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It was the middle of August, the hottest part of summer, with the temperature reaching 114 degrees by noon alone. They had issued a warning for us all to stay indoors today, for it was not safe to be outside in this heat. I hoped that this would not get in the way of my evening plans and thankfully it did not. Though as I stepped out from my car and headed over to my friend's club, the heat was still going strong, only dropping a few degrees since this afternoon.

It felt as if it took forever to get from my car to the club entrance, my silky red dress clinging to my skin, causing every bump and curve to be completely visible. You could see the perfect shape of my B cup breasts as they clung to my also silk made bra. If you looked close enough, you would be able to tell that I was not wearing any panties, and I hoped they were looking close enough.

“Name?” the large man who guarded the door asked me as I approached him. He was not a fat man, but built like a truck, with broad shoulders that made you feel as if he could protect you.

“Marlie,” I smiled, giving him the best smile that I could muster up, showing off a good amount of my teeth. “Marlie Cooper.”

He looked over his list, flipping to the next page. He nodded every now and again, making me worried that maybe I was not on the list. Shelly told me that she made sure my name was on the list.

“Here we are,” he exclaimed, running his pen over the piece of paper strapped down to his clipboard. “Marlie Cooper, VIP.”

VIP? I could not help but smile. She said that I was a VIP? It was confirmed when he handed me a VIP card, which he informed me would allow me up in the VIP section of the club. I had never been up in the VIP section, though it had always been a dream of mine. Those who never make it up always wonder what goes on up there.

Making my way into the club I became lost with the sudden burst of music against my ears. My body began to sway back and forth to the music and before I knew it I was lost amongst a sea of people, our bodies grinding up against one another. Every inch of my body was reaching out to those around me, wanting them closer to me, though some were as close as they could get.

Everything was spinning until I suddenly stopped. I felt as if the air had been sucked out of my body and I breathed in deep. I reached out, grabbing the first arm I could find in order to regain control of myself.

“Marlie,” a voice called out. I twisted and turned, searching for whoever might have known my name, only to have my eyes land on Shelly, waving at me from a distance. “Marlie, over here.”

I forced my way out of the crowd and over to Shelly, wrapping my arms around her in a hug. Her arms against my skin caused goosebumps to overtake me. The heat was really getting to me.

“Did you get your pass?” She asked me with a smile, seeming overjoyed to see me. “I left you a pass with Eric.”

“Yeah,” I smiled, pulling it from my bra where I had placed it and showing it to her. “I got it alright.”

It had been forever since I had seen Shelly; not since she married into money and finally opened the club she had always wanted to own. She did not seem much different than before, the same bubbly laugh and the smile that never seemed to leave her face. I envied just how happy she seemed to be at all times, though I was sure there was something dark behind it, something fighting to get out, but she held it in tight.

“Want to go up?” she asked me, taking my hand in hers and looping our fingers together. “It will be fun, I promise.”

“Sure,” I agreed happily. I had been wanting to go up, I was just nervous of what was up there. I was not sure that I was VIP material. “Let's do it.”

Shelly gripped my fingers tight and led me off to a set of stairs in the corner. There was a man standing in front of it, but he quickly stepped aside when he saw Shelly. I did not even have to flash him my card, since I was holding the hand of the owner. I felt powerful, like I was someone of importance, and it sent a thrill through my body, coursing all the way down to my toes, causing them to curl slightly in my heels.

“Marlie, this is James, my husband,” she introduced me to a tall, dark and incredibly handsome man. When he stood up, he overpowered me, being at least a foot and a half taller than me. He made my knees weak and I felt like I was going to fall to the ground, but I stood still. “And this is his friend, Lenny.”

“Nice to meet you both,” I said with a smile.

I sat down on the couch next to Lenny, Shelly sitting across from us with her husband, her legs wrapped up over him. We all began to drink, talking and laughing, having an amazing time. Over the railing I could see the dancing below, but I was sure they could not see us, not unless they were searching us out with their eyes.

“I want to dance,” Shelly said out loud, pulling her legs off her husband and standing up. “Who would like to dance with me?”

“I am going to have to pass,” I laughed, feeling the alcohol course through my blood, making me sure that I could not hold myself up if my life depended on it.

“I’ll dance with you,” Lenny smiled, standing up quickly, a little too eager in my opinion, but I decided not to think much of it. “If that is okay with you.”

