Put a Spin on it Competition

Put a Spin on it Competition

This competition is all about ways in which people can put a whole new spin on making love.

Competition Theme

We would like stories to contain an interpretation of the word "spin".

The theme is wide open, anything relating to the word "spin" may be used.

Examples - the consequences of: a game of spin the bottle, taking the new convertible for a spin, a DJ spinning his records at a party, a spin doctor's deceit, a situation that got out of control, a spin on a classic tale, or any number of sex positions that require an element of rotational exertions! So get creative and spin us a yarn!


Congratulations to all our winners.

Competition Entries

Title Author
Overwhelmed wetblaze
Sexual Program Intended for Novices youngmommy
The King of Spin Has His Head Turned flytoomuch
Taking The New Toy For a Spin cologolfer83
Top Spin Phaypi
Coffee, Hotels, and a Surprise Liviana_G
Ferris Wheel Tashtego
Respite Wilful
Fuck Biscuit AbigailThornton
A Night at the Luau Katje
A Spin on the Sex Life or What was I just In? Unavailable
The Spinning Watch Green_Man
My wife's panty less night out LASARDaddy
Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel alexmarch
Rainbow's Crystal Tiara Levanahyll
Head spinning fmf threesome toys4twat
The Dark Room verity
Meeting Margot MrNudiePants
Watched Jonathans_Fantasies
A spin on my cycle leads to more dipstick45
For The Love of The Moon BadGirl76
Putting a Spin On It naughtyannie
The Little Fat Fairy and the Fucking Fungus Shylass