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I'm a naughty European girl with a soft exterior and a dark centre. I have a vivid imagination and love to express it in English, which is the sexiest language in the world when you get it right. I enjoy exploring my own sexuality, which is very much the lesbian side of bisexual, but I'm not shy when it comes to guys either. My preference is to be in control, though I'm no dominatrix. Rather I prefer to overwhelm others with what sensuality I have.

Someone recently told me that I have a little bit of 'twinkly magic' in me. I like to think so.

I am primarily here to write. I don't do chatrooms and I don't cyber.

My stories feature sexy and masculine yet sensitive men who often take subordinate roles. My female characters are either precocious young vixens, or sophisticated, predatory older women. I love to tease in my stories, experimenting with different writing styles and genres. Many of my stories are based on my wild college and university days and my all girl parties.

My stories are sometimes based on real life scenarios, partly supplemented by my wicked imagination. I spend huge amount of time writing and consequently have written a lot stories. I will be the first to admit, that my earlier stories are not my best and yet a few remain my favourites. I like to think there is always room for improvement and no matter how hard I try, I always see faults in my own stories and things I could have done differently. I strive for perfection.

Ultimately, If I can make you hard or make you wet, I consider that a compliment.

Danielle June 2014

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In a Relationship
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Modelling, swimming, jogging, kissing girls, sapphic erotica, licking my gf's pussy, penguins.
Favorite Books:
Lord of the Rings, Anything by Douglas Adams, Great Expectations, Shakespeare comedies.
Favorite Authors:
Dickens, Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Douglas Adams, Jake Malden, Ashleigh Lake, Buz Bono, Lizzy Jones
Favorite Movies:
Brigitte Jones's Diaries, Parent Trap (the old version), Jaws, Inside Man, The Shawshank Redemption.
Favourite TV Shows:
TV... Meh
Favorite Music:
Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jessie J

Love anything by Mahler, Dvořák and Janáček. Also love 19th Century French piano music, particularly Debussy and Satie.
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06 Nov 2011
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01 Oct 2015
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Topic: What's in your fridge?
Posted: 22 Sep 2015 14:51

Katie, your fridge makes mine seem lame! That's a pretty cool selection dog

Topic: What's in your fridge?
Posted: 22 Sep 2015 07:08

Doesn't anyone want to join in?

Topic: What's in your fridge?
Posted: 21 Sep 2015 14:09

I'll start

Top shelf: A jar of Quince jam, A jar of bramble jam, a jar of robertson's marmalade (unopened), a muller fruit corner (black cherry), a round carton of kraft triangles, a jar of Colman's mustard, a jar of mint sauce.

Middle shelf: A tub of Flora proactive (olive), A box of Trex, three tins of sardines, a slab of Cadbury's dairy milk, a slightly dodgy looking chorizo sausage with a stringy bit at the end.

The plastic box thing at the bottom:
A head of broccoli (going a bit yellow but okay) three carrots and a parsnip.

In the door: Five eggs in their little holders, two bottles of export Grolsch, a carton of semi-skimmed milk, a carton of prune juice.

Topic: Favorite fruit to eat
Posted: 20 Sep 2015 14:36

Strawberry, persimmon, gooseberry and lychee are my favourite!

Topic: Jelly - jam - preserve - what's it all about?
Posted: 20 Sep 2015 13:39

giggles... I know.. I love nuances... in Bavaria 'preservatives' r condoms ... as is a XXXX in California .. a XXXX in Aussie is a best selling Queensland beer... Shhh


Ha ha, I forgot this. In Czech it's prezervativ but most people just say kondom

Topic: Jelly - jam - preserve - what's it all about?
Posted: 20 Sep 2015 13:32

Preserve is just bits of cooked fruit in jam, and conserve is dried fruit seeped in jelly (jam). If in doubt, ask your Gran.

Topic: Jelly - jam - preserve - what's it all about?
Posted: 20 Sep 2015 13:20

That's a great way to think of jelly, as that's literally what it is. It's just the juice of the fruit with the removal of seeds and pulp and anything else that isn't just the juice.

And I've no clue what a conserve is in this case. I've never heard of it in reference to the family of jams and jellies and the like. dontknow

https://upload.lushstories.com/1406345166-Apricot conserve.jpg

Topic: Jelly - jam - preserve - what's it all about?
Posted: 20 Sep 2015 12:51

True, In the UK Jelly is a pudding generally dished up with ice cream at children's parties.

Jam is made from the whole fruit.

Jelly is made from just the juice of the fruit.

Preserves are bits of fruit saved in their own juices and (usually) preservative chemicals to prolong their life...

Yes, but jelly meaning jam seems to be English too! My gf says that jelly is de-seeded fruit jam. I think she might have a point.

She's also thrown conserve into the ring! What's a conserve and is it different to a preserve?

Topic: Jelly - jam - preserve - what's it all about?
Posted: 20 Sep 2015 02:21

I think they're all different words for the same thing - fruit boiled with sugar so it has a long shelf life. I'd say the difference between jam and jelly would be the consistency of the finished product.

I adore lemon curd !

Lemon curd! That's another one! And what's lemon cheese?!!

