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A Sweeter Seduction 2

Contributing Authors: SydneySider 
A romantic evening of seduction leads to a gluttonous dessert.
Wandering hands and a locked embrace were reflected in the polished stainless steel of the lift doors, as our lust-driven trance controlled us. The chimes of the hotel lift arriving on our level interrupted our passionate state. We stepped inside and the doors closed behind us.

The cold, hard surface of the mirrored wall made me jolt forward as Darren pushed me back against it. His hands were all over me, urgently exploring every inch of my aching body. We stumbled around in the lift as it accelerated up the floors of the hotel, frantically touching each other through our clothes, unable to wait a few minutes more before pulling our bodies free from the garments. Darren’s hands cupped my rounded ass, pulling me close to him. His tongue was deep within my mouth, dancing against mine as we kissed passionately and desperately. I could feel his excitement through the material of his trousers, growing by the second. My pussy oozed at the thought of his meat delving deep within my core.

The doors of the hotel lift glided open, we grinned at each other as we pulled our clothing straight to look presentable. My stiletto heels clicked on the wooden floor along the beautifully lit corridor, our hands intertwined. The fresh smell of the lilies in the oversized vases filled my nostrils, as I hurried along behind him.

Our hotel room was last door on the left. He took the room key from the inner pocket of his suit jacket, dangling it in front of me. His other hand holding mine, our fingers laced together as he raised them above my head, pushing me against the door. Our mouths and tongues once again locked in a battle of supremacy. With his body against mine, I felt his weight shift off me as I heard the click of the door unlock and a turn of the door handle. I was forced inside, walking backwards; my mind’s eye provided the only visual of where I was going, which was until the bed took my legs from under me, making me buckle at the knees. I giggled and let out a groan as I was thrown down on the large queen sized bed. My dark curls sprawled out onto the white linen as he stood before me.

“God, I am aching. I have been dying to do this to you all night long,” he groaned.

Darren held my calf and brought my leg up to his chest. My foot resting against him as his hands slid down my stockings. He took his time as he made a slow journey towards my thigh caressing every inch of my leg. I opened my legs wider to give him full visual access to my soaking sheer thong. My breathing quickened as he reached the top of my stocking and teased my inner thigh. The heat of his hand touched my bare flesh and made me groan out loud. My pussy throbbed knowing he was only inches from touching it. His fingertips grabbed the top of my lace hold up as he began to peel it away from my slender leg. The white material contrasted against my bronzed skin.

Staring straight into my eyes Darren tossed my stocking to the side and proceeded to lift my foot to his mouth. I watched as my painted red toenails disappeared. I moaned as I could feel his tongue rolling expertly over each toe. I closed my eyes as the feeling of euphoria controlled me; my desire for him to fuck me had completely taken over my body. I heard the click of his belt and the whine of the zipper as he undid his trousers. I opened my eyes and watched as he pulled them down with one hand, catching his manhood with the edge of his underwear making it spring back up.

“Oh my god Darren! I need that in me so bad right now!”

I lifted my other foot and began to rub his cock with it, pre cum flowed from its slit. I brought my other foot down and began to stroke his thick shaft in unison, between my feet. I watched as he tilted back his head and groaned in pleasure. The scene before my eyes was too much for me to take; my hand found its way to my hardened nub as I slowly rubbed it in a circular motion. Darren peeled my stocking from my other leg.

“I will tell you when you can touch yourself!” he growled as he grabbed me by the ankles, dragging me across the bed, closer towards him.

My dress was pulled free from my body, leaving me in only my sheer, white underwear. Within seconds Darren was on his knees before me. I could feel his strong hands grab under each thigh and push my legs up to my shoulders. His eyes never fell from my gaze. I felt his breath on the inside of my thigh nearing my aching pussy. With the flat of his tongue, he seductively teased my opening through the material of my panties, licking and sucking my juices as they oozed from my sex. His teeth ground against my swollen clit, teasing it as he gnawed at it like a hungry beaver. His teeth grabbed the crotch of my panties as he pulled them free from my body. I felt the conditioned air breathe on my exposed dripping pussy as I lay spread before him. My nipples were dark, erect and ready to be bitten. I moaned loudly as I felt his two fingers delve straight into my sodden mound. My loins ached, feeling the burning of my orgasm building deep within.

“Mmmm, Em baby, your pussy feels so fucking tight, I am going to stretch your slutty little hole with my pulsing cock. God you drive me insane,” Darren groaned as he slid another finger inside of me.

