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I'm a naughty European girl with a soft exterior and a dark centre. I have a vivid imagination and love to express it in English, which is the sexiest language in the world when you get it right. I enjoy exploring my own sexuality, which is very much the lesbian side of bisexual, but I'm not shy when it comes to guys either. My preference is to be in control, though I'm no dominatrix. Rather I prefer to overwhelm others with what sensuality I have.

Someone recently told me that I have a little bit of 'twinkly magic' in me. I like to think so.

I am primarily here to write. I don't do chatrooms and I don't cyber.

My stories feature sexy and masculine yet sensitive men who often take subordinate roles. My female characters are either precocious young vixens, or sophisticated, predatory older women. I love to tease in my stories, experimenting with different writing styles and genres. Many of my stories are based on my wild college and university days and my all girl parties.

My stories are sometimes based on real life scenarios, partly supplemented by my wicked imagination. I spend huge amount of time writing and consequently have written a lot stories. I will be the first to admit, that my earlier stories are not my best and yet a few remain my favourites. I like to think there is always room for improvement and no matter how hard I try, I always see faults in my own stories and things I could have done differently. I strive for perfection.

Ultimately, If I can make you hard or make you wet, I consider that a compliment.

Danielle June 2014

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In a Relationship
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Modelling, swimming, jogging, kissing girls, sapphic erotica, licking my gf's pussy, penguins.
Favorite Books:
Lord of the Rings, Anything by Douglas Adams, Great Expectations, Shakespeare comedies.
Favorite Authors:
Dickens, Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Douglas Adams, Jake Malden, Ashleigh Lake, Buz Bono, Lizzy Jones
Favorite Movies:
Brigitte Jones's Diaries, Parent Trap (the old version), Jaws, Inside Man, The Shawshank Redemption.
Favourite TV Shows:
TV... Meh
Favorite Music:
Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jessie J

Love anything by Mahler, Dvořák and Janáček. Also love 19th Century French piano music, particularly Debussy and Satie.
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Topic: Your Catch Phrase Or "Buzz Word" for Person or Persons who annoy you
Posted: 24 Feb 2015 12:59

blbec, dickhead

Topic: Oh dear... politician fried on air
Posted: 24 Feb 2015 12:46

The most cringe-worthy interview ever!

Topic: NOT an official stance, but... prospective poets, please read.
Posted: 22 Feb 2015 02:07



I'm certain no one's been censured.

Topic: Polls
Posted: 21 Feb 2015 08:25

I had to vote for the third one, being a fan of irony. :)

It's a classic paradox!

Topic: Polls
Posted: 21 Feb 2015 04:02

Topic: NOT an official stance, but... prospective poets, please read.
Posted: 21 Feb 2015 01:20

I am a little penguin,
I'm often rather cold,
it's one of those things you see,
when you live so near the poles

My Mum knitted a sweater,
for me to wear at night
But it's all rough and itchy,
cos it's just too darn tight

I am a little penguin,
my friends think I am nutty,
I put orange on my cornflakes
and treacle on my butties

I sit here in my igloo,
finding things to rhyme,
A lot harder than you think,
when you're pressed for time

I am a little penguin,
I often az a sad,
Don't think I being emo,
Or that my writing's bad

It's nearly time for brekkie,
Gonna catch me a kipper,
I'll wait by the ice pool,
and bash him with me flipper

I am a little penguin,
A-sitting in the snow,
Thank you for listening,
it's time for me to go...

https://upload.lushstories.com/665248944-I am a little penguin.jpg

Topic: Spoil my Wish
Posted: 20 Feb 2015 14:09

Granted its chocolate flavoured I am now every woman on her periods favourite person

I wish men got periods and knew what it felt like

Granted, but the world's economies collapse as fuck all gets done.

I wish I had my own chocolate factory.

Topic: Political Correctness
Posted: 19 Feb 2015 10:20

I think there is such a thing as PC but also that the term is misused as a way of avoiding debate.

