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Topic: Tasting your juices?
Posted: 02 Oct 2012 08:50

love my own cum....love her pussy juices. She loves herpussy juices too.
we enjoy each others and our own juices together.

Topic: anal sex
Posted: 01 Oct 2012 11:57

I really enjoy receiving from my wife.

Topic: another bicurious call for advice
Posted: 30 Sep 2012 08:54

my wife and I have a very good sex life.
In addition to "normal sex" she uses a strapon on me about once a week.
If anyone has seen my prior posts, we also enjoy snowballing my come.

I have a bicuriosity that is limited to cock infatuation. I just don't have any attraction towards men.
I watch my wife suck me and can't avoid wondering what it would taste and feel like in my mouth.
I am very oral to my wife, maybe it is an oral thing?

my wife and I talk quite a bit during sex.
she was giving my oral recently and I was telling her how good it feels.
she was really into it that night. She then asked "if I could suck my own cock, would I?"
I was in shock....I've never told anyone I have a bit of bicuriosity...here she is asking me.
it was so unexpected..what do I say?? I've read that some relationships end when a man admits his bicuriosity.
I've always wondered if I should bring it up or not.
Before I could answer her, she said "she would lick her own pussy if she could"
I was again in shock, she doesn't like girl on girl porn.
she said she likes the taste of her pussy. She would lick it if she could.
So, she again asked me if I would suck my own cock?
I replied "well yes I guess I would, only if you showed me".
she must have liked the answer...she really got vigorous with her sucking and I blew within seconds.

Now I don't know where to go with this now.
we've had sex since then and this hasn't been brought up again.

I am not interested in sharing my wife with another man.
but, I think now may be the best time to at least start discussing it more openly??

Advise needed desparately!!

Topic: Fetish
Posted: 30 Sep 2012 07:27

I have been wearing mens thong underwear for about a year now.
omg they are so HOT.
I was so surprised how well they feel wearing them.
I was a walking erection for the first few months.. :)
my wife sticks her hand down the back of my pants and pulls up on the back of my thong when we are walking in stores and in public.

Topic: snowballing or cum kissing
Posted: 16 Sep 2012 08:12

I've only done it with my wife sharing my cum with me.
evertime we have sex, she cleans me off orally then comes up and shares it with me.

She also shares it when I cum in her mouth.
It was weird the first few times....but nowI beg for it.
We never pass on an opportunity to share it.
It is a big part of our "dirty talk".
We talk about how good it taste, how I can't wait for it, she asks if I'll swallow for her...
it is huge turn on.

Topic: Whether or not men should have a shaved pubic region,
Posted: 07 Sep 2012 09:40

I keep my shaft and balls shaved clean almost every day. I use an electric.
I figured out how to use it with getting nicks. I haven't tried wax.
I also keep my bush trimmed but not too short, my wife likes my smell there.

Topic: Why swallow?
Posted: 29 Aug 2012 09:01

Swallowing is a sign of affection.
I think it makes the guy feel he is special to you.

my wife swallows and she shares it with me.
I love it...I beg for it.
I couldn't see her not sharing.

However, I don't enjoy licking it off of her body.
Nor licking it from her pussy after I come there.

Fresh from her mouth is completely different and sexy.

Also, my wife cleans me after every intercourse or BJ.
She cleans it so well and so slowly. talk about showing affection.
Women, if you added one thing to your list, this is it.

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