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The Silver Hair Fox...Part I

Old Men Still Get Down
12 Sep 2012

Mr. Randle Johnson was facing old age with pain in his heart. His kids was trying to shipping him off to assisted living because he had a few accidents. Once he locked him self out all night and nearly froze to death because his pride wouldn't let him call any of them.

Mr. Johnson is a very proud man of seventy five years young, his wife of thirty years past on six years ago. They raised five beautiful kids together three boys and two girls, all of which now thought they were the parent and he the child.

At seventy five Randle was in very good shape, he worked out daily. Took all his medication and he ate right. He was still sexually active even thou at times he could not’t hold an erection long. For the most part he could still satisfy the ladies, but, now he was about to be put out to pasture. Assisted living is what they call it now days.

But, Randle Johnson had one last feat he was going to pull off before his kids totally ran his life. He had twenty thousand dollars stashed away, money none of the kids knew about and he was going to use it. He always wanted to have a porn star cock something he even discussed with his wife years ago.

She even thought it would be fun to have her husband packing a serious dick. But, there was always something a new car, braces, dance lessons, tutors, college there was always something stopping his fantasy. Even at the end of his wife’s life there were mounds of doctor’s bills.

Through it all they manage to pay every thing in full. Now that he was debt free and had a stash he was going to fore fill his fantasy. He went on line and found a very good surgeon whom agreed to meet wit him. They had a long discussion mainly about the procedure, his age and disease.

Once the doctor was satisfied that Randle fully understood all the risk he agreed to do the procedure. Now all he had to do was escape his children for six weeks. Long enough to have the procedure and heal. He booked a cruise to Alaska a place he knew none of his kids would want to go. He was right and everything was set, he smiled to him self as he knows all the trouble he was going to cause with his new big cock.

Six weeks later Randle had a new long hard cock. He was still a little sore but anxious to try out his nine inch penis. The kids found him a nice adult community with very nice grounds. There are tennis courts swimming pools and a small theater. But, what Randle took exception of was the staff of young hot nurses that were doing their clinical.

They all looked so yummy, but, the one that really caught his eye was the facility administrator. A married woman named Rosalyn in her late thirties with big melons a small waist shapely hips and a bubble ass. A Latina with fair skin and a sexy come get it way about her. In short she is a old mans fantasy.

Randle knew she would be a tough pussy to crack because of that rock on her finger. But, he was a man that always set high goals for him self. Where to start as he looked around at all the delectable kitty all about? That’s when he decided to let the pussy come to him.

But, he did know he had to set out a little bait. So, he looked for the most talkative girl on the staff. It did not’t take long and her name was Marci. She is a medical assistant and the girl can’t hold water if her life depended on it.

A pretty girl, with straight dark hair, rimmed glasses very slim and small breast. No hips and a little onion booty definitely her best asset. Randle had to test out her range of gossip, so he told her he had an alcoholic son. It was kind of true, actually he was in recovery.

None the less the little white lie spread through out the adult community. He know Marci spread the rumor, because she was the only one he told. The looks his son got when he came to visit were worth it. That’s what his son deserved for forcing him in this place.

The next step was to let Marci accidentally see his large cock accidentally. He asked to speak to her under the pretenses about the rumor she spread. She told Randle she would meet him in his room in about five minutes. He chose that time to change into his work out clothes. He was going to the gym after there talk. When he heard her at the door he pulled down his pants.

He allowed the long hard prick to hang free from the opening in his boxers. He turned toward the door just as she entered the room. Her mouth fell open and she turned beet red as she tried to turn her back to him. “Sorry, sorry,” she stammered!

Randle did not’t even try to cover his cock and asked her, “Why she was so embarrassed? You never seen a mans sausage before”

I’m not, I just don’t want you to think I invaded your privacy,” she explained.

They had there discussion and she assured him she did not tell anyone about his son. He figured she would denied it which he really did not’t care. He accomplished what he wanted to accomplish. Marci got a good look at his long cock, now everyone would know what he was working with.

It was not’t long before the young hot nurses were hanging around to get a peek at his big dick. Sue who is a young hot Asian girl with long jet black hair medium breast a small waist and an ass like a sister offered to give him a sponge bath.

First Randle told her that he was not’t like the other old people here. He could bathe him self, but, he thought about it and quickly changed his mind. She undressed him, massaged him and all the while could not’t take her eyes off his big black cock.

Randle figured she heard the stories of the big black dicks and figure this was the first one she had ever seen. He thought he would shock her and ask her if she wanted to touch it. Sue did not’t even answer him and grabbed his big cock by the shaft.

Her hand trembled as she looked around to make sure no was watching as she slowly stroked it from balls to tip. She licked her lips as it grew in her hand. With two hands now she study every inch of his big penis and sighed at it’s girth.

“Are you wet,” young lady?

She just nodded her head yes as she cupped his heavy nuts in her hand. This drew a gasp from Randle as the sensation shot through him. The lust filled the room as she continued to massage his long dick. He finally slid his hands between her shapely thighs.