Topic: Jelly - jam - preserve - what's it all about?
Posted: 20 Sep 2015 02:09

So in my fridge, I've got raspberry jam, ginger preserve and quince jelly. But it's all jam!

Am confuzzled scratch Is there a proper definition of what's what?

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I want to play with you

I want to play with you I want to make you hot I want to dance for you I want to hit the spot Sexy sway of my hips I want to be a tease A single lick of my lips I only want to please Pearly button gently pops I give a knowing glance Satin skirt slowly drops You’re aching in your pants Flaunting like a little slut How naughty can I be Shaking my perfect butt I know you want...

Added 27 Sep 2015 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 20 | Avg Score 5 | Views 734 | 21 Comments

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‘Oh sky of fire!’ The promise, the wonder, The shepherd’s desire, neither hail nor thunder. Amber and ochre, The fairie’s lights, A Turner landscape that delights the eye. You and me, Our souls, in the dusk reposed, The glow of autumn love, in my heart enclosed. We share a moment, A second’s bliss Ere sulphur orb is by the land eclipsed We take the time, To drink in its light,...

Added 21 Sep 2015 | Category Love Poems | Votes 19 | Avg Score 5 | Views 531 | 19 Comments

Recommended Read The Naughty Cupboard

The bashful glances and eyelash romances, I wanted to make the first move. Your cute smile, eyes meeting ‘cross the files, I was too shy, but with a point to prove. Were you teasing, when I was freezing, In the chiller, and you made me laugh. Your sense of humour, the delights, Sharing the soap in a bubble bath. I needed to know, my mind to and fro, When I asked you to follow me. I made...

Added 19 Sep 2015 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 19 | Avg Score 5 | Views 846 | 20 Comments

Recommended Read The Blow Job Class

Mike stared at the tangle of wires, which protruded from the wall where he was working in the austere surroundings of the old school. Someone had done a real bodge job, so it was no wonder it had eventually shorted out. He had been called in by the lady in charge of Facilities at St. Valentine’s Finishing School for Girls, where the problem had affected lighting and some other...

Added 02 Aug 2015 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 49 | Avg Score 5 | Views 17,454 | 60 Comments

It's All About Sex - Again!

The country sizzles, it’s flaming June! The balls are cold, the racquets are fine tuned Sultry nights then thunder and lightning The great and the good descend on SW19 The authorities rant ‘It’s got to be white!’ The cameras pick out her panties so tight Bending over, bouncing her ball, Ready to serve, challenging line calls Hawkeye is summoned to give his decision, The player...

Added 05 Jul 2015 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 22 | Avg Score 5 | Views 650 | 22 Comments

Recommended Read You watch - I play

Another day at the office, how hard will you make me work? I am the Personal Assistant, one of your little perks! It wasn’t just my words per minute that landed me the job, But my interpersonal skills and how I make it throb I catch those lustful gazes, naughty glimpses - as well you might, Am I wearing hold-ups, or is it a day for tights? My mind, it tries to focus, but I glance...

Added 02 Jun 2015 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 27 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,066 | 32 Comments

Teenage Temptations - Two

A week had passed after I had held my first private English lesson. I had swapped careers, moving from my steady job in engineering to pursue my vocation as an English teacher. Now, I was reconsidering the wisdom of the whole thing, given the lapse in judgement with my first student. Emily was due for her second tutorial in the afternoon, and I was anxious about how things would turn out...

Added 17 May 2015 | Category Taboo | Votes 39 | Avg Score 5 | Views 26,371 | 41 Comments

Recommended Read Teenage Temptations

I was never cut out to be a tutor in the traditional sense. Standing up in front of a class of students, attempting to keep them engaged isn’t how I roll. I know my subject inside out and back to front. English grammar, literature and style is my thing and I enjoy imparting my knowledge. But writing on a blackboard – that wasn’t me. So, after 20 years in engineering, I decided to switch...

Added 10 May 2015 | Category Seduction | Votes 56 | Avg Score 5 | Views 22,977 | 63 Comments

Recommended Read A General Erection

There’s a week to go before the country goes to the polls. The result is on a knife edge and the Prime Minister is aboard the battle bus, visiting Paddle with Whipping, a key marginal in the home counties. As he relaxes in his seat, his aide hands him the ‘special telephone.’ “It’s Martin, Prime Minister, he says it’s urgent.” The premier takes the phone, his face grim with trepidation. ...

Added 03 May 2015 | Category Humor | Votes 35 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 4,480 | 37 Comments

A kinky fascination

It was a bitterly cold, early spring afternoon. I had arrived after lunch, in my thickest fluffy coat and furry hat. The noise from the crowd, which was like a kind of baying – a feverish swell of cheers and applause met my ears. I responded with a shiver of excitement. The tribal allegiance of spectator sports was alien to me, but I flashed my VIP pass at the turnstile, and took a seat at...

Added 05 Apr 2015 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 53 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 15,934 | 62 Comments

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Just hello. I have not really been around for a while. x

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Happy Halloween...xo

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Have a sexy fun-filled Halloween ~ Lilly

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Hi Danielle...Hope you are doing well. Stopped by to say hello...xo

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Thank you💋

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Hope you're well and life is treating you good...xo

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Like a train my heart races for you.

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Wish you a wonderful Weekend

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I missed you Dani!
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