Passion Competition

Passion Competition

Introducing our "Passion" Poetry Competition

Passion: "A very powerful or compelling feeling, for example of sexual attraction, love, hate, anger, or other emotion."

Competition Theme

We are looking for poems, which convey the emotion of passion. For this competition, they do not necessarily need to be overtly sexual in nature (although they can be if you wish!).

A modern day equivalent of ‘Wild Nights’ by Emily Dickinson (surprisingly racy for the early 1800's), would surely catch the eyes of our judges:

"Wild nights! Wild nights!

Were I with thee,

Wild nights should be

Our luxury!

Futile the winds

To a heart in port,

Done with the compass,

Done with the chart.

Rowing in Eden!

Ah! the sea!

Might I but moor

To-night in thee!"

We are deliberately keeping this competition open to interpretation. There are no minimum or maximum word limits.


Congratulations to all our winners.

Runners Up

An honourable mention to the runners up:

Competition Entries

Title Author
Cinders StillUndecided
A love resounding apptobebad
Madness or Passion? EPIC It became iloveall
A Girl's Lesson hayley
Mine iorus
O Birds BrookLynne
An Ancient Flame derodillas
Trickled Down ranger8404
Retrouvailles moon03
The Web TouchOfGray
Throws of Passion PhilU
Dreamy Divulgence lilwhipp
Tempestuous honeydipped
Passion - What Are You? Kee
The Day She Went Away Melissa999
Passion Evolves NymphWriter
The Burning Flesh Of Angels Gil_Renard
Passion's Shower areyouagodatk440ohio
Golden APerfectOval
When Passion Calls avrgblkgrl
Every Once in Awhile SexyGator
Flush with Energetic Love hopp3r
Love's Freedom Key The_Librarian
Acts of passion hellacute
The Man I Love Simplicity
Flowers of Passion ChrisM
Once patokl
Falling Ping
The Exquisite Consequence of Desire LYFBUZ
sighs LauraLee_sugah
Passion's Eyes of Blue StraponSlave69
Slowly LukeTMiles
Oblivion littleduchess
Dancin' the Blues curvygalore
Thorns Of Hate Lucky_lildragonfly
Passionately Loving You loneleygirl68
Your Love John_Doe
What is Passion TonyaL
Desire BradLee
Love on the Interwebs Wildcat
Consumed by Passion Lilly
Bound prettywild
Love Me More Than Yesterday SimplyYellow
Crucified For Your Love Buz
Passion to Miss SosaGood
Paperclip browncoffee
If You Really See Eurydice Lauradj
Lovers Simmerdownchick
Flayed to the Bone Green_Man
Adieu, Alan RumpleForeskin
Piccadilly Line Passion naughtyannie
Walls That Have Eyes Sara
It's Never Just a Fuck Burquette
The End of All Things chesh78
The Ladies Crown Karlee
A Villanelle of Burning Passion UnJouet
First Light Liz
Horny Lovers of Lush. ivanka_simkiewisz
Passion's Two Faces Gillianleeeza
Let me be your Juliet sprite
If greeneyedkitty
Love and Passion ChuckEPoo
Love and Passion HotWife4U
Love Kills wyliecoyote
Can I Trust You With My Heart ? Denim_Daisy10
Filthy Beautiful SensuousCurves
In Love We True Completion Find Kavyansh01
Deep in her heart! Aussie_kitty77
A Need Snow_Angel
When Shall We Wake? Milik_the_Red
How I Need Thee DarkSide
Interlude RuNe
To Speak Of Passion elliotlacey31
From Alan JamieT
Amazing Sweet Grace Adagio
Calescent Love Mysteria27