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I am a bi, MWM in my late 50s and I like to write stories about cuckolds, creampies, and bisexual cock sucking, all things I like to do given the opportunity. All of my stories include lots of cum shooting into a pussy or a mouth, and usually both in my cuckold stories. I derive a lot of enjoyment developing my fantasies by writing these stories, and I am the first or second person in all of them, which lets me experience the action, at least in my mind. I do like interracial sex in my stories, but not in all of them. In short, my main themes are cuckolds, cock sucking and plenty of cum, and you can tell by looking at many of my profile pictures, that I also like to look at big, black cocks.

If someone requests to be a Friend, I will usually reply to the request asking what they like about my stories before just adding them. This is just my way of getting a little feed back on my writing. Even though I mostly write for my own enjoyment, it's still nice to know what other people enjoy about my stories. And besides, if someone won't even answer my reply, then how good of a friend could they possibly be.

Ed Langston
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Topic: Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted: 17 Apr 2013 09:15

It is one of my biggest fantasies to be with a woman who squirts, but it seems that they are rare in real life. Same goes for men's cum volume.

Topic: You know you're addicted to porn when....
Posted: 07 Nov 2010 11:56

When you log on to porn sites at work and risk your job.

Topic: Clitoral size
Posted: 04 Nov 2010 13:05

I agree with some of the other comments that sucking any pussy is just wonderful. However, the thought of sucking a pussy with a big clit is very arousing. Maybe that's because I am bisexual and the fantasy of sucking a big clit is similar to sucking a cock.

I also have this fantasy of meeting who I think is a woman in a bar, only to find out later that "she" is really a cross dresser with a big "clit" that needs to be sucked.

I have fantasized about this many times, and have accumulated hundreds of pictures of big clits and juicy pussies.

The only way to improve on sucking a big clit would be if it could produce a big mouthful of cum.

Topic: Bi-Sexual Men and Women
Posted: 31 Oct 2010 17:43

I'm a guy and consider myself to be bisexual. I would rather be totally heterosexual, but since my wife has no interest in sex, I need to find relief and enjoyment somewhere.

I have no interest in men romantically and don't like any huggy, kissy, or anal activities. My common denominator seems to be that I like cum, whether from a well-fucked pussy or from a hard cock. I enjoy on the wetness of it all.

I think that the essence of being bisexual is just liking the genitals of both sexes, without the romance, although I know that some might disagree with me on that.

Topic: First Person Voice in Incest Stories
Posted: 31 Oct 2010 17:32

Who do you prefer to be the narrator in incest stories? With mother and son, do you want the mother or son's point of view? With father and daughter, do you want the father or daughter's point of view?

In other incest stories, do you like to see the character with the most power be first person? For example, with aunts and nephews, who should be telling the story?

I ask this since I noticed that women like my cuckold stories more if the wife tells the story.

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Teen Twink Sells Himself to Mature Men

  My childhood was a little traumatic, growing up in a working class family in South Boston in the 1990s. My mother and father were both pure-blooded, Irish Catholics, and I inherited their pale skin, freckles, and bright red hair. I was teased mercilessly and picked on by many of the other kids. They derisively called me a ‘ginger’, and some of the boys even bullied and beat me up.    ...

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Parents always try to protect their children, and keep them from making the same mistakes they did when they were growing up. That’s why I find myself in a quandary now, even as I am looking forward to a major advancement in my career. My name is Justin, and my wife Julie and I are forty years old and living in California. I’m an aerospace engineering director and I was just offered...

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