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I'm a naughty European girl with a soft exterior and a dark centre. I have a vivid imagination and love to express it in English, which is the sexiest language in the world when you get it right. I enjoy exploring my own sexuality, which is very much the lesbian side of bisexual, but I'm not shy when it comes to guys either. My preference is to be in control, though I'm no dominatrix. Rather I prefer to overwhelm others with what sensuality I have.

Someone recently told me that I have a little bit of 'twinkly magic' in me. I like to think so.

I am primarily here to write. I don't do chatrooms and I don't cyber.

My stories feature sexy and masculine yet sensitive men who often take subordinate roles. My female characters are either precocious young vixens, or sophisticated, predatory older women. I love to tease in my stories, experimenting with different writing styles and genres. Many of my stories are based on my wild college and university days and my all girl parties.

My stories are sometimes based on real life scenarios, partly supplemented by my wicked imagination. I spend huge amount of time writing and consequently have written a lot stories. I will be the first to admit, that my earlier stories are not my best and yet a few remain my favourites. I like to think there is always room for improvement and no matter how hard I try, I always see faults in my own stories and things I could have done differently. I strive for perfection.

Ultimately, If I can make you hard or make you wet, I consider that a compliment.

Danielle June 2014

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Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
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Modelling, swimming, jogging, kissing girls, sapphic erotica, licking my gf's pussy, penguins.
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Lord of the Rings, Anything by Douglas Adams, Great Expectations, Shakespeare comedies.
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Dickens, Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Douglas Adams, Jake Malden, Ashleigh Lake, Buz Bono, Lizzy Jones
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Brigitte Jones's Diaries, Parent Trap (the old version), Jaws, Inside Man, The Shawshank Redemption.
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TV... Meh
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Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jessie J

Love anything by Mahler, Dvořák and Janáček. Also love 19th Century French piano music, particularly Debussy and Satie.


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Topic: Turnout At Elections - A Democratic Dilemma
Posted: 20 May 2017 07:41

With so much high-profile political activity in the last few years, not just here in Scotland but around the world, this question has been coming to mind a lot. I can't quite make up my mind what I'd prefer - I'm torn.

Here I've used the term "your side" to mean your preferred candidate or outcome - I want to capture as many scenarios as possible.

Would you prefer a higher level of participation even if it meant your side losing, or having your side win at the cost of democratic apathy?

It seems obvious on the face of it that we should strive for high turnouts - that's the democratic thing - but sometimes you just feel so strongly about something that you just want the opposing side to go away.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I would sooner more people vote, even if my side loses. There is a particularly high level of voter apathy in the UK. I think this comes from a disengagement with politics and low levels of education and ignorance. When you consider what the Suffragettes went through to get the vote, every woman should want to put their cross in the box. Those that don't should be ashamed.

The higher the turnout, the more democratic the result; a fact especially true with simple plurality. I'm always hearing people say 'my vote won't make any difference.' This election is so important - I think now than at any time, people need to get out and stop the Tories. It doesn't matter to me personally if Theresa May wins, but I have a conscience and the poor people will go the wall if the Conservatives win. That can't be right.

Danny xx

Topic: Your profile views
Posted: 18 May 2017 09:54

I'd wouldn't mind being on the cusp of that big round pale english ass. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/kekekegay.gif" alt="kekekegay">

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/bootyshake.gif" alt="bootyshake">

Topic: Apostrophes - do they matter?
Posted: 07 May 2017 10:10

Was thinking about apostrophes as a result of this thread, and why they can be so difficult for so many.

Came up with a bunch of reasons:
-As people's usage gets weaker, there are fewer correct examples to see around as guides.

-There is anxiety associated with them, and adding an apostrophe when you're not sure probably feels like you're "doing something." Sort of a hyper-correction (i.e., error) along the lines of: "between you and I ," or "I'll give a present to whomever cleans my garage."

-The plurals of certain names just look funny, so when you're addressing a letter to an entire family whose last name is, for example, "Hannity," writing, "The Hannitys" looks funny, as it contravenes one's general sense of making -y words plural in English. As a result, many write, "The Hannity's," because that seems better than what is more obviously wrong: "The Hannities." I think people assume that apostrophes can make plurals in situations like that, even when the name is simple, e.g., the "Carson's," when it should be the "Carsons."

(I even had an apostrophe added to one of my stories here in such a situation during the verification process. I had written something along the lines of, "...the Maldens live next door..." which got changed to, "the Malden's," before I requested that it be fixed back.)

Yes, apostrophes ought to be used correctly, but I think when we all ought to be gentle when we see mistakes, unless they are both glaring and crucial to understanding, or from people who really ought to know better. As I've gotten older, I've run into more and more people who have their own personal litmus tests for others' literacy. That is, mistakes that each person finds indicative of gross incompetence in English.

