cum already forming. “Do you want a taste?” he asked, standing with his engorged prick in his hand. Alex felt nervous. She was so horny but she hadn’t sucked dick before. What if she didn’t do it right?

“I haven’t… erm I’ve never…”

Matt pulled her to the edge of the bed. “Then just circle the head with your tongue. Fuck, yes like that. Now open your mouth and suck.” Matt slowly guided Alex’s head down his hard shaft. “Draw your cheeks in, suck it. Yeah just like that.” She was good. She followed instructions well. He picked up the pace, sawing in and out of her mouth, guiding her head further down to see how far she could take him. Alex gagged on his fleshy taste as he gave short sharp thrusts at the back of her throat. “Fuck, so good!” Strings of her saliva were attached to his glistening dick as he pulled it from her mouth. “You’re a good little cocksucker,” he snickered. “Now, I want to taste your wet cunt.”

Alex groaned, bunching the sheets in her fists as she felt his body move down hers. His stubble grazed her sensitive, soft flesh. She opened her legs for him, her syrupy juices already drizzling as she felt his hot breath kissing her inner thighs, tasting her sweet nectar as it shone against her smooth pussy lips. She cried out, a little louder than she had anticipated as he explored her with his tongue and lips. She arched her body into his face as his tongue continued to dance over her flesh, invading her hole and lapping at her delicious folds.

Matt lowered his face and extended his tongue into her dark star. Fluttering his tongue around it as he felt it winking against him. He lapped at her drizzled musky juice as it coated her tightest hole. His tongue was alive with her forbidden taste.

His cock was almost drilling a hole in the mattress as he followed her body’s reactions. He continued to lap at her pearl, tasty juices tumbling down his chin while he drank her essence. She cried out louder, lost in him, not caring about Melanie, not giving her a second thought as her sap poured into his hungry mouth.

The scent of her was intoxicating. She soaked his face in her sweet nectar. His cock was as hard as an iron bar.

Crawling up her body his lips found hers. He kissed her hungrily making her taste herself on his mouth. “I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna take you hard.”

“Yes, Matt,” she breathily whispered.

He pushed the head of his dripping shaft inside of her. Fuck, she was tight. Scooping up her thigh, he wrapped her leg around his back as he sunk deep inside of her tight, wet channel. He watched her head tip back and felt her gyrating her hips to take him fully. He squeezed her erect nipples, twisting them as he fucked her aching snatch. He rocked into her, guiding his aching dick into her wet folds and out again. Alex’s soft mewls escaped her lips. The clicking wetness drove him harder as he plunged again, more rapidly. Her groans grew louder, she was close to it. Listening to her cries, Matt slammed harder inside of her, ploughing deeper and charging towards his orgasm. “I’m gonna fucking come in you. Fuck, so tight. So wet.”

Alex was panting. Fuck, she was panting hard. She was coming for him. Deep inside. Her tight pussy walls clamped around his cock as her body bucked. She tensed. Her fingernails dragged down his back as she climaxed.

The sensation was too much for him to take. He cried out as he slammed again, flooding her with his hot spunk. He lay on her and kissed her again as his dick softened before slipping from her. “I knew there was a bad girl in there somewhere,” he grinned.

He kissed his way down her curvy frame once again, inhaling her gorgeous freshly fucked aroma. His mouth found its way to her spent pussy. She let him lap at her, greedily. He poked out his tongue to catch drops of their combined mixture into his hungry mouth. Matt didn’t stop until the slippery, salty concoction was pooled onto his tongue.

He didn’t waste time, he clambered up her body and kissed her. A sloppy, odorous, salty messy kiss, sharing their come with her. Lips connected as his hands fondled over her body once again, still basking in their afterglow.

Slowly coming down from her high, Alex sat up. “Fuck. What have we done? Mel? What am I going to do? You need to go. She’ll be home.”

“Relax. Listen, I’ll leave. She’ll never know. I won’t tell her about this and I won’t tell her you used the toy I bought for her.” Matt laughed. “Just glad I got to see it in action.”

She didn’t ask what would happen next. She figured it was best to leave things how it was. Maybe he would be back for more. She didn’t know. She didn’t particularly care. For once, in her lacklustre existence, she felt alive.

Alex bunched the duvet up over her just-fucked body and watched as her housemate’s so-called boyfriend pulled on his clothes and headed out of the house.

Fuck, he was a prick. But she had to face it, he was a gorgeous prick.


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