Winter Adventure Competition

Winter Adventure Competition

We've decided to finish the year on a high note, with our "Winter Adventure" competition offering a 1st Place prize of $500.

Competition Theme

We want authors to use the competition image for inspiration.

Who is she? Where is she? Is she lost? On her way to meeting someone new? Is she about to embark on a journey of discovery? Is her innocence about to be lost forever as she explores her darkest innermost desires in a foreign city, far away from home?

Stories must be related to the model in some way, and we'd like to see elements of adventure, intrigue or discovery.

We are deliberately keeping this competition as open as possible, with limited guidance.

Stories may be as short or long as you see fit, as long as they are under our usual story word count limit (10,000 words).


Congratulations to all our winners.

Runners Up

An honourable mention to the runners up:

Competition Entries

Title Author
Czech Adventure jdstones
Lost and Found in London LondonLimey
The Vltava Protocol LongBeachShaker
Goldilocks in Europe Blackbeards14
Emily's Overseas Learning tonydecatur
I Love Prague GraceW
The Map To Matilda KimmiBeGood
Friends From Home LadyWriter
Naughty List Blackbush
Bree's Bold Venture Carlo42
Xmas Xcess RumpleForeskin
Persephone LexusGrey
Beating the Skin fuzzyblue
Tightwire Gil_Renard
Learning to Love.... Myself TonyaL
Nashville Bound Denim_Daisy10
Harper's Fairy RejectReality
The School Trip deviantsusie
The Overlook vanessa26
Never. Always. Forever. Ping
Discovering banya dolphinman
The Silverest Lining browncoffee
Peaks NYWoman
A Steampunk Trek into a New London Town Green_Man
Soul Searching WannabeWordsmith
All That Glitters Saucymh
Chance Encounter or Not? Sweet_Reese
Searching in Zaragoza ScarlettElizabeth
Felicity Jumps L8LastNight
Her Name Was Snowy gffphann
Journey to Submission adele
Nerds on Vacation Shadowforce1
Great Southern Land – Finding freedom on a prisoner’s island CuriousAnnie
They Call You 'The Strange One' Lanyx
Rocky Mountain Way Mojavejoe420
Lost and Found Meggsy
Nina's unexpected winter adventure. Katiewest
Winter's Embrace 1meanjean
Astrid Can't Wait petemitchell
Emma and Lara’s Trek Peter242
The Guardian TangerineSky
The Cheater's Map of Prague ByronLord
Snow Angel hornedfrog007
Stalking an Angel bad_mann_ers
Quest For Adventure DarkSide
Albany to Albania, A Tectonic Story BlinkOneSomething