Such include:
-thinking that "bemused" is a synonym for "amused."
-"in and of itself"
-"at this point in time."
-not knowing the difference between disinterested / uninterested; continuous / continual; aureole / areola; sensuous / sensual; etc., etc.
-using "hopefully" to mean "I hope that," rather than, "in a hopeful manner."
-and about a gazillion more.

Realistically, very few of us are perfect on all of these, and who knows what invisible tripwires of others we are setting off, so always best, I think, to try to be gentle when you see someone else making a mistake. If it matters, and it's appropriate for you to point it out, do so. But to go looking for trouble? ("Dude, your sign's wrong").

I'm reminded of a classic joke.
"Excuse me, where's the cafeteria at?"
"At Harvard (or Oxford, or lushstories), we don't end our sentences with prepositions."
"Okay, where's the library at, asshole?"

Great post! <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/clapping.gif" alt="clapping">

D x

Topic: Apostrophes - do they matter?
Posted: 07 May 2017 09:44

When I first read Danielle’s posting where she said ‘We stay on Texel in a little cottage on the east coast.’, my first thought was that that can’t be. I know Holland (Netherlands) is part of Western Europe, so there can’t be an ‘east coast’. I went back and read her statement again, thinking I’d misread it. When I saw what she said, my next thought was that she had made a typing error, and meant to say west instead of east. I’d never heard of Texel before, but the phrase ‘on Texel’ should have given me a clue, but as I said in my posting, my mind isn’t to sharp. Not only that, but it’s been a long day, it’s late and I’m sleepy. Her next sentence of ‘…and fell in love with the island.’ cleared everything up. Now I knew how she could be on the east coast. Danielle, you saved yourself there.

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/icon_smile.gif" alt="icon_smile"> Now all I need is a spy to let me know the next time she rents a cottage there so I can get one nearby. Sorry Danielle, but I couldn’t resist adding this remark.

Thanks again Noll, for your information. You are a good instructor.

It's a beautiful island with spectacular sandy beaches. It's very quiet where we stay. Out of our window we have a lake with birds and a lovely windmill. If I go out of the cottage and 100 metres I can look at the sea. The nearby village has a lovely pub with a beer garden. My favourite snack is pufetjers, which are a kind of mini pancake. You get about 10 with lashings of hot butter and icing sugar <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/eat.gif" alt="eat">

D x

Topic: 2 spaces between sentences
Posted: 01 May 2017 13:20

Do you mean spaces between lines or spaces between the period at the end of a sentence and the next letter?


Topic: your favorite female authors
Posted: 01 May 2017 12:21


They all have something that I really liked and put into my favorites section here on Lush.

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/bighugs.gif" alt="Big Hugs">

Topic: Insects are totally cool but butterflies will fuck you up
Posted: 01 May 2017 03:34

And for the record (and despite what my daughters wrongly think), daddy longlegs are not the most venomous spider in the world, but cannot bite into humans because their fangs are too small. They are not even venomous! THEY ARE NOT EVEN SPIDERS!!! They are arachnids, so I guess they aren't insects either.


Daddy Long Legs refers to two different animals. Daddy Long Legs is also a name for the Cranefly, which is a fly (Diptera). The Daddy Long Legs Spider is an Arachnid, hence a spider.

D x

Topic: Insects are totally cool but butterflies will fuck you up
Posted: 01 May 2017 03:28

Lady and gentleman (this is lush, there's like one of each - rest of you are a bunch of pervs) may i present to you.... the spiny flower mantis!


Butterflies are also insects

D x

Topic: Apostrophes - do they matter?
Posted: 01 May 2017 02:05

Texel is actually part of Holland. Holland consists of two Dutch provinces: North and South Holland. It's only a small part of the Netherlands.


Ah, Simon addressed this already.

Back to apostrophes now.

I think you will get these anomalies, but I think this is a linguistic thing, not a geographical one. While it might be technically incorrect to say Holland when travelling to your country, everyone in England calls it Holland and knows it's The Netherlands. Really, shouldn't I say I'm travelling to Nederland?

This is a bit like objecting to people ordering a panini, when it's actually a panino? Some names and words become Anglicized.

Having said that, I'm grateful to you pointing this out. I kind of knew there was something about Holland being not right name, but this is the first time I've bothered to research it.


D x

Topic: Apostrophes - do they matter?
Posted: 30 Apr 2017 11:48

Oh but then it's time to learn it's the Netherlands, not Holland, though that might be the part of the country you're visiting then ;)
You go there for work or for pleasure?

Pleasure. We stay on Texel in a little cottage on the east coast. Me and my girlfriend went there for a wedding in 2014 and fell in love with the island. I was told that it was Holland. What's the difference?

D x

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