“Yeah that is fine,” James said, though I sensed a bit of tension in his voice.

Shelly and Lenny were gone quickly, making their way down the stairs, leaving me all alone with James, who held a look of disappointment on his face. I felt bad for him, though I was not sure what was going on completely.

“Can I show you something, Marlie?” he asked me, holding his hand out for me to take.

I reached up and wrapped my fingers around his hand and allowed him to pull me to my feet. I stumbled forward and landed against him, my arms wrapping around his body for support. He held me tight and helped me walk over to the balcony edge, allowing me to see the dance floor perfectly. My eyes wandered until I found Shelly and Lenny, their bodies pressed up against each other as they danced and once again I felt badly for James.

“They don’t think I notice,” he whispered in my ear, pressing himself against my back, my body trapped between his and the bar surrounding the balcony. “They think I am stupid or something.”

“They are fools then,” I moaned, as he began to run his hands up the side of my dress, causing the silk to press even tighter against my skin. I knew that I should pull away but it had been years since a man had put his hands on my body.

“Look at them down there,” he instructed, wrapping his hands around me and holding me tight to him. “Dancing away, fucking each other with their clothed bodies.”

He nibbled lightly along the top of my ear as his hands found their way up to my breasts. Squeezing them lightly, he breathed soft against my ear, causing chills to overtake me. His firm hands pulled and tugged at my breasts through the silky fabric, my nipples growing firm. He flicked his finger over them and it hurt slightly. A moan escaped my mouth, giving away the pleasure that I was taking in all of this.

Pulling away the dress, his hands clasped over my bra and began to pinch and pull at my hard nipples through the fabric. I cried out in pleasure, my entire body standing on end. I pushed my chest forward against his hands as if begging him for more and he gave it to me. Pulling my bra down his hands took hold of my breasts. I shivered at the feel of his rugged hands against my smooth skin. I was not sure what it was that he did for a living, but I was sure that it was something involving his hands.

Pulling me closer to him he bit down on my neck, running his teeth over my collar bone as he thumbed at my fully erect nipples, my eyes still locked on to the way his wife was pressing herself up against another man that was not her husband.

James began to move his hands away from my breasts, running them down over the silk across my stomach, making his way down past the end of my dress and landing his fingers against the inside of my thigh. I moaned at the touch of his fingers once again, touching me in a place that had not seen another’s hands for far too long.

I could feel the wetness of my pussy dripping down the insides of my thighs and I could tell that his fingers had found my secret. This excited him, his cock bulging out in his slacks as he pushed its firmness against my ass.

I reached back and unzipped his slacks, fumbling with the button and then pushing them again. They dropped to the middle of his thighs, allowing his cock to break free. The only thing between his cock and my pussy was a thin layer of silk.

He reached up and turned my head away from him, forcing me to look back down at his wife pushed up against Lenny. I watched them intently as their bodies clung to one another, oblivious to us watching them.

James reached his hand back and pulled up my dress, exposing my ass and my pussy to his cock which lightly probed at my skin. I pushed myself back against him and he slid his cock between my pussy lips, allowing it to push itself up and rub over my clit.

I held on to the bar in front of me, bracing myself for his cock. I wanted it, needed it inside of me. The thrill of looking down at his wife with another man had me so wet I knew he was going to slide in like butter, nothing stopping him or holding him back.

With one giant thrust he pushed his cock all the way inside of me, my body slamming against the bar. I held on tight, not wanting to take the chance of falling, though his hands held me securely against him as he thrust his cock in and out of me hard and fast. He took no mercy on my dripping pussy as our eyes watched the crowd below.

I cried out every time his cock fully filled my tight pussy and I knew that I was going to cum. From the way that his thrusts were slowing down but getting harder, I knew that he was about to cum too.

Looking down over the crowd my eyes locked on with Shelly’s. She could see me, my body being thrust against the balcony. I wanted to look away, but I could not pull my eyes away from hers. Instead, my orgasm overtook my body and I shook. I knew that she could see it in my eyes, see the whore that I had become.

His hands gripped me tight as he came deep inside of me. I could feel him fill me up and it sent me into another orgasm. Shelly smiled up at me as he pulled me close to him and filled every inch of me with his cum before pulling out and stepping away from me, leaving me to hold onto the balcony for support.

“She loves it when she can watch.” He leaned down and kissed my ear. “She absolutely loves it.”

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