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I was born in Adelaide and was schooled at a boarding school for my secondary education. It was there I was in several lesbian relationships. On rooming with another student named Callista, we formed an unbreakable bond together. After finishing school, we left for the Gold Coast in Queensland and worked there for 2 years.

Callista then made friends with a woman from Lush and we all met up at Easter 2012. Callista and me now live with the woman we met and I am now engaged to her son after he went through a recent divorce.

Jeannie Jeannie
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Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia
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24 Jun 2018 05:34
Riding horses, bush walking, fishing, trying to play golf, sex, being with Harry, more sex.
Favorite Books:
I don't really read very much. hated reading schoolbooks and still have a morbid fear of books.
Favorite Authors:
When I was at school, we studied John Steinbeck with Grapes of Wrath, Cannery Row and Of Mice and Men. I also liked reading Tolkien. As for Lush, anything written by TraceyAmes and Sandy2Moon are great.
Favorite Movies:
Lord of the Rings, Bilitis, Emmanuelle, Of Mice and Men, Sophie's Choice.
Favorite Music:
I love listening to Tracey's classical music. Love making love to Bolero by Ravel. Edvard Greig is a wonderful composer and love his Peer Gynt Suite. I hate the modern music of today as it is all noise, you can't understand the lyrics, and all the music is synthesized.


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18 Nov 2017
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Topic: Happy Birthday Callista !
Posted: 17 Jun 2015 16:43

Happy birthday Callista

From your ever loving best friend, Jeannie

Topic: Which story would you recommend from Lush?
Posted: 19 Apr 2015 15:35

I would strongly recommend the latest story written by TraceyAmes. It is titled Primal Urge. This autobiographical type story will open some eyes.

Topic: Would you meet someone off Lush for sex?
Posted: 28 Oct 2014 07:07

Through my best friend, I met a woman (TraceyAmes) here on Lush a bit over 2 1/2 years ago. The three of us had sex during her visit and six months later, Callista and me moved down to live with Tracey and her family to live. We both found work there and became an extended family. Before long, I met up with Tracey's son who was married at the time. As fate would have it, his marriage which was on the rocks at the time, soon fell apart. Four weeks ago, Tracey became my mother-in-law. Talk about an unforeseen turn in events. I still like having some private time with Tracey as she is both a lover and a mother to me. So relationships can develop and flourish in a LUSH environment. If it were not for Lush, I would never have met Tracey and my husband.

Topic: Do you get aroused looking at yourself naked in a mirror?
Posted: 16 May 2014 02:08

In a way I do. I am always looking for ways to make myself more attractive to my fiancé. If I like some new make-up that I apply, or comb my hair a different way, or even trim my pussy hair a different way, it sometimes turns me on. I just hope that what I like, he likes.

Topic: do you let guys see up your skirt?
Posted: 16 Mar 2014 03:34

I'm not into cross-dressing, so the answer is no. I would not look good in either a dress or a skirt.

You would look great in a skirt with bra and lace panties. I could look up your skirt to see if you have a big bulge there from being turned on. The façade could improve your looks as well if you wore a burka.

Topic: How many pictures on your profile altered?
Posted: 01 Dec 2012 06:32

In my profile pics, what you see is what you get. I am all me, no crops, no edits, no Photoshop. If I could change them, I would put a smile on them as I hate having my photograph taken.

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
24 Dec 2017 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
24 Dec 2016 00:20


And happy birthday.
23 Dec 2016 16:50

Happy almost-birthday, dear lovely lady! Any plans for Saturday-Sunday?
22 Dec 2016 13:05

18 Dec 2016 16:21

13 Dec 2016 07:42

05 Dec 2016 16:06


Your first girlfriend
Your second girlfriend
Your husband
28 Nov 2016 07:56


And then it WASN'T just a kiss and you married him.
26 Nov 2016 07:44

You found something. You found a somebody. That person led you to another somebody, then another and another until you were in a world you never dreamed about.

26 Nov 2016 07:35

Maybe this young lady is secretly you.

06 Nov 2016 07:06

28 Oct 2016 17:02

I've heard you like to make love to some special women this way.

05 Feb 2016 15:34
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
24 Dec 2015 00:20

I hope you see this by the time of your birthday, and I hope you enjoy it! I hope your family goes all out and gets you separate birthday and Christmas presents -- hope they all know you well enough to each think of two things that are very different and yet very important to you.
05 Dec 2015 12:07

09 Jul 2015 13:06

07 Jul 2015 07:35

I can just feel the intensity of you doing what I love best with you.

01 Jul 2015 18:57

The cat in Peri's thank-you for reading her "Wonderful Dream" story looks JUST lie Mo.
15 Jun 2015 21:08

Hi Jeannie,
Thanks for adding me! Great album, your wedding pics are adorable! Congratulation!
09 May 2015 07:48
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