What's not often expressed is that PC can be a positive thing. For example, it's politically correct to make provision for disabled access to a public amenity. That is proper political correctness.

Where it's misused is as a dismissal of genuine grievances. Now, to describe a black person as 'coloured', while not horribly offensive is wrong and distasteful because of its history. You here people say that that's political correctness. No - its just the wrong word!

Topic: Any experts on Sherlock Holmes?
Posted: 19 Feb 2015 09:27

Hmm....I think this is what SH was driving at....

Think of a brand new pencil.......(I'm going to be lazy and not link anything but use text) :)

It could rarely be blunt at both ends but in fact brand new pencils virtually always come with a tip ready sharpened....it's rare that they don't. Now we read from left to right and the makers of the pencil will make sure that their name is visible and opposite the sharp end.....so 'Johann Faber' would be stamped on the pencil with the 'r' of Faber closest to the ready sharpened end with the 'J' of Johann quite near the other end......

...then as the tip of the pencil breaks or wears down.....it gets sharpened......at the end that it broke.....because after all why go to the trouble of sharpening the totally blunt end where the 'J' is when with hardly any effort you can sharpen from the 'r' end of the pencil. Now as the pencil get sharpened it gets shorter and the makers name begins to disappear with firstly the 'r' going, then the 'e' and so on until Faber has totally gone and you're left with Johann.....

....now think of how close most makers stamp the first word to the 'blunt' end of their pencils......so to keep sharpening the pencil so much that you've 'eaten through' Faber and then into 'Johann' means that only the 'Joha' maybe left on the pencil....thus to me at least that makes me think the pencil is very short indeed.

That's a lovely answer and makes perfect sense. No wonder the lecturer couldn't understand lol. It is quite a well thought out piece of writing by ACD

Thank you x

Topic: Any experts on Sherlock Holmes?
Posted: 17 Feb 2015 10:19

I've got another one. I've read this over and over and I don't get it...

It's from the Adventure of the Three Students.

SH is describing a pencil, which has been used in a crime...

" “Well, he wrote so furiously that he broke his pencil, and had, as you observe, to sharpen it again.
This is of interest, Watson The pencil was not an ordinary one. It was above the usual size, with a soft lead; the outer colour was dark blue, the maker’s name was printed in silver lettering, and the piece remaining is only about an inch and a half long. Look for such a pencil, Mr. Soames, and you have got your man ."


" Mr. Soames was somewhat overwhelmed by this flood of information. “I can follow the other points,” said he, “but really, in this matter of the length—”

Holmes held out a small chip with the letters NN and a space of clear wood after them.
“You see?”
“No, I fear that even now—”
“Watson, I have always done you an injustice. There are others. What could this NN be? It is at the end of a word. You are aware that Johann Faber is the most common maker’s name. Is it not clear that there is just as much of the pencil left as usually follows the Johann ?”

Okay, I get the bit about NN being part of Johann Faber etc, but I don't get how he has deduced the length of the pencil. Surely when you sharpen a pencil, you sharpen the tip. If he can see the NN, then the guy decided to sharpen the blunt end. SH then states that there is only as much left as normally follows Johann. But how can he know how much was left of the (unsharpened) pointed end?

Danielle x

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The Crimson Jewel

Planted all those years ago, Nurtured with care and toil, It was brought from afar To grow in our mother soil Upon the 14th of the second month, A prayer was said each year The first shoots emerging then Enriched by her falling tears A memory of the sacrifice Of her loved one’s life, One consolation of a war For the widow, a grieving wife And so, as the decades pass The...

Added 14 Feb 2015 | Category Love Poems | Votes 26 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 471 | 30 Comments

Confessions of a Cheerleader - The Naked Truth

Prologue My name is Danny and I am cheerleader based in the south of the USA about an hour’s drive from Atlanta. My bestie, Julie Johnson and I won the Duo Award last year for Cheerleader of the Year, banking a thousand bucks each in the process. Since then, we’ve been approached by the Atlanta Falcons and we’ve appeared in Girls’ Life and American Cheerleader. I’m a blue-eyed blonde...

