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Topic: Women's Only Gyms. Discrimination, or not?
Posted: 08 Nov 2011 12:02

I spent $1156 to get a life time membership to a gym because of the hot girls that were in there working out. When I came to workout, I was told guys get it alternate days, and I ended up with fat old naked guys in the sweat room. I ended up with more tears then sweat that day.

Thats what happens when you let the little head think for the big head!! You should have checked it out first.

I think "women only" gyms are fine. I belong to a co-ed gym but hate it sometimes when some muscle bound idiot is constantly leering when I am just trying to work out. It is one thing if it happens in a club, but I am there to work out and not get picked up.

The same would apply to a men only gym too.

not to be mean but its not just men that leer, i go to the gym quite often in its really embarrasing as i see women watching me and it makes me paranoid. but i understand where your coming from. the only example i can give is watching somebody eat. some people just cant eat if your watching them and it creeps them out.

the way i see it there are 3 types of people that go to the gym (reguardless of gender) theres those who go to lose weight, theres the gym monkeys that think the wider the arms the sexier you are, and the people in the middle that go just to keep fit and healthy (moi)

so just to sum up, being surrounded by gym addicts that laugh at me because im not as big as them, and women staring at me making me paranoid. i HATE the gym.

Topic: Our relationship with smartphones
Posted: 08 Nov 2011 11:52

i think their awesome. but being only 18 i would. still think about thing you did with your mobiles and just times the awesomeness by 10... for example there was phone sex --> now theres video call... you had to take a photo on a camera to show people ---> now you take photo on your phone and you can send it in a text.

overall technology is epic.

soo much easy to do anything. i remember the day when if you had a question you had to remember it till you go home to go on your pc and google it, now i have google (and thus everything) in my pocket.

Topic: If you could have any Super Power what would it be.
Posted: 08 Nov 2011 11:44

I would be a teleporter. That way I can look at Rocco getting his freak on whenever I wanted to. It would also be nice to be like Storm from X-Men.

nah... be the teleporter dude from X men just i want to look normal and not have a tail, but the way he teleports is epic id love to just look like him when i teleported but be like the guy from the film 'Jumper' and just teleport into a bank vault and then to my bedroom.

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