Bookish Stories Competition

Bookish Stories Competition

September includes both "National Read a Book Day", and "International Literacy Day", which has inspired our latest competition.

Stories should be related to books / reading in some way.

Competition Theme

A scattering of plot seeds might help some authors harvest a few ideas:

Nerdy but kinky bookworms, sexy librarians, hot teacher / professor, literature / reading circles, author / editor / publisher power plays, sex games involving reciting book quotes and spanking as a punishment for failure, reading cafe hookups, undercover journalists investigating BDSM clubs and getting too involved, a ghostwriter hired to write for a sexy politician, sports figure, or actor etc.

As an added literary challenge, stories should be between 2500 and 3000 words.


Congratulations to all our winners.

Competition Entries

Title Author
Trina Gets Tutored missluv2write
Nights To Remember TheSensualLady
Just Dessert Denim_Daisy10
For Reading Out Loud bad_mann_ers
Read to Me She
Occupational Benefits Hedone
The Grimoire - My Inheritance ChrisM
Rooftop Dreams MadMartigan
Professor Susan Miller tonydecatur
A Writing Exercise megXXX
The Power of the Word TonyaL
Paris Palimpsest LeCygneNoir
Balls Head PhilU
A Bookish Love Story RumpleForeskin
Delete, Rewrite Saucymh
The new librarian misteryme
1,000 Words CoachMikeChris
Ye Olde Book Shoppe Gil_Renard
Giving Feedback Just_A_Guy_You_Know
The Opening Door curvygalore
Applied Literature LYFBUZ
Jane Takes Flight Rotsen
Books and Glasses Gillianleeeza
Satisfying Alice chesh78
Passion And Death In Renaissance Ferrara Kavyansh01
Learning the hard way hellacute
Alicia Discovers Porn adele
One Night in the Library seeker4
Cabbage PervyStoryteller
Poetic Seduction DarkSide
Shakespearean Choice Green_Man
The Bookstore SosaGood
The Little Black Book The_Technician
The Book Club EvelynLi
A Labour of Lust Lupus
Overdue RejectReality
Gutenberg Burquette
A Life Half-lived TheTravellingMan
Not As They Seem Ping
Extracurricular on both sides Writingguy
Something Missing, Something Found WannabeWordsmith