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My Best Friends Brother

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The first time I hooked up with my best friends brother.
I am over a friend’s house visiting. Her family is having a small get together for her brother. He just returned from a tour in Iraq. I use to have a big crush on him, but he was 5 years older than me and never showed any interest in me. When I first lay eyes on him again, I am like oh-my-god. His time in the Army has treated him well. He’s a lot more muscular then the last I seen him. He has a tattoo of an eagle on his right arm. I am not a fan of the military haircut, but he made it look good. Needless to say my crush was still there. I knew just looking at him; I wanted to have him deep inside of me.

Now comes the question if he would be attracted to me. I am 19, I have long wavy blond hair, blue eyes. I stand 5’3”, and weigh about 115 lbs. I have a very perky set of 34B tits, to go along with a nice set of hips and ass.

I was standing there with my friend Julie talking to her, hoping her brother Brian would notice me soon. I dressed up for his return. I had on a nice white and blue checkered skirt, and a blue tank top. I wasn’t wearing a bra, but had on a pair of white lace thong panties. I knew what I was wearing was simple, nothing fancy, but I knew it really showed off my body. It made me look hot.

It didn’t take long before I noticed Brian was staring at me. I gave him a big smile.

He must of took it as an invitation, because he walked right over and said “Kellie, is that you, you sure look amazing.”

I smiled and said “What a pleasant surprise, you have never noticed me before.”

He just bent down and gave me a big hug. We flirted a little bit, Julie gave me a look, like you slut, you want my brother. Anyways she walked off and left us alone.

Brian asked “If I wanted to step outside and get some fresh air.” We walked threw the kitchen heading to the back yard. He grabbed a 6 pack out of the fridge on the way. We went out into the back yard and sat down at the picnic table as he opened a couple beers. We sat there and made small talk, flirting through that beer and half way threw the next before he leaned down and kissed me.

I about melted as his lips pressed against mine, I parted my lips as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. It was a nice long kiss. His lips were so soft, I was getting weak kneed just from the kiss. From the bulge in his pants I knew he wanted me. Where we were at we could be seen if anyone looked out the kitchen window, so we moved over behind the garage.

As we get there he pushes me up against the wall and starts kissing me deep. His hands are roaming up and down my body. They stop at the bottom of my tank top and lift it over my head. I can see him looking down appreciatively at my breasts. My nipples are hard in the cool night air. He leans down and starts licking and sucking on them. I ran my fingers over his head. I liked the feeling of his short hair. His attention on my breasts was making my panties soaked.

I push him back, and drop to my knees in front of him. I looked up at him as I started to unbutton his jeans. As I get them open, I trace the line of his cock with my finger, lightly running it up and down the length. I pull his pants down along with his boxers. I smile as I see his nice big cock sticking straight up in the air. It was a lovely 7 inches long and very thick. I grab it in my hand and bend it down towards my mouth. I lick a slow circle around the head. I can hear him moan in pleasure as I open my mouth wide and lower myself down on his cock as far as I can go. I wrap my lips around his shaft, and suck slowly towards the top. As the tip is the only thing left in my mouth I start lowering my head again. I work my head up and down slowly, his huge cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I have one hand wrapped around his shaft, jerking him off in unison with my mouth; the other hand is playing with his balls. His fingers are running threw my hair as I blow him. My lips are gliding up and down his shaft. I roll his balls in the palm of my hand.

He pulls me to my feet and gives me a big kiss. I’m grateful when he pulls a condom out of his wallet. I am really craving to have his big cock deep inside of my pussy. As he puts the condom on, I take my panties off.

Looking around there is nothing for us to have sex on, just the grass. So I get down on my hands and knees. He kneels behind me lifting my skirt out of the way. I can feel him rubbing the head of his hard cock up and down my slit. He finally starts to push it in slowly. He has to stop and pull back a few times. Then start over. I’m too tight for his thickness. After three or four attempts, he’s all the way inside of me. He holds himself there deep, letting me adjust to his size. He pulls back till just the tip is left in then thrusts back in. He has a nice easy rhythm going. Not too fast, not too hard. It feels like heaven as his cock slides in and out of my pussy. He reaches under me and starts massaging my breasts as he pumps his thick cock in and out of my tight pussy.

I start pushing myself back on him as he thrusts into me. He gets the hint and starts ramming his cock into me harder. He moves his hands to my hips and pulls me back as he thrusts his cock up into my hot, wet pussy.

As I start moaning, breathing harder he starts going faster, harder. He’s really giving it to me as I feel my body spasm in orgasm around his cock. He continues for a few more minutes and grunts. He slows down keeping himself inside of me. We stay there catching our breath, his cock deep inside of me until it goes soft.

We stand up and kiss for a minute. I pull on my tank top. He takes the condom off and throws it into the bushes. There is cum all over his cock so I squat down and lick him clean. When I’m done he finishes getting dressed. We make plans on going out the next night as we walk back into the party.

Once back in the house, Julie spots off first off, she gives me that knowing look, I can tell she knew what we went and did. I wonder if she will be mad at me, but then think to myself, if she is, it was worth it, her big brother was a great fuck.

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