Wow, is this girl wet, Randle thought to him self as he massage the out side of her soaked panties. She moaned when he slipped two fingers inside the crotch of her panties. One finger teased her sensitive clit while the other pumped her hole slowly. Sue’s pussy began to quiver as she creamed his finger.

Randle was hot and horny, but, he knew he could not’t fuck this hot piece of ass. Too many people about, so, he found out when it was her turn on the night shift. Next week is her turn on the night shift and the two of them could hardly wait.

Randle went to bed early so he could be fresh for when Sue arrived. The time went by slowly as he dreamed of fucking Sue’s young pussy. He could see in his minds eye her parting her lips to suck his huge dick. How she would run the tip of her tongue along his shaft and balls.

The dream was so vivid his cock was stiff and throbbing. He heard him self moan as she retracted her jaw and his penis slipped into her warm smooth throat. His nut sack tightened and his balls tingled. It was all a dream until he felt a strange sensation, a finger being shoved up his asshole.

A head rush, a gasp, eyes pop open as Randle exploded in Sue’s milking hot throat. The feeling was over whelming as the pleasure throbbed toward the head of his penis. He gush ounce after ounce of hot semen down her throat.

Randle never orgasm like that before, he never had his asshole invaded and yet he liked it. What a freaky little hot nurse she is, Randle thought! His mind reeled with pleasure and thoughts of new sensations. Another first was having his cock deep throated he never thought it could feel so good.

Sue was so horny with such a big black cock down her throat. His man juice was some of the sweetest she has ever tasted. She could not’t wait to get his long dick into her hot wet pussy. She felt her clit jump and her nipples pulsate as she thought about his big cock.

She felt his cock starting to go soft in her throat. Sue let the deflating dick slip from her mouth, but, she wanted him to stay hard. That’s when she shoved a second finger up his asshole. Just like she knew the sensation instantly made his penis hard as she heard him groan.

There his big long thick black cock stood before her as her pussy dripped to have it in her. She never thought an older man could have a dick so long thick and active. Sue felt her clit quiver with anticipation as she position her self over his massive cock.

Randle just sat back still recovering from the power orgasm Sue administered by massaging his pancreas. He must admit that was one of the most erotic climax’s he ever had. Now this hot little minx’s was about to ride his throbbing dick.

Sue lowered her self down on to the inviting head of his cock. She was so wet that the large head slipped pasted her puffy lips and stroked her clit very well.

The pleasure made her nipples jump as the massive head entered her tight hole. Her walls were immediately stretched as inch after inch sank into her.

She could feel her climax building like no other as she lowered her self onto his big black cock. Sue looked down to discover she was only half way down his stiff penis and yet she was just moments away from coming. The bliss built and the eruption was emanated.

Randle had not’t fuck a pussy this tight since he took his beloved wife’s virginity. He could feel ever quiver of her pussy as the walls massage the shaft of his cock. He could see the pleasure that engulfed Sue. He had seen that look many times on his wife’s face when he rode her pussy to climax.

Sue exploded on his cock! “Dam, this is a good big black cock,” she let out!

But, the ride was just beginning as she sunk down on his dick. She has never been so full of cock in her life. The sensations were like none she ever felt as she creamed inch by sweet inch. She finally felt his nut sack on the cheeks of her ass and she exploded for a second time.

Out of breathe, she looked at Randle and told him, “I’m going to fuck this cock every chance I can”! He just looked at her and smiled.

After her second orgasm subsided, Sue began to ride Randle’s cock like she was lust crazed. She whipped her hips left than right, up and down, back and fourth. Randle just let her have her way as his cock throbbed against her soft walls and clit.

This was driving Sue wild as her third climax was coming upon her. “Good dick, good dick,” she panted as she whipped her hips right and left. At that moment Randle found her wet clit and softly caressed it. Sue slammed her hips down hard on his thick penis and came!

She went limp as Randle smiled, his cock still hard and his nut sack still full of cum. He grabbed her by her thin waist and began to pump his long dick up into her. She just gasped with every thrust as her drove that big black cock up in her. Her pussy was so wet the piston action was sweet and smooth.

Randle felt him self fucking him self to a nice orgasm as the in and out got faster and faster. It was a erotic sight to watch her breast and nipples lift and drop with every thrust. He was pounding her pussy good when she came and her pussy double clutch his hard dick. Randle could not’t hold back any longer as he emptied his balls all in her depths.

They both sucked for air as the eruptions began to dissipate. Sue’s pussy was still quivering around Randle’s semi hard cock. When her strength returned she pushed her self up off the big dick that fucked her pussy so well. Her pussy was gaped as cum ran down her inner thigh. With out a word she kissed Randle lightly on the cheek and rushed off to clean up.

Randle smiled to him self as part one was accomplished to his plan to fuck the facility administrator. He thought of her often with her sexy innocents, her seductive manner. His cock got hard just thinking about her.

Let me feel you......

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