Winter Adventure Competition

Winter Adventure Competition

We've decided to finish the year on a high note, with our "Winter Adventure" competition offering a 1st Place prize of $500.

Competition Theme

We want authors to use the competition image for inspiration.

Who is she? Where is she? Is she lost? On her way to meeting someone new? Is she about to embark on a journey of discovery? Is her innocence about to be lost forever as she explores her darkest innermost desires in a foreign city, far away from home?

Stories must be related to the model in some way, and we'd like to see elements of adventure, intrigue or discovery.

We are deliberately keeping this competition as open as possible, with limited guidance.

Stories may be as short or long as you see fit, as long as they are under our usual story word count limit (10,000 words).

All our standard story contest rules apply. All characters must be over the age of 16.


  • Winner: $500
  • Second Place: $100
  • Third Place: $50

Entering the Competition

There is a competition section added to the Story Submission page beneath the usual story categories. Please make sure you check the relevant button, otherwise your story will not be entered into the competition.

Important Dates

The closing date for this competition is 30 Dec 2018. Winners will be announced on the 14 Jan 2019.

If you have any questions regarding this contest or rules, please contact us.

Thanks to all those that participate, have fun!


Competition Entries

Title Author
Snow Angel hornedfrog007
Stalking an Angel bad_mann_ers
Quest For Adventure DarkSide
Albany to Albania, A Tectonic Story BlinkOneSomething