Boobies Competition

Boobies Competition

Being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to highlight the seriousness of, and encourage education about breast cancer (being the most common cancer among women), we have decided to dedicate this competition to beautiful boobies!

All prize money for this competition, will be sent to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Top 3 Competition Winners will have their membership level upgraded.

Competition Theme

Stories should be related to the beauty and enjoyment of breasts.

Other than serving an important human function (well, actually, several), they are beautiful, fun to caress, lick, pinch, come on, and fall asleep on!

Do you have a particular breast fetish? Enjoy rubbing them in oil? Like small ones? Big ones? To be suffocated by them? Do you like coming all over them? Motorboating? Do you like using nipple clamps and using one of the most sensitive zones of the female form, for bdsm games? Or are you happy to watch a webcam model, getting aroused, playing with them?

Whatever your love of breasts is, we want to hear about it in a sexy booby tale!

The word count for this competition, is 5,000 words.

All our standard story contest rules apply. All characters must be over the age of 16.

$500 prize money is being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Entering the Competition

There is a competition section added to the Story Submission page beneath the usual story categories. Please make sure you check the relevant button, otherwise your story will not be entered into the competition.

Important Dates

The closing date for this competition is 19 Nov 2017. Winners will be announced on the 29 Nov 2017.

If you have any questions regarding this contest or rules, please contact us.

Thanks to all those that participate, have fun!


Competition Entries

Title Author
Earthly Bounties curvygalore
Getting A Part of Me Back Shadowforce1
Mutual Admiration Sensual_Tights
Breasts Whitebeard
Me, Myself and "Them" Little_Ishtar
The Breast Exam ivyChaste
Shoot Just_A_Guy_You_Know
Younger Than Springtime Green_Man
My Breast Friend SeanR83
A Day In The Life Of… DarkSide
My Favorite Guy to Give a Tit Wank JohnTSL
Peripheral Vision wyliecoyote
For The Love Of Breasts AndreaDetroit
Bad Parenting Done Right bad_mann_ers
Life Enhancing browncoffee
Lisa’s Pain and Pleasure SusanHarper
Titty Tuesday RexRouget
Gue$$? TonyaL
Just Like Old Times Ping
Changing Mr Robertson Katiewest
My Wife's New Tatas quietsoul