“Ahhh my god, Darren! Please! Fuck my pussy harder. Yeah like that, I need to cum right now!”

The pressure of my orgasm was peaking and I needed a release. Darren withdrew he saturated fingers and traced them lightly over the opening of my ass.

“Hmmm... I’m not going to let you cum just yet. How about I work on your tight little ass first? Would you like that? To feel your tight hole being assaulted by my thick meat?” he growled.

Without warning, Darren flipped me over on the bed. As I lay face down, I could feel wetness over my forbidden hole. The sensation was almost too much for me as I felt him spread my cheeks and his tongue delve inside of my ass. Stopping suddenly, he ordered me not to move. I opened my eyes and glanced around as I watched him walk over to a black bag that was placed on the corner chair. He returned and I heard a soft click followed by a cold sensation on my ass, forcing me to clench uncontrollably. He was pouring a thin lubricant over my hole. I could feel the liquid drizzling over my butt cheeks, the excess running between my legs. His hands began massaging my peachy behind, fingertips teasing my tightened hole. I moaned into the bedding, grabbing fistfuls of the white sheet as I felt his index finger pop past my tight puckered opening, my ass was resisting but the ache of my pussy needed it.

“Mmmm, that’s it you little slut. You wanted this didn’t you? You wanted me to open your ass wide too. This is going to make that little pussy squirt all of its juices all over the bed for me isn’t it?” he growled as he lightly spanked my exposed sex and pushed a second finger inside of me.

“Please Darren, please fuck my pussy...” I whimpered, as one of his other fingers massaged my swollen lips and briefly entered my soaked cunt.

He gently and slowly removed his fingers and unclipped my bra strap, his mouth kissing and gnashing my back sending chills all over me. He grabbed my hip with one hand and the opposite thigh with the other and flipped me once again, my tits bouncing free from my bra. I scooted back up the bed. Darren followed me on all fours, prowling like a large cat ready to devour its prey. He straddled my torso, his cock resting between my tits. He grabbed both my hands and pinned them to the bed above my head, making me feel vulnerable but desperate to be fucked.

Grabbing the bottle of lube, he held it high above me, allowing thin streams to rain down on my nipples. The sensation was overwhelming. Darren rubbed my huge breasts, spreading the oil around, my nipples catching on his fingers. Easing himself right under my breast line, he squeezed my tits together and aimed his rock hard dripping cock between them. The tip of his purple head was inches from my waiting mouth as he teased me with it. He began fucking my tits rapidly as they squeezed tightly around him, my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, pinching and massaging them. I lifted my head from the pillow, and he fed himself to me. My full lips wrapped firmly around his juicy manhood as I tried to hungrily suck on him, taking as much of his meat as I could. He reached back and rubbed my almost numb pussy while he fucked my mouth hard and fast, before removing himself from the suction of my mouth.

He broke from my grip and slid down my body, sucking my nipples along the way. Every cell in me ached. I felt him place his hands on the backs of my knees and push my legs back, raising my ass from the bed. I watched as he lowered his mouth towards my mound.

“Oh my god, yeah, that’s it, I want to squirt in your mouth right now baby,” I screamed, my body urgently needing the release.

Darren sat up, my body remaining in the same position. With my ass already lubed, I needed his cock to fuck it. I felt the pressure of his knob against me. He pushed slowly against my puckered ass stretching to match his girth. Then “pop”, the head of his cock breached the opening of my anus, he continued to slowly fill me until I felt his balls against my cheeks and he could push no deeper. He worked his cock in and out, slowly at first, and once relaxed; I almost started to fuck him back, signalling that I was ready to have my ass pounded. I could feel him rubbing my clit with his thumb as he gave me everything he had. The pressure from my loins was too much for me to take. I could feel the throb of his thick meat stretching my ass to the limit. The intensity of my orgasm took over me as my whole body convulsed. My pussy walls contracted as my juices gushed from my core.

“Ahh fuck Em, I’m going to cum, too,” groaned Darren.

I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass; he quickly withdrew from my tight opening. I spread my pussy lips wide as he rapidly pumped his engorged member in his fist, over my swollen pussy. His hot jets of white liquid splattered against my clit and ran down my slit. Every inch of my body was in complete spasm as the sheer euphoria filled my being.

“Oh my fucking god!” I gasped.

He smiled and bent down to kiss me, “Oh don’t worry baby, I plan on doing this to you all night long.”

This story was, once again, written in collaboration with SydneySider.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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