Supernatural Sex Stories Competition

Supernatural Sex Stories Competition

It's time to let the imagination run wild. Do the dark recesses of your mind take you to the supernatural, with ghostly tales, or alternative universes with futuristic beings?

"I think the supernatural is a catch-all for everything we don't understand about the vast other parts of life that we cannot perceive."

William Shatner

Competition Theme

Stories must feature a Supernatural of Sci-Fi element or Non-Human theme. Stories may range from the paranormal and occult to sexy tales of Vampires, Fantasy Worlds, Ghosts, Aliens, Futuristic themes, Robots, Triffids or anything else your imagination may conjure up.

Please note, this is a stories only competition, no poems should be submitted.


Congratulations to all our winners.

Competition Entries

Title Author
Soul Tormented By Kavya's Virgin Holes Till blueberry
The sweet smell of excess supernatural sex pentup47
Virgin and Villain TheScheherezadeFeint
Under the Full Moon Safire
If We Break Before the Dawn sprite
Sylph Esteem RejectReality
London's Burning Lupus
Prominence TraceyAmes
The Apocalypse... Or Is It? SoulSnatcher
A Man of the Night MissCarmelle
Prince Achmad's Trial pantywriter
The Manor shrpsf
In That Moment L8LastNight
The Bringer ColletteXx
The Mystery of The Abandoned Manor tashitasha
For You, Father Jingle
The Virgin Possessed mypenname3000
Ghost or Spirit soul misteryme
The 35th Generation LASARDaddy
The Curious Tale of Kitty Meowenstein Liz
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing redshadow43
A Simple Damascus Gold Band flytoomuch
Moonlight Angel laurabelle11
The Vampire in the Attic SITTING
Zeus on a Sunbeam MerryDeath
The Night of the Hunter 007Lover
My Dark Follower jhmik_88
A Lone Wolf Howls at Midnight rosesrred
Ghostly Visitor MelissaLynn
Flat Out Dirty_D
Total Mindfuck GotYourCakeAndAteIt
Sweetest Fruit SanchoHardbottle
Chloe's Dream NymphWriter
Jack Lisara81
One Wish Katje
The Familiar Arcane
I, Succubus HeraTeleia
The sacred rite of Litha Nordic_Pixie
Vampire Dreams bellasin
The Demon's Sacrifice ChrissieLecker
One Stormy Night Aussie_kitty77
Three Wishes Jonathans_Fantasies
Not all witches come from OZ Lucky_lilDragonfly
The Presence Of The Unexplained Nesko
The Magical Princess bronte27
Vampire Encounter frogprince
Lilith TheTravellingMan
At The Crossroads Belthazor
Howling at the Moon wyliecoyote
The visit alliet14
A Ligurian Tale LauraLee_sugah
Medusa DocOc
Spiritual Equinox Milik_the_Red
Freeing Samir Jayne33
The Inheritance billybroadband
Mark and the busty Djinn xxSnakePlisskenxx
The Return Of The Wampyr Contessa Santangelo In The Summer Of 2014 stephanie