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Writing Tips

General Advice

At Lush, we want you to get your story out; we don't like rejecting them, and even go to great lengths at times to get it on the front page. That said, we want to ensure your story is one that you can be proud of, and that others can enjoy.

Formatting And Presentation

Stories must be formatted into paragraphs in order to be readable. A clear line should be placed between each paragraph by striking the enter key twice.

Formatting Dialogue

One of the most common issues encountered on Lush Stories, even among the most talented and experienced writers, is improper formatting of dialogue and reported speech.


A separate paragraph is used in the following instances: when writing dialogue, for each character's speech, for each idea being presented or discussed, when advancing the plot, describing a scene, developing character, and narrating action that takes place.


One of the most popular stylistic elements in prose is the participle. Its creation through appending a subtle "-ing" to a verb is so quickly done and changes the tone of the whole sentence, making it flow and hum with skillful art. Or does it?

Poetry Advice

Here at Lush, we have two poetry categories for you to choose from. The Love Poems category is for you to explore the more romantic side of erotica. Poems about romance, passion, sensuality and heartbreak are welcomed here.


Punctuation is necessary to clarify the writer's meaning in a sentence. Punctuation marks are used to indicate a sentence has ended, show the relationships between words and groups of words in a sentence, and set off direct quotations and dialogue.

Run-On Sentences

A run-on sentence, sometimes called a "fused sentence", has at least two parts, either one of which can stand independently by itself, but the two parts have been improperly connected.


Lush prides itself on its high quality content, maintaining a very high standard of erotic literature, so a thorough proofread prior to submission saves both your time and that of the moderating team.

Verb Tense

One of the many issues to address in writing is to how to properly relate when the events in your story actually took place.

Unacceptable Content

Details about content that is deemed unacceptable, for example stories which feature underage people / minors.