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The girl with the brown eyes

Each morning on the bus we pass You get on as I alight, alas Then one day I decide to wait, Even though it makes me late A spare seat I save, hoping you will see, Then you come and sit next to me I gasp as you demurely glance, Your eyes meeting mine just by chance My heart’s a flutter as our fingers touch, I’ve wanted this much too much ‘What now?’ I think, now I have you here...

Added 25 Jan 2015 | Category Love Poems | Votes 35 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 721 | 38 Comments

Ode to a High School Slut

Short white socks round ankles gathered, Legs akimbo, you’re hot and bothered Am I your date or just your slut? Someone to meet, to use and fuck You keep me back in every class, You say it’s work, but you want my ass I’m kept all sweet with lots of gifts, I’m never late with all the lifts Ever ready, a glance at the clock, The lunch bell rings, it’s time for cock! Back seat of...

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Recommended Read Hard Drive

Gav sat back in his chair and rubbed his face, his head spinning with numbers. His boss had given him a particularly tough algorithm to crack and he was close to telling her to stick her QPL where the sun didn’t shine. However, he was too proud to let it beat him and decided to take a walk to clear his head. Gav was Head of Infrastructure at Lucy’s Underwear Show House and was developing...

Added 15 Jan 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 43 | Avg Score 5 | Views 9,442 | 45 Comments

Series Award Renaissance of the Heart - Part 5

Part I January 31, 1512 Casa di Venuccio de Lambra, Rome Italy It is a particularly cold mid-winter afternoon. A man is sitting by a crackling fire and is fashioning a small figure from soapstone. The light shows that it is nearer supper than lunch. He looks up as his young wife enters the house . “You are late Vittoria.” “Pardon, Venuccio, he made me sit a long time today.” ...

Added 05 Jan 2015 | Category Love Stories | Votes 23 | Avg Score 5 | Views 965 | 25 Comments

Recommended Read Renaissance of the Heart - Part 4

It was the third Saturday before Christmas and my quest to validate Elizabeth’s painting was gathering momentum. It was a wonderful time of the year and being in Rome and now with my lover beside me, it was especially magical. Being a Saturday, it was Elizabeth’s only real chance to buy what gifts and souvenirs she could carry. In Rome there was no Sunday shopping, with a few exceptions, as...

Added 20 Dec 2014 | Category Love Stories | Votes 23 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,162 | 24 Comments

Recommended Read Renaissance of the Heart - Part 3

November had come and gone and December had slipped in unnoticed by the time I was due to go to Europe. It was an odd feeling. A huge task lay ahead when normally I was winding down, ready for the Christmas break. While I would usually be thinking of dusting down the sled, I was headed for one of Europe’s most beautiful cities in all its autumnal glory. I sent a text to Elizabeth from...

Added 07 Dec 2014 | Category Love Stories | Votes 25 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,334 | 25 Comments

Recommended Read Renaissance of the Heart - Part 2

Any hopes of an Indian summer had been dashed. October bumped into November, handing the autumn over clumsily, with sultry weather one day and drizzle the next. I hoped the weather wasn’t a metaphor for my life, which had suddenly been shaken by a girl and her painting. Elizabeth had crashed into my life like a whirlwind. One minute everything was predictable or as predictable as it could...

Added 22 Nov 2014 | Category Love Stories | Votes 24 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,632 | 24 Comments

Sweet Summer Rose

Sweet summer rose, surviving autumn frost,  How come you hang on, when all the rest have lost? Why does your bloom linger so? You know it’s time to go. To spread your petals,  Releasing your soul, lying where they settle. I will tend and prune you in the morn,  Lest I catch my finger ‘pon a thorn. I know that drop of blood will feed you,  Bring out that deep, intense scarlet hue....

Added 18 Nov 2014 | Category Love Poems | Votes 26 | Avg Score 5 | Views 751 | 26 Comments

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